My First Lover Ch. 10

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For several days I found I couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t sleep much since I was constantly thinking about how things had been going these last few months. My love and lust for my mom had grown beyond anything I could have ever imagined. But I was still concerned for what might happen to all of us should the secret ever come out.

And with Judy and I being involved, it only added to the possibility of us getting caught that I began to realize how crazy this was getting. Mom was getting more adventurous every time we made love almost like I had opened Pandora’s box, and now that I had opened it, I could never shut it or as I realized, ever really wanted to. On the other hand, I found that not only did I want my mom even more, I couldn’t help but get caught up in her mid life adventures and her lustful discoveries. She was almost insatiable.

After doing the normal chores around my apartment cleaning up and getting my place looking good, I got a call from my mom. It was almost seven in the evening and I was winding down with a beer after working all day. I hadn’t planned on doing anything other than thinking about what the weekend would bring. “What have you been up to?” I heard her ask as she paused for a moment.

“Not much mom, just hanging out and doing the day to day… why do you ask?”

“Oh I just was sitting here at my desk and remembering our last time here in my office. I think I can still smell the sweet aroma of our lovemaking on my desk.”

“Me too now that I think about it… I had no idea you were into watching porn mom. All these years and I never even had a clue. So what’s on your mind other than the obvious?”

“Well, I figured I’d come by your place on my way home and maybe make “you” dinner for a change. You Interested?”

“A real hot meal sounds great! Is there anything you want me to pick up before you get here?”

“Don’t worry I’ve got it covered. I’ll see you soon.”

Grabbing another beer I sat on the couch watching TV as I waited. About an hour later I was jolted awake by a knock on the door. Looking through the peep-hole I could see her standing there, shifting her body from side to side nervously. Knocking again I waited a second before I opened the door.

“Hey Mom, get out of work early?”

She stood there, several bags of take-out food in her hands as she looked me over smiling.

“A little… Casual night I see…” she laughed as she leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips. “Do me a favor and grab my bags behind me on the floor and set them inside.”

As she walked by me I could hear the soft swishing sound of her pantyhose against her skirt. Grabbing her two small bags I closed the door and took them inside.

My pulse quickened as I remembered the last time we’d done this. Walking back into the kitchen I could see that mom had set two candles on the table, lighting them and then turning down the lights in the apartment. She set a bottle of wine on the counter for me to open as she began putting food on the plates. Pulling the cork and pouring two glasses I walked behind her handing her a glass as she continued to put everything just right.

Setting mine down on the counter I wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her back against me as my mouth found her neck under her hair, gently nibbling and sucking. “You look really hot tonight mom.” I whispered in her ear as I moved my groin against her ass. I especially like the tight fitting skirt.

“OK you maniac, I’ve got to get this served up before it gets too cold and I can’t do it with you teasing me like this.”

Running my hands up under her blouse over her satin covered breast I could feel her responding to me as she pushed her ass back on me and softly moaned. “Mmmmm that’s nice, but I’m starved and I really want to eat first.”

“But I thought you were going to make me dinner?”

“Best I could do on short notice…”

Releasing her I sat down at the table and just watched her while she brought our food over. She was still wearing her work clothes, if you could call them that. A black pencil skirt that hugged her every curve with sheer black pantyhose, tall black leather Maryjane pumps, and a white blouse with a blazer made her look very professional, and very sexy. She looked so amazing for a woman in her early forties.

She dropped her blazer on the back of her chair as she sat down next to me at the table, handing me a glass of wine as she crossed her legs, her foot dangling her shoe in front of me. The candlelight gave her a sparkle in her eyes as she sat staring at me, smiling as she slowly ate. “What time do you have to go home?” I asked as I sipped some wine.

“That’s the reason I’m here…” she said softly as she collected her thoughts. “I got a call from your dad tonight about six, and he said that he and your brothers were leaving early for the lake. They got the boat ready and the camper on the truck and headed out right after making an early start of the weekend. They might even stay Escort bayan until Wednesday or Thursday of next week depending on how the fish are biting…”

“So you’re saying that we have almost a whole week together?” I asked, feeling my body shudder. “It looks that way…” she said smiling. “In fact, I was hoping you might want to start our weekend now. We could spend the night together here and then meet up with Judy at the resort. We’ll call it our own little getaway before the main event.”

