My Master’s Bitch

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You’ve been training for a while now and this morning I read an e-mail that told me to be ready when you come to get me at 9:00 p.m. and that I had better be ready when you show up. I expect to find you standing in your living room, waiting when I arrive. You tell me to where what you have left on my bed and nothing else. My first thought is how much I am looking forward to another opportunity to please you, my second thought is full of dread, because we’re going out and i am still frightened of being exposed in public. I know you know this, so I know you enjoy seeing me squirm at the idea.

When I get home, there’s just a black, silk slip on the bed, black heels and a long coat. On seeing this I know now that we’re going to a crowded restaurant and I will have to obey your every command, no mater how depraved or mortifying in public, risking the embarassment of strangers seeing what a whore I am for you. I shower, very carefully, because my clit is already hard with anticipation and I know I’m not meant to enjoy pleasure without your permission. I smooth my oil over my skin, so tat my skin is soft for you if you decide to honor me with your touch. I dress, go downstairs, in the slip and heels. Even though I am in my own living room, I feel very exposed, just standing and waiting, my pussy bare under the slip. I look at the clock see it’s 8:45 and know you’ll be here soon. My pussy swelling, getting wet with anticipation of your arrival. Time passes. You make me wait. At 9:15, I hear the door open. You walk over to me. Walking around me, checking me to see if I’m the presentable whore you expect me to be for you. Standing in front of me, your left hand on the back of my neck. You pull me into you, slide your tongue past my lips and kiss me deeply. My pussy aching, from the unexpected touch of your mouth on mine. I can feel my juices start to spread to my inner thighs. You must see my hips move because your kiss stops and I feel your right hand going slowly up my thighs, your fingers probing the folds of my pussy. Pulling your hand away quickly, you step back. The first words I hear since you arrive, “Present, you fucking impatient whore!” I drop to the flloor, bow my head, stretch my arms out in front of me, arch my back pushing my ass up as high as I can for you. “I don’t remember saying your cunt could be so wet you were dripping down your thighs, did I?”

” No, sir, I’m sorry Sir, but it felt so good to have your mouth on mine I couldn’t help it.”

“what a bad slut you are, and I thought your training was ggoing so well. You insult my abilities as your Master by not waiting for my permission to feel the pleasure you do.” You stand in front of me, leaning down, placing your hand in my face, i can smell myself on you. “Clean me bitch.”

“Thank you Sir.” I lick my juices from your fingers, sucking each one clean.

“Lift your slip up over your ass. Show me your ass you fucking bad slut.” I lift pull my slip back, exposing my ass and pussy to the cool air of the room. You walk around to the back of me. I hear you moving something around. I hear a loud smack and feel my ass and pussy lips sting, heat up. I cry out. “Don’t make another sound, you fucking disobediant whore, spanking you with my hand doesn’t work, I thought a nice solid paddle would be more persuassive. Be a good slut and take it for your Master, silently.” I hear another slap and another, and another. Five in all. My ass is on fire, tears in my eyes. I feel your hands rubbing my ass. What a good whore you are now, how it pleases me that you took your lesson in silence.” I feel you put something around my neck, smell the leather and realize it’s a collar. I think, how can I hide this in public? “Get up, we’re running late now and there are so many more lessons to learn tonight.” Escort Bayan I feel the unfamiliar pull of the collar as you pull me to my feet. I hear the chink of metal as you attach a leash to the collar, my shame growing at the thought of being in public as your cunt, your pet.

The leash is under my collar, and it’s night, but I am still mortified by the thought of anyone seeing me like this. You put me in the passenger side of the car and get in your self, keeping the leash in your lap.

As I go to sit in the seat, you yank the leash, “You’re not a lady, you’re my whore, my pet. Sit like my pet, bitch. Sit on your hands and knees until I decide what I want to do with you on our way to where we’re going” With my head lowered, I answer, “Yes Sir. Thank you for having me sit like a dog in your presence.” We drive in silence, my fear growing because I can still feel your displeasure. I want to please you and I know I haven’t.

We stop at a light on a street where there’s cars all around us. It’s a busy Saturday night and all I can think is if anyone looks over, they will see me sitting here, like a dog with a leather collar. You know I’m afraid of being seen like this, you say, “Consider yourself lucky I don’t have you sitting there naked with your ass up in the air like the fucking dog slut in heat you are. Your ass up and exposed for everyone to see what a bad fucking whore you are with your dripping pussy.” ” Thank you so much Sir.” I can’t help myself as I hear you degrade me with your words, I moan at the thought of what you have in store for me tonight. What lesson I will be made to endure tonight. My moan full of desire to please you, knowing if I do you may allow me to worship your ass, your balls, maybe even suck your cock taste your cum. “And now you’re moaning without permission, you fucking misbehaving cunt… you just can’t find any control, can you?”

