My New Boss Pt. 10

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Suky and I settled into our unorthodox relationship, in which she got all of her sexual needs met, and I got taken care of every Saturday morning.

Unfortunately for me, Fat John started to interfere with my enjoyment on a regular basis. Apparently he viewed my submission to Suky as an opportunity for him to expand his time slot, and subsequently shorten mine. It was subtle at first, he would show up five or six minutes early, and muscle me out of the room. I never gave him any pushback and within a month, he was already on the massage table by 10.15am.

“You refused to do anything to stop Fat John’s abuse of me,” Suky berated me one day. “Next you prepared me for his anal invasion. Now you give him fifteen minutes of your session. In essence, you are paying for him to butt-fuck me,” she taunted. “I wonder what he will take from you next?”

I shuddered at that thought. John wasn’t gay or even bi-sexual, but I know he could justify me giving him an erotic massage or sucking his cock, as an exercise of control. I tried to put that awful thought in the back of my mind, but it was an ominous reminder of the extent of Suky’s control over me.

After nearly one month, my wounds finally healed. There was no more evidence of bruising, and I could sit comfortably. I could walk without limping too, as even my feet were better, having taken the longest to heal. One Saturday morning, as Suky ate breakfast, and I knelt under the breakfast table and ate her pussy, she reminded me that she still owed me the rest of my punishment.

I thought she had forgotten all about it, as it had been so long. In an attempt to mitigate my punishment, I put my heart and soul into orally pleasuring her, and she ended up having multiple orgasms on my face.

“You may come out from under the table,” she said condescendingly, “I am done coming for now.”

I crawled out from between her knees, my face slick with her juices. She smiled sweetly at me, and for one moment, I thought I was off the hook.

“Take a shower,” she said, “shave your face. You are joining Rim and I today, at Fat John’s massage appointment.”

My heart sank as I wondered what the hell I would be expected to do for that fat fuck. I had already prepared Suky for him on multiple occasions. I had lubed her asshole for him, and given her an extended session of analingus to open up her rosebud for him to enjoy. What else could I possibly do for him?

About two hours later, as I knelt next to the massage table, dressed in Suky’s yellow babydoll with a yellow ribbon tied in my hair, the situation became clearer to me. John knew that Suky had caught me jerking off to a video of him defiling her. For this reason, I think he surmised that I was attracted to him, which couldn’t be any further from the truth. I thought he was a disgusting fat pig, and wanted no part of watching him get off.

John showed up an hour earlier than usual, at 9.30am instead of 10.30am. He sauntered in like he owned the place, and smirked at me as I knelt in my girlfriend’s lingerie. Rim and Suky slowly undressed the fat fuck, smiling at him as if he was a total stud. Once he was naked the two of them started to blow him, struggling to maneuver into position, as his gut hung over his genitals. After several minutes, he tired of standing, the effort of supporting his massive weight, wearing him down.

He waddled over to the adjustable massage table and flopped down onto it. Once he was on his back, the girls helped him adjust his position, grabbing a leg each, so that his knees were bent and his soles were flat on the massage table.

“Move your boyfriend so that he has a better view,” he instructed Suky.

Suky walked over to me, kicked my legs, and told me to scoot further down the table, so that I could see John’s crotch. I shuffled hesitantly on my knees as he directed me into his desired position. Rim walked around behind him and lifted his head up for him, so that he didn’t have to exert himself to see me. Once I was exactly where he wanted me, my girlfriend climbed up onto the massage table, her lithe, tanned frame in stark contrast to John’s pasty, obese form.

He was already hard, presumably from the combined stimulation of his two-girl blowjob, and whatever jollies he was getting from my debasement. To my surprise, Suky was also very wet, although I doubted very much that it was due to pampering Fat John. I racked my brains trying to remember the events prior to John’s entry, but could not recall any time when Suky could have applied lubrication, masturbated herself to self-lubricate, or enjoyed some other form of sexual stimulation that would have caused her to be so ready for vaginal penetration.

I still struggled to believe that Fat John had made her wet, but as I watched intently, my girlfriend straddled his fat body, lowered herself slowly and mounted him. Before John had instructed Suky to move me, his fat gut had obscured his erection. Now, positioned as I was, kneeling below his waistline, I could see his hard cock and his ankara olgun escort hairy balls as Suky lowered herself onto him. He entered her easily with a loud squishing sound, and once he was balls-deep she lifted herself up from him, so that he didn’t have to put any effort into fucking her.

