My Daughters and Me Ch. 07

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Well I definitely think I surprised the girls with the addition of our “new friend”. By the way they were talking about it I’m sure we’ll all be trying it out in different variations. It was starting to get dark at the campground so we thought we better get dinner started. Jenni and Amy took out the BBQ that we brought and started a fire. The girls were dressed in booty shorts and bikini tops and looked so cute working on our campsite and getting the fire going. You would have never known that we just finished having some mind blowing sex together and now we were acting like the all American family. After we ate a nice hearty meal we all decided to break open a bottle of wine and relax by the fire that the BBQ was giving off.

“OK mom, when did you get the idea of getting that strap on?” Amy asked.

“I figured we needed a little variety and I thought some nice cock would be nice every once in a while. Since we can’t invite any guys into our little arrangement I figured this would be the next best thing” I said.

The girls were really excited about the strap on and discussed all the different possibilities with it. I told them that the girl who helped me with it at the sex shop was a cutie who I’d love to visit again. In fact I’d love to try out some of the fun things in that shop with her! She was a little blonde gal with a killer body who loved to flirt with all the girls who came into the shop. Jenni said we should make a family field trip out of it next time I decide to go. We all laughed out loud after that one. But she did have a good point.

Amy was stroking Jenni’s thigh during this whole time and they were playing footsie which was so sexy to watch. I went back to the tent to get some sandals for my bare feet and when I returned Jenni and Amy were kissing passionately in front of the fire. Amy had her hand on Jenni’s titties while Jenni was stroking Amy’s legs. I sat and watched these two sexy girls make out and fondled my nipple while sitting across from them. I could sit and watch these two any time they’re such a turn on to watch. Amy worked one of Jenni’s titties out of her bikini and played with her nipple. We were kind of secluded and you’d only be able to see anything if you walked directly into our camping spot so I wasn’t worried about what the girls were doing. I slipped off my shorts and sat there in just my thong bikini bottoms and rubbed my pussy while the girls were going at it.

It felt so good with the cool air against my body but still with the heat right in front of me. Both Jenni and Amy took off their bikini tops and slipped off their shorts so all they had on was their thong bikini bottoms. They were kissing and caressing each other when I suggested that we go inside the tent. They both wanted to stay in front of the fire because it felt so good. So I went inside the tent and brought out an air mattress and a blanket. I figured there was going to be more than just kissing going on soon and I wanted in on the action too!

The girls stopped their fun long enough for me to figure out how to arrange the mattress next to the fire. Once we figured it out we all took our clothes off and snuggled underneath the oversized blanket that we brought. It was so nice having the fire right next to us. I wiggled my way into the middle of the two girls and we were kissing, rubbing, licking and fondling any body part that we could find. Amy worked her way underneath the blanket and spread my legs to give my wet pussy some much needed attention. While Amy worked her magic on my pussy I was sucking Jenni’s titties.

Love Escort bayan sucking those pretty nipples of hers. Amy brought me to a quick orgasm and Jenni said it was her turn. Amy said that her mouth was tired so I did the motherly thing and went down and licked my oldest daughter’s pussy and so Amy could take a break and rest her mouth. While resting, if you want to call it that, Jenni planted her mouth on Amy’s pussy as Amy straddled her head. After Jenni and Amy reached orgasms the two girls laid me down and went to work on me. They had me get on all fours and Amy attacked my ass with her tongue while Jenni worked her way underneath me to get to my wet juiced up pussy. Amy worked my ass with her hot tongue driving me crazy. Jenni worked my clit and finger fucked me on my way to another mind blowing orgasm. It didn’t take long for me to cum with all the undivided attention I was getting from my girls.

After we all calmed down we broke open another bottle of wine and decided we should just sleep right where we were since the weather was so nice. Between the wine and the constant cuddling it made for a perfect night underneath the stars. We talked throughout the night and enjoyed ourselves. I love my girls and I love our lifestyle!!

Morning came with the bright sun shining on our faces. We all got up and realized we were all naked. I didn’t think we could get away with this in plain sight on the main campsite so I told the girls we better hurry and get some clothes on. Clothes consisted of bikini tops and shorty shorts for the three of us. After putting the mattress and blanket back into the tent we decided to make a big breakfast since we’d be at the nude beach all day. After breakfast we made our way back to the beach. We set up “camp” at the same spot that we did the previous day and went about our ritual of oiling each other up. While doing so a cute couple set up their towels pretty close to ours. I thought it was odd since there was so much open space but who am I to say where people can and can’t spend their day.

They appeared to be in their early thirties. The gal was cute, a little thing with some big titties on her. I think they looked bigger than what they really were because she was so petite. Her husband was a little on the thin side but he had a really nice cock, a nice mushroom head and very little hair around his cock. I wasn’t the only one who noticed our neighbors as Amy said that the woman was a hottie who she’d make sure she got a chance to see a lot closer. While we were rubbing the sunblock over each other in a very sexy way the couple next to us couldn’t hide their stares. Amy and Jenni made sure that they paid special attention to our titties and asses.

At one point Amy looked over at the couple and smiled at them. When both girls started to work my body with the sunblock they made sure that the couple got an eyeful. My titties got a workout from Jenni while Amy made sure my ass and legs were worked really well. After they finished my body both girls came up to me and gave me a nice deep tongue kiss which I happily returned. I didn’t care that the couple was watching us. All I know is that I wanted to enjoy myself in the sun and it included playing with my daughters and giving any onlookers a show that they would remember.

