My Daughters Roommate

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I flew to Austin to visit my daughter, Shelby at school. She is in her second year, and we allowed her to get an apartment, rather than live in the dorms again. She asked her childhood friend, April, to be her roommate which was great because Aprils dad paid half the rent. HE and I were friends from the neighborhood for almost 15 years. I was told that April would be staying with her boyfriend for the weekend and I would be able to sleep in her bed.

I took a taxi to the apartment and had a great visit with Shelby and April before we walked to a nearby restaurant for dinner. During dinner I had a few drinks and I began to feel very tired. I encouraged Shelby to go with April and enjoy the night, I would just head back to the apartment and check in with my lovely wife before I went to bed. Shelby agreed and gave me a spare key.

After my shower, I had a few more drinks while I flipped through the channels on the TV. I was a little surprised when I found they had invested in a few porno channels. I texted Shelby to let her know I was about to lay down and to not worry about me. She replied that she would be home around 2 AM and that she was fine. Oh good, I would have time to watch some porno and jerk off without fear of her coming home too soon. It is amazing how long I can make myself last when I am in control of the tempo. I found a channel that had two girls willing to do anything with an older man to earn a little extra money to pay for text books. I found that this video brought me to the edge and I gladly crossed over as I shot my cum into a bunch of toilet paper. Now i was really spent, I knew I would sleep well.

I ataşehir escort bayan awoke a little disoriented at some point. I heard some laughter in the other room and I heard at least three voices. I decided to try to sleep and ignore the sounds of college kids “trying” to be quiet. I must have fallen asleep, because a while later I woke up and felt somebody lying next to me. This was VERY disturbing. The bathroom light was on and the door just open enough that I was able to see April’s red hair. Her back was to me and I couldn’t tell if she was wearing a top or not. After watching the pornos and drinking too much, I was suddenly feeling very hard in my pajamas. I had to know if she was naked. i slowly pulled the sheet down as my eyes adjusted better to the low light level. I discovered that she was completely naked not more than 12 inches from me.

I pretended to be asleep and casually slid a little closer to her and I could smell her faint perfume. I let my fingers drift down her back and stopped at the top of her ass. My cock was throbbing with every heartbeat. I rolled over and let my arm cross over her chest. I felt her firm young titties and cupped one. As I did this I kept listening to her breathing to see if she awoke. So far so good. I let my hand slide down her tummy and to her pussy. it was completely smooth and soft. She must have shaved today in preparation for her boyfriend.

April rolled a little my way and opened up her legs just a bit. This allowed me to slide a finger along her pussy lips. They were a perfect. I heard her breathing pick up a little and just a slight squirming escort kadıöy on her part. I was horny I wasn’t about to stop. She reached out, in her sleep, and felt my cock. She gripped it hard and slowly massaged it up and down. She quietly said “Mark you’re so hard”, Mark I expect was her boyfriend’s name. I applied some pressure to her clit and slid a finger past her lips to feel her ultra-smooth vagina. at this point I believe she was mostly awake but still hadn’t opened her eyes.

I was amazed at how tight her pussy was, I had a hard time sliding a second finger into her. She arched her back and spread her legs even more. I slid down on the bed and took her tight wet pussy in my mouth. She grabbed my head pulled me hard into her. I focused on her clit and threw in a few long licks from her asshole back up to her hard clit. She was definitely awake now but didn’t seem to realize yet that I was not Mark. I pulled back a little and pushed her over onto her stomach and up onto all fours. I continued to eat her pussy and her ass.

I grabbed my cock with one hand and her hip with the other and I slid my rock hard cock into her wet pussy. She let out a guttural moan. I reached up and took one of her titties in my left hand and continued to pound her pussy. My balls were slapping her thighs and I licked my right thumb and worked on sliding it into her asshole. she began bucking like a wild whore. I had managed to keep my mouth shut except for some uncontrolled moans.

To my utmost surprise and horror she laughed a little and said “for an old guy Mr. Higgins, You can sure fuck” then she turned back maltepe escort and stared into my eyes. I thought I should stop, but that was impossible. I had my cock in her pussy and my thumb buried in her ass, what could I do pretend I was sleep fucking? I just kept pounding her pussy and looked into her eyes.

At this point knowing that she knew it was me and was obviously okay with it, I felt my balls start to contract and I knew I was almost done. I pulled out and she spun around so fast I could barely see it, She took my cock in her hands and put her mouth over the head. She pumped it until I came in her mouth. She pulled it out a little and the next squirt hit her in the face and on her eye. she kept pumping me until there was nothing left in me. I leaned back on the bed to get some air and I looked at her gorgeous body with my cum on her face and dripped down onto her tits.

I apologized for mistaking her for my wife at the beginning, not sure she believed that one. She told me to shut up and that she had wanted to fuck me for years. She said that she had lied about spending the night at Marks and tricked me into sleeping in her bed so that she could seduce me. Her plan was to start rubbing my cock while I slept and wake me up with a blowjob, but I woke up as soon as she got into the bed so decided to play along with my seduction.

I was immediately concerned that Shelby would wake up and catch us. April assured me that she was so drunk and passed out on her bed. We were safe from discovery.

That day Shelby and I went to tour a presidential library, ate some amazing food and just enjoyed father daughter time. She never let on if she knew anything and I caught a plane home that night. I recreated the sex I had had with April with my wife of 23 years. I pretended the whole time that I was back in April’s tight pussy. I cannot wait until I get to go back to Austin for a visit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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