My Most Successful Tag Match Ever

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It’s been around 3 weeks since my sister Lina and I wrestled against my girlfriend Sam and our friend Gemma. A night which ended up with my sister and Gemma sleeping together, since which they have been dating. A first lesbian relationship for both women. And tonight Sam and I are on a double date with them at a local restaurant, the first night out we’ve had with them since they became a couple.

Sam likes me to dress up when we go out, so I slip on a short maroon dress, sheer black pantyhose and a pair of satin high heels, which match the shade of my dress. I have spent an hour on hair and make-up and if I say so myself, I look a million dollars. Sam has been getting ready in the other bathroom, so I have yet to see what she is wearing, or to show off my glamorous look to her. I’m now waiting for Sam downstairs, she should be down any moment as we are due at the restaurant shortly.

“Wow!” I say, as I see Sam walk down the stairs. She looks stunning.

“I was about to say the same.” Sam replies, looking me up and down.

Sam is, on the face of it, turned out in quite a masculine way. Her long dark hair worn up, she’s dressed in a black pant suit, a dark purple buttoned up shirt and neck tie. But given her pretty girlish features and touches like purple lipstick to match her shirt and tie, black stiletto heels and an inch of sheer black nylon covered ankle on display, she looks beautiful and feminine.

“Shall we call the girls to cancel, and just stay in and we can play the mistress and the chauffeur.” I say with a giggle.

“Sounds tempting. But I think we should make an effort to show some support for Lina and Gemma.” Sam responds. Then adds “Maybe we could play the businessman and the escort when we get home.”

“Deal!” I reply with a dirty laugh.

* * *

We’re at the restaurant, and have met up with Gemma and Lina, they have both made an effort to dress up too, not surprisingly so early in their relationship.

Gemma is wearing a red snakeskin print mini skirt, a black, open necked, cotton blouse, sheer black pantyhose and tan, high heeled ankle boots. She has her short hair slicked back, smoky eyes and dark red lipstick. The hottest I have ever seen Gemma look!

Lina is also looking stunning in a tight fitting, metallic blue, mini dress, sheer grey pantyhose and black high heels. Her hair and make-up are simply done, which allows her unassuming good looks to shine through.

We take our seats at the table, me and Sam one side, Lina and Gemma the other. After some small talk, the conversation unsurprisingly moves on to how Lina and Gemma have been getting on (very well apparently, VERY!). We talk about the night they got together and the wrestling, they tell us how much fun they have been having together and judging by the furtive looks they are giving each other, we all know what they mean by fun. They also tell us that they have regularly made wrestling part of their foreplay but also how they have had a few semi competitive matches between them too, which Gemma normally wins.

“I know this is a little bit out of the blue. But would you girls fancy another wrestling match?” Gemma asks bluntly.

“What do have in mind?” Sam replies, before I had chance to speak.

“Maybe we could go back to your house after dinner and wrestle tonight. A tag match between me and Gemma and you and Becky.” Lina interjects.

“Ummm, I don’t think so. It’s getting late and Sam and I have plans when we get home.” I respond quickly, with a naughty smile.

“Oh go on.” Gemma pleads.

“No, I really don’t think so. Maybe another time.” I insist.

As I say that, I feel a foot roaming up my leg. I feel nylon covered toes caressing my calf and swiftly pushing along my thigh, before I can even react. I realise that it must be my sister doing this, as firstly she is sat directly opposite, but also there is no way Gemma could have removed her boot to do it. I’m too shocked to know quite how to react, and Lina takes advantage of my confusion to go further and traces her foot right up between my legs. Once she finds my crotch, she starts to work, giving me a footjob, as she had seen Sam do only a couple of months earlier.

“What do you think Becky?” I hear Sam ask, snapping me from my trancelike state.

“What? Sorry?” I ask. Embarrassed by my lack of attention and by what is happening under the table. Although looking at Lina’s ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ look, no one would know what she was up to.

Sam starts to speak, but before she gets out more than a couple of words, I spring up from my seat and practically running from the table, I announce that I need the bathroom.

I get into the bathroom and quickly head into a cubicle, which I lock myself inside. I need a moment to regain some composure. I can’t believe what has just happened. Mainly because I can’t believe how turned on I was by it, by my sister for fuck sake. I really am not sure that I would have been able to do anything about it if Sam hadn’t grabbed my attention.

