My Daughter the Exhibitionist Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Chapter 2 – Brittany Settles In and Makes Some Friends

Brittany’s first day at my house took me by surprise, to say the least. All of a sudden I found myself caught between the guilt of looking at my daughter as a woman instead of my child, and the thrill of having her womanhood flaunted right in front of me. Since Brit was quite clear about her intentions of how she would be dressing, it was going to be up to my “guilt” to keep my “thrill” in check.

“My alone time is going to be at a premium”, I thought Monday morning as I was taking my shower. “And I have to limit my fantasies to be about women who aren’t sleeping across the hall”, I continued to think while trying to make a deal with myself. Of course once the thought of Brittany sleeping across the hall crossed my mind, my body refused to keep up its end of the bargain, and my shower ended up taking about 10 minutes longer than I had planned.

During the next five days, while I was working, Brittany kept busy just as she promised. She spent her time cleaning, cooking, doing laundry; basically whatever needed to be done. I gave her money to go grocery shopping, and she used the opportunity to do some exploring and to get to know the community. I hated to admit it, but she was right. Even though it hadn’t even been a week, I was starting to enjoy being spoiled like this.

Also, as she made me well aware of on her first night here, her attire around the house continued to leave little to the imagination. Tube tops, tank tops, t-shirts, and half shirts were all worn with either short shorts, mini skirts, or just a skimpy pair of panties. Our evening conversations were never dull, and I was careful not to show even the slightest reaction when a careless movement on her part would provide me with a brief, but welcome view of her flawless form. As Brittany settled in, her comfort level began to grow, and her sense of freedom and openness with her body seemed to grow along with it. I found out just how free she felt, late on our first Friday night.

Brittany made a great dinner, and because it was the start of the weekend, we both emptied a few beers while we ate. She sat across the table from me wearing a conservative black and red bikini top that she must have “forgot” that she had packed, and a pair of frilly white booty shorts that left the bottom half of her cheeks seductively exposed. The afternoon sun shined directly through the windows along the back of the house, and the lack of a cooling breeze made her tan skin glow from her perspiration.

We talked non-stop, and the time flew as we casually ate. Eventually there was a momentary break in our conversation, and we were surprised at how neither of us noticed that the fading light of the setting sun had been replaced by the ominous glow of the rising moon. The dark of the night brought no break from the heat of the day, and it gave Brittany no reason to add to her mismatched outfit while we worked together to clean up from dinner. After we had finished, she was obviously restless and uncomfortable as she began to pace around the kitchen and living room.

“Daaad”, she whined, “why is it so freakin’ hot?” Her tone reminded me of her mother. “Does everyone in San Diego just sit around and sweat all summer?”

“Well, I don’t know about everyone, but I’ve been known to take the occasional cold shower to help break the heat.”

“A cold shower, huh? Yah, I bet you’ve taken a lot of those the last few years!” Her sharp teasing was a reflection of the beers she had drank during dinner. “I think I’d rather drop an ice cube down my shorts!”

“Fine! And I’ll be the first to put it there! But first you’d have to actually wear a pair!”

“Good one, Dad. But it’s comfort first, remember? So what about your pool? Don’t you ever go swimming?”

I sat in silence for a moment trying to come up with a reasonable answer. “Actually, it’s kinda funny. It sits out there year-after-year and I keep paying to maintain it, but I never think about getting in.”

“Well, I’m thinking about it right now! And I wanna go for a swim!” She stomped her foot down in a pretend tantrum, and it made her tits jiggle under her bikini top.

“I’ll tell ‘ya what, Brit. You’re pretty much wearing a suit already, so if you’ll wait for me, I’ll go upstairs and change into mine, and be right back down to join you.”

“Really, you’ll swim with me?” The beer was still exaggerating her emotions when she threw her arms around my neck, “Yay! Now hurry up or I won’t wait!”

I turned on the back patio light, and it reflected off the top of the calm pool water. I couldn’t remember the last time I was in the water, or even my swim suit. Regardless, it seemed like a simple request from my daughter, so I went upstairs to get ready for a dip.

