My First Black Experience

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Big Dicks

The VampirTARA Chronicles Ch. 5 : My first black experience ( * title pic )

Hello this is my true story, now a little bit about me. I’m Tara, a 40 year old married Druid polygamist (not Mormon) funeral director/mortician that operates our family mortuary and cemetery. Our family consists of our husband, myself, my two sister wives Toni 38 (that’s also my biological sister) and Kathy 23 and our 7 combined children, which three of them are mine. Now I’m 5 foot 7, approximately 114 pounds with long raven black hair and glasses with abnormally long incisors. So I hope this will help you understand the story. (* pic of me with casket in the background)

It was Saturday evening May 21st 2016, well it was me and my two wives along a few of our girlfriends that we invited over. We were all sitting out on the back patio near the poo, gossiping and a bull shiting. When the girls got on this subject of black men and disgusting, the size of dicks and the myth that they are all well hung.

Then I want girlfriend Joyce asked me and my Sister Wives, ” what’s the biggest black dick you’ve ever had.”

I replied, ” do you mean, of a body that I embalmed.”

She said, “No silly, the biggest black dick you ever had inside your pussy or your mouth.”

Simultaneously me and my sister Toni replied, “We’ve never done anything with a black man before,” and our sister wife Kathy had chimed in saying the same a half a second later.

Then our one girlfriend Stacy laughingly said, “You girls got to be kidding me, it’s the in thing, most all of the white girls are doing it.”

Then Joyce said, “A lot of white girls have at least tried it once and even if they’re married, they’re getting black dick on the side. Me, Kelly, Chris, Stacy here all are and most of our white girlfriends are also.”

Chris, Kelly and Joyce all chimed in, ” yes we all are doing it.”

Well I replied, “There’s nothing wrong with that, but that’s not for me, I don’t believe in it. Call me a redneck or what you will, I’m just not into that, that’ll never happen,” and my Sister Wives echoed the same. Well we bullshitted and drank margaritas for another couple hours.

It was almost midnight, when our gab session had broken up, so after cleaning up. me and my sister wives were headed to bed. It was my night, so I went to my husbands room, I walked in and he was still up sitting on the edge of the bed setting the alarm clock.

I walked over to the dresser in front of him,looking in the mirror, I unbuttoned and removed my white blouse. Once I noticed he was done fiddling with the alarm clock, with my back still turned to him looking in the mirror. I reached behind my back and slowly pulled the zipper down, of my tight black dress pants. Then leaning forward I slowly slide them down off my hips, revealing my tiny little round ass, in my snug fitting tiny little pair of pink satin bikini panties that he likes. I then slipped on my pink teddy top.

I turned around and seductively shaking my little round ass walked around to the other side of the bed, my husband climbed under the blankets, as I seductively crawled into bed.

(* pic of me crawling into bed)

My husband turned off the lamp then turned over like he was going to sleep. I put my arm around him and started kissing him on the neck and whispered, “Honey tonight I want you to do me in the ass.” My husband murdered back, “Not tonight I’m tired.”

I yelled, “WTF it’s my night and I’m looking to get laid. Now come on, you know tomorrow starts Kathy’s 2 days and then Toni’s turn, it’ll be four days before I get another chance. your suriyeli porno a fucking asshole.” then I kicked him under the blanket, pissed off I turned over and went to sleep.

It was Monday May 23rd a couple of days late, little after 3 p.m. in the afternoon. A few hours before all of us had to leave at 6 p.m. to go to my aunt’s birthday party, at the fire hall. I was out in front of our mortuay, by the delivery truck signing for a casket delivery. I was dressed in my red blouse and my black business mini skirt, with a black belt that went around my waist, along with black high heels.

( * pic of me in mini skirt )

Then I noticed the ups man that just pulled in. He got out of his truck and I noticed he was a new driver, not our usual one. It was a tall and very dark black man in his mid-twenties, well he got what he needed out of the truck and walked towards the entrance of the Mortuary, to where I was standing. Now I have never been interested in black Men, never even gave them a second glance, but you couldn’t help noticing the bulge in the front of his ups shorts and it was unmistakably visible. He walked past me carrying two boxes one he set down by the door, before he entered the mortuary. Well I handed back the clipboard to the delivery man and walked towards the side of the mortuary, to our private residential entrance. the porch floor paint was drying, so I went in through the patio doors into the kitchen. setting down my cell phone on the kitchen table, as I was going to get some iced tea out of the fridge.

