My Dream…My Fantasy…

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This story is purely fictional, but some of the characteristics of the main character are real, which makes the events in this story have more of an impact.


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The socks are always the toughest part of getting undressed; they seem to cling to my skinny legs like little elves begging for attention. It takes me a moment but I succeed at removing them. I slowly and carefully step into the bath tub; balancing myself by tightly grasping the handle on the inner wall of the tub. I gently turn the water on and my body flinches as the first splash of water hits me; it’s always so damn cold. The water runs down my misshapen body; my arched back, my crooked knees, my skinny legs. I sit there in the tub and let the water fall where it may; in here I am free, no hatred, no anger, just me and my thoughts. I know I should wash up quickly and go and get dressed; my girlfriend Serena is coming over for our ‘Movie Night’. Movie Night usually consists of us lying together on the couch eating popcorn as we watch a film. She is easily startled so I usually take a few innocent jabs on my chest each time she is spooked by a film. Myself; well, I am a crier. I have this habit of tearing up at a mushy part of any film. So our evening usually consists of both of us comforting each other throughout the film. She is definitely not what I expected in a girlfriend; she finds my odd quirks quite interesting, and she keeps saying she is not turned away at all by my physical disability at all. I always thought there would always be issues concerning my disability; but I am glad to have been proven wrong. Anyway, I lean back and relax; the water beats on my skin like a soft massage. I hear the door to bathroom open and a voice calls me.

‘Hey sexy, you in here?” Serena asks in a giggly voice. Her presence me and for a moment I sat there in the shower not sure how to react.

‘Um, yeah. Just give me a sec to finish up.” I heard the door shut and figured she had gone to sit in the living room and wait for me. After a minute or two a foot appeared in front of me.

“Mind if I join you?” she said as she stepped into the tub. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do; I shut my eyes and attempted to cover the growing excitement my body was going through. I would have to say that is the hardest part of being a guy; it’s tough to look innocent when I get excited.

“Why are keeping your eyes closed? I don’t mind if you look at me.” She told me as she sat down opposite of me.

“Um, well, you know. I see you naked all my hopes and dreams come true and I don’t really know if I am prepared to go from my fantasy world to reality.” I replied. It was true; for so long I have been dreaming and fantasizing about seeing a woman naked in a romantic setting that I was a bit afraid that it was happening. In a way I had come to terms with the fact that I may never be with a woman sexually.

“Oh, you’re such a cutie.” She said. “Why are you trying to cover up your body? You know that doesn’t bother me at all.”

“Um, I know. I just don’t know if I am prepared for you to see me naked.” Deep down I have always been ashamed of my body. I would never really admit it to anyone, neither do I blame anyone; I’ve just always been that way.

“Believe me sexy, there are things on that body that I am dying to get my hands on.” She said flirtingly. She was usually pretty forward with me in terms of what she liked and disliked, and right now she was driving me up the wall. “Now, open your eyes and look at me.” I slowly inched my eyes open and look up into hers, trying desperately not to break the horizon between her face and the rest of her body. She looked back at me with the most seductive and sensual smile I have ever seen; no doubt I was turned on. She leaned forward and kissed me liked I have never been kissed before; but seeing that I had only kissed one Ataköy escort girl before her that wasn’t saying much. The one thing that always amazed me about kissing was that I always expected that I would find another’s tongue in my mouth revolting but in reality when it actually happened I loved it. It was and still is my favorite part of kissing, other than having a woman’s arms wrapped around me of course. She leaned back and smiled. “Now, turn around.”

“Huh?” I replied looking confused.

“Trust me; I’m not going to do anything freaky.” I was totally lost, but be it for me to not listen to a beautiful woman; I turned around. “Now, just close your eyes and enjoy this, ok?

“Um, sure.” I replied nervously as I closed my eyes. She put hers hand gently on my shoulders and rubbed just below my neck. Next she did something that totally threw my concentration off; she leaned in and kissed just under my neck. I didn’t have great feeling in my back but I definitely felt her warm lips to the top arch on my back. I never in a million years would have ever thought I’d be in a situation where a woman would be kissing and caressing my back. As I had gotten older, through the year my back had become more and more arched; it became so bad that I was beginning to have trouble breathing. A few years ago I had major back surgery to straighten my spine, at least to the point where I no longer would have trouble breathing. My entire back was covered in many scars from the surgery, and at this moment a young woman was kissing and caressing it; she was not turned away by the scars at all. Her hands moved from my shoulders to the crevice in my back. She slowly and gently ran her fingers down to the entire length of my back and stopped just above my hips. From there she leaning closer to me and wrapped her arms around me and placed her head on my left shoulder and started to kiss my neck.

