My Love of Anal

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Another adventure on a Thursday morning in warm sunny southwest Florida. Two men who love gay sex enjoying each other’s bodies.

At our age we probably should have lost interest in sex long ago. Not Tom and me we continue to explore the pleasure of two men having sex. Our sexual relationship started the day we met. In less than a half hour after meeting and shaking hands, my cock “Rocky” was in his mouth. His muscular body drove me wild with desire that day and every time we are together.

After resting and facing each other we smiled. This was our second act today. We were at Tom’s house this warm Thursday morning. Eighty-five degrees with low humidity meant all the windows were open allowing the gentle Florida breeze to flow through his house.

The day started in an unusual way. We met for breakfast halfway between his house and mine. The restaurant is usually packed with customers as it was today. We had only met once before publicly. Tom was wearing flip flops, beige linen shorts and a plaid shirt partly open. He was clearly without underwear as the outline of his cock was visible. I had on flip flops, gray shorts Beşiktaş escort and a blue tee shirt.

Tom is very private about his life. Almost secretive revealing very little about himself. He has a live-in girlfriend who is still employed in a family insurance business. My wife is retired as well with an active social life. Tom, like me is full time retired.

We ordered and ate a light breakfast discussing the topics in the current news. The economy, crime, gas and grocery prices were our topics. Several female customers clearly were interested in looking at Tom. He has striking good looks, silver hair, tall, tan and muscular and fit. His look always attracts female attention. If they only knew…

We’d met early so we could spend several hours together this Thursday. Driving to his house I could feel my cock getting hard. I knew he’d have the bedroom prepared for our sexual adventure.

Quickly we undressed and walked to the bedroom. I dropped to my knees and took his full length into my mouth. Tom’s body flexed as I worked his cock. Then we changed positions. He began sucking my cock Beşiktaş escort bayan while making eye contact and pinching my nipples. Sexual excitement was building.

Climbing into bed Tom reached to his bedside table for anal lube. He prepared my lubed ass inserting fingers one at a time. Then I could feel the pressure of his bareback cock enter me. Slowly then faster and faster he picked up his pace. My brain was spinning as I lay on my chest being pounded. Then as his orgasam hit he pushed his cock as deep as it would go. Then letting out an almost animal sound he came hard, hot and wet.

We rested a minute but my need was great. Semen and sperm were leaking onto the two towels under us. Tom laid on the bed but now over a high triangle pillow he put his tan muscular ass in a position to receive my cock. Lubed and ready I skipped finger play and forced my cock “Rocky” into him. The pure animal in me emerged. My bareback cock began to pick up the pace. Pounding my cock again and again into Tom. Looking over his shoulder he smiled for he truly adores anal sex.

It hit like it always does, my Escort beşiktaş brain spinning red hot semen and sperm racing out of me and into him. My cock was as deep as possible in him. Sweat and sexual exhaustion hit us both. I slipped out of him, I needed to lick my seed from his beautiful ass. When I was done I crawled up next to Tom. Now face to face we shared the seed in my mouth.

We talked about our experience this morning. Both our chests were red with the after glow of great sex. We both admit to being bisexual, we both are denied heterosexual sex for him from his girlfriend and me from my wife. Frankly, now all we want is gay sex.

We finally got out of bed. Tom placed the towels in the washer as we got in the shower together. My front to his back as we washed each other. We reversed and continued washing each other as we both somehow regained our erections. Dressed now I was preparing to leave.

Suddenly, we heard the lock on his door open. PANIC prevailed. I had to hide and hide quickly. I bolted to the garage closing the door behind me. Tom’s girlfriend decided to surprise him with lunch today. Fortunately, there is a side door to the garage. I’d parked on the street today rather than in his driveway. Getting in I started my car and slowly drove away.

That evening I received an email from Tom. All is well and asking when can we get together again only next time at my house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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