My Favourite Game

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It is my favorite game. The game I like to play with every woman I bring home.

I meet them in bars, in clubs, at receptions – wherever. We talk, we flirt. And at some point in our conversation, something always clicks. And we both know we’re going to spend the night together. Naked. Having sex.

On the way home – on the sidewalk, in the taxi – we feel each other’s excitement, anticipation, nervousness. We don’t talk much. Quietly ponder what it will be like.

Inside my flat, we immediately begin to undress each other. Soon we are completely naked, kissing and caressing in my hallway. I feel the warmth of her breath as she gasps softly against my skin.

“Come here,” I whisper.

I take her hand and lead her to the bedroom. Naked, we lie close together in my bed. And looking into her eyes, I see the familiar hesitation. It’s always there – in the eyes of every woman I bring home. After all, I am a complete stranger to her. She cannot know what I like – what I’m going to do to her. Will I be gentle – or will I turn out to be a twisted pervert? She doesn’t know – and the thought makes her uneasy. But I can tell she also finds it arousing.

I kiss her again. Letting my tongue play with hers – greedily – I grab her breast, squeezing it, making her squirm and moan. My hands caress her body – eventually feeling the fuzzy triangle between her thighs. She gasps into my open mouth. As I begin to play with her clit, I feel her entire body relaxing with a deep sigh of pleasure. I massage the tiny button, feeling it swell and harden – feeling her juices flow around my fingers. She writhes almost imperceptibly, savoring the sensual pleasure. I gently push two fingertips into her slippery cunt.

“Mmm!” she moans.

I listen to the tiny, wet sounds of her juicy crevice as my fingers move slowly in and out between her labia. My cock is throbbing, hardening against her soft, warm thigh. I bend over and kiss her pussy, tasting her delicious juices. My fingers slip out of her slit, massaging her hardened clit as I force my fat tongue into her cunt. I thrust it back and forth, still masturbating her.

“Oh!” she cries. “Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Not missing a beat, I reach into a drawer in my nightstand and take out my latex dildo. Her eyes widen as she sees it. I know what she’s thinking: What kind of single bostancı escort man owns a vibrator? A man who likes to have sex. A man who cares about female pleasure.

Keeping my tongue inside her cunt, I place the tip of the vibrator on her hard, little clit – and turn it on.

“Ooh!” she gasps in surprise.

The sex toy buzzes loudly right next to my ear. Pushing my tongue into her cunt, I keep slurping up her juices as the vibrator stimulates her clit, making her thighs tremble with pleasure. She squirms and whimpers. And eventually I feel her muscles tensing up as the orgasm hits her.

“Ah!” she yells.

Her entire body quivers in ecstasy. Juices gush into my mouth. I swallow, tasting the intoxicating flavor of female pleasure.

My cock is fully erect now, twitching impatiently. I don’t even wait for her orgasm to subside. Dropping the vibrator on the floor, I force her legs apart and place myself between her thighs. And with one powerful thrust I bury my hard shaft inside her trembling cunt.

“Aaah!” she cries.

I begin to thrust immediately. Long, slow strokes, plowing through the soft, wet flesh of her pussy. I feel it wrapped around my cock, clenching my shaft. Her trembling hands grab my buttocks, urging me on.

“Yes!” she whispers. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

I increase the rhythm, plunging deeper into her succulent hole. Gasping with pleasure she throws her head back and spreads her legs wide, allowing me to penetrate her again and again. Whimpering and shaking, she’s already on the verge of another climax.

“Oh!” she cries. “Aaah! Yes!”

Moaning in ecstasy, she arches her back as the orgasm surges through her. My cock twitches and jumps inside her cunt as my favorite game is about to begin.

“Unh!” I grunt. “Yes.”

I hold still, as my cock begins to ejaculate inside her. One spurt, two spurts. Then I pull out to let her watch. Her eyes widen as a long, white jet of semen shoots across her naked skin, spattering her belly and her breasts.

“Ooh,” she coos.

I fire again. And again. Trembling with pleasure I watch my swollen cock pumping hot streaks of spunk across her gorgeous body.

“Yeah,” I whisper.

As if it is over now. That’s part of my favorite game. Letting büyükçekmece escort her think that this was it. But the game is only about to begin.