I returned to the living room wearing my once loose fitting pair of surf trunks, and then slid the patio door open to look for Brittany. I heard her bathroom door open, and I looked over just when she rounded the orhangazi escort corner from the hall. I watched her as she made her way slowly toward me and the pool, and for a moment I forget to feel guilty as I let my eyes roam freely over her body. She had removed the two items of clothing she was wearing during dinner, and was now totally nude as she moved across the room.

For the second time in less than a week, I found myself looking at my daughter’s naked body. The only difference was that this time, my clothing couldn’t do a thing to hide any unwanted reaction. Despite the minimal amount of clothes she wore each evening, I noticed for the first time that her tan had actually gotten darker, and that there was still a curious absence of bikini lines. And apparently, the razor I gave her this past weekend had gone unused, because she now had a triangle shaped patch of light brown hair growing in right where she had so carefully shaved last Sunday.

She smiled as she pushed past me and said, “Last one in is a rotten egg!”

Knowing that my neighbors would immediately investigate the sound of splashing water coming from my yard, I turned off the patio light before joining her at the edge of the pool. She looked me over, and spoke up with alcohol fueled bravery.

“Are you kidding me with those swim trunks? Maybe you should have come with me to the mall! There is no way you are getting in this pool wearing those things, and there’s no way that you aren’t getting in this pool! I think you should “man up”, Daddy, and join me for a quick skinny dip!”

“I don’t know, Brit. I guess your old dad is just a little bit shy.” I lied, trying to find a way to hide my eventual arousal. She took my explanation at face value, however, and continued to chip away at me.

“Look, Daddy. If you were trying to “perv-out” on me it would be totally different. You know at Mom’s house, walking around naked was unavoidable, and no one even gave it a second thought. So strip down old man, and come on in!” Then, with a splash and a shriek, Brittany was submerged in the pool.

While her head was still under the water, I quickly slid off my shorts and jumped in after her. I couldn’t believe I was now swimming naked with my daughter, and after the first few awkward moments I began to get much more comfortable. We splashed around in the dark water for just a short while, and I was relieved that the cold pool caused my manhood to shrink, denying its true desire to stand at attention. Then, after just 10 minutes of enduring our frigid bath, Brittany let me know that she had had enough.

“Dad, this water is frickin’ freezing! I’m getting out!”

I stared at her perfectly shaped ass as she climbed out of the pool, and noticed that her entire body was covered in goose pimples. I also noticed that she grabbed my trunks up from the deck, and carried them with her back into the house. I was still in the dark cool water when she started taunting me from inside the bright living room.

“Come and get ’em, Dad! That is if you’re not too afraid!”

“Fine!” I snapped back as I got out of the pool. “Just don’t forget that cold water can have a less than flattering affect on the male body!”

“Dad! Ewww! Do you really think I care what your junk looks like? Grow up!”

Apologizing, I walked into the living room with my hand over my “junk”. “Sorry Brit. Guys just can’t help but worry about those things.”

We stood together naked between the dinner table and the patio door, both of us dripping onto the wood floor. My hand stayed in place as I modestly cupped it over my privates, but Brittany made no attempt to do the same. The goose bumps that I had noticed on her backside were also covering her front, and a brief glance at her chest allowed me to witness the slight bounce of her bumpy upturned nipples as they responded to her exaggerated shivering.

“It’s O.K. I didn’t mean to embarrass you, Daddy” she said while handing me my shorts. “I told you I’d respect your privacy, and I guess I broke our agreement. I was just having a little fun teasing you. Will you forgive me?”

“Of course, sweetie. I’m sorry that I’m not as comfortable about this as you are.” While I spoke, I tried to keep eye contact with her, and I was sure that I avoided any embarrassment as I quickly put my trunks back on.

“I’m gonna rinse off real quick before I go to bed, so I guess I’ll see you at breakfast! ‘Nite Daddy! Hope you warm up soon!” I knew she was still just teasing, but my ego took a hit nonetheless.

When she turned around to leave, I watched as a small stream of water made its way out from under her wet hair, down along her spine, and then disappear into the deep crevice that separates her firm, tan butt cheeks. I heard her shower turn on as I walked upstairs, and I managed to fall asleep before she had finished.