Once she reached the top of her upwards stroke, his nut-sack came into view, and it was soaked with her vaginal secretions, another incontrovertible sign that my girlfriend was very wet. Fat John relaxed on the massage table, enjoying Suky’s attempt to drain his nuts. Rim approached the bottom of the table, laid her upper body across the middle of it, and scooted forward until she was in position to lick his nuts.

Judging by their choreographed movements, they had done this before. Rim extended her tongue fully, grazing John’s scrotum on Suky’s downward stroke, and then leaning forward slightly to kiss and nibble his balls, each time Suky lifted her pussy skyward. John laid there passively as the two young Asians worked to relieve him of his load. John made zero attempt to satisfy, or even remotely pleasure, either girl, but just enjoyed his time on the table.

John didn’t take long to come at all under their skillful ministrations, and I watched jealously as his nuts constricted, and he let out a moan, before shooting his load into my girlfriend’s pussy. Suky milked him dry, bouncing up and down on his erection, until he placed one fat hand on her stomach, and told her to stop. Rim moved into action now, sucking his nuts as he basked in his post-orgasmic bliss.

“Would you like to watch Rim eat your load from my pussy, baby?” Suky asked. “We can sixty-nine for you, like we usually do.”

“I want Tim to taste me,” he said with a chuckle. “Mount his face and feed him my load.”

John had conditioned these two to obey his every whim, because Suky quickly dismounted him, hopped off the table and grabbed me by my hair. She dragged me by my knees to the center of the room, making sure that John could see, then she pushed me onto my back.

“Your turn, baby,” she said with a giggle.

Suky mounted my face and directed me to eat John’s load from her. At the same time, Rim helped John roll over onto his side, propping him up with a large pillow, before kissing him gently on the cheek.

“Are you comfortable baby?” she asked. “Why don’t you relax and watch the show?”

John looked very relaxed as he made eye contact with me, and watched me suck his ejaculate from my girlfriend’s pussy. Rim moved around the table so that she was standing between John and I. She knelt down to avoid impeding his view, and as John watched Suky straddle my face, Rim began to suck his cock.

It was emasculating to eat another man’s load from Suky, particularly as he watched, seemingly thoroughly enjoying the show. The combination of my submission to him, and Rim’s eager lips on his cock, brought John back to life. As his cock hardened he spoke.

“Let’s hit the shower, girls,” he said assertively, “I want to blow my second load onto the shower wall, and watch you guys eat it.”

The thought of having to watch that disgusting act again made me feel physically sick. However, Suky and Rim acted like eating his semen was an honor bestowed upon them. Suky wanted me to be enthusiastic too, and she issued her next directive.

“Act like it is a great privilege to serve this man,” she ordered me. “Smile as if this is a dream come true for you.”

I felt like such a wimp as the three of us skipped joyfully down the hallway of the massage parlor, holding hands and chatting excitedly. Especially as John sauntered along behind us, reveling in the submission of his bitches.

Once we got into the bathroom, John told me to kneel just outside the shower door. Rim entered first, starting up the shower to ensure it was a comfortable temperature for John. She quickly motioned for him to enter and he stepped over the threshold, followed by Suky.

My girlfriend knelt at his feet and caressed his upper thigh with her manicured fingernails.

“Can you spread your legs a little more, baby?” she asked him sweetly.

John shuffled his feet a little further apart, allowing my girlfriend to access his inner thigh and nut-sack.

“Can you rest one foot up here, baby?” she asked, tapping the top of the shower shelf.

John made a half-hearted effort to lift his foot, but quickly realized that he didn’t have the physical strength to reach the built-in shelf of the enclosure, even though it was only about eighteen inches above the shower floor. So, in order to make it easy for him, Suky tapped her leg and he rested his fat, swollen foot on her upper thigh.

Rim stood in front of Fat John and once he was comfortable, the girls started to soap him up. They were using a product labeled Nuru sensual soap, and while it lathered effectively, it also appeared to be extremely slippery, and I imagined that it probably made a very effective lubricant. Suky worked ankara ucuz escort on Fat John’s feet and legs, pampering him as she lathered him up. Occasionally she would ask him to switch legs, as the weight of his fat foot on her upper thigh became increasingly uncomfortable. Rim focused on his upper body, lathering his chest, stomach and arms, before finally moving behind him, to wash his ass.