A couple of minutes later there was a knock at the patio door. It was the UPS man with a package, so I went and opened the patio door.

He said, “The girl in the office told me to come here, because you must sign for the package.”

I replied back, “Step in,” as he was hunting for his pen. Again my eyes were immediately drawn to the bulge in the front of his pants. Then he handed me the pen and clipboard, I said, “Where do I sign,” that’s when the cat jumped on the kitchen table, knocking my cell phone on the floor, causing me to drop the pen.

Well without thinking, I turned around and bent over to pick up the pen and my cell phone, as I bent over grabbing my cell phone. I seen his reflection in chrome of the refrigerator door, he was looking up my mini skirt, at my shiny metallic emerald green tin foil bikini panties. I thought, “I can’t believe I just did this.” As I picked up the pen and my cell phone off the floor, I thought to myself about what all my girlfriend’s said, “It’s the in thing for white girls to do, no one will know, put your prejudices aside and let’s see what it’s like.”

I stood up and turned around towards the driver. I reached for the clipboard to sign it and a little sarcastically I said, “Enjoy the view.”

He replied, “Oh hell yeah, you’re a fine white girl, what you need is a brother.”

I handed back his clipboard and I looked up, as I with a raised eyebrow replied back sarcastically. “Oh really and why do I need a brother.”

He replied back, “To be hittin that.”

Then it was like, I started hearing tribal jungle music in my head, as I said,”Oh yeah, it looks like you have a big bulge in your pants, mind if I take a look to see, if I like what I see.”

I thought to myself, “Are you crazy what are you saying, what are you doing Tara,”

He replied, “Go ahead girl.”

I took a step forward, I reached for his zipper and pulled it down. I then sank to my knees, I was in shock, I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I put my hand his pants and wrapped the palm of my hand around what felt like a python snake. I couldn’t believe my eyes, as I pulled his dick out of his dark blue boxer briefs. It was really dark black, thick like a can of Redbull and enormously long, it was well over 12 inches and the biggest set of dark black balls I have ever seen. I was in shock that my pussy started twitching over the sight of a dark black man’s dick.

I never seen one that large before, they were either average or slightly above-average on the cadavers.Nervous, I took a deep breath for this was going to be the first time having a black dick in my mouth. I slowly stuck out my tongue and with the tip of my tongue licked the tip of his dick.

After pausing for a moment, I Then slid my lips over the head of his dark black dick and started swirling my tongue around the head of it. after a few minutes, I opened my mouth wider and slid my lips down the shaft of his dark black dick. I couldn’t get it all in my mouth, it was just too big.

Slowly I started sucking on it, it was a different taste than I was used to. But I continued sucking on it, savoring my first mouth full of black dick. I was still in utter disbelief of what I was doing, but the contrast of his really dark black dick against my pale white skin was getting the crotch of my panties wet and my pussy was twitching wildly. But I knew it was too big for my pussy, so I would just suck him off.

Sucking and slurping away with a long thick ropes of drool hanging from my chin, I could taste his pre-cum. His dark black dick glistened from my saliva coating it. Bobbing my head like a woodpecker, I started squealing while I sucked away, for I was even getting turned on that, I was doing something naughty in taboo. Something my husband would a gasket over, me doing it with a black man.

I was imagining that I was in a deep jungles of Africa, sucking off the the leader of the Zulu tribe to save my husband from being killed.

I stopped for a second and slowly ran my tongue up his black balls and the entire length of the shaft. I slipped my pale pink lips back over the head of his dark black dick and resumed sucking.

After a few minutes he said, “Get up girl.”

So I got up off my knees, realizing what was next and I said, “Oh no we can’t, you’re too big for me!”

In a domineering voice he said, “Shut up girl I don’t want to hear that shit, bitch bend your little white ass over over the table.”