I grab my cock at the root, plunge it back into her pussy and begin thrusting. She whimpers. I keep going, enjoying the look of confusion on her face. Because I know what she’s thinking: Is that just the last remains of my erection – will I soon go soft again? But as I keep fucking her, my cock as hard as ever, I hear her gasps of surprise:

“Ohmigod. Oh! Oh!”

I grab her wrists with both hands, pinning her to my bed as I fuck and fuck. Whimpering with pleasure, she feels my hard shaft hammering into her slippery cunt. Now she knows what it feels like – to be a part of my favorite game.

“Yeah?” I gasp. “You like that? Yeah?”

“Aaah!” she cries. “Yes! Fuck me!”

She’s so loud that all the neighbors can hear her. But she doesn’t care. And neither do I. All that matters now is to keep fucking. To make her come again. And again.

I grunt from the strain as I keep burying my cock inside her, pushing her ever closer to another orgasm.

“Come on!” I urge. “Come on!”

“Yeeeah!” she cries. “I’m coming!”

She writhes lasciviously on my bed as the orgasm surges through her. She is so beautiful in her ecstasy. So beautiful that it only takes a few more thrusts to make me come again. This time I pull out of her cunt immediately and kneel between her thighs as my cock begins to ejaculate.

“Aaah!” I yell. “Aaah!”

My shaft jumps and twitches a few times before any semen comes out. But when it does, it shoots all the way across her sweaty body, hitting her left cheek. She opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue to catch the next spurt. My cock keep firing – long, hot jets of creamy spunk.

Before my ejaculation even subsides, I grab my cock by the root and enter her again. Summoning all my strength, I begin thrusting deep into her quivering cunt. I’m sweating now – drops of perspiration rain down on her naked skin. She sobs.

“No!” she protests. “Wait. I can’t …”

“Yes!” I gasp, out of breath. “Yes, you can! Feel my cock inside you. I’m gonna make you come again.”

She closes her eyes, whimpering. Because she knows I’m right. We’re çekmeköy escort playing my favorite game. And I make the rules.

The two of us are a hot, sweaty mess right now. Only hours ago we were complete strangers, but now – possessed by a frenzy of animal lust, we grab and thrust at one another in a breathless quest for more arousal, more pleasure, more orgasms.

Her arms flail wildly across my bed, her trembling fingers feverishly clutching at the bed sheet. She squeals and sobs – indecipherable words, as if she’s speaking in tongues. I’m out of my mind with lust. My cock is so erect it’s painful – and I keep thrusting and thrusting it into her slippery, velvet pussy. I rotate my hips – hitting her cunt at a slightly different angle each time. I hear myself roaring with ecstasy. She bites her lips, looking up at the sex-crazed monster I have become.

“Ohmigoood,” she squeals. “You’re gonna make me come again!”

Grabbing her hips, I slam against her in a hard, frenzied rhythm.

“Yes!” I grunt. “Yes! Yes! Come on! Come on!”

Droplets of sweat fly from my skin. And just as I realize I’m unable to hold back my orgasm, I feel her coming as well. Arching her back, she presses her pelvis up against my thrusting cock.

“Aaah!” we scream in unison. “Aaah!”

She wraps her sweaty arms around me, grabbing me with amazing force. My third ejaculation feels like a painful cramp – it is as if I simply can’t come anymore. How can I? It’s just not possible. My shaft tenses up, long and hard inside her climaxing pussy. And then – finally – I feel the blessed release, as my cock begins jerking in orgasm.

“Ohhh!” I yell. “Ohhh!”

At first I think I’ve emptied myself completely – that I have no more spunk left. My cock just jumps desperately inside her succulent cunt. But finally I feel the first spurt of semen shooting from the depths of my balls up through the hurting shaft.

“Aaah!” I cry. “Yesss!”

She sobs helplessly as she feels me coming, grips me even tighter. I empty my spunk into her, as I feel her own orgasm shaking her entire beautiful frame.

And then – I realize it’s over.

I can’t go on. For a while, my cock stays hard inside her, but slowly it begins growing soft. My favorite game has come to an end. For now.

We lick the sweat off each other’s faces. She tastes salty, yet sweet. We kiss and stroke each other’s hair.

“Wow,” she finally whispers.

“Yeah,” I reply. “That was fucking amazing.”

We kiss again, our tongues greedily playing with each other. She sighs contentedly. We lie arm in arm on my bed, trying to catch our breath.

It’s my favorite game. My favorite game in the entire world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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