My NeverEnding Itch

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Discovering Daddy, and the NeverEnding Itch

[This is a work of fiction; all sex is consensual, involving characters above the age of 18]

So there we were, in my backyard, all 3 of us: Cindy Flowers, Lizzy Mansfield, and me – Jewel Hardsock. The sprinklers were going zap, zap, all over the grass on a sweltering hot Saturday and we were all lined up on our knees in a triangle, and eager for the finish. Like a bunch of girls at the balloon-stand waiting for that final pop when the big clown takes the latex off the helium and twists it up into a big happy dancing balloon.

Only, the gifter wasn’t a clown — he was my Daddy. And he wasn’t making balloons. He’d just finished fucking all 3 of us for 30 minutes and was prepping for the big finish. And let me tell you, my Daddy knows how to finish!

“Yes, Daddy, DO it! Show ’em how good it is… oooooooohhh yeah. Show all my friends what a man you are. Showtime, Daddy. Showtime!! Oh God it’s so good…”

Wait, ya know what? He knows how to start too and I guess I didn’t really do that right. I should probably tell you how we got there — Cindy, Lizzy and me. I mean, it’s not like we went around fucking everybody (well, maybe Lizzy did).

It all started during that nasty heatwave last summer after High School graduation. The one I thought I created all by myself from the perpetual rub I had between my legs. The girl in me was going and my lil’ cunny was just screaming for womanhood. Slippery, slippery, sloppy — all the time! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me was suddenly the only thing and EVERYthing on my mind. My eager little beaver had the perpetual itch. Guess who’s fault that was? Hey, it’s not MY fault my father has the biggest piece of equipment in Nebraska.

My Dad (who shall remain nameless) is a farmgirl’s fantasy. The rough exterior, quiet sincere interior, and cut like a real cowboy. Word around town served up a lot of stories about Daddy in his renegade years; a real womanizer and a leader of his peers. But he ran into an emergency his senior year in high school that put a premature halt to all that fun stuff… namely – me! Mom got pregnant and forced my Dad’s hand in marriage. Then she died on my birth-bed.

I’ve seen pictures of my Mom and she was a real heartbreaker for sure. I guess that’s where I got it from. I’ve been the girl that all the boys want to chase ever since the 7th grade. Not that I was real developed then or anything. I guess you could say I’m a princess with a glass slipper for an ass. All the guys wanna fit their hands on it. (Now they say the same thing about my mouth. Something about my lips, but that’s another story. Don’t worry, I promise to tell you all about it. I like to tell my secrets. But you have to have patience. Patience ’till I can’t stand to wait any longer. That’s the mystery to me). Some of the boys have had the good fortune to fit my very best feature — the one between my legs… everyone says it’s the purest thing they’ve ever seen.

Mom gave that to Dad. And I guess it made him a little too happy, cuz he got all his pregnancy up inside her. Momma just sucked up all that joy and gave her eggs a baby. And then, I guess, I took what she had left and came into the world.

Since then my Dad has spent his days bailing hay and milking cow teets. That’s a far cry from his original plans, I’m sure. Then again, if my mother’s snapper was anything like mine is? It might have been worth it! I mean, I’m just telling you what people tell me. I’m not a stuck up bitch or anything. If I was, there wouldn’t a’been no cocks in there by now. I let ’em milk that pussy a few times. I even let Ricky Douglas slip his pinky up my butt once. Only, he didn’t know what the hell he was doing. He came all over himself before I even had a chance to get comfortable. Boys are so silly that way.

At one point during that Senior year when I suddenly went cock-crazy (I got held back a year cuz of… well I’ll cover that later. All you need to know is I was a late ‘bloomer’, I guess they call it. I’d turned 18 as a Junior, before I started messing around with boys n’ stuff. I’m not jailbait. I’m just a freaky little teen who’s making up for lost time!) I found out about a hole the boys made in the girl’s bathroom. (I can get ’em to tell me anything when I’ve got my thumbs in my panties). I thought that was pretty cool, so I told Jimmy Wilkins to round up all his friends for a show during 4th period. Sure enough I was in there for a tinkle and I heard all kinda russlin’ around and bickering outside (there must have been at least 5 of ’em).

Before I finished wiping I pulled a moistened sponge from my purse and cleaned myself with that too. Then I got up and spritzed a little poof of perfume down there for good measure (hey, I had a reputation to uphold).