After a couple of minutes I feel bursa escort like I have sufficiently gathered myself to be able to go back to the table and re-join my dinner companions.

Opening the door to the cubicle I am faced with Lina standing in front of me. Without saying a word Lina pushes me back inside the cubicle, closing the door behind us. She presses me against the side wall of the cubicle and again not giving me chance to react, she starts to kiss me passionately. Oh god, this can’t happen, but I am so turned on right now. Continuing her initiative Lina reaches down, hooks her hand under my skirt and quickly reaching my crotch starts to massage my pussy through my pantyhose, deftly finding and teasing my clit. I’m really getting into this, I think I may cum very soon. But without warning Lina has stopped, as she moves back, and opens the cubicle door.

“If you want that to continue you will have to wrestle us for it.” Lina teases, as she walks away from me.

I quickly follow Lina from the bathroom, back to the table.

“OK, Lina and I have spoken about it, let’s get the check and go and wrestle.” I pronounce.

“But we haven’t even had dessert yet.” Gemma complains.

“Do you want to wrestle or not?” I ask.

With that Gemma flags the waitress and asks for the check.

* * *

We arrive back home and wasting no time we all make our way to the spare bedroom where we still have our mats laid out. Quickly we all strip down until we are all just wearing pantyhose and bras.

“So what are the rules?” I ask impatiently.

“How about we use the rules from that match you told us about before?” Lina says.

“Which one?” I reply.

“Two minute tags, with no submissions during tags and no re-tags within 30 seconds.” She proposes. “And this time anyone that submits leaves the mats and her partner starts the next round.”

They have obviously planned their tactics around this, I’m guessing to attempt to target me two on one and to avoid Lina getting trapped on the mat like last time. That’s OK, I’m sure I can work around that.

“Ok, deal. I’m in. Who is starting for you?” I ask, forcefully.

“I will.” Gemma responds, albeit looking a little less confident looking in response to my assured demeanour.

“Tag as soon as you can. Whether you’re winning or losing, if you can tag, then tag.” I whisper to Sam; as I then turn towards Gemma to start the match.

We meet in the middle of the mat and I go on the attack straight away, I really want this. Caring little for style, more for aggression I grab Gemma and throw her to the ground. She hits the mat with a thud as I follow-up quickly, landing on top of her, rolling her into a body scissor.

“Oh shit.” I heard Gemma moan. As I turned up the force of the hold.

“Why don’t you submit and let Lina have a go?” I taunt.

Gemma ignores me, knowing that I’m just trying to bait her. I’ve had Gemma here for a little while now and looking up at the timer I notice that 30 seconds have now passed, which means tags are available. With that I release my hold of Gemma (to her obvious surprise) and I get to my feet, as she lies on the mat struggling to get her breathing back in order. She is distracted just long enough for me to get to Sam and tag.

As Gemma realises what is happening she begins to react, attempting to get to her partner but she is not quick enough. Still on her knees as she crawls across the room, I head her off. Seizing her roughly I drag her back onto the mat. She tries to resist only for Sam to join in to reinforce our control. As we grapple Gemma face down, Sam traps her in a side head-scissor. With my opponent in no position to offer resistance, I plot my next move. There’s no rush, as I know from bitter experience, 2 minutes is a heck of a long time.

After a few seconds I have an idea. I take Gemma’s left leg, folding it across the back of her right knee and then lifting her right leg, I double it over into a lock. I’m then able to sit across her bent legs, facing her back.

“Oh fuck, please let me go.” Gemma pleads.

“Just another minute and twenty seconds to go.” Sam torments.

“Oh fuck.” Gemma repeats.

That seems to have provoked a playfully mean side of Sam, who responds to her friend’s appeals by snatching her arm, and twisting the wrist into an arm lock. Taking Sam’s lead, I take the other arm, forcing it up Gemma’s back in a hammerlock.

Gemma now has her head, both arms and both legs being tortured. Add that to the body hold she had previously endured from me, she is going coming out of this too well. None of the holds are being held that tightly, as we really have no intention of hurting our friend but it would still be pretty uncomfortable and extremely demoralising with no chance of escape. So all she can do whilst she suffers is to curse and beg, as he dismayed partner looks on, presumably as much through concern for herself as for her girlfriend.

Finally the two minutes is up and I release my holds on Gemma. Whereas Sam bursa escort remains where she is, if anything turning up the tortuous power.

“I submit. I submit.” Gemma cries, as soon as she comprehends what is happening.

