My Ceremony

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You are busy preparing for your collaring ceremony. We have been planning this for months and you have very explicit directions.

Preparations begin with a warm shower allowing the water to accumulate in the tub. I step under the stream and the warmth washes over me exciting my nipples. I turn and lay my head back, soaking my blond mane which I wash twice then condition deeply. I wash myself with vanilla scented body wash then lie in the filling tub to shave my appropriate parts. I then close my eyes to think of what’s to come imagining the worst because you have been sparse with the details. Butterflies float through my stomach because I am terrified of disappointing you.

Arising in the now cold water, I leave the bath and walk in to my dressing area. I sit in front of the mirror and begin to blow dry my hair adding some curl with the brush. I know you want my mane flowing over my shoulders and very neat.

I then apply some light make up. Careful to keep myself very natural with only a glint of color. I smile at my reflection feeling very feminine and sultry. You like surprises so I moderately add emerald rhinestones to my stomach, breasts, and chest. Then I liberally paint myself with honey dust. As I apply it, some wafts to my nose. Mmmmmmm. Smells wonderful.

I stare at the emerald green satin corset hanging on the closet door with trepidation. Am I really doing this? Life has taught me to stand on my own and not ever submit myself to anyone again. The last time I did I was horribly abused psychologically by my ex-husband. Have I lost my mind?

As I put it on I notice it is the softest thing I have ever felt. There is not a hard spot or rough edge on it anywhere. As I fasten the clasps on the back, I feel myself being squeezed gently by the Lycra lining that has been carefully sown in between the satin. I remember how cherished I feel with you. That you’ve held my hand and walked with me through some very difficult times and I truly love being at your beck and call to satisfy your every desire. I recognize that this elaborate ceremony is akin to a wedding for you; time to roll with it and trust you. Though I would be a bit more relaxed if I knew more of what is to come.

At this point I need some help tightening the corset and ask my friend to come in and help. As he enters my room his eyes sweep over me lingering at my bare pussy clearly visible and accentuated by my outfit. He walks to me and slowly tightens the corset using the red cords in the back. Bending to my ear he says “I’ve not seen you this hot since you were 19. I’d still like to taste you.” Smiling at the thought I can still drive him wild I look in the mirror and marvel at the vision I see.

My waist is narrower than it has ever been as an adult. This is both a testament to the exercise and diet regimes I have been following and also the wonderfully soft corset I am wearing. Pride washes over me at my accomplishments but then fear slips in as I come closer to publicly submitting myself to a man.

My friend leaves me to my thoughts with a parting caress of my ass. I don’t notice, thinking instead about how the emerald green of the corset signifies my submission to you; and how the red of the laces signifies your domination over me. I’ve never trusted anyone the way I trust ‘master.’ I just hope I’m making the right decision.

I also notice how the built in demibra lifts and presents my lovely breasts and accentuates my cleavage. Master does love my breasts I muse.

Sitting on the dressing chair I slide emerald green stockings slowly and sensuously up each leg and fasten them to the corset with the red suspenders. I take notice of the moisture accumulating on my thighs. I feel sexy. I then bend down to put on my emerald Tipobet green heels, marveling at the freedom of movement that my corset and months of yoga have given me. I then wrap the red strap on the heels around my leg and lock it, knowing that only my master has the key.

I then place a tiara on my head, admiring the sparkle of the emeralds and the single, red ruby in the center larger then the emeralds.

I now go on to my final task before the ceremony. I am to bring myself to the brink of orgasm and pause for a minute. I am to do this four times to remind myself of the self control required of a slave.

I lean back in the dressing room chair, close my eyes and envision master in black jeans which are well fitted. A red satin shirt accented with an emerald pocket square flows over your well sculpted body as I imagine you pulling me tightly to you and investigating my mouth with your tongue. I achieve the prescribed number of teases while reliving the pleasure master has brought to me.

I then step nervously from the dressing room into the ceremony room were my master is waiting. Scents of spiced vanilla waft through the air. I also notice my friend waiting and a bit excited to see me.

