My Exception is You Ch. 14

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Hey lovelies!

So glad you all are enjoying what I like to consider Part 2: The Relationship Development Phase… And here we are with Clay after a lovely visit from his family and a new toy to play with.

Let’s see what happens, huh? As always, let me know how you’re loving (or hating) the story. Thanks for staying tuned.


He was avoiding me, he had to be! Since I told him I had the stupid toy Saturday he has been putting it off and not trying to get me in the mood at all. I knew he might be a bit freaked out, but it wasn’t like I was in a rush for it either. Especially if he was going to avoid me because of it. I mean it was already Tuesday and we hardly hung out, let alone fucked and I was losing my damn mind. And it was his fucking fault for turning me into this massive horndog! God he was always so eager to have me, to give me whatever I want, whenever and sometimes wherever. The immediate 180 was excruciating.

“You seem pissed,” Tyler laughed as I grunted, kicking another ball toward the net. I took a deep breath, my hands on my hips as I turned to him.

“That obvious?” I demanded and he smiled, tossing another soccer ball at me. I dropped it down, turning and driving it into the goal with another angry grunt.

“Wanna talk about it? You’re scaring some of the freshmen,” he was too amused. I took a deep breath and glared at him over my shoulder.

“I’m getting blue balled,” I grumbled and his eyes went wide, his face struggling not to give away how funny he thought this was. “Yeah, laugh at me,” I huffed, kicking another ball to relieve some of this anger and frustration.

“So what happened? Did you two fight or something?” he asked, jogging past me to pass the balls back. He came back over as I started lining them up.

“Not really. More like he promised me something, but is now avoiding me to avoid said promise,” I offered, not wanting to admit anything to Tyler. It was embarrassing but it also worried me that Bruno was so apprehensive with me now. Maybe I was too eager, assuming he was fully comfortable with another guy when he actually wasn’t? I kicked another ball, feeling a bit better each time.

“Well I hope you two resolve whatever before the game Friday. I don’t need you distracted,” he pat my back and I sighed, hanging my head and chuckling.

“I can play just fine. This is just me getting some steam off,” I gestured to the balls before running up and drilling another one into the net.

“Speaking of Bruno,” Tyler breathed and my heart pounded painfully. I couldn’t help it as I turned immediately. He was laughing with Devon, crouching down by his bag on the side of the field. I took a deep breath, Tyler smiling at me as I pursed my lips.

“Whatever,” I turned, ignoring the urge to head over there and get a hug or kiss from him. Two could play at this fucking game, that’s for sure. I finished lobbing the last few balls into the goal, jogging over and grabbing each one. I dropped each one, punting them toward the middle of the field as my eyes kept drifting to him.

Tyler was joining the team, helping Zack set up the warm up cones. Bruno and him seemed to be yelling at each other, Tyler gesturing toward me. I grit my teeth as Bruno turned to look at me. I jogged over to the team planning on spending the entire practice ignoring him if I could. We started warm ups as soon as the coaches got here. I watched Bruno get in one line, picking the other to run through our drills to start practice.

Everything was going according to plan, Bruno and I not crossing paths all practice, until our offensive coach put us on the same drill team together. I had to run a few different plays with him and a freshman. He was sweaty, his hair pushed back with a headband, his face looking intense and so fucking sexy. This was too fucking much.

After practice ended I was eager to escape, but before I could run off to the locker rooms a few of our coaches called me over. I was uneasy, knowing after what happened last week this didn’t bode well for me. I made of point of bringing my phone though, pulling up the recording app I downloaded before practice Sunday. “What’s up?” I asked, crossing my arms as they looked at each other.

“Are you recording this?” our offensive coach asked and I nodded, waving my phone at him as I smiled.

“I refuse to be talked to or treated the way I was last week. I also refuse to be threatened. Whatever this investigation is, whoever made the allegations, we all know it’s because I’m gay,” I breathed. They seemed uneasy as I pursed my lips.

“We were told they wanted to interview you and the rest of the coaches to see if we heard of anything like the claims against you. If they had any ground,” he continued and I sighed, shaking my head. “Look, we’re not as attentive as we probably should be,” he pressed and I scoffed.

“That’s an understatement. Coach Homophobe has been saying whatever the fuck he wants. I’ve just been dumb enough not to record any of it. But I istanbul travesti have enough witnesses. Not to mention Bruno’s story. We could probably get coach fired so fast his head would spin,” I snickered, feeling snide but not caring about how petty or vengeful I sounded.

