My Daughter’s Cuckold Ch. 05

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Big Tits

The next morning I woke up to find that my cock was in its usual rock hard state and there was a note tucked under my head:

“Good morning! I see you had a good time last night. We will expect to find coffee made and breakfast waiting for us when we wake up. Amber likes Belgian waffles. Get moving, bitch!”

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and stretched my aching muscles, working out the kinks from having been tied into place for so long the night before. While in the bathroom I used a warm, damp washcloth to wipe the dried and sticky cum from my ass and thighs, again worrying about the fact that the girls had let their friends fuck me without condoms. It really had not even occurred to me that I was still wearing lingerie and a wig from the night before until I looked in the mirror and saw my disheveled state. Knowing that Tracey would expect it, I straightened and brushed my wig and cleaned up as well as I could. On a whim I put on a little of my wife’s lipstick and eyeliner. I retrieved my panties from the floor of the bedroom and slid them on, feeling a stir of excitement as I slid them up my legs. I was barely able to tuck my dick between my legs before I went downstairs to cook the girls their breakfast.

I went down to the kitchen and started to work, feeling the warmth as I sipped my coffee. I made waffles for Amber, and I knew Tracey favored scrambled eggs with bacon and toast. While breakfast was cooking I made fresh orange juice, then poured them each a cup of coffee and filled a small pitcher with half-and-half from the refrigerator since I didn’t know how Amber liked her coffee, or even if she drank coffee. It didn’t matter, I wanted to be ready for anything. When the food was nearly ready I could hear the girls moving around, so I set the food on the table. A few minutes later they came down the stairs, giggling and still looking a little sleepy.

I tried to hide as best I could behind the counter, covering my face with a dish towel. Tracey was having none of that. “Awww, the poor little sissy bitch is trying to hide! Don’t worry, I told Amber Escort bayan all about who it was that made her cum so hard last night. She thinks you’re a total pervert, but you do know how to use yor tongue. Now get the fuck out here, bitch, and let’s have a look at how you survived a night of real fucking.”

I knew better than to refuse, or even hesitate. I folded the towel and laid it in the island and stepped out from behind it. They took a minute to check me over, telling me to turn around so they could inspect my outfit. Despite my utter humiliation I managed a little pirouette for them. They were surprised to see the makeup and complimented me on taking the initiative to put it on, bringing another deep blush to my cheeks. As they ate their breakfast they talked about the previous night, ignoring my blushing and obvious discomfort as they discussed which boy had enjoyed fucking me more and which one had the largest cock. In spite of my best efforts I was becoming more and more aroused, and it was impossible to hide the fact from them since they insisted that I stand in front of them practicing how to curtsey. Amber was the first to notice my growing erection. “Look, Trace!” she said. “I think he’s really getting turned on thinking about getting all those big hard dicks last night!” Both girls again laughed, then spent a few minutes getting me to tell them that I enjoyed it. It was obvious that they would not be satisfied until I admitted it, and besides, I had caught myself thrusting back against the last few boys who had used my now-sore ass. Finding their cum running out of my ass and down my thighs earlier while I was in the bathroom had gotten me thinking about it, and the more I thought about it the more I remembered the waves of pleasure that I had not been able to fully suppress. “My Lord,” I thought, “I’m actually getting turned on remembering being essentially gang-raped… what the fuck is wrong with me?”

As they enjoyed their breakfast the two of them gave me menial tasks to do. I kept their coffee cups and juice glasses full, swept the kitchen Bayan escort floor, and cleaned up the mess from the food preparation. Tracey instructed me to crawl under the table and massage her feet, and Amber had me suck on her toes until she told me to stop and stand in front of them. I slowly came to realize that I was getting used to being the girls’ sissy slave, and was actually enjoying it. I had felt at home and relaxed while making their breakfast, and now despite my blushing and embarrassment was happy for their attention. I was deriving a deep satisfaction and sense of fulfillment simply from pleasing the two of them. The whole thing had me very confused, but also very aroused. Both girls noticed that I had achieved a state of full, throbbing erection.

“Oh, look, Amber. The poor little slut has such a hard-on. She must really be getting off on all of this! Since she did such a good job servicing all those boys last night, I think she deserves a reward, don’t you think so?”

Amber looked at me for several long moments, then planted a kiss on Tracey’s cheek. “I think you’re right! I have just the thing in mind. I think we should let her have a little fun too. Let’s go upstairs and take care of that poor little stiff dick so her panties will fit better!”

I followed the two of them as they walked up the stairs arm in arm, my cock twitching with anticipation. Both of the girls had impossibly hot, firm teenage bodies. Round, firm asses backed up flat stomachs, which in turn led to tantalizing nipples sitting proudly on round, perky breasts that had yet to feel the effects of gravity. I fantasized wildly and lewdly about exploring those bodies with my tongue and driving my aching cock into them, filling them with cum over and over again.

Of course they had other ideas. Taking me into the bedroom they made it clear that I was not going to be getting any satisfaction from either of them. They instructed me to lay on the bed and stroke my cock while they watched and laughed. In spite of the intense humiliation I needed to get off so badly Escort that I was rapidly approaching an orgasm. I was moaning and thrusting my hips, stroking my engorged cock with one hand while pinching and twisting my nipples with the other. I was just on the verge of cumming when they ordered me to stop. Tracey lifted my legs up and over my head, positioning me so that my cock was aimed straight at my face, and Amber started stroking me. They moved so quickly that it was obvious they had planned this in advance. “Open your mouth, you filthy little sissy whore. If you miss even one drop of cum you’re gonna get your ass beaten!”

Amber was smiling as she said it, but there was a hard glint in her eyes that told me she meant business. Even in my unusual position and my state of absolute humiliation, I was not able to control my cock. With Amber stroking me and Tracey sticking two fingers deep inside my well stretched asshole, I couldn’t hold back. I unleashed a torrent of hot, sticky cum straight into my open mouth! I was gagging and trying to get it all in, but I felt a thick rope hit my cheek and dribble down the side of my face. Amber scooped it up and deposited it into my mouth and told me to swallow. I stayed in position for a minute or so more, catching the last stray drops as Amber milked them from my cock.

I knew they wouldn’t forget to punish me for missing the few drops that hit my cheek, and I was not wrong. Amber held me in place with my legs over my head, totally helpless, while my daughter swung a leather belt, hard, against my ass cheeks. A couple of times she missed and the belt stung my ass, balls, and the tops of my thighs. I lost count of the number of times she hit me with the belt, but she did not stop until there were tears streaming from my eyes. Finally she stopped and Amber released my ankles, letting me collapse in a heap on the bed.

“There, doesn’t that feel better?” asked Tracey. “You’ve drained all that nasty cum from your pathetic little balls, so you should be feeling pretty good. Next time you’ll know to make sure you aim better so we don’t have to touch that stuff. Now go get yourself cleaned up before Mom comes home. It just wouldn’t do to have her spoiling all my fun, would it?” The two girls left the room, laughing, and I started undressing to take a shower.

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