My First Time With Rachel

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I noticed her my first day in design class, the art design class, an unusual course selection for an engineering major. I could not help looking at her because she looked so very young. She must be, I thought at first, a local high school student, who was smart enough to take a college course. Then I began to see her in many places on campus, so I figured she was some female genius who had graduated from high school at age fifteen and had been admitted to college early.

I saw her seated alone at lunch in the dining hall one day and sat down across from her. The young beauty glanced up and smiled at me. She had a head of hair that was unbelievable, long, wavy, and honey-colored.

“Are you and art major?” I asked. What an inane question!

“Yes,” she answered. “I want to be a painter some day.”

“I trying to be an engineer,” I explained. “I had one year of college and then went into the army. I just got out this June. Now I’m back again, trying real hard to become a student again.”

“You do look a little older than the rest of us,” she remarked. “It must have been quite an experience, the army.”

“That is was. You look really young.” I broached the subject that had been hanging in my brain for days. “You must be one of these high school geniuses that graduate early while the rest of us are stuck for a another year or two.”

“No,” she said, forcing a smile, “I’m older than you think. I’ll be eighteen on Wednesday. I did start college last year when I was seventeen, but that’s nothing unusual.” We talked more as we ate our food. “I belong to the film society and there is a movie tomorrow night,” she announced eventually. “Do you want to go to see it?” I was not used to a girl inviting me for a date and was surprised by her offer after just a lunch together, but I had a surprise for her.

I grinned and said, “I joined that too. I’ll be glad to see it with you.” As we talked further, I discovered her name was Rachel, and she learned that mine was Jimmy. Rachel was interested in my army experiences and my yearlong tour of duty in the Philippines. We met for supper too and became so engrossed in our conversation that we had to rush to the theater in the Arts Building.

We watched the movie closely to the final credits and then sat together in the theater discussing it while everyone else wandered out. I walked Rachel back to her dorm room. We arranged to meet at breakfast the next morning. At lunch we were also together, and then again at supper, but it was Wednesday, so I had a little birthday present for her. It was a little tool box that art students carry their equipment in. I had seen that hers was broken, battered, and taped together.

“This is so nice,” she said. “I always wanted to buy a new one, but I never got around to it.” For a few dollars I had made her very happy. I was happy too. She leaned over and kissed me. We were not only together only at meals after that, but also studied in the library together. Each night I walked her back to her dorm, and each night the kissing got better and longer.

That Friday night we attended a concert together, and, when I walked her back to her dorm room, we stopped to hug and kiss so many times it took a long time to reach her dorm. Rachel seemed desperate for my attention and my affection, and I wanted to be with her too.

“Do you want to come upstairs and meet my room mates?” Rachel asked. I knew that she lived in a dorm suite with five other girls. Each pair had a small bedroom and they shared a common sitting room. I had heard some anecdotes about them during out long talks.

“OK,” I said, “I’d like to meet them and see your suite.”

We went upstairs, but only two of the girls were there. They looked at me in a strange way. Rachel introduced me. “This is Jimmy. He was in the army and now he is studying engineering.” The two roommates, Jill and Heather, were polite but cool toward me as if I had committed some minor crime. What was the problem?

Trying to be extra friendly, I bought some sodas for everyone from a machine in the hall and we sat talking and taking it easy. The two roommates kept eying me, but finally got up and retired into separate bedrooms.

I turned to Rachel. “What was up with those two girls, Rach?” I whispered. “They seemed a little hostile toward me.”

“I’ll explain later,” she replied.

We sat there quietly for a while. I moved closer to her and we kissed some more. My arm was around her, and she snuggled close to me. “Your hair is really something,” I said. She sighed and wiggled against me. “Do you want to stay with me tonight, Jimmy? My roommate is gone; she goes home most weekends. We have my bedroom entirely for ourselves.”

Wow! What luck! Thankfully I had a condom in my pocket, not really expecting to need it, but just being ready. “I’d love to stay with you tonight, Rachel. Are you sure?” Her face seemed almost grim now when I looked at her. What was going on here?

“Yes, Jimmy, I’m sure, but,” she added, “promise Gaziantep Olgun Escort you will stay with me the whole night if you stay. Do you promise that?”

