My Family’s Awakening Ch. 04

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I stirred slowly, opening my eyes wearily as I started to wake up. I flexed my arm. It felt dead, my fingers tingling. I was lying on my back, my arm under Annie, who was lying on her side next to me, facing away. We were both naked, despite the cold weather outside. I smiled to myself, thinking about the night before, my cock stirring at the memories. No wonder I felt tired!

I started to move my arm, easing it gently from underneath her, wiggling my fingers, feeling her soft breasts and her hard nipples against my hand. Once I had my arm free, I turned onto my side and snuggled up behind her, leaning forward to gently kiss the side of her neck, loving the feel, the taste, of her silky soft skin on my lips.

I reached around her, briefly cupping her firm breast, feeling her nipple tightening against the palm of my hand before I slid my hand onto her belly, not wanting to disturb her. I snuggled closer, my semi hard cock resting along the tight gap between the delightfully rounded cheeks of her firm ass.

I held her for a few minutes longer, looking down at her, my head propped up on my hand. She really was gorgeous. We’d been lovers for three months now. I knew that she slept with Jake, her boyfriend. At first, I had felt some jealously, but now I knew that she would always be there for me, that she needed me as much as I needed her.

After all, she was my twin sister.

I shut my eyes for a few moments, and thought back to how it had all started. Mum and Dad had been away at the time. Annie had been out with Jake, but had come home early – and really upset. She had gone straight to her room, and although I could hear her crying, I had left her alone for awhile to calm down. I did then go to see her, and had sat on the edge of the bed trying to comfort her.

After some time she had spoken about what was wrong. She told me that the problem was sex – or lack of it. I had sat there, holding her, while she had “confessed” to being – in her eyes – very inexperienced at the age of nineteen. But now she wanted Jake, but was scared of what he would think when he realised how inexperienced she was, when he realised she didn’t know what to do.

I remember smiling to myself, thinking that Jake would probably feel very lucky and excited at the thought. I was trying to think how to put this Annie when I became very aware of how tight she was holding me, of her breasts pressing into my side – and of the growing bulge in my trousers.

And then Annie had spoken. Slowly, hesitantly at first, but then with more confidence as she made up her mind and became more determined. She had asked for my help, my help to give her more experience. I smiled as I remembered how shocked I’d been as her words had slowly sunk in, and how I’d almost thrown her to the floor in my haste to escape.

Later, I’d gone back to her, to reason with her. I had found her naked in her room, looking incredibly beautiful and sexy. And then I couldn’t resist anymore, and we‘d become lovers that night. The next day the guilt had set in, but our need for each other, our desire for each other, had overcome that. And now we make love as often as we can, as often as our need, our desire, our love, demands it.

I wriggled out of bed, careful not to disturb Annie – or the others with us. I went to the bathroom, before padding quietly back to the bedroom. I saw from the bedside clock that it was after eleven. We had all slept well after the exertions of the night before. I looked again at Annie – and then across at our Mum and Dad, curled up together on the other side of their huge bed. My cock stirred again as I looked at the three of them.

A few days after Annie and I had become lovers, Mum had come home unexpectedly. After a day of silent recriminations, she had come to me to confess her desire, her need. The next day, Annie had joined us. And then Dad had caught the three of us, the huge bulge in the front of his trousers telling us all what he thought. And from then on, the four of us, sometimes in twos or threes, sometimes all together, had been lovers.

Last night had been special. It was Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary, and after a nice meal, we had returned home to celebrate together. Mum and Dad were also going away for a week, so we had said our “goodbyes” in the best possible way. They were off to visit relatives and friends as they did every year, to deliver Christmas presents. Christmas was only a few weeks away now, and while Martin, Dad’s father, was coming to stay over Christmas, and Laura – Mum’s sister – was coming at New Year, there were still a lot of things to deliver.

As I watched, Annie stirred. She rolled onto her back, and stretched, her arms above her head, her back arched. I groaned as I watched her, my cock rising as her breasts were thrust upwards, her hard, dark nipples looking tiny on her warm, soft flesh. She pulled her knees up, and then relaxed, one leg out straight, the other bent at the knee, her pussy barely hidden bursa escort by the smudge of hair at the base of her belly.