Sam then also releases Gemma, as she stands to wait for Lina to enter the match.

Sam stands back and waits for Lina to come to her, playing mind games, watching her apprehensive challenger walk slowly toward her. Eventually they meet, as they lock up it is pretty clear from the off that they are fairly evenly matched. As they tussle they fall together to the floor. As they struggle Lina seems to be getting slightly the better of things, as she is able to get on top and ‘sort of’ pin Sam down, although Sam continues to buck and squirm. Then from nowhere Sam holds out her arm.

Clever girl! The reason she made Lina come across the mat to her, and kept thing close is clear now, she’s following instructions and offering the tag. She is comfortably in range, so I reach down and tap her hand.

Seeing us tag, Lina attempts to make an escape but Sam has enough of a hold on her to prevent her flight. I simply launch at Lina, knocking her off my girlfriend and onto her back and in the same move, I drop down on top of her, pinning her to the mat as I sit on her chest. Then grabbing her hands I force them above her head, trapping them against the mat, immobilizing her further.

“What do you want me to do Lina?” Sam asks, taunting her completely vulnerable opponent as she stands over us looking down into Lina’s face.

“You could get Becky off. That would help.” Lina replies, more in jest than hope.

Sam responds to her request by sitting down on Lina’s body behind me, pushing me forward, so that I am almost sitting on Lina’s throat. She then reaches around in front of me and starts to grope my pussy which given how horny I already am makes me moan instantly.

“As you requested Lina, I’ll get Becky off and you have the best view in the house.” Sam giggles.

“Noooo. Stop please.” Lina counters.

“Oh sorry, I thought you wanted to watch your sister cum.” Sam says sarcastically.

“Tell you what, I seem to remember how much you enjoyed my scissor holds last time we wrestled, so how about we do that again?”

Not waiting for a response to her rhetorical question Sam rolls away; seamlessly sliding a leg under Lina’s body she snaps on a body scissor.

“Fuck. I was enjoying that.” I protest. Only half-jokingly.

“Patience Becky, I’m sure that one way or another you will be cumming soon enough.” Sam says with another giggle.

I’m sure she’s right but as a punishment for my sister curtailing my pleasure I put move weight into my sit, pressing my sensitive pubic area harder into Lina’s throat and jaw. Which makes her cough as she chokes slightly. Stomping her feet on the mat in short, sharp kicks to signal her protest and fear. After one more self-gratifying grinding motion, I ease up. Although I could oh so easily move forward and ride her face right now. Instead I just hold her in the pin, having released her hands I now have her secured with my hands in her hair, not that she’s really fighting back now, as Sam squeezes her ribs and belly.

Before I know it Sam calls time on the tag and releases her hold. I follow suit, also moving away, liberating my still dormant rival for a moment.

Lina’s respite doesn’t last long, before I re-engage. Lina is now putting up no resistance, she is acceptant of her fate and is just waiting for a reason to submit and to get off the mat. And it’s not long before I give her that ‘opportunity’. I simply lie down on top of her and snaking my nylon covered legs around hers I open out into a grapevine hold. In honesty it feels great from my position and I’m guessing actually not that bad from where Lina is, probably not bad enough to force an authentic submission. As I hold her in the pin, I put my face close to hers, almost as though I am going to resume our kiss from earlier. Instead I just whisper in her ear.

“That’s twice you’ve started something and stopped, leaving me hanging. I hope you know I will expect you to finish it!” I caution her.

With that I put more effort into my hold, which presently brings a response from Lina.

“I submiiiitt.” She yelps.

Accordingly I relinquish my hold and let her crawl off the mat. And looking at her partner, my incoming opponent I have little to worry about. Gemma still looks crushed from the beating she has already taken from me and Sam only minutes ago. And appears apprehensive to be re-joining the ‘contest’.

As a small mercy, I interrupt her unease by striking quickly. I take hold of Gemma’s legs and flipping her off her feet, I roll her into a Boston crab hold, which I apply with total venom from the off. It takes only a few seconds for another submission.

I can see the look of dismay on Lina’s face, as she realises that no more than thirty seconds after leaving the mat, she has to return.

“Don’t worry sis. bursa eskort I’ll go easy on you.” I reassure her.

And true to my word I do. As she literally crawls onto the mat, I simply flop down on top of her, flipping her over, I wrap my legs around her middle, just as a restraint not a scissor hold. And I also lock her arms behind her back, again not a submission hold just control. After a short time I speak.