“I’m sorry Sir, the thought of you teaching me, showing me the way, allowing me to please you took me over, I couldn’t help the moan that escaped me.”

“You need to learn bitch, I don’t care what you’re feeling, You don’t moan without my permission, slut! You don’t touch yourself without my permission, slut! And you don’t EVER cum without my permission, slut!” “Please teach me Master. Please, I want to learn so badly, so I can please you.”

You take the leash and wrap it around the head rest of my seat, giving me some room to move, but not much. “I want you to put your arms behind you on the seat, and one foot on the floor and the other on your seat, I want that selfish cunt up and presented for me to see. Lift the slip up!” The fear crosses my face as I look around. “Oh, but Sir, everyone will see” “Are you actually arguing with me, you insolent bitch. I want them to see what a whore you are. How you spread your legs and lift your hips so your cunt is exposed for me. They can all see how I own you, you fucking dirty whore! Do it now and don’t say another fucking word!”

“Yes Sir. Thank you for correcting me, Sir.” I lift my hips high, arching my back, my pussy able to be seen by anyone that glances over. My eyes close, because I’m mortified. “Open your eyes for me, my slut. Look at me. Watch me.” We’re at another light. I look into your eyes. I’m not even thinking about the cars around us, all I can think about is the fact your face is moving closer to my pussy. I ache with the thought that you may honor me with your touch. I can’t believe that this is possible, I am over-joyed with the hope that maybe, just maybe you desire me enough to touch me. Looking at your face, your eyes never leaving mine, a slight smile on your face, your mouth inches above my glistening lips, you spit on my cunt. I feel your warm spit hit my clit and slowly drip between Bayan Escort my lips and slide down my ass cheeks.

“Did you think you had earned my touch, you stupid whore. That’s all your cunt deserves.” My pussy in agony, because I was a stupid cunt in thinking I was going to be touched by my Master. Such a stupid whore. “Thank you for spitting on my selfish cunt Sir.”

Now that your cunt is wet, and you’re so on edge, you need to learn the art of silence.” “Thank you Sir, please teach me.”Your right hand is free and you reach under my spread legs and open the glove compartment. I see you take out something wrapped in black velvet. You hand it to me and tell me to unwrap it. Inside the velvet is a huge, long, thick vibrator. “Get it wet with your juices, slut.” “yes Sir, Thank you Sir.” I rub it over my wet lips, getting it all slick and wet with my juices. “Lower your ass bitch, but keep your legs wide open for me.” As I lower my ass, I see you’ve removed your cock from your pants and you’re slowly stroking yourself as you drive and look over at me, whenever you can. “You want this bitch, don’t you.”

“Yes Sir, I want your cock so badly.”

“You do not deserve your Master’s cock. Put the vibrator I’ve given you in your mouth, let me see what a good cocksucker you are. Suck it like the good little whore you are.”

“Thank you Sir.” I obey, getting the vibrator wet, looking in your eye as I do.

“Stop! Your cunt’s so greedy. I want you to slide that whole thing in you, all the way SLOW… VERY SLOWLY and bitch… do not make one noise as you do… not a whimper.” “I won’t Sir, Thank you Sir.” I take the vibrator and slide it in me, so slowly. My pussy tightening around it as it goes deeper into me. It’s so thick, it hurts as it stretches me open wider. “All the way in slut! Once it’s in… do not move!” “i won’t move Sir, thank you, Sir.” I have it all the way in. So hard not to move, not to moan. We drive along like that for at least two minutes, you stroking your hard, beautiful cock the whole time, watching me. “Such a good girl, not a noise from you. Now turn it on!” I’m so afraid to, so afraid of what will come out of me. I switch the vibrator on, the car fills with the sound of it in me. Somehow I stay quiet, even as my juices drip down from my cunt and down my ass crack. “Look at how well behaved you can be when you try, my fucking cunt. Fuck yourself with it, now!” I start sliding this huge vibrator all the way out and in to my drenched pussy. “Faster bitch, I want to hear your juices as you ram your fucking cunt with that viibrator. Faster, harder bitch!! And don’t you make a sound. And don’t even think about coming.” That’s just too much for me and I start to moan as slam the vibrator faster and hard into my cunt, the juices splashing onto my thighs. I kow I’m in trouble, but I can’t stop. “You fucking unbeleivable, disobediant cunt! STOP RIGHT NOW!” I stop, the vibrator still humming deep inside of me. I go to remove it when you say. “Leave it in you bitch. You haven’t cum yet, have you… you’ve at least obeyed that command yes?” “Yes Sir, I have obeyed. I haven’t cum Sir” “Do not move, shut your fucking whore mouth and stay still!”