As soon as Rim stuck her dainty little hand between his flabby ass-cheeks, John spread his legs wider, to facilitate her access. Suky took this as her cue, and leaned forward to suck the tip of John’s cock. The combined attentions of Suky and Rim quickly got John erect again, and he watched me impassively as my girlfriend blew him. After a few moments, Rim deemed his fat ass clean, and moved her face closer to rim him.

She gave me a quick glance as she extended her tongue, as if to let me know that today was all about John’s pleasure. Then as she reached her manicured nails around him and began to gently scratch his pelvic region, her face disappeared between his flabby buttocks. Suky was making lewd slurping sounds as she blew him. I looked up at John with a mixture of disdain and jealousy, and he smirked at me. His contemptuous look was immediately replaced with sheer ecstasy, as Rim wiggled her tongue around in his anal passage. His eyes rolled back in his head and he muttered under his breath.

“Fuck yeah, right there you dirty bitches,” he moaned.

John clearly wasn’t going to last long, and made no effort to prolong his release.

“I am close,” he said shakily.

Suky continued to fellate him, while she reached up and grabbed his nuts, to try and gauge when he was about to ejaculate. Her slender fingertips gently squeezed his balls, as she worked in tandem with Rim to empty them. Fat John was breathing hard now, and sweating, which made him even less appealing, if that was possible.

Suky had obviously done this before, because her timing was perfect. Just before John exploded, she removed her mouth from his cock, extended her tongue, moved her head beneath his erection, and began to lick his frenulum. This new stimulation, combined with Rim’s tongue deep inside his anal passage, and the fact that I was forced to watch this lewd performance, took him over the edge, and he grunted and shot his load right over Suky’s shoulder, until it splatted against the shower wall.

John shot a second, slightly less powerful rope of cum over my girlfriend’s shoulder, which landed further down the wall. His third shot hit her shoulder, and splattered across the side of her neck. I watched his ejaculate get absorbed by my girlfriend’s hair, as Suky turned her head, put her lips back on his cock, and took the remains of his cumshot into her warm mouth.

After he came, they were in no hurry to stop pleasuring him, and worked in tandem to coax the remnants of his load from his nuts. Finally, Fat John tapped Suky on the top of her head as if to signify that he was done. She looked up at him adoringly with a huge smile on her face, as John put his fat foot back on the shower floor, and Rim emerged from between his ass-cheeks, to join Suky in front of him. I know it was just a show, but the look of pure enjoyment on the girls’ faces was a sight to behold.

As loathe as I am to admit it, I was impressed with John’s orgasm, both in the strength of the emission, splattered against the shower wall as it was, and in the sheer volume of the release. It looked disgustingly unappetizing, and my heart sank at the thought of these two beautiful young girls being forced to share his load. However, it was also an undoubtedly impressive cumshot, the force of which caused it to remain stationary on the shower wall.

The four of us watched the glob for several moments, before gravity finally exerted itself, and the semen began to slide, very slowly, down the wall. This seemed to stir Suky and Rim into action.

“Thank you, John,” they said in unison, “would you like to watch us eat your load?”

“I want to see him eat my load,” John said derisively, pointing his fat finger at me as I knelt watching the show. “It seemed like he really enjoyed his first taste of me.”

My heart sank as Suky said, “You’re up Tim,” with way too much enthusiasm.

“Crawl over here,” Rim added, “John is providing your lunch today.”

I crawled towards the three of them in my yellow babydoll, feeling like a total bitch. When I entered the shower enclosure, I saw John’s ejaculate slowly sliding down the wall. It was one of the most unappealing sights I had ever seen, and apparently it was my next meal. When I reached the messy glob on the wall, I looked up at Suky, in the hope that she might let me off the hook.

However, as she and Rim snuggled next to Fat John, and started to nibble his ears, I knew what I had to do. I slowly moved my lips towards the disgusting mess, extending my tongue as I reached it. The semen had slid several inches down the wall, coating the ankara yabancı escort tiles as it did so. I put my tongue under the largest glob and tentatively licked it from the wall.

