My Dark Secret

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Big Tits

Chris Atkinson lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties and stockings. I sighed as he massaged my vagina with his middle and ring fingers. I had my hands on the inner door of the Starbucks restroom. This would be quick, but that was the point.

“You’re already ready for me.” He said hurriedly as he shimmied his slacks down to his knees.

“I’ve been ready for the last fifteen minutes while you were telling me about your gym.” I said.

I heard him peeling a condom over his penis while his middle finger went searching and fingering for my clitoris. He found it and I arched a little as he gently rounded it. I panted as my knees reflexively fought the sensation to clamp down on his fingers.

Chris moved back and grabbed my hips as he maneuvered his erect penis into my pussy. The condom crinkled as it pushed deep around his cock, becoming slick as it met with my warm wetness. He massaged and stroked my ass, standing tall inside me. He gave a quick swat and began jerking me back and forth on his cock aggressively.

It was amazing. I grabbed the locked door handle and couldn’t do anything as he shucked in and out of me. “God you’re hot as fuck.”

“Hurry,” I said. “I have a meeting in fifteen minutes.”

“Sure. Just give me… Hoo-Ho-yeah, mmm!” I tightened around him as he gripped my hips tightly to get a better pull. “Wish I could cum all over those pretty lips and fill your pussy, but I guess we’ll just have to settle on the latter.”

“Oh yeah, finish inside me!” I said as he came inside the condom. I felt his penis jerk and throb inside and I knew I had just made Chris’s morning. He was married, but so was I so it was mutual.

“FUCK-YES!” Chris pulled me tight onto his cock as he continued enjoying me for the last fleeting few seconds of his orgasm. “Oh, god…” He took a deep breath as his already softening penis withdrew from me.

I rearranged my underwear and pulled up my stockings after wiping with a few pieces of tissue. I brushed off my skirt and checked my makeup and hair in the mirror. “Thanks!” I turned around and kissed Chris on the cheek as he had plopped down stupidly with his limp cock on his thigh. He nodded to me as I slipped out and snuck past the two people who were waiting in line for the restroom.

It wasn’t my usual Starbucks, so it was fine. What wasn’t fine was that this was my third hookup… this weekend. To say that things were spiraling out of control was a little bit of an understatement. But this is New York and as an erotica writer with a porn blog, you wouldn’t believe how many proposals I get from men who have enormous cocks who would give anything for a one-night stand.

One of my boyfriends asked me how long my husband had been a cuck, which is a really derogative term to call a husband who is understanding of his wife’s needs. The honest truth is, some women are hard and some women are easy. I don’t mean easy as in ‘easily accessible sexually’. I mean, some women have simple needs and some women have needs that are more complicated. When I say complicated, I mean we can’t be satisfied by only one man.

My husband doesn’t care about sex. I knew that before we got married. He likes sex and will do it, but he’s not like one of my boyfriends who drove six hundred miles to be with me Urfa Escort for three hours before driving all the way back to Virginia. Granted, it was three hours of pure sex, but you get my meaning. He wanted it and he took it. Max, my husband… no way. He’d never go out of his way for sex, not if he thought it might fall into his lap without him needing to do anything.

While Max has a very passive sex drive, I’m the opposite. I need it like crazy and I’ll do anything to get it. I had sex on a college marching band bus while everyone else was rehearsing. We literally performed fifteen minutes later. My performance was a little more uncomfortable than usual as it’s hard to march and play flute with sticky thighs.

The big problem is that Max is my soulmate. We were made to be together, but that doesn’t include sex unfortunately. We have sex-all the time-but I frequently have sex with other partners on my own. It’s my dark secret from the world; maybe ‘dark’ is the wrong word, but ‘taboo’. People don’t want to know how often a girl gets around, even if it’s true. A man, on the other hand, can get away with being a man-whore openly without any judgment whatsoever. Me, I need to navigate from the shadows when I need it just as much or more than most men.

But I digress. I didn’t answer the question about how long my husband had been a cuck, but I think the truth is deserved of detail as it’s a pretty sexy story. We got married in October of 2005, so it’s been twelve years since. Max had been a best-selling author for five years already since his freshman professor in college egged him to turn in that manuscript he’d been polishing to an agent. He sold the publication and movie rights a few months later and had a free ride to the college of his choice in addition to having a couple of hundred-thousand dollars in his pocket.

After that, he did what any 21 year old with money would do: he flew all over Europe and Japan sleeping with as many women as he could in the process. I read his book. I hated it and I told him how much I hated at a book signing in New York eight months later. We ended up having sex that night out of spite for one another. Twelve straight hours of sex can hit the refresh button on any two people so we realized after getting to talking that we had a lot in common. I was doing pretty well for myself and had sold a number of short stories to different magazines around New York. I hadn’t sold a best-selling novel-yet.

Max and I didn’t get together as a couple for another two years but always spent the night together when he was in town. He was an avid traveler and loved staying in New York when he had the chance. When we finally did get together, it only took two years for us to be ready to get married. My biggest mistake was that I still had not told Max about my dark secret.

He thought I was just a conservative Korean-American New Yorker with an office job. Meanwhile, I had been with four other men just since we’d gotten engaged a year prior to our getting married. I know, I know, that’s a lot, but you should have seen them. Holy shit, those boys drowned me in alcohol and made me forget about Max for twenty-four hours at a time. New York is a big city, but sometimes I’d go across the river to Jersey. Italian guys are Urfa Escort Bayan hung like you wouldn’t believe, and they like to buy you gifts to make up for how shitty they can be sometimes.