She opened her eyes slowly, and pushed her mass of auburn hair away from her face with her hands. And then she smiled at me, a delicious smile that made my heart (and cock!) leap. She climbed off the bed and crossed the room, moving so smoothly, so lithely. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me, her lips warm and soft against mine. She whispered “Good morning” and then slipped past me into the bathroom.

I leant back against the wall, waiting for Annie to come back. Mum and Dad were stirring. Dad rolled onto his back, his hands behind his head. Beside his powerful frame, Mum looked almost small. She was still lying on her side, her naked body glistening in the subdued light. As she stirred, I looked at her soft curvy body that was like that of a much younger woman. Her breasts were full and rounded, her nipples wide and dark. Her belly has flat, her hips shapely, her pussy looking so inviting nestled at the top of her thighs.

Annie snuggled up to me, her breasts warm against me as I reached an arm around her, as she held my hard cock, as we both looked across at the bed. Mum was rolling onto her front, her hand reaching out to hold Dad’s cock. As she got comfortable, her ass pushed up into the air a little, giving us a peep of her pussy again.

Annie squeezed my cock, and then led the way across to the bed. She moved onto the bed, kneeling at Dad’s side. I watched as she leant over, her hair like a curtain around her face, and softly kissed Dad’s cock. She pushed her hair to one side, knowing that I was watching her, and then kissed the tip again. I saw his cock reacting, twitching. Mum moved in her sleep, rolling onto her back and stretching.

I groaned as I watched her, as Annie licked along the length of Dad’s cock before sucking the tip into her hungry mouth. I dropped to my knees at the end of the bed, leaning forward to plant a kiss on Mum’s pubic mound, my cock rising as I felt her softness against my lips. Looking sideways, I could see that Dad’s cock was now fully erect, and that he was starting to wake up. He reached for Annie in his sleep, holding her head, his hips rocking to meet her mouth.

I kissed across Mum’s mound, down her thighs, feeling her move, hearing her moan, beneath my lips. As she started to wake up, her legs moved from side to side so that I could move between them to kiss the top of her pussy, to slowly lick and kiss my way over her clit, over her prominent lips, and lower. I probed her pussy with my tongue, sucking and licking her, tasting her juices as they started to spring from her pussy.

Mum and Dad were fully awake away, reaching over to kiss each other as Annie sucked on Dad’s rock hard cock, and as I slipped a finger into Mum’s pussy, fucking her gently with it, while I sucked her clit and pussy. Without taking my mouth from Mum’s body, I climbed up onto the bed, wriggling up so that I was laying on my side next to her, my heavy cock hard against my thigh.

I reached for her breasts, as she reached for my cock. I pinched her nipples lightly, cupping her soft breasts, as she peeled my foreskin back. I felt her move beneath me as she twisted onto her side a little, and then her mouth engulfed my cock head, sucking me slowly and deeply.

Beside us, Annie was moving as well. She climbed between Mum and Dad, reaching over to kiss and caress Mum’s body before lying on her back and pulling Dad to her. He knelt over her, his back to her, before moving onto all fours and burying his face between Annie’s tanned thighs. I could see his cock and balls hanging down, rubbing against Annie’s breasts until she dragged his cock to her, and sucked it back into her mouth.

The room was quiet now – apart from the noises of our licking and sucking and loving, of our soft moans and cries of delight. The air was heavy with the scent of sex, of our need and desire. I felt ready to burst as Mum sucked my cock and squeezed my balls, her tongue lashing over my sensitive skin, her teeth rubbing and grating on me, sending pain and pleasure tearing through my body. Beneath me, her juices were flooding from her pussy, her lips and clit swollen with passion, her muffled cries getting louder.

I sensed the same with Annie and Dad. We started to move again at more or less the same time, Annie and Mum reaching for each other as Dad and I moved. Annie and Mum rolled onto their side, their breasts and pussies squashed together, their tongues and lips exploring as they kissed. I wriggled behind Mum, as she reached behind her for my cock, still damp from her mouth. I reached for her breast, my fingers gently rubbing at her taut nipple. Annie and Dad were in a similar position, all of us aware of our need, our desire.

Mum leant forward and kissed Annie again. From behind her, I could see their moist lips meet, the tips of their tongues altıparmak escort playing lightly over each other before Annie slipped hers into Mum’s mouth. Mum sucked on her tongue, her hands reaching for her firm, young breasts. They pressed closer together, their breasts now moulded together, their pubic mounds grinding against each other, their juices mixing on their hot bodies.