“I thought that was what you meant, that I should stay the whole night,” I answered. She stared at me. “Yes, I’ll stay until morning. Really, I promise.” I began to wonder if some dreadful thing was going to happen to me, but I wanted to be with her so much, that I didn’t care.

“Fine,” she replied. She jumped up, pulled on my arms to get me to my feet, and dragged me into her bedroom. She closed the door and turned the lock. This was becoming very interesting.

Rachel turned on her radio, reached into her pocket, and handed me her college ID card. “What’s my birth date, and how old am I?” she asked.

“You’re eighteen,” I answered, not looking at her ID. Remember, it was just your birthday on…”

“No, Jimmy, look at my ID card.”

I studied the card, read her birth date from it and did a simple calculation and told her she was eighteen. As I did this brief task, I saw that Rachel was already undressing. I watched as she removed each garment, hands shaking. In two minutes she totally bare. I had thought Rachel was fifteen when I first noticed her just weeks ago. Now I would have sworn she was only thirteen or maybe twelve, if I had not just confirmed her birthday on her ID. Her breasts were just soft swellings, crowned by conical areolas with perky, little nipples. Her mound had only a thin tuft of hair. Rachel’s hips showed the feminine flare mainly because her waist was so slim. Her entire shape was that of a young, slender, almost pre-pubescent girl.

“You’re beautiful,” I whispered, meaning it sincerely even though I was amazed by her physical immaturity, “You are so beautiful, Rachel.”

Her lips began to quiver and tears rolled down her cheeks. Suddenly in two big steps Rachel was in my arms, her body shuddering and little sobs coming from her lips. I held her to me. “Re-remember, you s-said… you would st-stay… you promised… pl-please don’t leave m-me… a-alone,” she whimpered.

“I’m not going anywhere,” I whispered soothingly. I leaned down and pulled her face to mine and kissed her. I began to unbutton my shirt, but she pushed my hands away and deftly had it off me in seconds as if trying to insure I would remain with her. Then she moved her little hands to my pants. Rachel was under control again. She talked softly to me as she removed my clothing.

“Last semester I was going out with a guy for a long time, and I finally got up enough courage to ask him to stay with me,” Rachel told me as she worked my pants down. “He looked at me after he got my bra off and walked out, saying ‘get yourself a high school boyfriend, little girl.’ He was not in my room ten minutes, and he walked out past my roommates. I was so ashamed of my body, so humiliated.”

“Is that why your room mates were giving me the evil eye?”

“Yes, they were afraid that you would ditch me too.”

“And you made me promise to stay, so I wouldn’t leave you like that jerk did last year?” She was pulling my socks off. “Rachel, you know I didn’t expect you to invite me to stay with you so soon. We have known each other for about a week.”

“I wanted to get it over with; I wanted to see if you would dump me like that other boyfriend.” She pulled the blanket down on her bed and lay down on the far side. “I’m scared now, Jimmy. I kind of expected that you would run out too. Now I don’t know what to do with you.”

“Are you afraid to do anything with me,” I asked. Her face had lost its grim demeanor, and now looked frightened.

“Uh… I’m still a virgin… and… I… uh…”

“We don’t need to do anything, if you don’t want to, sweetie,” I said. “We can just be with each other. Would you like that?”

“You’re not angry? We could just be together and sleep?” Rachel asked. She seemed to relax a little, but her eyes fell on my cock, which was partly swollen in anticipation of pleasure. “Don’t you… don’t you want to do it, Jimmy?”

I lay down next to her and held her gently in my arms. “Yes, I want to do it, but only if you do also. Come on! Relax! We can just talk for a while and then sleep, and it will be morning soon. Then we can go to breakfast together.”

She moved closer and put her arm across my chest. I could feel her heart throbbing, and she let out a little sigh. “This is nice,” she said and kissed my bare chest. She confessed how she never had a date in high school because the boys only were interested in the girls with big boobs and round asses. We talked softly together about our past experiences…

It was morning. I recalled that we had talked ourselves to sleep. I felt her move. Rachel was snuggled up against me with her pretty face resting against my chest, her long hair spread out over our bare bodies. I had an arm down her back, my hand resting on her butt, and she had one arm draped over my chest. My dick was swollen with a huge morning hardon, and Rachel was waking up.

“Good morning, sweetie,” I whispered as she lifted her head and blinked her eyes open. Besides the hard dick I had a real need to pee. I got out of bed, keeping my dick out of her sight, and went to the suite bathroom with a blanket around me.

