My Daddy’s Girl

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Hello everyone. I’m writing this for Madness, he knows who he is, but everyone else is welcomed to read this.


I’m 18.

After we talked, M, I took that advice you gave me. I gathered some more courage and when I heard my dad getting out of the shower I went out of my room and put my hands around him, telling him that I loved him.

He said he loves me too and kissed me, as usual on the lips. I made sure my lips were wet and as he kissed me I put my hands around his neck and pressed my lips against his, keeping the kiss going for a few seconds. Usually he only kisses me very quickly, even though he does kiss me a lot on the lips, he never sexualised it or anything.

He was a bit surprised with my show of affection, but he didn’t say anything. I asked it how come he’s back from work so early. After all, it was around 4 or 5 in the morning and his night shift usually ends around 6 and he’s not home until after 7. He told me that he feels some pain in his back and left earlier from work as it hurt him a lot earlier.

I then asked him if he wants me to give him a back massage. I told him that I can’t go back to sleep anyway after I woke up when I heard him coming home. I didn’t tell him I was up all night of course.

“But won’t you be tired at school if you don’t go back to sleep? I can’t let you stay up, you should go back to sleep.” he said.

I told him that I would rather not go to school as it’s only a few more days until summer holiday and there’s nothing going on at school anyway.

He looked at me for a few seconds and then accepted, saying that he’ll go lie down on the couch then. Somehow he forgot to go get some clothes on, so he was still in his bathrobe when I climbed on top on him on the couch. I sat down on his butt, with one knee to his left and one to his right, and started massaging him through the robe. After about 10-15 minutes of slow massaging, I asked him if it still hurts.

He said that it does, so I suggested that he should go lie down on the bed in his bedroom because here on the couch there’s not enough room for me to be comfortable.

“I may fall asleep if I lay down on the bed. I’m pretty tired.” he said laughing.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get out of your bedroom quietly if you do.” I said.

I guess he was pretty tired since he still didn’t notice that he was wearing only his bathrobe. Or maybe he didn’t care, I don’t know. Anyway, we went to his bedroom and I continued the massage in the same position as before, but now it was much more comfortable.

“Does it stil hurt, dad?” I asked after a few more minutes.

“Yes, right below my neck.” he said, so I then gathered my courage , put my hands under him, on each side of the bathrobe that he was wearing and pulled the robe over his shoulders.

“Hey, what are you doing?” he asked with a raised voice.

“Nothing, just that this isn’t working through the thick robe, let me do it directly on your skin, I want to help you get rid of the pain.” I said.

He thought about it for a few seconds, and then he moved his arms so that I could take the robe off, saying:

“Ok, but don’t take it all off, just uncover my back, ok?”

I said yes and immediately pulled his hands out of the robe and the robe off his back.

I heard him say “Oh shit.” I asked what’s wrong but he said:

“Nothing, nothing, just don’t pull the whole robe off!”

I said “Ok daddy, sure.”

I think that he just realized that he only had the robe on as he didn’t put anything on after getting out of the shower.

Anyway, bursa yabancı escort I started massaging his back, this time directly touching his skin. It felt good for me and I know it felt good for him too, as he started moaning just a bit, saying that it feels nice from time to time. After a while I said:

“Don’t move, I’ll be right back!” and i rushed to my room to grab some hand cream and got right back.

I applied a lot of cream and continued massaging him. At first he jumped a bit:

“Hey, it’s cold, what’s that?”

“It’s just hand cream, don’t worry dad.”

I continued massaging him, but now the cream allowed me to push harder when rubbing my fingers and hands across his back. I started concentrating more on the back of his neck, squeezing hard. After a few minutes of me doing that a few times, he said with a soft voice:

“I think you should stop that, darling.”

“Why dad, does it hurt you more?”

“No, not at all, the pain went away almost completely, but I’m a bit sensitive there.”

“Oh, yes, well so what?” I asked while massaging only the back of his neck now.