“Do you think I should let you tag Gemma in Lina?” I ask “You know, level the playing field a bit.”

“I know you’re not going to do that.” Lina replies.

“I might, it’s only ten seconds until tags are allowed. What do you think Sam?” I query.

“Nah, tag me and we can have some more fun.” Sam answers.

“Honestly, looking at them both now. I am pretty sure I could take them both at the same time.” I boast, albeit a little flippantly.

“Go on then Becky. Let’s try it.” Gemma propositions. A little arrogant for someone that is barely able to kneel unaided.

“OK, go on then Lina.” I announce. Letting go of my grip on her.

All of the other girls look a little perplexed by what I’m doing. Lina looking at me suspiciously, almost expecting me to attack again before she can tag. But as I merely stand and watch, she reaches Gemma and tags. They warily move towards me, still uncertain of my motives. And rightly so! Before they can reach me, I reach out to Sam and tag her in too.

I then further take the initiative and go after Gemma. Leaving Sam to tackle Lina.

“Oh shit.” Gemma mutters. As she obviously isn’t ready to take me on again less than a minute after I last made her scream a submission.

Gemma is easy prey, taking her down to the mat, I apply a camel clutch, sitting on her back, arms draped over my legs. The hold causing significant pain to her shoulders, neck and back, as is clear from her moans. Despite the fact that I haven’t locked it on fully yet, such is beating she has taken so far. I look across to Sam and Lina to see Sam similarly dominating her opponent. She has Lina on the mat, and again replicating one of the holds she’d used on my sister last time they wrestled, she has her face down between her legs in a front head scissor.

“Ok, I submit.” Gemma says.

“You can’t submit, it’s the two minute tag period.” Sam replies to her.

“But it’s not two on one, it’s even. So surely we can.” Gemma protests.

“That wasn’t the rule.” Sam re-iterates, laughing at her desperate friend.

The two ‘victims’ accept their fate, not that they have much option. As they suffer through the two minute period just moaning and whining. Finally as the time is up, the relatively silence is broken.

“I submit.” Lina implores. Which prompts Sam to look at me.

“You can’t submit. You’re not the legal wrestler, you tagged out.” I respond.

“OK, I submit.” Gemma squeals.

“Sorry, I can’t win a submission, as I am not the legal wrestler either.” I answer again, with a little laugh. I can see how much Sam is enjoying my teasing of our opponents.

“If you’re not legal, then break and leave the mat.” Gemma shouts. Obviously getting frustrated at her dilemma.

“I would but you tagged in first and your partner hasn’t left the mat.” I explain “And I wouldn’t want to leave my partner of the mats with both of you, that wouldn’t be fair.”

“Oh fuck off Becky and let me go.” Gemma half ordered, half pleaded.

“Ermm, ladies. I think Lina has conceded the match.” Sam interrupts.

Both Gemma and I immediately turn to look and what we see is that Lina has managed to manoeuvre enough to get her mouth into my girlfriend’s crotch and she is orally serving her.

“Becky, it’s over. You can fuck me too if you want.” Gemma offers.

I break my hold letting her fall to the mat. No words are necessary at this point. Gemma just turns over to lie back and to allow me to sit on her face. But to her surprise, I don’t. I pull her by the arm up to her feet. Leading her forcefully across the room I push her against the wall, and as her girlfriend had done to me only an hour or so ago, I start to make out with her, which she hungrily responds to.

After around a minute or so of kissing and fondling, I break. Turning her around, so my back is against the wall.

“Kneel down. I want you to go down on me.” I say softly into her ear.

She compliantly does as I she is told, and begins sucking at my already moist crotch. Oh jeez I am so hot for this right now. My focus is then disturbed for a moment by a familiar sound.

“Open your eyes and look at me.” Sam orders Lina.

I see that they have changed position and Sam is now sitting, riding Lina’s face. And by the signs of which I am well acquainted, Sam is obviously close to orgasm. But Gemma’s continued ministrations bring me promptly back into the moment and my own passion.

As I move closer to my own climax I lift my right leg to give Gemma more ready access to my womanhood. As I do, I almost subconsciously drape my leg across her shoulder. She is now partially confined and bearing a significant amount of my weight, as my knees weaken through her efforts. Finally I cum, wow I have really needed this tonight. I have hair gripped tightly between the fingers of both hands, as I pull her savagely into my pulsating crotch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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