My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 17

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Ok so this takes place right after Labor Day weekend so make sure you read Chapter 16 or you’ll be lost.

The next morning I found Lyndsey in the lounge watching TV and so I sat down next to her. I was just listening to her talk and staring at her pretty face and she starts asking me questions about Denise and my mom. It was awkward. I guess Denise had told her mostly everything, but she was just surprised that her sister was with someone so much older. I asked her if she had seen my mom and she said she actually hadn’t. So I asked her to come to my room.

I showed her a few pictures on my computer and I made sure to show her one with my mom in a bikini. Lyndsey actually asked me how old the pictures were and when I said they were only a year old she was shocked at how hot my mom was. We talked for a while about them and then she started asking me all these questions about why Denise and I broke up and why I was first attracted to Denise and how I met Jessica and everything. I told her everything and she acted funny when I told her how much I love huge breasts. Lyndsey’s are even bigger than Denise’s.

Lyndsey was wearing a low cut tight shirt that really showed off her huge boobs and I think I might have stared at them when I said how much I loved boobs, because I know she sort of shifted to hide them, but that was impossible.

So then she tells me she thinks Denise is still in love with me. I was sort of stunned more that she was telling me this than that Denise still loved me. I’m sure it showed too. She told me that Denise talks about me every night. I didn’t know what to say. I told Lyndsey that Jessica and I are really in love and that I just couldn’t date Denise anymore because of my mom. Lyndsey seemed to understand, but of course she has no clue about my mom and I or at least I assumed she didn’t.

Lyndsey left before Jessica got home, and Jessica took a nap so I left to go hang out. I found Denise in another girl’s room and we were in there for a while, but then we went to her room. Lyndsey wasn’t there so I started talking to Denise about my mom. We talked about all sorts of things and I finally got the courage to ask her if they ever had fantasies about having sex with other girls.

Denise didn’t seem like she was going to answer at first, but then she admitted that my mom talks about Denise’s mom a lot, and that it usually turns them both on quite a bit. I of course had overheard this before, but I was surprised Denise admitted it to me. So I asked her to tell me about it and she said that my mom likes to talk about them having sex in front of her mom or my mom having sex with her mom, and a few times she’d mentioned my mom watching while Denise and her own mom have sex.

I asked Denise if it turned her on and if she would ever consider it. She sort of laughed at first, but admitted that it did turn her on and that she thought her mom was pretty hot. (Which she really is for her age.) But she also said that she would never even think about ever doing anything like that. So then I asked “What about you and Lyndsey?” To which I got a very excited response. Denise actually cupped and squeezed her own breasts and said, “I think about that all the time.”

That got me so horny. And watching Denise squeeze her own breasts got me so wet that I felt like I should leave before I would do something I’d regret. And I started to. I actually stood up, but then I said that Jessica fantasizes about her and Lyndsey all the time and how she actually drove home with Denise because she hoped something might happen. Denise was shocked, and she admitted that my mom and her talk about me all the time during sex too, and that Jessica’s name had come up as well.

Then Denise asked me if it bothered me that Jessica was attracted to her. I told her that I couldn’t imagine anyone not being attracted to her. She started looking at me differently and I couldn’t help but smile at her. I was so attracted to her right then and I wanted her so bad, but there was no way I was going to do that behind Jessica’s back. So instead I decided to get her and Jess together.

So I asked if she’d be interested in having sex with Jessica. She told me she didn’t want to get between us, and I joked that I thought that she’d really enjoy that (wink wink). And she laughed and then asked if I am asking her to have sex with my girlfriend. I said yes and she smiled so big, and said she would love to have sex with Jessica, but she told me that she wasn’t sure it was a good idea, because she was still in love with me. I of course knew that, but didn’t expect her to admit it. She had certainly become very open.

I told her I didn’t want her to get hurt and that I couldn’t say how I really felt about her, but that I was still very confused about everything. I admitted that I had made love to my mom over the weekend and that I was still in love with my mom and that I still thought about her (Denise) as well, but that I was very much in love with Jessica.