I gathered more courage as his breathing intensified and thinking that whatever happens, happens, I leaned down to his ear and whispered to him:

“Does it still hurt, daddy, or is it better now? I hope it’s better now…”

He didn’t say anything, he just sat there, breathing even more intense, so I continued massaging the back of his neck a bit harder and continued to whisper in his ear, making sure that this time my wet lips touch it:

“Daddy, I hope it’s better now, I hope this makes you feel better, daddy.”

After a few more whispers and after I put my lips on his ear a few more times, he quickly turned around to push me off of his back and said:

“What are you doing, this is not right, I think you know what you’re doing, what the hell.”

He said that with a raised tone, as if he was scolding me, but I looked at him and started smiling and laughing a bit.

“What the hell is funny, what we’re doing here is not right, this is not a massage, what got into you?” he asked.

I sat there smiling and looking at his angry face, then I pointed to his hard dick that was now pointing right towards me as his robe fell completely off when he turned around to push me, and I said:

“Dad, why are trying to be angry, I can see that you’re not angry.”

“Oh shit!” he said while quickly grabbing the robe and covering his dick with it.

Before he could say anything else I said:

“Dad, don’t worry, you don’t have to cover yourself. Look, if it makes you feel better about being naked, I’ll get naked too…”

I quikly took my pijamas off. While he babbled

“What? What? What are you trying…”

I said: “Look, now I don’t have any clothes either.”

Then looking down I said: “Oh, my panties?” and quickly took those off as well.

I was now standing fully naked in front of my dad, and he was just sitting there on the bed, with the robe in his back, looking at my flat chest. I looked directly at his eyes and he then looked down at the few strands of hair that I have above my pussy.

We were both quiet for a minute, then I got on the bed, on my knees in front of him and pulled the robe out of his hand and threw it on the floor.

“What are you doing, darling?” he asked, breaking the silence.

“Listen dad, since you and mom broke up you never brought any lady home and it’s been almost two years. Don’t bursa sınırsız escort get mad but I’m not a virgin anymore and your cuddly body, with all the hair and your fluffy belly turns me on. I won’t tell anyone ever, I just want us to play.”

“What? you’re not a virgin anymore? When did that happen, with who?” he asked with a very angry voice.

“No dad, I’m not…”

“Come!” he said while getting out of the bed.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me off the bed, then turned me so that I face the bed, pushed me down on my knees and bent me over. I was now on my knees, naked and bent over.

He pushed my face down on the bed and started spanking me, saying:

“This is for not telling me that you were not a virgin!”

I started screaming with each hit and he pushed my head further down in the bed sheets, probably because he didn’t want the neighbours to hear anything.

He didn’t say anything more as he continued to spank me for a few minutes. When he let me go, I was in tears and my butt was hurting like hell. He let me get up, and when I turned to him his dick was even harder than before. I looked at it as he got closer and hugged me. After a few seconds of him hugging me while his hard dick pressed against my body, he let me go and said:

“You should not hide these things from me. So now you like dick?” he asked while wiping away my tears.

“Daddy, forgive me, I didn’t know how to tell you.” I said.

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow. Now tell me, how do you want us to play, what do you want us to do?

“Well you just touched me with your dick for the first time when you hugged me. Did you like it?”

“Yes, do you want me to hug you again like that?”

I didn’t say anything but I opened my arms. He immediately wrapped his arms around me and pressed his hard cock again against my body.

“Ok, why don’t you get on your knees now, darling?” he asked as he ended the hug.

Without saying anything, I got on my knees, with my face as close to his cock as I could. I loved the smell of his cock so much. I used to masturbate a lot while smelling my dad’s dirty underwear but now I could finally smell the real thing, his hairy hard cock.

I brought my face closer to his cock and touched it with my nose, then caressed it with my lips as my nose went straight to the hairy bush that was surrounding his cock, taking a deep breath.

“Do you like how it smells? Try tasting it.” he said.

I had sucked dick a few times before, but not such a nice mature hairy one. I wrapped it with both hands, opened my mouth and touched the tip of his dick, putting it between my wet lips.