I was playing Max with all of them at one point. None of the guys knew they were being played, but for all I knew I was being played as well so give and take. It makes me feel bad knowing that a few of my boyfriends over the years really saw a future with me and I kind of indulged them on that front to the degree that I could get what I wanted, but people come and go and everyone says things.

We had our wedding on Virginia Beach. Both of us were popular people so the cruise-ship we rented for our after-party was full to capacity. My parents skipped on the after-party, but my older and younger sisters didn’t. Both of them got laid, even my nerdy youngest sister who was nineteen at the time. It should give you a good idea how crazy that party was as neither of them were nearly as slutty as me. They rarely indulged in their most primal fantasies like I did-at least not to my knowledge. We all have our secrets.

Max got wasted. He was so trashed that he passed out in a random room that wasn’t ours. I couldn’t even find him. Unfortunately for Max, a friend of mine from high school who was now a Navy SEAL found me instead. Tyler Walters dropped my pantiest from under my white party dress and clutched the wet cotton crotch to his nose. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he held his strong hand on the small of my back.

We were in our dimly lit honeymoon suite with the mood lights on. Tyler unbuttoned his white dress shirt to reveal a strong physique that was foreign to me from my memory of him in high school. He was strong, but he was also delicate. He embraced me, his hands caressing my sides as our lips met. He pushed my hair back as my bottom met the end of the bed. He lowered his pants to his ankles and pushed his cock that was just as big as the rest of him into my gushing wet vagina.

My neck rolled back and I gaped at a painting of the raging sea in the dimness on the back wall. Tyler thrust into me repeatedly with my thighs spread in his hands. If my dumb new husband had walked in, he’d have seen quite the sight: me on my back with a stronger, bigger, man plowing his new wife, going to town inside her without a condom-only the promise that this monstrously hung naval man wouldn’t finish inside. I told myself in that moment that I didn’t care, that the hottest thing in the world would be to feel him explode inside me.

He didn’t. He flipped me over and fucked me in the ass since I was tipsy enough not to care. I cared in the morning when I couldn’t sit properly, but in that moment: “Oh God, yes Daddy! Fuck my ass until you cum!” And he did… twenty minutes later. You have no idea how stupid I was by the end of that. I was shitting cum in the shower later without even meaning to. Somehow, Max found out about my adventure while he was passed out in another passenger’s room and confronted me the next morning before we were set to land in Florida.

“How could you keep something like this from me?” He asked me when I told him that I’d lost count of how many men had taken me to bed with them since we’d been together.

“I Escort Urfa guess I’m just a slut.” I said. “Do you still love me?”

“Of course I still love you… It’s kind of hot, actually.” He smiled.

“Really? You think so?” I asked.

He nodded and pulled me close to him. “Did you wear a condom?” He whispered. I shook my head and noticed his pants getting bigger. He wasn’t small, but he wasn’t especially large either. “Think our Tyler friend is still on-board?”

Max stroked his cock from the loveseat against the wall as Tyler and I sixty-nined on the bed in front of him. Turning on his phone, Max filmed me with Tyler’s cock running in and out of my mouth. He walked around the bed as Tyler’s tongue lapped my clitoris. Max zoomed in, spreading my pussy on camera with two fingers beneath my tight red asshole from the abuse I’d taken the night before. Tyler sucked and tongued as I relished swallowing his massive cock.

Max had made me put on my white evening gown from the night before. It was peeled up to my hips as Tyler pulled my hair, standing like a beast in my pussy. He filmed me with my mouth open in ecstasy as the full length of Tyler’s cock disappeared into my vagina. He sat on the couch in front of us with his cock in hand as Tyler slapped my ass until I was red and raw. I’d been fucked stupid by this man on our wedding night and the day after.

Max’s load hit the wall over his shoulder as Tyler stood inside me while I looked into Max’s eyes with a glazed look on my face. I felt Tyler’s body tense and then he came. My leg’s shook and he pushed deep, throbbing as I gasped with pleasure. Tyler’s penis pulsed, firing and shooting everything he could into me. The lubrication was immense as he continued fucking me regardless.

“Kiss him.” Max continued stroking maddeningly even though he still had cum drizzling down his shaft between his fingers. Tyler kissed me over my shoulder, giving me a few gentle thrusts as he stroked my breasts. His cum ran down my pussy and dripped from his sack. Tyler was amazing. Max came again while Tyler’s tongue lashed with mine.

Tyler pulled out, his heavy cock slapping against his thigh. Tyler beckoned Max over. Max sheepishly got onto his knees and licked my pussy. Cum bubbled from inside and dripped down my clitoris as he lapped the mixture of liquids. Tyler stroked himself, watching as Max sucked the product of our love-making from my pussy. Tyler put his hand on Max’s shoulder. “Get everything. I came at least twice.”

We parted ways and I didn’t see Tyler again, but it was an incredible day and honeymoon. It was good to know that our marriage wouldn’t begin with any other secrets. I felt bad about my many partners until I found out that Max had a few skeletons in the closet as well. He’d been with his fair share of sluts on his adventures around the globe behind my back.

While his number was lower than mine, I couldn’t help feeling a hint of jealousy at the thought of him romancing another woman to bed-a woman who wasn’t me. It had been hot for Max to imagine with me with another partner, but it was enraging for me to imagine him being with anyone else. I couldn’t explain why. I guess that made me a hypocrite.

But our honesty and willingness to understand one another’s needs has led us to a relationship of trust and love for one another that transcends physical attraction. That’s how I’ve always known that we’ll be okay no matter what. We’ll still be here for one another when no one else in the world wants us, and that is what I’d consider true love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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