“There, there kitty. All better now”. I don’t usually talk to my little fuckhole, ummmmm, but I was putting on a little show here, right? I know what to do to get a dick hard. I’m not stupid. I just wanted to get a bunch of boners banging into each other out there and… ok, ok, I talk to my pussy all the time. Especially at times Beylikdüzü Escort like this, when I’m getting all worked up over a memory. I sure could use a little wood-maker right now as a matter of fact. A nice big angry fat one that wants to teach me a lesson for teasing boys would be just right for Jewel’s naughty little cumslot, ohhhhhh yeah. But anyway, it got better.

I dropped my purse. I had made sure to navigate where the hole was before they got there and knew JUST where to bend over for the very best angle…

“Oh my God.” I heard ’em all say it together. I couldn’t help but peep out a giggle — then I covered it with a bimbo cliché “Ooops, silly me.” I just love to play dumb and innocent. Boys are such suckers for that.

I knew what it looked like back there. I’d seen it in the mirror many times (ok, so I’m a little vain. I like to look at myself). I’m well aware my presentation down there is quite alarming. It looks very, how should I say it… voluptuous and nourishing? I’m very enflamed down there. Some guys like to call it a ‘puffy pussy’. I like to call it ‘accommodating’. Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not loose by any means. I’m as tight as my butt! I called it a snapper before cuz that’s what it does when they guy pulls out. You can actually hear it!! My inner labia is real tight, slight and concealed. It’s my OUTER labia that screams for attention. My fingers get lost in there all the time… like now, as a matter fact.

And, of course, I’m as pink as a baby’s bottom. Yup, my pink little cockspot can’t be refused.

So the guys where ooohhing and ahhhing out there, and since I’m kind of dirty and a little evil when it comes to sexual attention (more on that later. I want to save it now. Want to get crazy itchy before I go all splatterfest on you. You have to make it real frustrated and angry if you wanna get fucked like a wicked slut, right? I told you, I know what I’m doing, dumbass. Anyway…) I had to push things just a little further and make the boys real uncomfortable out there (does it work on you?). That’s when I turned around, leaned against the stall, and pulled out my trusty pocket rocket.

I got a little wicked look in my eye and gave a little test to my tummy… Ohhhhhhh, yeah — immediate shivers. ‘Prep time’ is fun. Especially when 5 other boys are watching, probably, the first time they’ve ever seen a pussy for real. Unless they’d seen their momma’s… And that gave me a thought.

What would it be like for a young man to see his mom naked and wanton, spreading her pink for a naughty little vibrating toy? Maybe hidden away in her closet, hoping to catch a peek at the titties he used to feed from — just curious. And the next thing he knows, Momma’s got a hankerin’ for some fuckin’ and Daddy never knew how to do it right.

So I thought of it like that. Instead of being the promiscuous girl in the bathroom, I thought I’d channel being a mother — unintentionally educating her boy how the pussy likes it. That gave me a more credible situation and one with a lot more control. I wasn’t interested in being a voyeur victim. A lot more interested in having a grip (so to speak) on the situation. That’s how I like it.

While I was thinking about that, the pocket rocket had made its way down the inside of my thigh (kind of like my fingers have right now). I like that cleft between my leg and my labia. It’s the ‘not quite’ place — and I really do like the anxiety of what’s to come. Almost as much as I like the cum itself. You could be on the beach and get away with a little stroke there… no one would notice. Or maybe they would! Wouldn’t it be embarrassing for some old pervert to get a woody in his trunks right there in front of everyone — simply because I was petting my kitty (oops, it looks like I’ve gotten a little more direct in what I’m doing). Or you could be in your bedroom, with your son in the closet… getting ready to fuck yourself right in front of him. Getting your juicy slot all prepared for a good squirt… which is what happens if you dip your wandering finger inside yourself too many times. Or you could be a naughty little schoolgirl in the bathroom, giving 5 teenage boys a strain in their pants. I wondered if I could get them so fucking horny that they’d all rip out their cocks in front of each other and whack off all over the bathroom wall while I moaned and shuddered all over my fake little cock… I wondered if they knew what a clit was.

So I moved the big needle away from my lips and spread ’em, looking down at my special pebble (mine actually gets as big as my pinky nail before I cum. It’s pretty clearly marked). “Ooooooh, you like that, don’t you? Right there on my clit. The happiest place on Earth. Is that where you want it? If only the boys knew about you, huh? God knows if they did, I’d never be able to refuse them.” Then I rubbed it with my finger a little while to get it ready for the sting. I could hear the boys outside mumbling. They were talking about what I just showed them. Or was it my little bad boy in the closet who I just noticed? If he wants a show, then give Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan him one, eh? A boy’s gotta learn SOMEtime!

