My First Time…

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I hated my English Teacher. He was a selfish little prick. He was short with grey hair and a Van dyke beard. He was teaching me and 30 others English 30, a class I had to pass to get out of high school.

It was the mid-term that did me in, I got a 49 which wasn’t enough, written on the paper in huge letters was see me. I waited until class was over and dragged my unwilling legs over to him.

“Hmmm, I don’t see much of a future for you.” Wow, I couldn’t have guessed that.

“But, you could do better, I am going to give you another chance.” What was I in the twilight zone?

“Come by my home on the weekend and I will give you assignment, Saturday around 2pm. Great it gave him something stupid to think of.

Saturday, dawned a long hot day. The sun was beating down and it was already hot by mid-morning. Great when I woke up, the day was already a disaster for me, I had the dreaded 2pm meeting at Van Winkles house. The clock slowly dragged by and finally at 1, I couldn’t stand it anymore and trudged over to his place.

He had a little condo next to a bunch of little condos cut from the same cookie cutter. I came up the stairs and rang the bell, nothing, oh great, he isn’t even home. I rang again. “Hold on”. That was distinctly a female voice. The door opened.

Standing there was a tiny redhead. She came up to my chest. She had long red hair; it was bunched up around her neck with some kind of clip. She had freckles across her face and down throughout her body. The reason I know is because she answered the door in a tiny white bikini. My eyes ran up and down her body, her breasts were small melons and her nipples were erect.

Being 18, I was a walking erection, before I knew my cock was erect. Her eyes quickly flashed down – “Can I help you?”

“Mr. Van Winkle asked me to come by and get a new assignment from him”

“He did – did he.” Her eyes flashed for a second.

“Come in and let me see where he left it.”

She turned around and gave a view of a tiny ass that had a few freckles as well. I followed after her like a puppy. I closed the door.

I followed her into the kitchen and found her standing in front of the sink. What I didn’t know was her and my English teacher hated each but Bostancı Escort stayed together for some reason. She had been tanning in the back, reading a romance. Her pussy was getting wet and she was getting ready to solve the problem when a different solution stood out.

“Do you want a glass a lemonade”

“Sure” my cock was getting hard. I had looked at some playboys but never had the opportunity. I was staring at her breasts.

“Do you like my breasts?” Huh, what did she just say?

“Do you like my breasts?”

“Um, sure.”

“Would you like to see them?” I nodded slowly.

She undid the clasp and let the top fall to the floor. Her breasts stood straight out. They were beautiful and her nipples were a light shade of pink. They had a beautiful round shape. I could see where she had been tanning.

She moved over to me, putting her lemonade down. Her breasts looked even better close up. I could see her very hard nipples. She reached down and pulled my hand to her breasts. This was better than any magazine. I cupped them. They were warm from the heat and firm. My cock was so hard it hurt.

She slide her hand down my belly and rubbed my cock with her tiny hand. God, that felt great. I rolled her nipples between my fingers and squeezed them slightly. She rubbed my cock through my pants, pre-cum was soaking my underwear. Even if it only went this far – I was in heaven.

She continued to squeeze my cock, I was going to cum inside my pants. She undid the button on my jeans, lowered the zipper and my pants slide to the floor. My cock was jutting straight out, there was a huge pre-cum soaking my underwear.

“Let’s see what’s behind this door.” She pulled my underwear down. My cock, free, bobbed up and down. Pre-cum poured out of my cock. My head was huge and purple, my cock thick veined wanted relief. I needed relief.

She put her hand on my cock. Her hand was warm and soft. My cock jerked immediate. She gave a couple of experimental jerks on my cock. Sliding her hand over my sensitive head and down my shaft. Pre-cum dripped and splatter on the floor.

“Oh, you need relief don’t you.” I gulped. She took her tiny thump and rubbed the pre-cum on my cock. I was in heaven. Anadolu Yakası Escort She drew my pre-cum down my shaft. My cock jerked in response. She continued to slide my pre-cum up and down my shaft, my head huge and purple enlarged even more. “God your penis is huge” Her eyes had been glued to my cock.

She moved closer and wrapped her mouth around the head of my cock. God, my cock jerked again. I could feel her tongue lapping my pre-cum up and then wetting my cock. She pulled gently on my cock. 3 strokes later, my cock hardened even more. She could tell as she pumped my cock harder. Her lips around my shaft, her tiny hand stroking my member. I was looking down on her. Her red hair, and beautiful freckled shoulders. Her lips wrapped around my cock, she was pulling me out, until just the tip of penis was touching her lips, then she pulled me in.

That was enough for me. My cock jerked again and started pumping thick streams of cock into her small mouth. I watched and felt her swallow my load, a small amount spilling out that she caught with her tiny hands.

Stopping and looking up at me, she rose to her feet. “Well, if its one thing I know about a young male, you are good for more.” Sure enough my cock was still hard as a rock. She tapped her finger on my cock and watched it bounce up and down.

She moved over to the kitchen table pulling me my cock. She slide out of bottoms and I got my first look at pussy. Her pussy was puffy (later I would know that meant she was excited) and something was peaking out between her folds (her clit). Her pussy was rimmed with very light almost white hair.

She laid down on the table and took my cock and rubbed it up and down over her pussy. It was an incredible sight, I could watch my cock and my cum sliding all over her pussy. As my cock approached her entrance she slid the head of cock in. It was an incredible sight and my cock was ready to pump her.

She slid me a little further and asked me to take it slow. Her husband has a tiny 3 inch prick and mine was 7 inches and 4 inches around. I slide my cock into her pussy. I could feel her wetness sliding around the head of my cock – delicious. I pushed and I could feel an incredible tightness. I pushed a Pendik Escort little harder and she gasped and dropped her head to the table.

I pulled my cock out of her and looked down to see the head of my cock slick with her. I pushed my cock in harder until the head of cock disappeared into her. This was better than masturbation. I started pumping my cock back and forth into her tight pussy, each time I would get a little further into her. She was groaning and as I looked up, her nipples with tight and her face was a slight red.

It took 10 minutes to slide most of my huge cock into her tiny pussy. I could feel with the head of my cock on the top of her. I slide back out and starting pumping into her pussy faster and faster. Her moaning increased, I was watched my cock slide out of her, her pussy stretched and followed my cock out and I rammed my cock back in. There were just the sounds of her and wet sound of my cock pushing into her.

I could feel her pussy gripping my cock and as I pushed into her harder and harder, I felt her pussy grip my cock – like nothing I had ever felt before. She started to cum, and a wave of hot liquid splashed over my cock inside her, my cock responded and I was going to cum. Her pussy gripped me harder and she came, yelling, her hands gripping the edge of the table, my cock shot thick streams of cum into her. Because here was so little room in her pussy, my cum gushed out the sides and coated her legs and the floor.

I pulled out and my cock was coated with my cum and her. She laid there on the table panting. And eventually moved up using her elbows to look over at me. My cock was still hard and pointed towards her pussy which was still leaking cum and her out. “God you are still hard, come over here.” Ever obedient, I moved my cock over to her, it bounced up and down as she caught it with her hand, still slick from us, she rubbed her hand up and down my cock. I was ready again. Her tiny hand never wrapped completely around my penis but it didn’t need to. She quickly built up speed moving her freckled hand up and down – my cock was responding and the head of cock was growing again. She could tell when I was close and she pumped me rapidly. Cum shot out of my cock and sprayed her stomach, coating her, 2 thick streams, hitting her. It was one of the best times of my life. She let my cock go and it is finally going limp.

“I’ll be here all summer, why don’t you visit me.” I intend to as I tried to stuff my cock back in my pants and she was looking for her swim suit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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