Denise was surprised that I wanted them to have sex, but I explained everything to her and even bursa escort told her about Nikki. Denise was surprised, and asked if I’d be interested in the three of us having sex. I at first thought she meant Nikki, but she said she wasn’t interested in her and that she meant Jessica and the two of us. I told her I’d love it, but that Jessica might not like it. I’d have to wait and see.

Then I told her how Jessica wanted to watch Lyndsey and I have sex while she and Denise did. Denise said she wished her sister was a lesbian, but she didn’t think she would ever do anything like that even to experiment. I told her that was too bad, and she gave me a funny look and said, “I always thought you had the hots for my sister.”

I told her that I had always found her attractive, but that I would never have made love to her while I was dating her. Denise smiled, and said she would have. We both laughed. I was so horny I wanted to rip her clothes off so I just said. Go and talk to Jessica about you wanting to have sex with your sister and you two will be naked in no time.

Denise looked at me very serious and asked me if I was really serious about this. I told her I was and that I wanted Jessica to be with her. She asked me if she should go now and I started getting emotional. I don’t know why, but I just shook my head yes and couldn’t talk. Denise walked up and kissed me on the lips and I was just taken by surprise. I don’t think Denise was trying to make out with me. I think she was just going to give me a peck, but I just slid my tongue into her mouth and next thing I knew we were holding each other with searching, wanting hands and it might have been the best kiss Denise and I ever had.

When my hands found her breasts I stopped kissing her and said that she needed to go to see Jessica. She said she’d rather stay here with me. I said we couldn’t and that I should go. I said I wanted to be with her, but I couldn’t do that to Jessica. Denise looked more confused than me. I realized that this was a horrible idea and right then Lyndsey walked in the room.

Denise and I both acted flustered and I think Lyndsey knew right away that something had happened because she was smiling and acting strange and asked if she should go, but Denise said “No you can stay Lyndsey, nothing is going on. I was just leaving.”

Denise said goodbye and walked out and then there I was with Lyndsey and Denise was gone. It took me like thirty seconds to realize that Denise might be going to see Jessica. I got like totally stressed out and Lyndsey noticed and asked me what was wrong. I didn’t know what to say and I guess I looked like I was about ready to cry and she comes over and starts comforting me, and I hugged her. We held each other for a while and she asked me if I told Denise that I knew she liked me.

I told her that I was just confused about what I wanted and that I really liked Jessica, but that I was very attracted to other girls and wasn’t sure if I was ready to have a serious relationship. That I wanted to keep Jessica, but that I still wanted to have sex with other girls and that wasn’t fair to anyone and that I felt like I was some sort of a slut. I realized that we were still holding one another, and I really liked it. And then I realized then and there that I am a slut. I wasn’t sure I liked it, but I so wanted to have sex with Lyndsey.

Lyndsey argued that I wasn’t a slut and that it wasn’t like I had sex with every girl I had a chance to be with. And although she was right, she really didn’t know me that well, and I really didn’t have too many girls that I’ve had a chance with that I didn’t make love to. Anna (my mom’s ex) is one, and I did want her and she would have, but I never was with her.

It was weird because I had this feeling that Lyndsey felt really comfortable holding me in her arms and I liked being there, but I was both afraid to do something for fear that she would hate me, and also because I was afraid she would let me and then I might hurt both Jessica and Denise.

So Lyndsey starts telling me that she knows Denise thinks about other girls and that she’s talked about girls on our floor and then she said, “Heck sometimes I think she’s coming on to me.”

To which I asked, “Have you ever thought about being with a girl?”

Lyndsey let go of me and looked away, but I held on to her and she actually put her arms then back up on my shoulders so that her elbows were on my breasts and looked at me. She told me she had thought about it before, but after she found out Denise was a lesbian she had actually fantasized about what it would be like.

And I said, “If you want me to I could show you.”

Her face turned so red and she wouldn’t even look at me. I told her that Jessica and I both think that she is so beautiful and then I told her that I knew Denise had fantasies about her too. When I said that she looked at me hard in the eyes and she asked me if Denise had told her that. I said yes. At the time I was so horny and I imagined Denise having sex with Jessica and I wanted to be with Lyndsey so bad bursa escort bayan that I was just saying whatever came to my mind. I didn’t think about consequences or anything.