He moaned and put one hand on my head. I took the entire tip of his dick in my mouth and started playing with my tongue on it.

“Oh, that’s it my darling, play with your tongue…” he kept saying.

I touched his dick just a bit with my teeth and squeezed a little, he seemed to like it but he said I should be careful with my teeth so I don’t scratch him. He took his dick out of my mouth a few times, played with it on my face and lips, every time asking me if I like his dick. I always replied “Yes, daddy!” and that was followed by him putting it back in my mouth.

After he did this a few times, he started pushing my head towards him, making me take more and more of his cock in my mouth. He kept pushing more and more each time, until he reached the back of my throat. He pushed more, making me almost puke. He pulled it out and laughed, saying:

“So you can görükle escort take half of daddy’s cock in your mouth. Don’t you want all of it?”

“Daddy, I do, I do want all of it but it’s too big!” I said.

“Then open your mouth for daddy, darling.” – he said as he pushed his cock back into my mouth.

He reached the back of my throat again, and again he pushed making me almost puking and bringing a few tears out of my eyes.

“Oh yes…” he said a few times while keeping reaching that point that almost made me puke with his cock.

He kept moving his dick back and forward in my mouth, pushing to that limit point every few pushes. My eyes were now in tears and my chin was full of saliva.

After some time of playing like this, he started breathing more and more intense, then he pulled his cock out of my mouth, started stroking it saying:

“Keep your mouth open, darling, keep your mouth open.”

He stroked his cock faster and faster, then he put the tip of his cock between my lips and with a few more quick and long strokes, he came right in my mouth. He then lightly hit my lips with his cock and said:

“Let me see, open your mouth darling.”

I opened my mouth even more as he said:

“Ohh, a mouth full of semen. Do you like it, darling? Swallow daddy’s semen now.”

I closed my mouth and swallowed all his cum and said:

“Thank you, daddy, I like it!”

He went and got the bath robe as I was still there on my knees, then wiped my face with it. He then kissed me and told me to get on the bed and lay on my back with my legs spread.

I did exactly that. He got on the bed too. He was on top of me as he started kissing me, and this time he used his tongue. I liked it very much. After we kissed for a while, he started moving down, kissing my neck, then my nipples. He seemed to like kissing my nipples very much, even if I basically have no tits.

After that, he went down, reaching my pubes with his nose. He pulled the few hairs that I have with his lips a bit, then put used his hands to raise my knees, grabbed my ass and kissed my pussy. He said that I was very wet and he likes it like that. He started using his tongue to caress my pussy, licking me between my pussy lips.

After a while, he used his hands to raise my legs even higher and started kissing my ass hole, he played with it, he licked it, then he got back to my pussy, licking it. He started insisting more on the my clit. I took a pillow and put it on my face so I could scream. It was amazing, my dad was licking my clit and I loved every moment of it.

He slowly pushed a finger inside my pussy, little by little.

“Oh, you’re so tight my darling!” he said and then continued licking my pussy while playing with a finger inside.

After that it only took a few more minutes until I had the most amazing orgasm I ever had.

I screamed and pushed that pillow on my face at the same time. My whole body tensed up and then it felt like I couldn’t even stand. I couldn’t even have my dad’s lips touching my body without shaking my whole body.

My dad then lied down, turned towards me, put an arm over me and said:

“Well darling, this was great. I hope you liked it as much as we did. But you’ll have to promise me you’ll never tell anyone, ever.”

“Of course daddy, I will not tell anyone, ever, but I want us to play again, I liked it very much!” I said

“If you want, we can play, it’s just us here so we can play whenever you want. Summer holiday is starting soon, so we can do it whenever you want, but you’ll have to learn to take daddy’s whole dick in your mouth, that’s how daddy likes it the most.”

“Ok daddy, if you want I’ll let you teach me, and I want us to play whenever YOU want. Just come to my room and take me, I’m yours!”

“Oh, my beautiful daughter, I love you.”

“I love you too, daddy!”

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