“Well that’s something we wanted to talk to you about,” he started and I felt a pang of frustration. They were catching me on the wrong day.

“You gonna try and convince me not to report him, no matter what he says or does?!” I demanded angrily, raising my voice.

“No! No, we uh, we had an assistant coaches’ meeting and we wanted to let you know we’re here for you. Well all of you, Bruno, the rest of the team,” he continued and I faltered. “We didn’t know you talked to Coach Hamilton about your relationship with Bruno, so we weren’t aware of everything going on until the fights started happening,” he explained and I hesitated.

“So you’re blaming your complacency on ignorance?” I challenged and he flinched and then sighed, crossing his arms.

“Look, you could argue and throw around threats, hell you can ignore our apology if you want. But what does that accomplish?” he demanded, seeming a bit frustrated with me.

“I appreciate the apology, and am glad you guys are coming to your damn senses. But if I get interviewed about the false accusations, if it has to come to that, Coach might not be happy with what I have to say,” I warned, shaking my head as I went to walk away.

“Clay, we get it, we do. But think about your team too. Getting a coach after the season’s already started would be difficult,” he grumbled and I hesitated, my eyes narrowing as I studied him.

“Wow. You’d let the homophobic shit slide for the sake of one season?” I demanded, my hand squeezing my phone. “Knowing the things he’s said to Bruno and me or the way he allowed the gay hate on the team?” I pressed and they all looked at my phone as they hesitated.

“No, uh, no! Look we just want you to think long and hard about the choices you plan on making. Things aren’t always black and white is all. Of course we’d understand and support your decision, whatever it is,” he insisted pathetically and I smirked, snorting as I turned away.

“Unbelievable. Sure I’ll think about it!” I called out, walking away as I turned the recording off. Damn assholes were now trying to kiss my fucking ass to save Coach. At least until the season was over. But that didn’t seem right to me. I got up to the locker room, dropping my bag on the bench as I pried my sweaty clothes off.

“You sure you and Clay are ok? You two have seemed off!” Devon’s voice called out and I sighed heavily, clenching my jaw as I took deep breaths. Everyone wanted to test my patience today.

“We’re fine! Why is everyone asking me about us?” Bruno demanded, rounding the corner with Devon. He was dripping, his hair damp and wavy. He hesitated when he saw me. We made eye contact as I hooked my thumbs into my briefs. I pushed them down, turning away as he blushed and looked away too. I grabbed my shower stuff, walking past them without a word.

“Yeah, you two are totally fine,” Devon scoffed loudly, obviously aware something was up between us. I got into the shower, one of the last ones on the team to shower. I took my time, wanting to try and clear my head as I let the hot water drench my hair. I just started washing my body after rinsing my hair when I heard a throat clear echo in the showers. Bruno was standing in the doorway, leaning back on it with his arms crossed.

“Why are you avoiding me?” he demanded and I scoffed, turning back to the shower as I ran my hands all over my body.

“I’d like to ask you the same fucking thing,” I grumbled, making sure I was completely rinsed off. I turned the water off, grabbing my towel and rubbing my hair roughly. I turned, Bruno’s eyes locked on my body. It felt like he was just staring at my dick. “So maybe when you can figure out why you’re avoiding me, we can get past this,” I offered, wrapping the towel around my hips. His eyes lifted to meet mine, his lips pouted.

“I haven’t been avoiding you!” he insisted. I threw him a look, grabbing my shower bag and walking past him. “I’m serious Clay, I haven’t been avoiding you!” he pressed and I dropped my shower bag onto my stuff, crossing my arms as I glared at him.

“We haven’t even like hugged or kissed the past few days, let alone anything else. What happened?!” I demanded, knowing the answer but wanting to hear it from him. He hesitated and shuffled, seeming uneasy as he fidgeted with his bag strap. “Well?!” I pressed and he flinched, noticing me glaring at him.

“I’m nervous!” he snapped, throwing his hands up as he exhaled heavily. “Fuck, I’m nervous ok? Clay you’ve been with,” he hesitated, looking around the locker room before sighing. “You’ve been with enough guys to have gotten past this I’m sure. But this is my first time. So excuse me if I get a little embarrassed and shy at times!” he grumbled, his ears red as he glared at the floor. I sighed heavily, drying my body as istanbul travestileri I shook my head.

