My First Feminization Pt. 00

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Some days take longer than others, and this one seemed to be determined to enter the record books. If it wasn’t someone knocking on her door to just ask a ‘quick question’, it was the phone ring-ring-ringing with someone else who just needed a moment of her time to clarify a point for their urgent report. It would be nice if someone, anyone, took a moment to consider she had her own deadlines and just sent a damn email that she could reply to at her convenience. Failing that, telling them to “Get fucked” would be eternally satisfying, albeit just as unlikely to happen.

Still she could console herself with it being 4:30pm. As long as the day had been eventually even it had to succumb to evening, and the after-work commute. A chaos all of it’s own, the shining light at the end of that particular tunnel was home. A gentle foot massage as she relaxed in the hot bath, glass of red in one hand and freedom with nothing in the other. No mouse, no phone, no pen, just nothing. Maybe an orgasm in the bath tonight. That new rechargeable vibe was waterproof, and he does so like to watch.

Her phone buzzing against the desktop startled Tipobet her out of the daydream. Interesting timing, not many people have those details, and she hadn’t set him a task today. Picking the phone up she unlocked it with a swipe. She smiled to herself as the notification faded into view: an email from the party planner. Excellent! The final pieces of his gift were falling into place. Smiling to herself as she tapped the email into view, she thought “He’s going to enjoy this one, and he has no idea quite what he’s in for!”

The email reads…

Dear Miss Janovich,

Thank you for the application you sent in for your sub.

We are pleased to be able to inform you that he has been accepted for the event scheduled for Friday the 5th July and your preferred name “Charlotte” is still available.

To your questions;

All participants must provide three previous monthly STI test results, as you have done for Charlotte.

All activities are optional and at any point a participant can choose to leave.

There are impartial (and non-participating) hosts that roam the venue to ensure safe practices Tipobet Giriş are being observed and facilitate the departure of anyone who chooses to leave.

All participants (and their sponsors) sign the same Non-Disclosure Agreement that you returned with your initial application.

No recording devices are permitted for any participant. There are some fixed areas with recording allowing participants to choose to be filmed, should they wish. You preference for Charlotte to be in one of these areas has been noted, and all footage will be supplied to you after our usual post-production has been completed.

A typical event begins at 7pm and continues until everyone has left. Entry must be prior to 10pm (except by special arrangement) and generally people stay 8-10 hours. The venue can remain open for the entire weekend, though the longest event in our 15 year history has been 24 hours – the last people left just after 7pm Saturday.

Should you wish to collect Charlotte prior to her voluntary departure, please call the service desk to arrange a time. You will not be permitted into the venue after 10pm, Tipobet Güncel Giriş so pickup will be in the main foyer.

We thank you for your interest in our event.

Should you wish Charlotte to attend, please confirm by return email and deposit the fee into the account in your introduction pack. This fee covers all food, drink, materials and attire that may be required.


Leaning back in her chair she considers, briefly, then taps out a swift reply to confirm Charlotte’s attendance. The fee can wait until tonight, after the bath. A pleased smile curves her lips as she considers how surprised Charlotte will be, and how thankful. As a sub should be, she muses, but still. The email confirmed the reports she’d heard. Guests are well looked after and safety is paramount – both essential requirements for a Lady to entrust her slave to relative strangers. Though, to be fair, she only found out about this because of people she knew that were going. So not everyone there will consider Charlotte a complete stranger, even if she’s never met any of them!

She sighs, slightly regretfully as she checks the time again. Nice thoughts, but it’s still on 4:40pm. Almost an hour until hometime, and another hour beyond that before reaching home itself. Delicious baths, while coming, are a wee way off yet. Reaching for her mouse she returns her gaze to the comparatively drab spreadsheets filling her screens.

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