I came down Saturday morning for breakfast, and Brittany was wearing the same baggy sweats she had worn when nilüfer escort she first arrived. I have to admit I was looking forward to something a little more revealing, and I hoped her unflattering attire wasn’t because she was uncomfortable from our unclothed swim. I wanted to clear the air, and thought that focusing on her and her appearance, might be a good place to start. We each sat with a full plate of food when I finally spoke up.

“You know, Brit, I noticed last night that you were looking a lot more tan than you did when you first got here. Have you been lying out by the pool during the week?”

“Not exactly, Dad. I mean I have been lying out, but just not at the pool.”

“Well, I didn’t see any tan lines, so I hope it wasn’t at the beach!”

“No, dork! If you must know, I went over to the Rivers’ a couple of times during the week while you were at work.”

“You did what?!?!”, I thought while trying not to show my surprised concern from hearing this small detail that she had left out of our dinner conversations.

“How did you wind up going over there?” I asked her calmly.

“It was really hot on Tuesday afternoon, and I put on my new bikini to go lay out in the backyard. Just when I was setting a towel on a lawn chair, the doorbell rang and it was Glen. He asked that since I was all alone, that maybe I’d like to join him and his wife for a little lunch in the sun. I was bored all by myself and figured what the heck!”

I was uneasy about where this was going, but I wasn’t about to interrupt her.

“I followed Glen to his house, and he brought me through the side gate to the backyard. They have a totally private sun deck, with a hot tub in a gazebo off to the side. There were like 5 chairs on the deck, and on a table between two of the chairs they had a tray of small sandwiches and a pitcher of margaritas. They told me to help myself to the food and Glen poured me a drink. Elaine, his wife, introduced herself to me, and told me to grab a chair and relax.”

My curiosity forced me to interrupt Brittany, and I coyly asked, “I’ve never met Elaine. What is she like?”

“Well, I guess she’s about the same age as Glen, but she looks a little younger. She was really nice to me, but when I talked to her it seemed like her mind was off somewhere else. I could tell that she laid out naked all the time.”

“How could you tell that?”

“Because she was laying there on a lawn chair and I could see that she was really dark and didn’t have any tan lines, duh!”

“Sorry, dumb question!” Her story was like a second-hand jigsaw puzzle that was missing half of the pieces, but still, I managed to ignore her bratty answer and continue to dig for details. “So anyway, you were relaxing with some sandwiches and a margarita?”

“Ya, and then Elaine said that she really liked my bikini and asked where I got it. I told her, but I think that she just pretended to have heard of the store. Then she said that it looked like I usually tanned nude. I told her that I knew the owner of a salon in Kansas, and that he would let me tan there for free, but that I was going to have to wear my bikini out here. Then she said that it would be O.K. for me to tan at their house whenever I wanted, and that nobody could see their deck if I didn’t want to wear my suit. I asked her if she meant right now, and she said, “Sure. Now, later, whenever.” Since she was already naked, and they were both so old, I figured, why not?”

“So you just took off your bikini and lied out with them on their deck?” I was less successful at hiding my reaction as my curiosity turned to concern.

“Yah, Dad. And I went over there again on Wednesday and Friday. It’s no big deal. They’re really nice to me, and we just go back and forth from hanging out on the deck to soaking in their hot tub. It’s better than staying home alone all day!”

“And the three of you are all naked?” I asked while trying to decide if the thought was making me more pissed off or turned on.

“Well, Mr. Rivers wasn’t naked on Tuesday, but Wednesday and Friday he joined me and Elaine in our birthday suits. I felt a little weird at first, but they made me feel like their own daughter, so it was actually really comfortable…, kinda like being at home!”

“Did they try anything, or ask you to do anything, you know, strange?” I hated “tip-toeing” around like that with my questions, but I thought she might just shut down if I was too direct.

“Don’t worry, Dad. It’s not like that. They’re just a real nice couple who happen to have the same feelings about nudity that I do. Actually, I haven’t even been in their house. And just in case you were wondering, Mrs. Rivers doesn’t shave “down there”, and since I like the way it looks on her, I decided to let mine grow in to see how it looks on me. And as long as we’re talking about it, which do guys like better?” Brittany actually blushed when she asked the question.

“Honestly Brit, I think it depends on türbanlı escort the guy, and it depends on the girl. Basically, for most men, if it’s in view and in reach, we’re gonna be happy either way!” It was a conversation I wasn’t expecting to have over breakfast, but I felt strangely at ease while talking with her about it.