“Then fucking say that. Don’t avoid me and blue ball me for three days!” I tossed my towel onto my shit, grabbing my sweatpants and pulling them up. I slid my t-shirt on and stepped into my slides. I packed up my bag and slung it across my chest, sliding it behind me as I crossed my arms. He was looking pitiful as he leaned on the locker.

“Well I promised,” he sighed then, rubbing his forehead as he looked up at me. “And I’m not one to back out of my promises. I’m just trying to find the courage!” he insisted and I took a deep breath, sighing to try and get the edge off.

“I know one thing that gives you courage,” I muttered and he snorted, shaking his head.

“No. I want to be with you when I’m sober. I don’t want to rely on alcohol to give you everything you want. I want to be enough, to be comfortable on my own,” he insisted and that warmed my heart a bit, the idea that he wanted this relationship to work naturally. He was always so honest, it was admirable.

“Well if I’m being honest you don’t have to do anything right now. Uh, wait,” I laughed and rubbed the back of my neck, shoving my hand into my pocket as I glanced down. “There is one thing I want you to keep doing right now,” I muttered, feeling my face get hot as I refused to look at him.

“What’s that?” he sounded just as uneasy as I felt.

“Please don’t stop fucking around with me,” I sighed, my neck and ears burning up as I gripped the back of my neck. I closed my eyes and cringed at the thought I was about to admit. “Bruno you’ve kind of turned me into a desperate and horny man. And not having you for even one day kills me. I’ve been losing my fucking mind,” I looked at him then, my stomach knotted uncomfortably as he stared at me in awe.

“I’m sorry I didn’t think-“

“No, it’s ok! You were avoiding me because of your promise. But I put a rain check on it anyway. It’s not like we agreed on when. So please, don’t avoid me anymore ok?” I begged, feeling a bit desperate as I was becoming hyperaware of the space between us. It felt like too much. He took a deep breath and then walked to me. I grabbed the back of his head, kissing him as his hands pressed against my stomach. His body brushed against mine as our tongues teased and swirled around intoxicatingly.

“Clay wait, if we keep going,” he tried to pull away and I groaned.

“What?” I demanded and he sighed.

“You already have a boner. How are you going to leave the locker room?” he teased and I bit my lip.

“Who said I had to leave the locker room?” I demanded and he gasped. I grabbed his wrist and pushed his hand into my pants. “I’m so pent up even a little bit will probably get me there,” I whispered and he hesitated, looking panicked as he glared at me.

“Are you insane? Here? Of all places?” he demanded, but his hand was on my shaft and teasing it. I shuddered the pleasure too much to handle. It was almost painful how sensitive I was. I hung my arm on his shoulders, my other hand tangling into his hair as my lips crushed his. We both moaned as his other hand slid into my pants. He was stroking me eagerly then, his other hand massaging my balls. They were so swollen and full it started to hurt. But I ignored that, loving all of the delicious thrills of pleasure he was giving me.

“God I’m so close already,” I huffed, tensing and shuddering as electric thrills ran up my spine and through my body. He let my balls go, his hand pushing my hip. I turned and leaned back against the locker obediently. My chest tightened as he pulled my sweatpants down more, sitting down on the bench in front of me. “Oh fuck,” my head slammed back against the locker as his lips and tongue closed around my tip.

Just a few good bobs of his head were enough. I grabbed his hair, thrusting at his throat as I exploded. I bit my lip, exhaling through my nose and shuddering as I tried not to groan too loudly. Right as the last bit came out the door opened. He pulled away, my hands shoving my cock into my sweat pants. I adjusted them, pulling my bag in front of me to try and help cover what was left of my deflating boner.

“Good shit with the weights today!” a guy called out, some more voices filling the room. Bruno wiped his mouth, his cheeks and ears red as he looked at me. That was too close. He pushed up from the bench, the two of us ducking out quickly. We got to the quad when I grabbed his hand and stopped him.

“That was too close Clay!” he insisted and I sighed, biting my lip as I slid my fingers between his.

“Yeah, but it was really fucking sexy,” I muttered and he scoffed. I pulled him toward me, loving the cute deer in headlights look he was giving me. “Bruno you have no idea how sexy I find you, do you?” I grumbled and he sighed, turning away as he tried not to smile. “Is that why you’re so shy?” I pressed, squeezing him around his waist as I kissed the corner of his mouth. His hands clawed at my shoulders, just gently pressing into me as he sighed.

“How travesti istanbul can you think I’m sexy? I don’t do anything to try and turn you on,” he insisted quietly and I hesitated. Well this was interesting.