Feeling intimidated, I did exactly as he asked, I turned around and bent over and placed my elbows on the kitchen table, as I thought to myself, “Tara what did you get yourself into.”

The black ups man walked up behind me and pulled up my black mini skirt. He then slid down my shiny metallic tin foil emerald green bikini panties to my thighs. Exposing my smoothly waxed pussy, I was so fucking nervous, but yet my pussy was hot, wet and twitching.

Then he said, “That is one fine-looking little white pussy, I’m going to tear that up.”

I was nervous as hell, for I had never been with a black man before. Even though I was utter shock and dismay of what I was doing, but yet I held still and didn’t move, bent over the kitchen table.

(* pic me and the UPS man )

Then I felt him rubbing the head of his dick up and down the crack of my little round pale white ass. He grabbed my left hip and with his other hand he placed the head of his dick between my pussy lips. Then with his hands on both of my hips, he gave a good upward thrust of his dick into me. I screamed out loud, “Awww Oh my travesti porno Goddd!” Thrusting me up word and forword against the table and the sound of my high heels clicking on the tile floor, as he was only able to get the head of his dick in my pussy.

He thrust his dick into me again crying with tears running down my face, I screamed out loud again,”Awww your dick is too big for me!” I thought my pussy was going to splitting apart, as he was able to get a couple more inches in me. He gave another thrust with his dark black dick, I screamed out like bloody murder, “Awww gggod!” as forced my pussy to stretch, to accommodate him. with tears running down my face crying.

He grabbed my hair with one hand and started fucking me with that big black dick of his. I have never had a dick that large spreading me apart like that, but my little pussy started to loosen up. He held my hair tightly so I would not escape. That enormous black dick was, with every thrust I screamed. The kitchen was filled with the sound of my voice repeating, “Oh oh oh.” with the kitchen table shaking, as his dark black dick slide in and out of my little white pussy.

After a couple of minutes, my Little pussy loosened up and that enormous dark black dick was feeling real good. I was enjoying that black dick, my pussy I’ve never been filled to the brim. I started moaning and howling, as I felt it slowly building inside of me. He held onto my little white round ass cheeks and worked my pussy over.

Moments later I went off like a supernova, my back arched and my head snapped back, as I let out a howling moan to the heavens. He pulled my hair even harder, as I howled away and howled away.

In a commanding voice he said, “Hold still!” as he pulled my ass tightly against him.

I felt a big warm squirt semen in me, and the rest just started oozing out the head of his cock black dick, I could feel his big black balls throbbing against my pussy lips. after holding me still for a few minutes, while he emptied his large black balls into my little white pussy. he then pulled his dick out of me. I leaned back up off of the table, he was putting that enormous dark black dick back in his shorts. He unzipped them up and grabbed his clipboard, as I was pulling my panties up.

He said to me, “I got to get back on the road.”

As he walked out the patio door I said, “Will I see you again,” but he didn’t answer back. So adjusted my mini skirt while in shocked and amazed that I had sex with a black man, Something I thought, I would never do. This is something I can never tell my husband, he can never know.

I quickly went and fixed my hair, after having it pulled. It was about 20 minutes later when everyone started rolling into the house to get ready, to leave for my aunt’s birthday party. As I sat in the front seat of the car on the way to the party. I couldn’t understand or figure out, why I did it, like it was Invasion of the Body Snatchers, because I’ve always been against it. but I do know it turned me on, the contrast of his very dark black skin against my pale white skin.

Well a week later I confided in my sister wife Toni of what I did and she agreed that I should keep it a secret from her husband. Then 7 weeks later I thought I was pregnant, so I went to the doctors and they confirmed that I was pregnant. When they told me how many weeks pregnant I was after counting back the weeks, I realized it was the black UPS man that got me pregnant. Well I was scared and it took me almost a month to tell my husband and my Sister Wives stood by my side. But I didn’t tell him the whole truth, I told him I got really drunk at the bar and had sex with a black guy that I had just met, I didn’t know who he was. Well I didn’t see black UPS man for another couple of months. When I did, I was able to get a photo taken by my sister wife Toni of me and him showing how large he was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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