In the room you notice a simple three legged wooden table, a wooden straight back chair to match, and a short stool with an emerald pillow with red satin bands around it. On the table there are a variety of small unmarked white boxes scattered amongst the candles and a vase of deep burgundy roses.

I motion for you to come over to me and you sashay over in your 6 inch heels.

Really? I’m allowing myself to be summoned and worse yet enjoying it? Noticing a bulge forming in your perfectly fitted black jeans I saunter to you giving my skirt an extra flounce just to tease.

I then ask you to repeat after me, “By accepting this collar, I agree to love, cherish, obey and pleasure you.” As you repeat these words, you notice a huge grin on my face. You can almost see the words, “I love you” in my eyes as I devour your gorgeous body them. I then say, “With this collar, I agree to love, cherish, protect and pleasure you.”

Your friend then brings the first and largest box over. I open it and inside is the most beautiful choker, you have ever seen, it matches the tiara with the mid-sized emeralds and a larger ruby in the center, but the workmanship is exquisite and as I put it around your neck and clasp it, you notice that it fits you perfectly as if it was custom made for you, which of course it was. You notice just across the room a mirror and your reflection reveals a choker that is the perfect compliment to any cocktail dress or formal occasion.

Your friend, then brings over two more boxes, these boxes each contain a bracelet also with rubies and emeralds, in the style of three tennis bracelets stacked side by side. I lock one on your left wrist and you notice that they have a soft backing that feels oh so good on your skin. I then lock the other on your right wrist and you notice both how soft it is and how well it fits. You then see me reach into a small hidden compartment in the bracelets and pop out a small d-ring. I then lift your left wrist up to the back of your neck and lock the bracelet to another hidden d-ring on the back of your choker. I repeat this with your right wrist.

As I do this, you notice in the mirror that your breasts are displayed more prominently. You admire them as your recognize how much your body has improved in the past months as you have taken so much better care of it. You hope your friend is enjoying the show, trying to keep your self consciousness at bay.

Your friend, then brings over two more boxes containing anklets that match the bracelets, the Tipobet Giriş choker and tiara. I run my hands slowly down your legs from your thighs, over your knees and down to your ankles, where I then attach your new anklets. You notice that these also, fit perfectly and feel, wonderfully soft against your delicate skin.

Your friend then brings over a single small box, from it I remove a red bullet with some small straps attached to it. I spread your legs apart with my feet, exposing your inner lips and gently press the bullet into your now sopping wet pussy, arranging it so it rests directly against your center. I then arrange the straps to hold it in place.

I tell you that this new toy is to remind you that your master can give you pleasure at any time or withhold it. As I say this, you feel vibration start around your clit. Tingles race through you like a wave as the pleasure engulfs you.

I take your hand and slowly lead you to the stool and secretly grin as you notice your friend shifting and examining your every move. I place my hands on your shoulders and gently push you onto the awaiting cushion and say “its time for you to pleasure your master.”

The satin pillow is quickly soaked by your juices escaping you. Suddenly you realize your wet cunt is on display for all to inspect. This is so un-lady like you think hoping the cellulite isn’t showing but then you realize with your engorged lips spread we would never notice.

I then reach down and lock your anklets to the back legs of your stool. You notice now that your mouth is at exactly the height of my now fully erect cock, which I have removed from my pants.

I say, “This part of the ceremony signifies the slave’s body is always available for the pleasure of her master.” As I say this, I insert my cock slowly into your mouth. You greedily suck it in and start to give it the most wonderful tongue lashing ever. I slowly start moving in and out of your mouth and you start applying suction. As you look up into my eyes I stand a bit taller enjoying towering over you. I look at your friend who is intently watching you bob on my cock and smile knowing I possess something he’d like. It feels so wonderful and after watching your gorgeous body in the ceremony I release almost immediately into your mouth and down your throat. As you taste my cum, you wonder at the sweetness of it and thank heaven that master appreciates you enough to be a clean living man.