“Does that feel good sweety?” she asked. I was so nervous and excited at the same time, my entire body was shaking and goose bumps had formed.

“Um” I had my eyes closed as tight as possible at this point, “yeah, that felt really good.” I squeaked out. We sat there for only a minute, her arms holding me against her; I could feel her warm flesh pressed up against my back. I closed my eyes knowing that I had finally found the thing I have always wanted; the love and friendship of a woman.

“I know it’ll be tough, but do you think we can move to your bed?” she asked. “I’m sure it would be much more comfortable and warm and welcoming.”

I turned my head and our eyes met, “You know I just don’t let any strange woman into my bed.” I joked. “But you’re only a tad strange.” We both giggled and she smiled; damn, that smile was going to be the end of me. The journey from the shower to my bed was not an easy one; I usually wore leg braces to walk, I am incapable of walking under my own power without them. Serena is totally understanding of this; she helped me climb out of the tub and onto my feet. She wrapped her arms around from behind and held me up.

“Just steady yourself and go slowly, I kinda like having you in my arms.” She said softly as she nibbled my neck. “Hey would ya look at that. I better not let you fall forward; your excitement may get squished.” She was definitely right; Mr. Happy was standing at attention. It took a bit of time, but we successfully made it to my bed. She climbed onto the bed and gently helped me off my feet until I was lying down and she was kneeling beside me. “No, what should we do about your signs of playfulness?” she giggled. I was nervous beyond belief; my hands were shaking. She grasped my hand and lifted it toward her. “Don’t be nervous; I know this is a special moment for both of us, you especially. Just tell me if you feel uncomfortable and we can stop.

“Ok,” I replied quietly. She started by kissing Ataköy escort bayan the palm of my right hand, which seemed ironic to me because that is the hand I use to, um, well, never mind, not important. She began sucking my fingers one by one and then began moving up my arm, kissing it with her warm lips. She kissed my shoulder and my neck; her hand ventured south and softly caressed my manhood. I kept my eyes closed trying concentrate, I didn’t want to explode right there and ruin this very hot and romantic moment. She kissed my lips, softly at first, and then with more of an I want you feeling; I kissed her back. Our tongues met and played with each other, her tongue explored my mouth and mine hers. Our lips parted as she sat up and straddled me but no sexual contact was made. She grasped my hand and placed it gently on her chest, I could feel her warm flesh on my palm; ours eyes never left each others gaze. She slowly moved my hand down her body until it was just above her small patch of hair between her legs; if I didn’t know better I would think she had trimmed her pubic hair.

“You doing ok?’ she asked softly. I just kept starring into her eyes and nodded. She moved my hand down farther until I could feel the warmth and the wetness of her pussy. Her yes closed as I gained more nerve as started to slowly rub her flesh. I had no idea what to do next so I just laid there and continued to gently rub her flesh and enjoyed the moment. She opened her eyes and looked at me seductively. “Just relax, I’ll go slow and be gentle.” She moved herself back a tad and then leaned forward and grasped my manhood with her hand and gently stroked it. I closed my eyes; I figured I could die right there and still feel happy for the life I had lived. My fists were clenched; I was beyond nervous, but also didn’t want her to stop. She continued to stroke it slowly then did something I have only fantasized about. Her tongue touched the head as she began licking it. She raised her free hand and grasped my hand and held it. This moment was the most erotic, the naughtiest, and the most sensual and romantic moment I have ever experienced. Her lips touched me at that moment, as she slowly sucked me; I could feel her tongue play with me inside her mouth. I opened my eyes and we looked at each other, she never stopped what she was doing. That moment for me seemed to last forever for both of us; she stopped playing with my manhood and began to kiss my body as she moved upward. We didn’t kiss at that point; we gazed in each others eyes for a moment. “Was that ok? She asked.

‘Um, that was wonderful.” I said nervously. “Ah, I know I’m not experienced in this area, but seeing what you just did for me, shouldn’t I return the favor.”

“Are you sure you’re comfortable with that? You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” She looked at me with a smile. She seemed surprised that I was willing to do this.