My cock was rigid against Mums perfectly rounded ass as I watched them and touched them. Behind Annie, I could see Dad stroking that thick, hard cock of his, pre cum already springing from the tip. I slid a hand between Mum and Annie, trying to reach their hot, wet pussies.

I cupped Mum’s mound in my hand, rubbing her clit with my thumb as I slipped a finger into her tight pussy. Her juices ran onto my hand, her stickiness hot on my hand. She moaned as I rubbed her softly, as I finger fucked her slowly. I eased my hand away from her and reached for Annie, quickly rubbing her pussy lips, her erect clit. Dad’s hand joined me, rubbing Annie’s pussy as her fed his cock between her slim, damp thighs, as Mum kissed her while caressing her breasts.

My cock was pressing against Mum’s ass, her hips pushing back towards me. I eased my hand away from her pussy and ran it along the outside of her thigh. When I reached her knee, I pulled it up and away from her other leg, easing her legs apart so that I could slide my cock between them. Mum sighed and wriggled back against me, my cock head nudging against her hot pussy.

I reached around her and pressed my cock head against her clit. Seconds later I slid inside her, a grateful escaping her lips as my cock filled her pussy, slipping deep inside her. I started to fuck her slowly with long, deep strokes, her pussy tight around me, moulded to every ridge, every contour, of my cock.

I reached for her breasts, only to find Annie’s mouth clamped onto her nipple, sucking, licking. With a giggle, Annie moved away and twisted her head to kiss Dad, their tongues meeting as I watched Mum reach down to guide Dad’s cock into his daughters wanton pussy, as I saw his thickness enter my sister, stretching her pussy as he slid in deep.

I fucked Mum slowly, reaching into her as deep as I could with each stroke. I could feel her hand on her clit, her fingers occasionally pressing down on my cock. Annie had her hand between them as well, rubbing Dad, rubbing Mum and me. We all took our time, savouring the pleasure of our building climaxes, savouring each other as we fucked and touched and kissed.

As the pressure built up in my balls, as I felt the heat, the tension, in Mum, I fucked her harder. Her hand moved more quickly on her clit as I drove in deeper. She twisted her head around, and we kissed. Hard, passionate kisses, our lips tight together, our tongues thrusting into each others mouths. I grasped her breast, pinching and rubbing her nipples, both of us crying out.

Beside us, Dad had rolled Annie onto her front and was now fucking her hard from behind, his thick cock driving in and out of her wet body, pressing her into the bed. The room was filled with noise – our cries, the sound of Dad’s balls slapping against Annie, the wet sounds of cocks driving into pussies.

When it came, it felt like my balls had exploded. My cum powered into Mum, filling her pussy with my thick cream as she came, as her climax thundered through her. Annie cried out, half in pain, half in pleasure, as she came, as Dad pressed his cock into her deeper than ever, his balls letting go of a torrent of cum.

I pressed my cock deep into Mum, holding her tight to me, her breasts in my hands, her tight ass pressed back against me, her pussy throbbing around my cock.

Dad had rolled off Annie, and I could see cum and juices smeared all over his cock and balls. Annie rolled onto her back, cum and juices dribbling from her. I eased away from Mum, my cock softer now, but wet like Dad’s. Mum leant over Annie and kissed Dad, a lingering, loving kiss. Annie reached for my cock, wriggling under Mum and into my arms.

Mum moved down the bed, her wet pussy peeping out from between her legs as she licked along Dad’s length before sucking him into her mouth, tasting his cum and Annie’s juices. I pulled Annie to me, her back against my chest, as we watched them.

But all too soon, Mum and Dad needed to be getting away. I cuddled up with Annie, reluctant to get up, and listened as Mum and Dad showered together. We watched them dress, before grabbing a dressing gown each and following them downstairs. The car was packed already, so we had a cup of coffee together and then they were on there way.

I kissed Mum goodbye, a long, lingering kiss, her body warm and sexy against me. She reached into my gown for my cock.

“Be good,” she whispered, a knowing look in her eye.

“I will,” I promised, reaching down to caress her bum through her tight jeans as we kissed again.

