My Hot Boss

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Sex with my lady boss:

I have worked with my boss, Shirley, for at least 14 years. Until recently it was mostly all professional. But something changed a few weeks ago.

Let me describe Shirley. She is a beautiful woman, about 5’5″ tall, Dirty blond hair, 36-C tits, a nice ass, and very nice legs.

Shirley always dressed conservatively. She never allowed her nipples to show, kept her skirt longer below the knee; blouse buttoned high, no cleavage.

About four months ago something changed for the better in my humble opinion. At first it was a subtle change. She would openly tease about sexual subjects like telling me she owned several garter belt and hose sets and had worn them to work on occasion, and she mentioned that when she wore jeans she never wore panties. Next I noticed she must have quit wearing a padded bra, that wouldn’t show her hard nipples, because more and more I could see her hard nipples showing. She also began to open the top of her blouse more plus her skirts became shorter.

Shirley began “accidentally” allowing me to look down her top at her beautiful breasts.

Then the text messages started. I texted “thanks for the view gebze escort today”.

She would text back “you’re welcome, glad you enjoyed, more tomorrow”.

I would text questions like, what’s your favorite position / doggy style, do you enjoy giving and receiving oral sex / yes, do you swallow / no…..and so on. She would answer each question truthfully.

I was really searching for a way to get much closer when one morning on the way to work she had a fender bender. She came to my office all pissed off telling me her boyfriend would give her shit about the damage and that her neck was very stiff from the accident.

I immediately offered to massage her neck. Now remember, we had never really touched.

Shirley came back to my office wearing a slinky white silk blouse, unbuttoned three buttons down, a short straight skirt, and heels. Also, she smelled wonderful.

I had her sit in a chair as I closed and locked the door to my office.

As I moved in behind her I could clearly see her tits and saw she was wearing a very sheer white lace bra. I began the massage and I had a hard on immediately göztepe escort which brushed against her back.

I really pressed deeply on her neck and shoulders and in the process another button on her blouse popped open. Now I saw a whole lot more cleavage. She made no effort to button back up but instead just moaned and told me how wonderful my hands were.

Slowly I started massaging more toward her tits. She knew where this was going. I asked if it was ok and she said of course, I like this very much.

My hand then slid into her bra where I could fondle her 36-C tits and lightly pinched her already very hard nipples. She really got turned on then. Her nipples were very large.

My next move was to bend down and kiss her. In went my tongue which she sucked on and gave me hers in return. My hands were all over her tits. She was going crazy with lust. I undid the rest of her buttons and slid off her blouse.

I stood her up and we groped each other. She slid her hand down to massage my throbbing cock outside of my slacks.

I slid my hand up her skirt and inside her soaking wet halkalı escort thong panties. Shirley had a huge orgasm and let out a scream of total excitement!! She grabbed her own tits and just shuddered. Shirley fell back into my arms.

My next move was to drop my Slacks and pull down my boxers so she could grab my hard cock. She did grab my cock but then sat back down and pulled my cock into her hot mouth. She proceeded to suck my cock and lick my balls like a mad woman. I took off her bra and was amazed at the sight of her tits!! They were perfect and natural.

After a moment I pulled her up, removed her skirt and panties, leaned her over my desk, and entered her from behind doggy style, her favorite position. We fucked hard and all the time she was begging for me to fuck her hard and to cum inside her pussy.

I did pound her as hard as I could as she came over and over again. Her juices were literally dripping on my cock, balls, and her legs. Finally I was about to shoot my cum inside her. I told her I was Cumming and she said don’t pull out, cum inside me, cum in me!! I exploded inside her pussy. She had another orgasm and another. We fell together for a moment. Spent and dripping cum and sweat we kissed.

I asked Shirley if I could lick her clean and she said “you would do that for me?”

I licked her as clean as I could and we kissed again for a long time.

Shirley told me we must be careful so others would not know about us but that she could not wait until I fucked her again….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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