When I returned, she had pulled a robe on. “I have to go too, don’t leave, OK?” she said. Her face looked worried again.

“I’ll be right here, Rachel, really” I promised. When she closed the door, I got back into her bed; it was only 6 am, too early to get up. Rachel was back in two minutes and looked relieved when she saw me in her bed. She took the robe off and sat next to me, brushing tangles from her hair. I shifted closer to her.

“Your hair is amazing,” I said. “I love it.”

“Too bad the rest of me isn’t so amazing,” she answered.

“I think that all of you is amazing.” My hand caressed her back and shoulders. After a few more strokes she put the brush down on her desk and lay down on her stomach, head propped up on her elbows. I ran my hand over her hair and she pressed her face against my palm. I saw her eyes move briefly to my semi-hard cock.

“Do you want me to do something for you, Jimmy?” she asked.

“What do you mean, sweetie,”

“I’ve heard other girls talk about giving their boyfriends something that they called a hand job. Would you like me to do that?”

“Yes, if you want to do that, it would make me feel good. You have really excited me because you are so sexy. Do you want me to feel you up too?”

Rachel smiled. “Am I really sexy?” I nodded my head vigorously. Then she asked, “What to you mean by feeling me up? I have heard girls say that, but I don’t know what it actually means.”

“Kind of putting my hands all over you, especially in some very personal areas, trying to make you feel good too,” I replied.

“All right, but be gentle with me. How do I do a hand job? Tell me.”

“Just put your hand around my cock and stroke it up and down, but take it easy.” I moved so that I was propped up on the pillows and pulled her closer, so I could reach her better. She took my cock in her little hand and began to slide her soft fingers up and down, making me harder and harder. My hand stroked her legs and stomach, moving closer and closer to her pussy.

“Is this right?” she asked and then gasped as my fingers touched her pussy lips. She jumped and started to squeeze her thighs together, but then moved them farther apart. I slid a finger in her crevice, slipping it up and down her slit, feeling her become wetter.

“You are doing a good job,” I said. “Does this feel good?” She was stroking my cock so gently that it would be a while before I came.

“Yes, that feels nice,” Rachel replied. Her face began to flush and I could see her skin becoming moist. Was it from her pumping me, or was I making her hot already? I probed deeper into her hidden folds. Rachel sighed softly and inched her hips forward toward my probing hand.

We kept our hands busy and leaned toward each other to kiss a few times. Her eyes closed and she was breathing raggedly through her mouth. I heard little throaty sounds. My fingers pushed against her clitoral hood and rubbed her, then moved down to her vaginal opening. I put a finger up into her. Rachel moaned, and her own hand slowed and then finally stopped as she was caught up in her own needs.

I fingered her wet cunt some more, and she suddenly grabbed my arm with both hands and cried out softly, pushing my hand against herself. I could feel her body still shuddering when I sat up and hugged her to me. I held her and kissed her; Rachel began to respond to me, kissing me, gradually recovering from her climax.

“Oh, Jimmy,” Rachel whispered. “I was supposed to give you a hand job, and you made me forget all about you.” She jumped out of bed and took some lotion from her bureau, squeezing some out into her hands. Rachel climbed back onto the bed, straddled me, and began pumping my hard dick with both her slippery, wet hands. I began to feel the familiar tingling in my groin.

I looked at her pretty face, concentrating on her erotic task, and gasped out, “Rachel watch out! don’t squirt my semen onto your nice hair!” She swept her hair back with her upper arms and stroked me faster. “Ohhhh… Nooooo…” I moaned as she pumped my sperm out onto my bare body, some drops flying into the air before raining down on my bare stomach. What a great sensation!

“Ah, yes,” Rachel muttered. I looked at her through half closed eyes, and her face seemed to be triumphant in her sexy achievement, jerking me off. She saw me looking at her. “Did that feel good, my sweet baby?” she asked.

“Oh yes, sweetie, that was really good.”

“Well, you deserved it for torturing me.” We grinned at each other. She began to play with the cum and rubbed it into my skin along with the lotion still on her hands. “I was thinking,” she said, “that those other two don’t get up for breakfast. Do you want to take a shower together?”

“That would be heaven,” I replied, “but what if they need to use the bathroom.”