“The main event?” I asked as I almost choked on my food.

“Yea… the main event my love…” she said taking my hand in hers. Her fingers were soft and warm as she collected her thoughts. “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about us, and about your dad lately.”

“I’ve come to the conclusion that your dad and I are more like friends now than lovers. I mean, we still have sex on occasion, but it’s nothing compared to what you and I enjoy doing together. We could never get married or anything like that, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend a little bit. You up to a little pretending tonight?” she whispered as she ran her heel across the front of my calf.

“That all depends on what you had in mind.” I answered as my hand found its way down and started moving up over her knee feeling the soft nylon of her pantyhose under my fingertips. “Oh I think you’ll really like what I have in mind hon. In fact, I think you’ll like it so much that you’ll want us to do it over, and over, and over again.” She said as she smiled…

Finishing up mom got up and took our plates into the kitchen, sipping on her wine as she came back. Leaning down in front of me allowed her blouse to open slightly giving me a great view of the top of her breast covered by her push-up bra. “You are so naughty Ron, and I want you sooo bad.” She laughed as she softly spoke, the fragrance of wine on her breath was intoxicating as she leaned forward and kissed me.

Stepping back and reaching into her purse under the table she handed me a video cassette. “Do me a big favor and put this in the VCR so we can watch it together. I’m just going to take a quick shower. Can you grab your mink blanket off the bed and put it on the floor with some pillows so we can watch it in comfort?”

It didn’t take long to set up the living room as she showered and got herself ready. I couldn’t resist looking in on her while she was in the shower. I loved watching her silhouette in the door as she twisted and turned under the water.

Heading back to the blanket when she turned the water of, I was still waiting for her when she called from the bedroom. “Go ahead and start the movie and I’ll be out in a minute.”

The cassette was blank with no label so I had no idea what was on it. It started without much fanfare as I watched. A couple was making out in the dark on the bed when the title of “Taboo” came up on the screen.

I had never heard of the movie before, but I soon figured out I was watching a porn flick. I was pretty focused on the movie when my attention was drawn away by mom softly clearing her throat.

Looking towards the hallway I got a view of something I could never even begin to have imagined.

Mom looked breathtaking standing there wearing an old fashioned white satin bullet bra and a white sheer satin garter belt that covered her hips. Soft garters came down to tan colored tall stockings, the material giving off a soft sheen in the candlelight. Continuing down I was rewarded with white patent high heeled stiletto pumps. Not five inch heels, but definitely tall and narrow.

My mouth dry as my heart moved into my throat. She had her hair up with soft curly strands hanging down around her neck with a single strand of pearls gently around her neck. Standing with her back on the door frame, her left heel halfway up the wall behind her she gently balanced on the other as she spoke.

“This is the exact present I had worn for your dad on our wedding night. In fact, these are my wedding heels I wore only once on our wedding day. They still feel as dangerous and sexy as they did back then. I wanted your dad and I to have a special wedding night together and I tried to make it perfect just for him.”

“But your dad got pretty drunk at our reception before we got back to our hotel. I got us inside and had him wait for me on the bed while I got ready. But when I came out of the bathroom I got the biggest disappointment of my life. He’d passed out on the bed leaving me all alone on our wedding night. I felt so left out and cheated that I decided to never put this back on for him again… Ever.”

Even after all these years I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I packed it away and never gave it another thought, that is, until this evening when your dad called me. I realized then what I wanted to do. I wanted to give this to you Ron, tonight, now…”

I was shaking to the core as she dropped her foot and slowly started walking across the living room towards me. Looking Bayan escort like an actress in the sexiest of porn films, step by step, one high heel after the other she made her way towards me. Walking up to me she placed one heel gently on my chest holding me down. My fingers reached up and started caressing her silky ankle and leg, the soft leather of her shoe hot on my fingers as she just stared at me like a spider that has caught a fly in her web.

