My Innocent Wife Pt. 01

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Aaaaarrrgghh!! Squeeze that cum out this big black cock you fucking whore! A 6’5 big muscular black man exclaimed as he released his load all over my wife’s face. And so I realized that my world was about to turn upside down to say the least. I had come home early from work to surprise my wife with my big promotion at work. To my surprise, my wife who I thought was the sweetest and most innocent girl I knew had just cheated on me. I had no idea what to say while I just stood there shocked.

My wife just sat there scared just waiting for my reaction, but I just didn’t have one. “Don’t worry man, she’s still yours. Every girl is going to try a black cock sooner or later.” The man said as he put on his clothes and left. I stood there for a few minutes while my wife kept saying “sorry.” I then packed a bag and decided to stay at a nearby motel for a whole week trying to take in what had just happened.

As the week passed by, I kept on listening to my wife’s voicemails and reading her text messages. Eventually I started to miss her really bad, and she really seemed very sorry. She was so sweet and innocent that I started to think that maybe it was my fault, or maybe she was meant to try it sooner or later like the man said. I also wasn’t very good looking and there was no way I would ever find a girl like her. I’m 5’6 130lbs and have always had bad acne and no muscles to talk about. My wife is 5’2 100lbs blonde, light blue eyes, and always has a smile on her face that will keep you staring all day. She is a kindergarten ağrı escort teacher and is always positive and has only been made a couple of times because the cookies she baked burnt a little. I just couldn’t leave her.

A month went by and I was still traumatized. I just couldn’t get hard whenever she was ready to have sex with me. I would only see the image of her mouth sucking on that man’s cock. The size of his cock would make me feel so inferior that I just felt worthless and just couldn’t get hard. The size of the man’s penis was bigger than my wife’s face. My penis was barely 5 inches on my best day.

Every time we would go out, I would always notice a black man checking my wife out and my wife would just smile back. I thought I was being paranoid because that probably used to happened before is just that now I noticed it all the time. Now I don’t know if my wife had her hormones attracting black men or what the deal was, but before she cheated on me it seemed like once every time we went out a guy would come and talk to my wife and would try and get her number. My wife would tell them that I was her husband and they would just walk away. Some would be persistent and my wife would give them their number because she was just that nice. But after she cheated on me, every time we would go out it was almost as if she was holding a sign up saying “come get my number.” At least ten guys or so would come up to try and get her number. And now they were almost always black. I think aksaray escort they would sense my feeling of being inferior and none of them would care that I was her husband. They would all get her phone number.

Three months went by and the inferior feeling wouldn’t go away. We had not had sex since she cheated on me. She didn’t seem bothered by it and I would just keep the topic in the backburner trying to give myself time to get over it. Not that we had time to talk about it anyways. Dinner was when we would talk the most, but now we would barely talk because she had to reply to all the guys she had given her phone number to. It was nonstop texting all day for her. I was starting to get annoyed by it, but I knew that being nice was in her nature and it would be rude of her to stop texting back. While she was texting as usual, she let out a little scream and dropped her phone. I was picking it up I was stunned, it was the biggest penis I had ever seen. I was totally amazed by it, I had no idea penis could be that big. He was comparing his penis to a pringles can, and he actually made the can look small. I remembered who the guy was because you could see his boxers in the picture. It was the same boxers that the last guy that approached my wife that day was wearing. He was about 6’8, black, and had a basketball build, I remember him saying something about being able to take my wife to his college basketball games for free.

Wife: You think it’s real?

Me: Well, the amasya escort black man you cheated with wasn’t too far from that!

Wife: You still haven’t got over that?

Me: It’s really hard to get over when his penis was so big! I feel inferior and I can’t help it!

Wife: It’s okay if you are inferior. That’s just how nature works.

Me: Are you serious?!?!?

Wife: It’s just like the story you told me when you got cut from the football team because of all the black boys that transferred to your school. You knew you would be cut from the team because you were inferior to them and you accepted the rules of nature.

Me: This world is so unfair!

Wife: We talked about you saying that sentence before! You know it affects my positive vibes!

Me: I don’t care anymore!

Wife: Okay, I’m going to go stay with a friend. I’m going to let you have reflection time, and when you are ready to be positive again, just call me so I can come back.

It was Friday and I decided to go out to a bar a drink myself to sleep. Woke up middle of the day Saturday with a huge headache. I laid around all day trying to cope with the headache until I fell asleep. Woke up Sunday at noon and I had no texts or calls from my wife. I decided to do a video call so she could see how I messed up I was and that I needed her support. The black basketball guy appeared on my phone screen. As I was starting to think that I had called the wrong number, he winked at me and turned the camera to his huge penis half way into the petite bubbly butt of my wife. I could tell it was her because of her small birth mark. But I was still hoping it wasn’t her until I saw the back of her head being held by the guys hand while she moaned and screamed “I want all of your big black cock inside me!! Ooohhh aahhhh!!”

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