“Smile,” Rim commanded, as she snapped the first photo.

I tried to smile but my body fought me all the way. I was in one of the most compromising positions imaginable. I was dressed as a bitch, eating another man’s semen from the shower wall, as my girlfriend cheered me on. The last thing I wanted was to have this moment documented on film. I didn’t even know whose cell phone Rim was using, for fuck’s sake.

“Smile baby,” Suky chimed in, “or we will do take two.”

“I am down for that,” John said, “I would love to bust another load for that pussy to eat.”

John’s threat spurred me into action, and I forced myself to put a beaming smile on my face, as I ate his ejaculate. Rim took a few more incriminating pictures of me seemingly thoroughly enjoying my meal, and finally John signaled that we were done.

“Send me those photos,” he said commandingly, “especially the last one. That pussy looked like he was eating a life-sustaining meal.”

My heart sank at the thought of these lewd photos being freely distributed. Over the last few months, Suky had dominated me to the point that my primary concern was keeping my circle of abusers as small as possible. For this reason, I felt a sigh of relief when Rim handed the phone back to Suky, confirming my hope that they were using my girlfriend’s phone.

They kept me on my knees for several minutes, chatting and laughing as I licked the entire lower wall and floor of the shower enclosure. Once they were satisfied I had licked up every drop, Fat John whispered something, inaudible to me, in Suky’s ear.

“Of course you can, baby,” she said enthusiastically, “you can do whatever you want to him. He is your bitch today.”

“Stay on your knees, baby,” Suky said, turning her attention to me. “Look up at John and thank him for your lunch.”

I was furious inside at her latest humiliation of me, but I looked up at that fat pig to offer him my gratitude. Before I could get the words out, John started to urinate on me. I was beyond shocked when his weak stream of piss began to dampen my upper thighs and the hem of my yellow babydoll. I wanted to stand up, and I think Suky realized this because she reacted decisively.

She grabbed the tip of John’s cock and directed the stream of piss, strengthening as it was with every second, onto my upper chest and neck.

“Stay,” she ordered, as if I were a dog.

Rim laughed aloud at this, extended her hand to grab John’s cock and between the two of them, they focused his urine flow, so that I got a thorough soaking. John was laughing too, enjoying my submission to him. After several seconds his piss stream got weaker and he finished up pissing on my knees. When he was done, Rim flicked his cock-head in my general direction, ensuring that every last drop landed on me.

“That showed that little pussy who is the boss, John,” my girlfriend said, looking up at him with adoration. “Are you ready to go again? You have an extra hour today,” she added, referring to the fact that John had taken one hour of my session for himself.

The three of them exited the shower enclosure, and the girls knelt before Fat John, and lovingly dried him off. I watched jealously as his cock started to twitch, and then slowly rise. Then they were gone, holding hands and laughing as they headed back to coax another load out of that fat bastard.

I hosed myself off, after shedding the befouled lingerie. When I was done showering, Joy was waiting outside my shower enclosure with some clean clothes for me. I was surprised to see that they were my own clothes, which made it clear to me that this was completely pre-meditated.

That wasn’t the last time John fucked with me, and I did everything in my power not to

antagonize him. I spent much less time at the massage parlor after that humiliating experience, preferring to concentrate on the eye-candy that was parading through my house, on a daily basis.

Suky had lots of young college girls around the house, although she never invited any guys over. I was very generous with her young girlfriends. I think they assumed I was Suky’s sugar daddy, rather than her boyfriend. Young girls get their validation from male interest, and Suky’s friends were always tempting me.

They would come over, with armfuls of newly purchased clothes, trying to figure out what to wear on their dates. Many times they would try on different combinations of short skirts and high heels, asking my opinion of which outfits were the sexiest. I know they enjoyed watching me get hard, as they strutted their stuff for me.

Suky’s cute friend Amy was the biggest tease, seemingly fixated on whether or not I was Suky’s sugar daddy.

“I want a sugar daddy too,” Amy, said to me on more than one occasion. “Do you have a twin brother, Tim?”

The girls would also raid my liquor cabinet, and I enjoyed watching them get inebriated before they went bar-hopping. They would dance in a very provocative manner, and even make out with each other, in front of me. I was on edge sexually all the time, and the first time one of Suky’s friends offered me some play, I folded immediately.

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