“Isn’t it amazing what you can get me to do? I’ve never considered doing things like this with anyone, but you on the other hand make me want to do just about anything.” Pulling her foot back she slowly knelt down and crawled onto the blanket looking like a cat on the prowl smiling wickedly.

Moving over me she softly whispered, “Tonight Ron, It’s finally my wedding night, my first time, and I’m your virgin in white. I want to experience all the wonders of making love tonight with just you.” She whispered as her lips softly touched mine. My body was hypersensitive as the scent of her perfume, her make-up, and her lipstick filled my senses. “Oh God Mom!” I moaned as she kissed me, her lips feeling like electricity on mine.

“We’ll talk to him more later hon, but for now lets curl up together and watch the movie.” She said as she pulled us down into the pillows, her satin and nylon covered body feeling intoxicating on my skin.

“Do you know what this movie is about?” she asked as her fingernails ran up and down my chest, her breast pushing softly into my side. “No idea mom.” I said shakily as my hand found hers. “Oh it’s a very naughty movie about a love affair between a mother and her son.” She answered as her lips moved down and began sucking on my nipple, sending electric shocks through me and making me insanely aroused. “And we can’t do anything except tease each other until the very end.” She giggled as her tongue made small circles on my nipple while her fingers slid over the bulge in my shorts.

My hips involuntarily jumped up as her fingers slowly encircled my engorged shaft through the material of my shorts. “Easy now, we have all the time in the world and I don’t want to rush anything.” She whispered as she held my body down with hers. “Now let’s watch how these two discover how much they really want each other.”

In the movie we watched as the son discovered his true feelings and desires for his mom. Even though he had his own girlfriend, he still couldn’t resist watching and fantasizing about her. The acting was a little cheesy, but the storyline was pretty captivating as we both watched, our desires building. And as I saw, his mom, like mine, enjoyed wearing pantyhose and nylons almost everywhere she went. She also enjoyed giving him a few teasing glimpses now and then.

Then finally it happened. We watched as her son secretly watched her getting dressed in her bedroom for a party. As she put on her make-up, nylon stockings, heels, and finally her dress we could see how he could hardly contain himself as she got ready to leave.

Later that night she found herself sleeping alone, dreaming of all the sex she had seen at the party but never participated in. Moving through the hallway she walked past her son’s room where she saw his naked body lying uncovered on the bed. As she stood there weighing her choices I could feel my mom’s body begin moving gently next to mine. Her leg came up as her knee slid over my thigh, her heel slowly sliding over my calf. Her fingers began moving down my abdomen to the waistband of my shorts, sliding slowly under the material as her breathing became faster and shallower. “Keep watching.” She moaned as I tried to return her caresses.

As we watched, this guy’s mom finally decided to take the plunge as she walked into her son’s room still wearing her long white satin negligee. You could make out the curves of her ass through the semi-sheer material as she sat down on the foot of the bed. She slowly bent down and took her son’s shaft in her hands as he slept. As she lowered her mouth to him we could see her hesitation as second thoughts ran through her mind.

Suddenly she leaned down and took the head into her mouth as her hand continued to massage him, making him hard with arousal as he awoke. As I watched I suddenly felt the warmth of my mom’s mouth on the engorged head of my shaft as she slowly took in my entire length, her lips surrounding me as she gently sucked and licked while running her teeth along the sides.

“Keep watching!” she murmured as she continued to move her mouth slowly up and down on me. “I thought you wanted to wait!” I moaned.

Pulling up, her teeth sliding over the tip she smiled… “I lied…”

My fingers found their way into her soft hair as she started again, the sensations beyond anything I had ever experienced. As she increased her speed and pressure her mouth never left me as we watched and performed right along with the movie. We watched her son begin to run his fingers into her pussy as my own sought out Escort mom’s hidden under her satin garter. She parted her legs slightly allowing me access to her from behind.