I started rubbing her ass and she kind of crept her chin up to mine and I knew she wanted to kiss me so I did. She stopped herself several times before we were finally really going at it. We kissed for like thirty seconds and then she like pushed me back and started cussing and pacing and then she got this crazy look and I thought she was going to run out of the room, but instead she ran over and locked the door.

Then she just kept saying, “What if someone finds out.” I tried to calm her down and I almost had, but then she runs over and shuts the curtains next and then keeps saying, “Someone could have seen us.”

I finally just grabbed hold of her again and started kissing her. She let me again for like twenty seconds and then she pushed me back again and started spouting off about how she couldn’t believe she was doing this and that her mom could never find out, and then she just sat down and stared really hard and it was totally freaking me out for the longest time. I sat down next to her and started rubbing her back and she didn’t look at me right away, but when she did she smiled. But then she started saying stuff about how she couldn’t believe Denise wanted to have sex with her. As I listened to her babbling on and on, I started rubbing her legs and then her waist and then I slid my hand up her side just grazing her fricking enormous breasts and I grabbed the side of her neck and lifted her chin with my thumb and started kissing her again.

This time she melted in my arms and she was really kissing me hard too. I lay back on top of her and soon I had a hand on her breast. Unbelievable. They are just so big and round and they remind me of my moms. We kissed for a long while before I put my hand up her shirt and under her bra. I couldn’t wait to suck her nipples, but I figured I better not rush or I might scare her off again.

After I finally lifted her shirt she just sat there completely still and starring at me while I licked and sucked on her nipples. She held her shirt up and had her arms on either side of her breasts smashing them together and I just grabbed them and sucked them for so long, until I without even thinking slipped my hand down her shorts and started touching her clit. My hands dropped down and found a completely soaked pussy and I slid a finger inside and pulled her juices out and rubbed them on her clit. She orgasmed pretty quick and we kissed when she did. She squirmed underneath my fingers and I knew she was so sensitive afterwards, but I just kept pressing against it and driving her crazy. She finally fished my hand out of her shorts and I licked my fingers off and she just stared at me mesmerized.

I told her I had wanted to do that to her for so long. She said, “Thank you,” which made me laugh. It was so cute. Then I asked her if she’d like to do that with Jessica. She rolled her eyes and just said, “Oh my, gosh.”

So then I said, “Denise wants to do that to you too.”

Lyndsey just turned her head away and smiled. I sucked her nipple and she turned back and watched me. I asked her if she had ever had sex and she said yes. So then I said I wanted to fuck her with a dildo. She closed her eyes and looked like she was imagining it. So I put my hand back down her shorts and started fingering her again. She pulled her shorts down and I helped her take them off and then I fingered her so well. She was just soaked and I ended up getting four fingers in and she was moaning quietly. I asked her if she’d suck her own nipple, and she didn’t want to at first, but I begged her too and so she did. She got into it too and was really sucking it when I decided to start licking her. She was ready for round two and she orgasmed fairly quickly again. This time she was sweating afterwards and pulled me up to her and started kissing me like she was insanely in love with me. My soaked hand fondled her breasts for a while, but then I slipped it back inside and finger fucked her so hard I thought she was going to get noisy, but she put her own hand over her mouth and just starred at me wide eyed.

I gave it two her hard and she pushed her pussy against my hand with every push of mine until finally she told me to stop. I sucked on my fingers and told her how much I loved her cum and she looked at me like she was drunk and kept biting her own lip. It was adorable.

After a while we got dressed and kissed a few more times, but then I told her I was going to go see if Jessica and Denise were having sex. She just couldn’t believe it, and told me she was going to stay here. I kissed her once more before I unlocked the door and she smiled at me as I left.

When I got to my room the door was locked and I used my key and when I went inside I found Jessica and Denise in bed together. Denise was asleep and didn’t even wake up when I closed the door, but Jessica was lying there looking at me. She looked scared and I just leaned down escort bursa beside the bed and I kissed her. Denise woke up then and I noticed right away and so I stopped and smiled at her. Jessica looked so nervous, but I was happy it had happened, especially since I had just had sex with Lyndsey.