After soaking up some sun for awhile Amy and Jenni went down to the water and I stayed behind reading a book that I’ve been trying to read but unable to do so for the past month or so. I was engrossed in my book when our neighbor came over and introduced herself as Bayan escort Karen. She asked if she could borrow some sunblock since the one that her husband brought didn’t have a high enough SPF rating for her. I offered her ours and asked if she needed help putting it on since her husband seemed to be asleep already. She agreed and I was able to run my hands over her hot little body. She said that she and her husband were on vacation and heard about this nude beach. She said that they didn’t have any nude beaches at home in the Virginia Beach area. I made sure I took care of every inch of her body and she did not object to my working her big titties. In fact she even let out a few moans while I did so. Her nipples hardened while I was rubbing the sunblock all over those nice soft titties of hers. I worked her ass and legs next while she was standing up and she parted her legs a little so I was able to graze her pussy with my hand as I was applying the sunblock to her inner thighs.

After I had finished, since it was obvious all I was doing was groping her and I didn’t want to be too obvious, Karen suggested that she put some on me. I had some on already but there was no way that I was going to refuse her suggestion. Karen’s touch was so soft and sensual and I mentioned to her that it was. She said that she was a physical therapist and that massage was part of what she did. She asked me to lie down and she would finish rubbing the sunblock on my back, ass and legs. I lay down and Karen worked my shoulders and back so nice. She then proceeded to rub her titties against my back as she was stroking the length of my arms that were outstretched above my head. It felt so good feeling those soft breasts against my body. Her nipples were hard and I felt them too as she stroked up and down.

After she finished that she worked my ass and I spread my legs a little letting her know that she could go there if she wanted. Well she took my cue and ran her fingers up and down my lips; she knew exactly what she was doing. I was moist from everything that had happened so far so she was able to get her finger inside my wet pussy. I opened my eyes and I saw her husband looking at us stroking his cock while lying on his side. I shot him a smile to let him know that I knew he was watching and he smiled back. Karen continued to rub my pussy and knead my ass remarking what a nice tight body I had. Her husband kept a nice slow rhythmic pace while watching his wife explore my body. After she finished working my legs and feet Karen bent down and whispered in my ear “You’re a lovely woman Renee, I would love to lick your entire body some time”.

I raised my head and told her that I’d love that too. She smiled and gave me a soft kiss on the lips while snaking her tongue in my mouth. I wanted the kiss to last longer but she pulled away and thanked me for the sunblock. She then made her way to her husband swaying that sweet ass of hers back and forth and they both giggled as she sat down. She blew me a kiss from her blanket and rolled to her side facing her husband with her ass towards me. From what I could see it looked like she was jacking off her husband’s hard cock. Did that really happen? Oh well, it sure felt nice. I couldn’t wait to tell the girls about it. My pussy was so wet I needed some kind of release that I wanted one or both of my daughters to give me.

And where the heck were the girls anyways? They’ve been gone for some time now. Well, I just returned to my book but it was hard to concentrate after that delicious massage that I just received. Karen Escort and her husband didn’t stay much longer and on their way out they waved good bye. They didn’t bother putting on any clothes as they left probably going to do so when they reached trail 6. So I was able to admire Karen’s lovely ass until she fell out of view. About 15 minutes later my two beautiful nude daughters returned holding hands and skipping along the water’s edge. I asked where in the heck they’ve been and boy I got an answer from Amy that I’ll never forget.

“We were playing in the water when Jenni asked me if I wanted to go with her to the ‘gay side’ and check out some more cocks. So I said yes and we went further down south on the beach. There were a lot more guys there today and we were walking hand in hand all nonchalant looking at all the cocks. There were guys making out, stroking each other and walking up and down the water with hard ons. We were getting so turned on looking at everybody that we had to have some kind of release. So we made our way into one of the crevices along the hill that turned into a little canyon where we could be alone.

We found a nice spot with some grass and started making out. One thing led to another and before you know it we were locked in a 69 sucking each other’s pussy oblivious to anything going on. I was sucking Jenni’s pussy so good and she was totally eating me out when we both heard some noises and looked up and saw about five guys standing there watching us nearby stroking their hard cocks. Jenni asked what I was doing and why did I stop when I told her that we had an audience. They weren’t bothering us so we laughed and continued our 69 and gave them quite a show. Jenni made me cum with her hot mouth and I was determined to make her cum too. After a little while longer she came so good and flooded my mouth with her juices. We both got up and started making out and feeling each other up when a couple of them shot their loads.

Jenni then called the other guys over and told them to shoot their loads on our titties. The three guys who still had to cum came over and stroked their wet hard cocks over us as we continued to lick each other’s pussy. This went on for about ten minutes then just about all at once they started cumming all over our titties. Their cum felt so hot on my tits when it landed. After they shot their loads they thanked us and went their way. We got up and made our way back to the ocean’s edge and rinsed off in the ocean. I couldn’t believe we did that, but it was so fuckin’ hot!!!!”

I could not believe what Amy just told me. It sounded like such a hot time. God I would have loved to have been part of that. Right after Amy told me what happened she asked where that couple next to us went. I told her that they just left but didn’t want to tell them about my encounter with them. I’ll save that for one night when we’re all laying in bed after one of our fuck sessions. Amy was disappointed that she didn’t get to see that hot woman up close. I told her that yes she did miss something pretty good but it sounded like she had a great time anyway. The girls went back to the water and took me with them. We all went down to the water holding hands and splashing water on each other when we got into the water. The girls are such exhibitionists grabbing each other’s titties and hugging and kissing the entire time. After we got our fill of the ocean we decided we better head back to camp and get ready for another fun evening.

So we gathered our stuff and made our way back to our campsite. It was definitely another unforgettable day at our beach. Time to relax, drink some good wine, eat a great meal and see what kind of sexual adventures we’ll get into tonite. I’m guessing our new toy will get some attention and I can’t wait to get fucked!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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