Then I put the rocket back in me. This time I slid it up in there. “Oh God I wish you were a cock.” I muttered. That helped. It slid right in me nice and moist… (hang on a second… ohhh damn that’s good… God I love the smell). “If only I had a cock to play with… mmmmm… maybe more than one. Yes, yes…”, I was getting more deliberate now “… more than one to play with. Lots of cocks is better than one. All different shapes and sizes… for pussy. Lots of young cocks for pussy to play with.”

And Mommy wide open in front of the closet. With her most favorite toy fucking in and out of her juicy wet cunt… So wet for someone… Someone other than her husband… Someone younger and more excitable… Someone with a cock that’s more spry… Someone who probably had to pull it out of his pants in spite of himself. Cuz she just looks so yummy like that. Cuz her boy wants to play with her too. Cuz fucking is good…

Like my Mother and Father… w-w-when he fucked her. When he fucked my Mommy so good that she sprang me. F-fucked all his semen inside her nice pussssssee. The one that Daddy couldn’t refuse. Cuz D-daddy… cuz D-d-daddy’s cock is soooo good. And I’ve seen it, and I want it. And I want his big cock. Just to play — just to play with. Just to sssplay with his cock. Just like Mommy did. Just like Mom used to see it. Just to help him like Mom did. Just to help Daddy’s happiness. “… and to spray it all over my pussy. To spray all that cock on me. Yummy, yummy popsicle cream. W-w-w-want to have it all over me. Fucking me and fucking me and fucking me and fucking me and…” I had started chanting out loud.

“Dude, what the hell are you doing?!! Fucking put that away, you faggott!!”

I was just about to cum (for real). But one of the boys outside suddenly barked out his disgust at one of the other boys. Apparently, I did get one of them to pull it out. Which was satisfying in a way. Then they scampered away. And I was left there thinking (unsatisfied)…

That boys were just too silly. Boys… I wanted a MAN!

Anyway, that’s how my Dad gets back in the story.

We live way out past the Interstate…

Should I hold off on the part about me and Lizzie and Cindy? Just tell you about me and Daddy and the first time it happened, first? I don’t know, I’ve gotten pretty greedy by now and I really want to talk about how he fucked all three of us like we were born to be there! How he washed us down with salty semen on that hot summer day. The day I learned I don’t just have a hunger for cock, but I’m wanton for little fresh cunts as well. Gawdd, that was such a good day… Hmm…

You’re probably wondering where I learned my dirty talk. I just know it sounds right. I mean, the first time I’d seen a rigid penis, I thought it looked powerful, confident, sort of arrogant, and a little insistent. It looked interested in glory and command. It looked determined and proud. And I remember thinking, ‘Why do they call THAT a penis?! It doesn’t look anything LIKE the word penis. That’s a silly name for it.’ I knew that I needed to call it something different from that.

I mean, ‘penis’ is maybe ok for what it looks like when it’s all soft and wagging. Like when a guy gets out of the shower. And it’s all relaxed. It looks kind of timid and uncertain. Like it’s not used to being out in the open and it’s kind of peeking around like a newborn child. Or when it’s already been used up and just wants to take a nap. That’s a penis. It wasn’t until I saw it all upright and wide awake that I got interested. (Daddy was asleep at the time… but I’ll get to that later).

To call it a penis is insulting! To call it a COCK is empowering.

And ‘dick’ doesn’t make any sense at all either. I mean, what’s a dick? That’s either a boring guy’s name, or an insult. Why would I want to call a big throbbing meatpole — a dick? Like, I’d call it a dick if I didn’t really care one way or the other about it. And I’ve never, EVER, felt that way about a nice juicy cock. I’m not stupid. I know what’s good for me, remember?

Anyway, the first time I heard the RIGHT term was in a public bathroom (again). I was in the stall and these 2 women came in giggling and blabbing about their dates. Then one of them blurted out “Girl, I just can’t wait ta get him home and release that mighty cock he’s got jammed in his jeans. It’s been three solid weeks here and I’m starved!!”


Then the other girl laughed and chastised her friend for being a ‘dirty tramp’ and an ‘insatiable little harlot’. I liked those words right away also! They meant mischief. And hunger! Just like she said before, she was “starved”. It all made perfect sense to me while I went tinkle in a dirty public restroom, hidden away listening to 2 women have a private conversation about flirting, and sex, and cocks, and….

“As if you wouldn’t be riding my man’s cock like a rodeo, fucking and sucking for days if I hadn’t a chased Escort Beylikdüzü his eyes first. Don’t deny it. You’re just as horny as I am, Tabby.”