So then Denise starts rubbing Jessica’s breast and Jessica turns and they kiss right in front of me. Holy shit. I was so turned on. I started sucking Jessica’s breasts and then Denise starts pulling my shirt off. So I asked Jessica, “Should we stop?”

And of course she says no. In fact she said, “No, I want you both.” It was amazing and I loved being with Denise again. And Denise and I kissed a lot and Jessica seemed to love it when we did. My favorite part was when Denise and I laid on either side of Jessica and both of us had fingers inside of her at the same time. Plus we were sucking her breasts and kissing her and each other. It was unbelievable.

I never said a word about Lyndsey to either of them. Not sure why. I guess I wanted her for myself more than I wanted to watch her with Denise. Or maybe I was afraid Denise would be pissed. So Jessica and I had a big talk and she asked me if I had feelings for Denise. I told her I loved having sex with her and that she was one of my best friends, but that I loved Jess more. Jess was happy with that, but she actually admitted to me that she had some feelings for Denise. It didn’t bother me because I knew I did too, and that Denise was still in love with me.

So the next day, Nikki comes down and she is acting like she wants to be with us again, but I told her we didn’t think we would. Jess wasn’t actually there. So Nikki pulls her shirt up and she has no bra and of course I sucked her tits, but nothing else happened. Well that’s not entirely true. We kissed quite a bit too. But no pussy play. Nikki was gone before Jess showed up, and I never even mentioned it other than telling her that Nikki was interested. Jess said she wasn’t.

I went looking for Lyndsey later and found her in this girl’s room down the hall. The girl doesn’t really like me (I think because I’m a lesbian) so I didn’t even go inside, but I kind of got her attention and she walked out and we talked down the hall a bit. I told her about Denise and Jessica and that I hdd joined them and I told her that I didn’t say anything. She told me she didn’t tell Denise anything.

As we were standing there I felt all nervous and I asked her if she had enjoyed what we did. She told me she had, but she said she was not a lesbian. I told her I would love to be with her again if she wanted, and she smiled so cute. She said she wasn’t sure, and so I asked her if she would want to be with Denise ever. She smiled really big again, and I told her that I’d love to make that happen if she wanted me to.

She said she didn’t think so, but I could tell she was thinking about it. I don’t know what came over me, but I started telling her she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen and that I loved making love to her and how much I loved her breasts and . . . I didn’t think I could keep my hands off of her and she was blushing and looked so nervous, and she asked if we could go to my room.

So we did, but I thought it was because she wanted to have sex, but instead she just wanted to talk. So we talked. She asked me if I was serious about Denise wanting her, as if I had made it up the first time. I told her that I was, and that she did. Lyndsey looked really messed up, just like she was struggling to make a decision, and so I told her that it was ok if she had desires for Denise and that I know what she must be feeling now, because I’ve been there. She was like, “You don’t have a sister. How could you know?” So I told her that I had made love to my mom.

Lyndsey looked more than shocked. I almost couldn’t believe that I had said anything and my heart was beating so fast, I almost felt cold, it was weird. We were both quiet for a long time. I don’t know what Lyndsey was thinking, but at the time I wished I had not said anything. Finally I just had to say something, so I asked her what she was thinking. She told me she was shocked and that she couldn’t believe it. I asked her if it would change our friendship and she just shook her head, but stared off like she wasn’t really even listening to me. I tried defending myself by saying how it was just sex at first and that I just loved her huge boobs, but Lyndsey was like, “At first, what is it now?”

Now it was my time to be quiet. I just sat there confused what to say. I said, that I had just wanted to be with someone and that her body was so tempting and she was so sensual that I became confused if I should have feelings for my own mom.

Lyndsey nodded her head and said she felt like it is wrong for her to have lustful thoughts for her own sister. I told her I was beginning to think it was normal and that I had talked to several people on the internet about their desires for daughters or mothers, or sisters. I told her some stories that I have been told from some of you readers, though I left out names, and she listened really well. Then I told her that Denise and my mom have talked about having sex with her mom, and that Denise would like to, but she would never actually go through with it. Lyndsey couldn’t believe it.

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