I feel you turning the car, pulling into the back lot of gas station. You park the car, get out and the next thing I know, you’re opening my door and unwrapping the leash from around my headrest. Yanking me out of the car by the leash, you tell me “Hold that inside of yourself cunt. Squeeze real tight and do not let that slip out! Get out of your slip. I don’t want it getting dirty for later on.” I see no one around, but we’re behind an open gas station, and I can here traffic driving by nearby. You pull me out by the leash. There I stand, naked except for the heels, Escort a collar and leash and a huge vibrator deep inside of me. “You may use one hand to hold that in while we walk, bitch.”

“Thank you, Sir” You walk me over to the side of a dumpster, yanking the leash as we go.

“Knees, bitch, except for your one hand. You will use your other hand and keep that toy where it is.” I drop to my knees, spread my legs, my chest and hips stretched out for you, my one arm behind my back. My other hand drenched and shaking as I hold the toy in me. “Yes Sir. Thank you Sir”. You stand in front of me, pulling the leash tight with one hand so my neck is stretched, my head up. Your other hand holding your cock, pointing it at my face. ” Do you want to be my piss slut bitch?”

“Oh yes Sir, please piss on me. May I please taste your piss Sir” I feel a hot jet of your piss spray me in the face, my mouth wide open and filling with your hot liquid. “That’s right whore, take it like the good little piss slut you are, open your mouth wider, drink my piss down” Sputtering through the flood of urine filling my mouth, I say, “Thank you Sir. Thank you for your piss Sir.” I feel you shoot your stream from my face to my cunt. I feel the full strength of your piss hit my clit. It almost sends me over the edge, but the stream slows. I’m covered in the hot shower you’ve just given me. I lick your piss from my chin. My nipples sticking out so hard from the hot piss and the cold air. My pussy throbbing with the need to come. You yank the leash and pull my face towards your hard cock, still dripping with your piss.

“Lick my piss from my cock, piss slut, and maybe I’ll let you be the good, little cocksucker you were with the vibrator” “Thank you Sir.” With long, slow licks I lick your cock clean of piss, wanting to suck you deep into my mouth, but waiting for you to tell me I can.

“Open your mouth wide whore!” Without a word, you slam your cock deep into my mouth, fast and hard, grabbing the back of my head and yanking the leash back and forth, fucking my wet mouth, my spit dripping down my chin and neck. You pull out holding your cock over my face, I feel you explode all over my face. A huge load covering my face, landing on my tongue stuck straight out, trying to get as much of your cum as I can. Using the head of your cock, you wipe the rest of your cum into my mouth. I feel it all slide over my tongue and down my throat. Your cock going in and out of my mouth as you have me suck you clean again.

You step back, look at me, my knees on the dirty ground, my legs spread. I’m covered in your cum and piss. You smile and say, “Look at you, you fucking slut. On your knees, by a dumpster. Covered in your master’s cum and piss. What a dirty whore you are.”

“Yes Master I am a dirty whore. Thank you Sir”

“You did take your lesson like a good whore and never made a sound. Fuck yourself with that vibrator. Let me see how badly you want my cock in you!”

“Thank you Sir” I start sliding the vibrator in and out, speeding up, slamming it deeper and harder into my cunt on the ground in front of you.

“Do you want to moan cunt?”

Begging I say “Yes Sir, may I please moan Sir?” “Yes you may.” The moans and sounds that escape me surprise even me.

“What a fucking dog you are. Fucking your pussy on the dirty ground like a dog! Do you want to cum bitch?”

“Please oh please Master may I cum. I need to cum so badly, please Sir, please Master may I cum for you?”

“No you may not slut. STOP NOW! Take it out now in one long stroke bitch” Somehow I stop, my hips thrust forward as I pull it all the way out. My juices sliding down my thighs. My hips grinding wanting to finish, moaning from the frustration of being so close. “You wanted to cum whore, but I did not feel you were worthy of such pleasure yet, so until I want you to, you will not. Now get up, go put your coat and only your coat on and get in the gas station bathroom and clean your self up. You’ve made us even later bitch, MOVE.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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