I then release your anklets from the stool and carefully stand you up, running my hands gently over your legs to massage them. I then guide you over to the straight-backed chair, I place the pillow over the top of it, bend you at the waist and lay your head on it. You notice your musk on it not me attaching your anklets to anchors on the floor. Once again your cunt is on display for all to inspect. I unlock your bracelets from your choker and reattach them to rings that are strategically placed on the chair legs. At this point you notice the vibrator has sped up. You are getting very close to coming and ask your master for permission to come. I tell you that you will have to wait until after the ceremony or be punished. Your mind drifts back to the days of undergrad work, you begin remembering how horrible a seven AM Greek and Roman literature class was. Concentrating on the drole of Professor Marshall so that you don’t come.

I lean over your back so that my mouth hovers over your ear. You feel the warmth of my bare chest against you as I say “Do not cum and you will be well rewarded.” I then slowly insert my cock into your cunt and pull it almost all the way out. You are amazed at how hard it is after having so recently come in your mouth. I tell you how incredibly turned on Tipobet Güncel Giriş I am by the trust and love you have shown me by willingly submitting to this ceremony and promise to always take care of you and make sure that when I take away your freedom I will both protect you and provide you with boundless pleasure. You sigh as I start pumping harder into your pussy. You try your best not to come. Amazingly, I come after just a couple of minutes, you feel me pulsing inside of you and you squeeze me tight with the well practiced muscles of your pussy.

I then release your hands and feet from the legs of the chair and you turn and embrace me, kissing me deeply and then say “thank you master for making me yours and making me the happiest slave princess in the world.” You then sink to your knees and clean me off, instinctively knowing that is what will please me.

Your friend then brings over two large tumblers of water for us to drink and a pitcher to refill them. We both drink deeply and relax for a while to recover for the final phase of the ceremony.

Once we have recovered, I take you to the table and attach your feet to the two front legs of the table; I place a pillow on the table in front of you so that your hips rest on it and attach your arms to the legs at the other end of the table. You are now spread wide and available. Your friend now brings over a bottle of lube as I put my cock in your mouth so you can get me hard again. You work magic with your luscious mouth and I then pull out and start lubing up my cock with one hand. Then I slowly start lubing your rear entry with a single finger, slowly inserting it further and loosening you up. You gasp as you have only once let anyone use your ass before without being in control yourself (but you also remember that was the only time you ever came while being fucked in the ass). I turn up the vibrator to its max and you now focus all your energy on not coming as I insert my finger all the way and start wiggling it around to spread the lube. I remove my finger get some more lube and spread it carefully and gently in your asshole. I repeat this three more times and then do it again with two fingers. I do this a couple of more times and decide you are ready.

I then insert my cock slowly into your ass. It feels soooo good. You wonder how you will keep yourself from coming. Once I am fully inserted, I stay still for a couple of minutes to get you used to my length and girth. Then I start slowly pumping in and out. It takes your breath away, you are so near coming, but you put all your being into controlling yourself. I tell you that I’m so proud of you for the control you are showing and let you know you will be well rewarded soon. I then speed up and am soon coming for the third time.

I then remove my cock from your ass and unlock you from the table and remove your bracelets, anklets and choker. I say, “Princess, I’m so glad your mine.” I then carry you up the stairs and place you in bed and you fall deeply asleep while I take a shower and clean off.

When I am clean and dry, I come back, kiss you and then slowly kiss down your whole body and then back up to your center. I then proceed to lick your pussy occasionally sucking on your clit until you start bucking your hips. I then start licking circles around your clit occasionally sucking it in. You start to scream and have this most intense orgasm of your life. It goes on and on as I continue licking. As you recover you notice the tears in your eyes as I wipe them away.

After what seems like an eternity the orgasm is over and I stop. I then get the bullet and insert myself into you, placing the bullet between you and me and proceed to give you the most intense fucking of your life. You are soon orgasming again and it’s even more intense than the last. Throughout the night, I devise new and better ways to give you pleasure. By morning you are completely worn out and fall asleep for 24 hours straight as I lay next to you staring at your beauty and slowly stroke your sleeping body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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