“Well, hopefully Glen won’t be so wishy-washy with his opinion when I ask him next week!” She was obviously looking for a reaction, but I chose to change the subject instead.

“So, do you have any plans for the day, today?”

“Well, I checked out a 24 hour Fitness when I was out shopping, and they let you try it out for free to see if you want to join, so I was thinking about going there in a little bit. Is that O.K., or did you have plans for us?”

“I was thinking about catching a matinee with you a little bit later, but you have plenty of time to go to the gym before that. I’ll tell you what, I’ll clean up breakfast and you can go now, then maybe we can get in a little shopping before the movie?”

“It’s a deal!” she yelled out before running up to her bedroom.

I was still washing out the last of the frying pans when she walked back in to the kitchen. Her sports bra was covered by a form fitting tank top, and it matched perfectly with the skin tight spandex shorts that appeared to be covering only flesh.

“See ya!”

Before I could say anything, she grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and bolted out the front door. I guess she knew that whatever I would have said, she wouldn’t want to hear.

I finished in the kitchen, and then straightened up my office before going upstairs to take a shower. As I stood under the pulsating stream of hot water, I let my thoughts wander to the conversation we had about her time at the Rivers’. I imagined Brittany standing outside on their deck while they were both lying out naked, and then letting the two of them watch as she stripped off her clothes to join them. I wished I had asked more questions as I began to wonder about the hot tub, and how the seating was arranged and who had sat where. My cock was a rock, and my soapy hand stroked faster and faster while I thought about her asking Glen whether she should keep her bush or shave it clean again. I was enjoying the images in my head so much that I was holding myself back from my orgasm, and then I missed my chance completely when I was interrupted by the sound of my cell phone. Saturday calls were rare, so I jumped out of the shower to get it, and saw Brittany’s name on the caller I.D. I answered, and heard her crying on the other end.

“Daddy! Ow! Daddy, I hurt my back on an “ab” machine, and now I can’t even stand up! I need you to come get me right away. Please?!?!”

“Of course, Brit! Just find a place to sit and I’ll be right there!” Needing to get dressed, I rushed her off the phone so I could get there quicker. I completely forgot about the images and thoughts I had in my shower, but was briefly reminded when I felt a slight ache in my soft cock as I slid on my loose fitting sweat pants and oversized t-shirt.

I was at the gym in less than 10 minutes, and when I walked in I immediately saw Brittany sitting behind the front desk, being looked after by what seemed to be every male employee there. She glanced over at me when I said her name, and the grimace on her face let me know that she was still in a lot of pain. I let myself behind the front desk, and asked the group of guys that were standing around her to step back so I could help her up. I tried to asses her condition before lifting her to her feet.

“Do you think you can stand, honey?”

“Ya, just probably not all the way up. I have a sharp pain between my shoulders and a huge knot in my lower back.”

“O.K., I’m gonna support you under your arms, but I’ll need you to push up with your legs.” We worked together and got her on her feet, but she was still hunched over. “Now just take small steps and we’ll get you to the car.”

She whimpered as we walked, but we made it to the parking lot without a problem. We took our time to get her situated in the passenger seat of my car, and then I drove us home as quickly as I could. After carefully easing her out of the car, we made our way into the house and I tried to figure out how to make her comfortable.

“Brit? If you want I could probably carry you upstairs so you can rest in your bed for a while?”

“Actually, Daddy, it’s a lot cooler down here, and I think my bed would be too soft. Would it be O.K. if I just lie down on the living room floor for a little bit?”

“Sure hun, no problem. Let me run upstairs and get a comforter you can lay down on. I’ll be right back!”

I grabbed my thick winter comforter from the closet and a couple of emergency Motrin from my medicine cabinet, and then ran back downstairs. Brittany was already in the living room, so I got some water, then handed it and the Motrin to Brit, and spread the blanket out over the floor. I turned on the television, grabbed my daughter around the waist, and slowly eased her down to lie on her back. All she could do was just stare up at me helplessly.

“Thank you, Daddy. You’re the best. I guess I ruined our plans for shopping and a movie later. Please don’t be too mad at me, K?”

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