My Dream

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Author’s note: There is not much story here; just sex. Don’t expect any character arcs or plot development.

I have purposefully left out physical details for two reasons. One, so that you can place yourself into the story, and “my wife” can be whatever female person you’re crushing on this week. Or, maybe even your wife. Two, because I couldn’t figure out how to include that stuff without it being clunky and awkward, so I gave up.

Lastly, this story involves bisexual themes, specifically some crazy guy-on-guy action. If that’s not for you, my feelings won’t be hurt in the least by you clicking away. That being said, I’d be willing to bet that somewhere in a dusty, old box in the back of your mind, behind the football and the four-barrel carburetors and the strip clubs, is a you that would dig this fantasy. I hope that guy enjoys!

I’m not sure which woke me up first; the noise, or the feeling. Neither was unpleasant, really, so I wasn’t startled awake, but they were insistent enough to draw me from whatever reverie my subconscious had been entertaining. Something about my neighbor’s lawnmower? Whatever, I’d forgotten it already. I suppose it was a nice noise.

Letting out something between a grunt and a moan, my body fighting to stay asleep, I clawed my way to consciousness. As they sang in that old coffee commercial, “The worst part of waking up is having to wake up,” or something like that. I just couldn’t focus on anything, like my senses were all sensing through Jell-O. It finally occurred to me that this wasn’t the usual sleepy fog I had to wade through in the mornings; something was distracting me. (What on earth was that noise?) Slowly I came to, my face buried in my pillow and my mind dragging its metaphorical Ataşehir Öğrenci Escort feet. Whatever I was feeling, it was good. Nice, smooth, very pleasant. A little wet, maybe? Sort of like when my wife goes down on me, but it was weird, different, and my cock was pressed to the bed beneath me. It was like somebody was licking my HOLY FUCK. My cock started pressing down harder into the bed, and my shut eyes squeezed shut even harder in a moan of sudden pleasure, no grunt this time. Yup, that’s what it was. My asshole was being licked in little, heavenly circles. Fuuuuuck.

My wife was normally a very vanilla, tab-a-slot-b sex kind of girl, so whatever was going on in her mind right then, I wasn’t about to argue. I pushed my butt into the air, feeling her tongue dip slightly into me before readjusting to my new position. I shuddered at the unexpected and wonderful intrusion. Pushing further, I slid my chest on the bed down to meet my knees, still keeping my eyes closed, as though if I opened them I would find myself alone in my bed with my butt stuck up in the air. Or my wife would find me alone in my bed with my butt stuck up in the air, that would be embarrassing. What could that noise be? It was making it hard to think.

I felt the bed shift beneath me and my wife’s lovely, soft hands came up to caress my ass cheeks and spread them apart. I was soaring in groggy pleasure, trying to figure out what that delightful sound could be. It was sort of familiar, but I couldn’t tell. Somewhere in that vast, open sky of too-horny-can’t-think deliciousness, a fleeting thought that her thumbs were on the wrong side of her hands requested permission to land, but the tower got an emergency call and never got back to it. Ataşehir Çıtır Escort Simultaneously her tongue dove deep inside me, and her lips kissed the underside of my cock.


I pushed my torso up off the bed and dropped my head down, opening my eyes for the first time. There was my wife, eyes glistening, lips and tongue gently massaging my erection and holy FUCK, it felt good. She poked the tip of her tongue at the spot where my cock meets my scrotum, and then sensually swirled it upward toward the tip in a spiral. Momentarily forgetting the odd situation I was in, my cock hardened and my heartbeat sped up as I realized, She’s going to do that thing she does! Then I flatlined for a second as, sure enough, when she reached the head she slid her lips around most of the whole swollen, bulbous thing real quick, and then popped it out again like the end of a popsicle before resuming the soft kisses and licks along the shaft.

My wife gives the best blowjobs in the entire universe. It’s a shame she doesn’t do it very often, because she understands what most women, most men, all pornstars and all porn studios don’t–that it doesn’t have to go inside her mouth hardly at all. A penis is not a straw, and a mouth is not a pussy, it was never supposed to be. A pussy doesn’t have muscular lips and a tongue that can be used for a soft, sensual massage. A pussy can’t focus on a single, sensitive part of your cock and then move to another. A pussy can’t look up at you with gorgeous doe-eyes and wink as it does its work. And what, you want to “fuck her face”? That just seems so silly. Why would you want to grab such a lovely thing by the head and gag her with your dick, making her uncomfortable and/or nauseous, Ataşehir Elit Escort and not even be able to go all the way in? (Wait, can you put your whole cock in her mouth? Wow, that’s… tiny.) If you want to stick your meat into a lubricated hole and rut, she’s got another hole on her body that was designed to do just that, and it’s better for her, too. Another one even, maybe, if she’s into that. I guess there are some men who don’t like anal sex, but that’s dumb.

The moment came rushing back to me, and with it that noise. It was like people moaning in pleasure. Multiple people moaning in pleasure. A sound I had heard in porn videos, but never experienced before. Was a video playing? It didn’t sound like speakers. Then I looked at my beautiful wife’s eyes, and I saw THAT LOOK. It was the look she got when we had sex. The fog was lifting, and I started putting things together. She looks like she’s being screwed, but I’m not screwing her. My asshole is being licked–mmmmm–but she’s not licking my asshole, because she’s licking my cock. Come on, brain, you can do this. The noises sounded like multiple people having sex. So… someone was fucking my wife, and licking my asshole at the same time? Like, my wife had conspired with somebody to wake me up to a threesome?

I suddenly straightened my head up. Leaning to the left, taking care not to make either of my pleasure centers unavailable to my pleasurers, of course, and supported myself on my left arm so as to turn around and see who the lucky guy was. Guy? I suppose it could be a girl, I hadn’t even looked yet, I just assumed it was a guy. But as I was turning to the right, I stopped, staring at the sleeping form of my wife on her own side of the bed. I blinked, and blinked again. Eyes wide open now, I looked down underneath me again, and yeah, that definitely was my wife there, making out with my cock. I snapped my head back up and turned around… and came face to face with myself, fucking my wife and licking my ass.

I had never cum so hard before in my entire life.

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