My first encounter with Dan’s girl friend…

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The following story is not fictional, it is real and sometimes i cant believe it happened. Its about me and my friends cheating girl friend of 4 years. boy ohh boy do i miss those days.

I was about 17 years old when i met my friend Dans girl friend for the first time. For what seemed to be the longest time, me and Dan were pretty close, we always hung out and partied together. We were sort of best friends, at least sometimes we were. He was dating this girl called Kerrie. She was about 5’10 or so, pretty tall and had a good figure, not too skinny but i would say, she had a pretty damn good figure, a very sexy figure. She had a fucking great ass, ohhh boy ill tell ya her ass was amazing. sometimes we would go swimming at their apartment complex all together and i couldnt help but notice and when he wasnt around us, i would always compliment her on that fucking great ass. Not to forget her big tits, yeah, they were so nice, especially in her bikini. Sometimes she would dive in the water and grab my shorts and pull down on them just slightly, i always thought that was a sign that she wanted me.

After about 4 years of knowing her, i have seen her naked a few times. At the strip club, camping, and at their place. Sometimes i would spend the night at their apartment and they would have sex in their room and i would listen in on them and couldnt help but jack off to her moaning. She was a screamer, ohhhh yeah her voice saying “fuck me harder” just makes me wish it were me in there fucking her pussy instead.

It was the beggining of winter, not too cold out yet but it was getting there. I was at her apartment and Dan went out to play some basketball with his friends at a gym. Kerrie and I were all alone, and at that point, all i could think about was fucking her, i really wanted to and it was my biggest fantacy for a long time. We watched some tv, and joked around a bit, i asked her when dan usually gets home and she said about 8 or 9PM, which was a good 3 hours to spare. i told her id take a shower because i spent the night there and i havent taken a shower in the morning yet. Sex hikayeleri I got into the tub and i began to wash my body. I turned 21 not too long before this and i was a pretty good looking buy. About 6 foot tall, thin, a good tan and dark brown medium length hair and brown eyes. I have always been happy with my size, almost 8″ and sometimes it was larger, the best part i loved about my penis was that it was quite thick, very wide and women loved my dick. I had no reason to be ashamed if Kerrie were to see me naked by accident (which she never has up to that point). I couldnt get it out of my mind, this was my chance, i really wanted to just get out of the shower, dry off and walk out to the living room with my big hard on and show her what she has been missing all this time. I got out of the tub, dried up and said to my self, what do i have to lose seriously. Even if she would get mad and push me away, she wouldnt tell Dan, i know her pretty well as she has cheated on him before and i knew but never told him. I stepped out of the bathroom and walked into the living room all naked, my cock was excited, i was nervous and shaking. As i walked out i noticed she wasnt there, so i figured she was in her room. I said again “fuck it” and i walked in. she was organizing some clothes and she looked at me in complete shock. She said “What the fuck are you doing naked, Oh my god, oh my god” and i stole a glimpse of her staring at my cock for a few seconds. I stood there for a few more seconds than said to her “what? tell me you dont want my big dick in mouth”. I got closer and she started to smile a little bit, an excited look on her face. I grabbed her ass and slapped it then got a good squeeze.

“Fuck your dick is big” she said to me. she got on her knees and started to laugh as she couldnt believe she is about to be taking my cock in her mouth. I was soo happy, i couldnt believe this, i mean, i have been waiting for this all along and i could have done it years ago and probably would have been fucking her for awhile now. She started to suck on my cock, slidding her lips all Sikiş hikayeleri the way back to my balls. Ohhh yeah she sucked dick really really good. I stood there in shock, my head bent back and my hand on my face. I was soo fucking excited. She kept sucking my dick back and forth and she easily took my whole cock down her throat. I told her “damn u can really suck dick real good, take all my cock down ur mouth”. She sucked my dick for a good 10 minutes at least, until i really wanted to taste her pussy. She pulled her mouth away and i took her to her bed. She layed down and took her pants off and slid her thong off aswell. She spread her legs and invited me to eat her out. “Ahhhhh fucking eat my pussy baby”…Those words still make me shiver sometimes. She was soo fucking hot, she didnt care she had a boy friend, she wanted to fuck me all along and i wouldnt come strait out with it and now her chance was here. I licked her pussy real good and sucked on her beautiful long labia. She started to moan really loud. We didnt know any of the neighbors so no matter how loud she was, there is no one finding out about this but us. Thats all we knew. We were going to have all the fun we wanted until Dan was close to coming up. I sucked and licked her pussy, then i put two fingers in her and started to finger her hard. She moaned louder and louder and she kept saying “ahhh, ahhhhhhhhhhh oh my god fucking fuck me with ur fingers baby, finger fuck this pussy”. I stared at her while i fingered her and said to her “you like me fingering your tight pussy huh? you like my fingers in this cheating pussy?”. The idea of her cheating on her boy friend was making her moan even louder.

She started to get really wet then i pulled my fingers out and leaned her to the side of the bed. I lifted her right leg on my sholder and i grabbed her left thigh. I told her “do you want my fucking cock in ur cheating pussy? you want me to fuck your pussy hard?” She yelled back “Fuck ya baby, fuck my pussy right now, ahhhh fucking hammer that pussy”. I slid my cock deep in her pussy an started to fuck Erotik hikaye her. Her moaning was driving me crazy, i couldnt help but fuck her harder and harder and harder. I kept going, i was an animal, she wanted more and thats exactly what i gave her. More cock in her pussy. All the pleasure, all the excitement, i just couldnt help but appreciate this apportunity to get to fuck Kerrie for the first time since i met her. I trapped it all in me all these years. This was my time i kept saying to myself. My turn to fuck her, and that is exactly what i kept doing. I fucked her in that possition for quite sometime, its my favorite possition and i knew how to work my magic that way. She was loving it, moaning louder and louder and screaming my name. I remember i kept telling her not to call me by my name as i dont want her to scream my name one day when shes fucking Dan, haha, i knew that would be a huge problem….She must have came atleast 4 or 5 times that day, she was so fucking wild, she wanted me to fuck her all night and if Dan wasnt coming home, i would have gladly fucked her multiple times that night.

After about an hour of the best sex in my entire life, i came on her face multiple times. She didnt swallow which i didnt care personally, i just always loved cumming on girls faces. She loved every bit of it, in fact when i told her im going to cum, she turned around and said “fucking cum on my face baby, i want you to glaze my fucking face with ur hot cum like a donut, dont waste a fucking drop of it, i want it all”…

We had a good hour or so until Dan would come home. We decided to shower together. After we got out, we laughed about it a bit and promissed we wouldnt tell anyone. We got rid of any evidence and cleaned up. Dan came home not too long afterwards.

This went on for quite sometime, in fact, i have lost count of how many times i’ve fucked Kerrie. She was by far the best sex i have ever dad. I moved away nearly two years after our first sexual encounter and only got a few chances with her since then. The few times that i would return home and visit everyone, atleast three times we fucked in a motel. But i will never forget our first time.

Upon request, i can give out more stories of us. Tell me what you thought and i hope everyone enjoyed it.

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