When görükle escort they had gone, Annie and I made love. This time we took things more slowly, enjoying being alone, being naked together, enjoying each other. It was late afternoon when we eventually got up. We shared a bath, and then got dressed. Jake was coming around for a meal that evening. I had wanted to go out, to leave Jake and Annie on there own, but Jake had wanted to bring his sister along as their parents were away for the weekend as well. So, somewhat reluctantly, I had agreed to stay in. The only consolation was that I got to cook – something I actually quite enjoy.

Most of the food was ready by seven, so we went back upstairs to change. I pulled on some fresh jeans over my boxers, and a clean shirt. I then went quickly through to Annie’s room to watch her.

She was stood in her black bra and knickers. My cock thickened in my jeans as I took in the view. Her lingerie was lacy, practically see-through, and clung to her body beautifully. Her ass was firm, the lace tight across her cheeks. Her knickers were taut over her mound, with just the faintest hint of her slit for me to see. Her bra was low cut, and plunged between her tanned breasts, her nipples clearly visible. She gave me a smile and a little twirl.

My cock was hard now. I started to reach out for her, but then remembered with a pang of jealously that tonight all this was for Jake, not for me. She saw the look on my face, and leant over to kiss me softly on the mouth.

“Later,” she murmured against my lips.

She put on a fitted blouse, before pulling a denim mini skirt up over her hips. Her clothes hugged her deliciously, showing off her sexy body to perfection. Just as she finished, the door bell went. We both ran downstairs, and went to let our guests in.

Despite my pangs of jealousy, I actually liked Jake, and felt he was good for Annie. Jake was three months older than us, having celebrated his twentieth birthday a few months ago. He was around six foot tall and well built, his muscular frame obvious under his tight tee shirt as he pulled his coat off. His ebony skin glistened in the light, his face good looking rather than handsome.

Annie reached up and kissed him, her hand on his arm. I watched them carefully. They clearly felt a lot for each other. I ushered them into the house, and then caught my first sight of Melissa, Jake’s sister. She was a year younger than Annie and me, and I hadn’t seen her since she moved schools about six years back. Had she ever changed! The dumpy looking kid I remembered had grown up into a stunning young woman.

About five foot six, she was simply gorgeous. Her long hair was plaited back, her face dressed with just enough make up to give her an alluring amount of extra colour. Her lips were full, her red lip stick a wonderful contrast to her dark skin. Her brown eyes were bright and intelligent. All of this took only seconds to take in. But the rest took longer.

She was wearing a jumper, a tight white jumper with buttons up the front, which was moulded to her full, firm breasts, an outline of her nipples clearly visible. Her jeans hugged her legs, and were tight, very tight, at both the front and the back. She wore short boots, and looked stunning. When she spoke, her voice was surprisingly soft.

“Hi! Remember me?”

My mouth felt dry. I glanced around, catching the amused look on Annie’s face.

“Of course I do,” I croaked, taking her coat from her and hanging it up.

She leant over and kissed me softly on the cheek. My cock started to rise as I felt her breast pressing lightly against my arm, as I breathed in her perfume.

The evening was great. After a drink in the lounge, we ate at the big kitchen table, which was much cosier than the dining room. We talked and laughed a lot, gradually getting more and more tipsy as the wine flowed. My pangs of jealousy over Annie and Jake disappeared – partially because I actually liked him, but mainly because of Melissa. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. After dinner, we staggered through to the lounge with a couple more bottles of wine. Annie suggested that we play Trivial Pursuits, but this soon degenerated into a farce as we were now so tipsy none of us could get a single question right!

But that was why it happened, why it started.

It started off so innocently. We were all sat on the floor, between the two settees. Annie was sat next to me, both of us leaning back. Melissa and Jake were opposite us, the game spread out between us. Annie was trying to answer a question, and was insisting that she had it right. We all shouted her down as she was wrong, but she kept on insisting. In the end, I threatened to tickle her, just like I used to when we were kids.

We all laughed at this, with Annie calling out “Try it!” as she started to crawl away from me. She shrieked as I grabbed her leg, pulling her back towards me. She tried to roll away, kicking out, laughing as I pulled her onto her back and quickly sat on her legs, my knees each side of her. The tears of laughter were running down her face as I ran my hands up and down her sides, tickling her. She tried to push me away, but I held on. The room was full of our laughter, of Melissa and Jake calling out to me, urging me on.

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