“They just need to wait for us. I’ve had to wait while their boy friends have showered here with them many times. Now it’s their turn,” Rachel declared. I realized she was coming into her own now, wanting to experience whatever she had seen other girls doing. Somehow we managed to get through our shower without too much fooling around, but with a lot of giggling, and were first on line for breakfast.

We spent the day studying in the library, but took a few walks to enjoy the weather and fresh air. I had a big dynamics test on Monday, so I couldn’t afford to just fool around with my cute girlfriend. That evening we studied in her suite, but had to move into her bedroom when the two roommates returned with boy friends and began talking loudly in the common room. They actually smiled at me.

“Are you staying with me again?” Rachel asked. We were winding down our work: books were closing and notes were being organized. It was late.

“I was hoping to stay. Do you want me?” I replied.

“Yes, I want you here again, Jimmy; last night together was really so nice and this morning was so much fun. I want it to go on and on.”

“So do I, sweetie; I don’t want to be apart from you either.”

When I returned from the bathroom, after letting her go first, Rachel was already naked under the sheet. I locked the door and took off my clothes. She lifted the sheet and I slid in next to her. Rachel put her arms around me and we began to kiss and fondle each other. I could feel my excitement build. Her little body was starting to tremble under my hands.

“What do you want to do tonight, sweetie?”

“I want… I want you to show me more things. What else can we do together?” She hesitated a moment. “Actually, I would like to do it, but I’m afraid also; it’s strange, wanting to and not wanting to at the same time.” She kissed me on the lips and hugged me, pressing her face into my neck.

“We can do other things,” I answered. “When you’re ready, we can do whatever you want.” My hands were feeling her little titties.

“Mmmmm, that feels nice,” Rachel whispered. I lowered my mouth and began to kiss and lick her breasts. “Ooooo, that feels good, yes, more,” she moaned. My mouth sucked her breasts. “Don’t stop, ohhhhh,” she whispered. I slid my hand between her legs and felt the wetness of her pussy. “Oh god,” she moaned. When she spread her legs wider, I began to kiss my way down her body. I probed into her belly button with my tongue briefly before working downward to the little tuft of dark hair above her honey pot. The hair was soft and silky.

My face was between her legs, and my tongue and fingers were busy between her labia. Rachel’s hips were slowly undulating against my head and little gasps and sighs emerged from her throat. One of my hands roamed over her bare chest and stomach, sometimes rubbing across her nipples. She had her legs draped over my back and dug her heels in now and then as though spurring my onward.

“Put it in me, Jimmy,” Rachel murmured. “Put your dick inside me; I want to feel you inside me.”

“Are your sure, sweetie?”

“Yes, sweet baby, I want you to do it. Please.”

I knew I had to be careful, not only of her virginity, but also of possibly impregnating her. I got up and slid my cock head up and down her cleft. Rachel urged me to continue, so I pushed gently against the opening of her dripping pussy.

“Yes, baby, go ahead; put it into me,” she urged. I pushed harder, but made no progress. She was tight, but also she seemed not to feel any pain. I pushed harder and I felt myself slip partly inside her.

“OH! GOD!” she gasped. “That feels… SO GOOD! Push deeper, all the way inside me,” she moaned. I pushed again and felt myself slip in deeper. Rachel moaned some more and pulled on my hips with both hands, her fingers digging into my skin. She still seemed to show no discomfort. I pushed again; now my full length was inside her little body. Her legs hooked mine and attempted to pull me even deeper. “Do it! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me!” she cried out. Thank goodness the radio was on!

“We need to be careful, sweetie,” I whispered. “This is how babies are made.” I looked around to find out how close my pants were. They were just out of reach. I pistoned in and out of her a few more times until she loosened up. Then pulled out and slipped away from her grasping legs and arms.

“No, no, put it back in, Jimmy,” she demanded hoarsely. The foil packet was in my hand; I was ripping it open. “Please, baby, put it back into me, please,” she begged, watching me tear open the packet. I had the rubber rolled down my slippery cock in a few seconds and was pushing against her pussy. Rachel entwined her legs around mine and helped me slide into her. “Oh, yes, oh yes!” she muttered. I resumed my stroking, and soon we were moaning in unison. “Aaaahhhhgh… Aahhggghhhh!” she groaned and pulled me against her hot, moist body. I pumped in and out of her as she writhed in her passion beneath me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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