My First Gay Experience

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My first gay experience was right after college in the summer of 1989. Three days of hitchhiking across the states found me sitting under an overpass in Birmingham, AL feeling fresh after a long shower at a nearby truck stop. As I sat holding my thumb out I remember thinking about a guy in a van that had obviously wanted to have sex with me, but I turned him down. Now I was wondering why. What was I afraid of? I thought, if it happens again, I am going for it and see what it is like.

Coincidentally (really!) the next car that stopped was a guy wanting to have sex with me. Go figure.

It was a compact reddish car with a heavy set black guy driving. I looked in and saw him smile so I opened the door and got in. I passed my pack to the back seat and buckled up as we pulled back into traffic. He did not ask me the usual questions like, “Where you headed?” Instead, he said, “Your feet must be sore from being out on the road, will you let me rub them for you?”

That was the strangest thing any guy has ever said to me in my life! But, hey, he is giving me a free ride and I do love to get my feet rubbed. I pulled off one shoe and put my socked foot in Pendik Escort his lap and he started massaging it with one hand while holding the wheel with the other. It felt good and I told him so.

He said that he could not give me a good foot rub while driving and asked if I wanted to stop by at his office so he could do a better job. I said, “OK”. I knew I was about to find out what gay sex was like. I had read about it in a Penthouse article some time before and was very curious to try it. I am glad I did.

Remember, this was 1989, no internet porn. I had never even seen a picture of men having sex. I had one porn vhs tape that I had nearly wore out, but it was all straight and my magazines were all naked women. The whole idea of gay sex with s stranger was dangerous and exciting.

We pulled into the parking area of a single-floor insurance office building. It was dusk and the parking lot was empty. He opened the door and disabled the security alarm and led me to a wide space between two desks and said, “This is a good spot, just lay back on the carpet and let me take care of those feet.”

He peeled one sock off and started Kurtköy Escort rubbing and massaging my foot and then started actually sucking on my toes. He was loving it and it felt so good. I think he could see it on my face. Imagine when a dog licks your toes, but way better. He spent a near equal time on each foot and then asked if I was enjoying it and I replied, “Oh ya.”

Next, he asked if he could pull my pants down and suck on other parts. I had them unbuttoned and belt loose before he even finished the question. I raised my ass off the floor and started sliding my pants off and he helped pull them off. My dick was already half erect and stiffened right up in his mouth. Then he worked his pants off while still sucking and licking and I got a good look at another guy’s penis for the first time in my life.

It was just a little longer than mine, but much thicker and had an interesting curve right in the middle. I wanted to touch it so bad, but I was just too shy and when he started licking up and down my balls I just laid my head back on the floor and cherished the sensations.

He didn’t stop there. He started licking up Ümraniye Escort my scrotum from lower and lower until his tongue was actually starting on my ass hole. Wow! Such a strange and wonderful and revolting all-at-the-same-time feeling. And it got better. He laid belly-down on the floor while holding my legs up and apart and stuck his tongue right in my ass hole. Unbelievable! The feeling is indescribable and I have never felt it again since then.

After a couple of minutes of that he said he couldn’t hold back any more. He rose to his knees and fondled my penis and balls a little and then started masturbating while I watched. It took just a few seconds before he squirted several gobs of cum on my bare belly.

I never came. He asked me about it on his way back from the restroom with some paper towels for me. As I wiped the cum off myself I told him this was very new to me and I needed time to process everything. He wanted my contact info, but I declined saying it was a one-time thing for me. So he gave me a pleasant ride back to the highway and dropped me off.

Minutes after he left me I was jerking off out of site from the traffic and blew every ounce of semen I had all over the bushes.

What an experience that was. It would be 20 years before my next gay experience. By the off chance that you recognize yourself as the guy I am writing about then I would love to get into contact with you again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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