… ‘Fucking’. Yeah, I liked that one as soon as I heard it as well. ‘Horny’ — that’s what I understand!

“Hey, my man’s got somethin’ between his legs he’d love to put inta me as well. And you just made sure he’ll have it!”.

Then the 2 little ‘harlots’ left the way they came in. Giggling and silly… Happy!

Girls and guys. Naughty words and naughty places. Perversion and public indecency. All of this peppered with quiet giggles, good-natured ribbing, and confident confessions. It was all about doing the stuff you really WANT to do, but aren’t supposed to admit to.

I remember being on the toilet, right after I cleaned myself, and looking down at my little clam jammer. And then I said it for the very first time… “cock”. My little naughty place immediately tingled all over and started to twitch. We suddenly had an agreement. I’m not stupid, ya know.

Anyway, I don’t care about penis, penis doesn’t do anything useful. It’s cock that I want!! Big ornery stiff and horny COCK!! Duh! So far, based on the reaction I get when I use the right words — I know what I’m talking about. There I go being a snotty bitch again, but it’s true! Guys love it when I talk like a cock starved dirty ‘harlot’. They don’t even have to tell me. I can tell by the extra effort they put into the fucking that they like it. And me? I just love the way it sounds. It SOUNDS like sex. Anyone who thinks there’s something wrong with the sound of sex — has never had good sex. There’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of. I know I ain’t. (Goes without saying).

So you probably want to know about that first time I saw it. A big stiff cock, that is. So I’ll tell you. We can go into the story about me and my 2 girlfriends later. It doesn’t make sense unless I tell you about me and my father first.

It happened in Daddy’s room. And if he hadn’t had such a big one, I might never have noticed. But he does (have a big one). So I did (notice).

In the summer months it gets real hot around here. A thin sheet is more than enough cover for sleepy time. So, I was having a weird dream one night (it was a sexual dream, but I didn’t know that at the time. There wasn’t any fucking or anything like that but it definitely had some sexual imagery going on. Nothing graphic, but the feelings were there. Probably had something to do with the heat. Or maybe it was because I was in my ‘growing’ stages). I woke up and felt real alone and confused, so I went into Daddy’s room for protection.

He was asleep when I got there and that’s when I saw the big ‘tent’. I didn’t notice it at first cuz I only had the moonlight, but when I got to his bedside and leaned over real careful to wake him slowly — the sheet kind of tugged at me strange and I noticed this big lump below his tummy all tented up like. It looked like someone rammed a dagger in his crotch and then covered him in the blanket! Scared the shit out of me!

So I jumped back away from the bed to get my wits about me. ‘Oh my God, someone stabbed Daddy in his sleep… and then covered him back up? But that don’t make no sense. Why would they do that? If he doesn’t wake up the next day he’s obviously dead, so what the hell is the purpose in covering him up like that? Besides, I don’t see any blood down there.’

I was just about to yell “Daddy, there’s something jammed into your…” penis? I suddenly realized that was the penis place. How could you jam something into the penis place? I mean, there’s not a lot of space there. I had to investigate further. (Always curious like that. I like to figure things out myself before I ask for answers. I don’t like to be stupid, ya know? That’s why I didn’t wake him and went to look for myself).

So I leaned in for a closer look and, because of the moonlight, I could actually see through the sheet a bit. Something was stretched out in a big arc under there. It was stiff as a hammer (though slightly curved) and almost as long. And it had a big knob on the end, like a helmet. Like Daddy had one of the Nebraska Cornhuskers up under the sheet all dressed up and ready to play ball! And it looked about as thick as a banana — maybe more! Plus — there was something missing. His penis was gone! All he had left in the penis place was his big sloppy ball sack (I never understood what that thing was for either at the time. Since then it’s become my favorite treasure chest! Mmmmm, I just love that stuff!).

Then I almost said it again, “Daddy, what happened to your peeeeni…?” But you know me, I decided to check for myself.

I carefully lifted the sheet from his waist, like reaaaaaaaaaaaal slow… (God, this is getting me hot again. Oh my God, the first time I ever saw it. When penis became cock. Fuck, I can see it right now! The world’s greatest trophy. My Dad’s big hard pride standing up like the American flag. Who doesn’t want THAT up their cunt? God I love cock. And I love talking about it just as much. Is it working for you? I bet your pussy’s all sticky like mine too, huh? Remember your first time? The first time you ever saw cock? Wasn’t that exciting?! Ok, me first, me first. I’ll tell you first and then you tell me later so I can make a big mess of myself. Ok, ok, it’s just hard to leave myself alone while I talk about this. I’ll just have to do both).

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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