“Um, well, you may have to coach me a little, but I can’t imagine who else I’d rather do it with.” I said nervously. She hugged me a kissed me on the cheek.

“You’re such a sweetie, that’s why I love you so much.” I sat there for a second, dumbfounded; did she just say what I thought she said? I looked at her, more serious than usual.

“Say that again please?” I asked.

“What, that I love you? Oh honey, you know I do.” She said smiling.

“Um, I know. It’s just suddenly seems to mean more that you say that to me in this situation. All I’ve ever wanted was to fall in love, and you saying that just made me realize that I finally have.” Now, being a man usually one would be ashamed to admit this, but at moment I teared up and cried a bit; she was weepy eyed as well. We hugged each other tightly which seemed like forever, but I didn’t care. I could only hope this moment would last forever. She leaned back, wiped the tears from escort Ataköy her eyes, and gave me a naughty grin.

“Now, I think there was talk about me coaching you in the art of orally pleasuring a woman.” She said through her grin.

“Well, don’t fault me because I am inexperienced, but I’ll give it a shot. Can you give me a little hand sitting up?” I asked. She helped me up by pressing gently on my upper back. I changed position so I was kneeling between her legs. She lay in front of me looking like the Wiccan Goddess she is with her beautiful wavy hair and a cute and most adorable smile.

“No, just start off gently; don’t attack it right on. Work up to it, I want you to enjoy this as much as I will.” She instructed me. I nodded nervously as I leaned down. I began by kissing her inner thigh, tickling it with my tough. I looked up for approval; I just got back a quite moan as her eyes closed. I slowly made my way up her thigh closer to her flower, I could feel the heat emanating from it; I knew she was growing more and more aroused. I slowly licked around it; I could taste her with my tongue. It was a sweet sensation, along with a faint salty flavor. I finally started to slowly savor the inner workings of her flower. Her breathing became faster and her moans became more frequent and audible. She put her left hand upon my head and urged me to go deeper. From what I could tell her other hand was busy playing with her breasts and nipples. I began to move my tongue a little faster, licking the entire length of her love flower. Suddenly her right hand grasped my left hand and squeezed it tightly.

“Yes! Yes! Oh! Her body tightened up as I gave her an orgasm. This was the first orgasm I had ever given a woman and I felt quite proud of myself.

“Did I do O.K.?” I asked.

“That was wonderful, you did a great job.” She replied with a smile. “Now, I am not sure how you want to go about the next part. Do you want to lay down with me on top or would something else be easier?” My nervous state had pretty much diminished by that point.

“Um, well. I am pretty comfortable where I am; let me give it a shot from here.” I sat up and moved myself closer to her; my soldier stood out like a sore thumb. I caressed it just to give it a little more hardness and moved in.

“Now, go easy; just don’t stab it in there. Feel me around you. Feel my lips tighten as you enter me. Here, I’ll give you a hand.” she said as she reached out and gently grasped my manhood. She rubbed the head over her slit a couple times and then pushed her hips against me ever so gently. I entered her slowly; I moved my hips forward and she pressed back. “Gently, easy does it; just enjoy the feeling.” I can’t tell you how good it felt, I was trying so hard not to blow my load right there. “Now, slowly move yourself in and out.” I started moving my hips slowly as she moved hers. I looked in her eyes with a look of enjoyment and nervousness. She just smiled back and signaled that I was doing fine. She closed her eyes and a quite moan turned into frequent louder moans. “Mmmmm, yes Sheldon; oh your good at this.” We continued for what I hope would have been forever, but being a virgin I knew I could not hold out long.

“Um, Serena; I am just about to blow. I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can hold back much longer.” I said in a slight tense tone. She arched her back so she was nearly sitting up and wrapped her arms armed me, along with her legs.

“Its O.K. honey; just go easy and let it happen when it does. Don’t hold back.” She rubbed my back and looked at me with the smile that was the reason I fell for her in the first place.

“Oh! God! Yes!” I held her tightly as I came, I can’t believe how good it felt. We kissed for a long moment and slowly leaned back until we were lying down. My eyes teared up and I began to cry again.

“What’s wrong Sweets?” she asked looking concerned.

“I’m not sad; I’m just overfilled with happiness and joy at this moment.” I replied.

“Oh, your such a sweety, I am glad you are mine.” She said as she kissed me. I rested my head on her chest and laid there, her warmness comforted me the entire night.

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