“What do you mean?” I pressed, not wanting to sound too excited to hear what he was thinking about.

“Please don’t judge me,” he whispered and I chuckled, kissing his cheek and the corner of his mouth again as he refused to look at me. I sighed and sucked on his ear then, his hands pushing on me a bit as he squirmed. “Clay come on, we’re in public,” he whimpered, not putting up much of a real struggle though.

“Tell me what’s on your mind, or I won’t stop,” I teased, letting my tongue slide along his ear. He actually shuddered, a cute moan escaping before he sighed and pressed his face into my neck.

“I keep trying to look up what kind of stuff gay men do for each other. To keep things like, I don’t know, interesting or whatever? Like I remember one of my exes got lingerie to try and turn me on. So I was trying to figure out how I could do stuff like that for you. Stuff I knew I was comfortable with at least to work up to meeting some of your expectations but I,” he sighed and shrugged. I bit my lip, reaching up to hold the back of his head as I closed my eyes and tried not to laugh or look too happy.

“So what stuff did you find that’s making you so freaked out?” I asked quietly. He pulled away then, grabbing my hand and taking a deep breath as he turned to walk on.

“Well like uh,” he looked around as our fingers intertwined, his palm pressed against mine. Holding his hand was enough to make me happy. Kissing him was enough to make my heart race. Getting to hug him and cuddle him turned me into a mushy puddle. So the fact that he was so worried about being enough for me was the most endearing and adorable thing about him yet. I didn’t want to dissuade him, because the last time he did some research I got the best deep throating of my life. And then the nasty dirty talk too, god that was amazing!

“Do you want to wait to tell me until we get back to my place?” I teased when he kept stammering. He pouted and just nodded. I chuckled, kissing his hand as my ears burned. “Why are you so damn cute?” I sighed and he shook his head. “No you are,” I stopped then, pulling him toward me. He looked shocked. “Bruno you’re so handsome, and cute, and sexy. You’re so considerate and adorable. Not once since we started dating have you really shied away from anything. I know you have reservations and get embarrassed but you’ve always tried your best. I don’t think you understand how amazing you are,” I breathed quietly, pulling his arms around my waist. He bit his lip, looking a bit embarrassed but happy as I reached up and slid my hands through his hair. I held his head and smiled.

“You really feel that way?” he asked quietly and I sighed, nodding.

“Getting to just kiss you and be with you is enough to satisfy me. You don’t have to worry about doing anything else. Although I wouldn’t complain,” I laughed and he did too, biting his lip as he pushed against my back. I sighed, leaning into him for a sweet kiss.

“How do you feel about men’s lingerie?” he asked and I pursed my lips.

“Like you wearing some, or me?” I breathed and he shrugged. “I’m not opposed to it. But it’s not like I have to have it,” I insisted and he sighed. “Although I don’t want to see you in like a weird bra thing or tights or anything,” I continued and he nodded.

“What about some sexy underwear?” he asked then and I bit my lip.

“You’ve put a lot of thought into this haven’t you?” I teased and he sighed, shrugging. I went to say something else when we heard his stomach growl. I laughed, pressing my forehead against his as he chuckled.

“Let’s go get dinner. I think Jake was planning on meeting us too,” he pulled away, grabbing my hand and taking his phone out to call him. “Hey asshole! Yeah we’re on our way now… Ok cool, save us some seats!” he hung up and I just followed him like a happy, obedient little puppy. How did I get this lucky?


I was sitting at the island feeling gloomy as I pouted. Mel was cooking, which I think was her way of keeping her mind off shit. “Mel, how are you handling long distance so well?” I demanded and she glanced at me, smirking.

“You saw Bruno like, two hours ago!” she insisted and I sighed, slumping over onto the counter. “And long distance is easier the longer you get used to it. It was hard at first, but we figured out how to make it manageable,” she shrugged, seeming amused as she went back to the stove.

“He didn’t want to sleep over tonight because he has a project he wants to work on. This will make three nights he’s avoided me!” I groaned, ignoring how cruel she was for laughing at me.

“What are you going to do if you two are still dating, and you graduate, and get scouted to play soccer. What if it takes you states away?!” she teased, continuing to laugh at me. I didn’t want to think about it. Not getting to hold him in my arms while I fell asleep was torture enough. “Clay you’re so hopelessly in love it’s adorable. Just wait until this honeymoon phase wares off. It’ll be easier,” she continued giggling, pulling her hair up into a bun before continuing to sauté whatever was in the pan on the stove.

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