My fingers made soft squishing sounds in her pussy as I felt how aroused she was as she continued to give me the greatest blowjob of my life. She kept running her heel up and down my ankle, the tip digging and scratching me driving me crazy. We watched as he pulled her gown off as she climbed onto him, impaling himself deeply as she took him for the first time.

Trying to sit up, mom held me down as she increase her speed and suction on my me, her head moving in a blur as I tried to stop myself from cumming. Suddenly she dug her heel harshly into my calf as she took my entire length into the back of her throat, my vision filling with stars as I started cumming inside of her as I felt her swallow me, her throat muscles massaging the very tip making me almost black out.

“Good God Mom!”

They were still making love on the screen as I my head started to clear. “God mom I’m sorry I did that so soon.” I moaned as she watched me smiling.

“It’s exactly what I wanted you to do.” She whispered as she kept sucking on my softening shaft. “Don’t move and I’ll get us some more wine.” she said as she got up.

I watched her walk into the kitchen, her hips swaying and her ass looking like it wanted to be raped. When she came back I could see she had reapplied her lipstick and was sipping her wine as she handed me my glass. “Is that it then?” I asked as we watched them on the screen. “Oh hell no, they’re just getting started.” She answered as she moved next to me again. “You should see her when her takes her with her pantyhose on…”

The next time they were together we watched her son waiting for his mom to come home. He was sitting on her bed after taking a shower when she walked in from a date wearing a dress, pantyhose, and heels. As they talked about what happened, the word incest came up and she wanted to never let it happen again. But her son had other ideas as he pushed her down onto the bed, his hands moving down over her thighs pulling the hem of her dress up exposing her as his fingers moved insistently over her nylon covered pussy, pushing inside as her defenses melted away.

My arousal was instantly peaked as I watched my fantasy with my own mother come true before my own eyes. A guy making love with a beautiful woman in pantyhose and heels. This time it was my turn as I pulled mom to me, my hands moving insistently over her body. Pulling her up I found the clasp on the back of her bra as I removed it, setting it aside as my hands moved over her breast, her nipples hard under my palms.

Pulling her under me I felt little resistance as I parted her thighs and moved in between them, pulling her hips down towards me as she rested her heels on my back. The mink blanket felt invigorating against me as I moved us both so we could watch the movie at the same time.

My tongue found her pussy already hot and wet as I started around the outer lips of her opening, Her silk covered thighs moved gently against my sides as her fingers ran through my hair. Grabbing and pulling my head she guided me over her most sensitive spots, moaning as my tongue passed over each one. Pushing her inflamed pussy into my mouth her body had it’s own ideas as she tried to control what was happening. “God I love it when you do this to me!” she whined as her hips moved in small circles responding to my insistent tongue.

As we watched the movie I slowly slid my fingers inside of her, feeling her muscles clamp down hard preventing me from moving too far inside. I wanted to do it almost the same way the guy was doing to his mom on the screen but she reminded me that she was a virgin and I had to be easy.

Mom was really getting into it, her hips moving frantically as she dug her heels into the blanket pushing her pussy up against my mouth. She started moaning at first, soft and and quiet. But that changed as I picked up speed and pressure on her sensitive pussy, my fingers making small circles over her lips and then down to her ass.

Taking my time I held her down as I kept pushing her body further up. I wanted to torture her as long as I could so we could do the same thing as they were on the screen. A few seconds later she started moaning louder as she started getting close, her thighs locking tightly against the sides of my head as I kept licking and sucking on her.

“That’s it, that’s it, yes, God yes!” she whined as I felt her pussy contracting like hot silk on my fingers. “God you can do this to me anytime you want Ron!” she cried as she pulled her knees up to her chest.

Rolling her hips up and giving me even better access to her inflamed pussy and ass, turning me on even more as I watched her white heels hovering just above me. I really love your pussy mom, especially now that you shaved it for me.

“It feels even better than it looks!” she hissed between moans.

Pulling her pussy open my tongue found her aroused clitoris as I licked gently, like a feather over the top of it. My fingers slid over her, lubricating her ass with the tip of my thumb and gently probing it with light pressure.

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