My New Boss

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My name is Ryan. Shortly after college, I was able to finally move to the city and pursue my future there rather than the small rural town that I grew up in. Thankfully, I had a few contacts from school was able to land a job as an administrative assistant at one of the biggest advertisement agencies in the city. My boss, Mrs. Marin, was a great boss and let me and Jessica (Mrs. Marin’s other assistant and fellow new college grad) sit in on several meetings and discussions to help us get experience and eventually move up the company ladder.

A couple of months into the job, Mrs. Marin came up to me and said, “I’m sorry dear, but I’m going to have to transfer you to another office.”

“What?” I said, “Did I do something wrong? Was it about the Brustain meeting because I was just able to reschedule it for you?”

“Oh no,” she chuckled, “Do you know Mr. Mitchell up on the 11th floor? Well, his assistant goes on maternity leave on Monday and I just got word to transfer somebody to fill her spot temporarily. Don’t worry hon, Mr. Mitchell has tons of experience in this field and I’m sure he has a ton to teach you.”

With that she smiled and left Jessica and me alone.

Jessica looked at me smiling, “Ryan, don’t you know who David Mitchell is? He’s one of the top people in this company. Landing a job as his assistant is great! That’s the guy to get experience from.”

“Really?” I asked, “Well I guess it’s not that bad then.”

“Yeah totally,” she said, “Though as a warning, I heard he can be kind of a hard-ass.”

Over the weekend I did some research into my soon-to-be boss and found that everything Jessica said was true. Mr. Mitchell was near the top of the company ladder and was very well connected (his father, Henry Mitchell, was even this area’s congressman!). Also, through my research I found out that David Mitchell was a very attractive man. At 34, I could tell that his hairline was beginning to escape him, but his other attributes more than made up for it. He had a very strong jawline that not even his short brown beard could do anything to hide and his green eyes pierced straight into my soul. I hoped that I would be able to not lust over him too much while working with him. Since moving to the city, my love and sex life were nearly dead as I focused on my job.

On Monday, I went to the office early and headed up to the 11th floor to my new workstation. It was my first time up there and when I finally found Mr. Mitchell’s office, I was surprised to see how lonely it was. His office (and my desk that sat just outside it) was at the end of a long empty hallway where I couldn’t see or hear anyone else.

I got settled at my desk and waited for Mr. Mitchell to arrive.

Eventually I heard footsteps coming down the hallway and I güvenilir bahis got ready to see my new boss turn the corner.

He was even more hot than I first knew. He was dressed immaculately in his suit intently reading something off his phone with his glasses on. His huge hands and long fingers made his phone look tiny and thick brown hair spilled out from his sleeves and onto his wrists. His long legs strode toward me, and he was carrying what seemed to be a gym bag. “Patty, reschedule my 11:30 meeting today, I need more time looking at the new DebEx papers before I can talk with them,” he said as he strode past me without even looking in my direction, he suddenly stopped outside his door and turned towards me. His at least 6’4″ frame easily dwarfed my own 5’9″ one as I just stared mouth slightly agape looking at the specimen that was my new boss.

“Oh that’s right, she’s finally having her baby,” his deep voice growled. “You must be the replacement they sent.

I began to stammer my answer, but he cut me off first, “Well spit it out boy come on.

“While him calling me boy definitely made me feel something, I was able to set it aside and finally answer.

“Yes sir, um, I’m Ryan and I’ll, um, be filling in as your new assistant, um, temporarily.”

“Good, I’m sure Patty left you everything you need?”

“Yes sir, I believe she did sir.”

“Well then, get to rescheduling my 11:30,” he began to turn to enter his office.

“Sir?” I blurted out as he opened the door. He turned and glared at me.

“What will be all my duties as your new assistant?” I nervously asked.

He quickly turned and walked right in front of me.

Now looking down straight at me, “You’ll sit at your desk and wait for me to tell you to do something.” He leaned forward forcing me to lean back, “And then you’ll do it. Got it boy?”

“Yes sir,” I gulped.

“Good,” he turned, entered his office, and shut the door.

I was left there not only terrified, but inexplicably very horny.

I immediately got to work on my work with schedule and answered a handful of phone calls. Thankfully, Patty left very detailed notes for me to use. From them I learned that Mr. Mitchell goes to the gym almost every morning before work which explains the gym bag, and I also learned that Mr. Mitchell must sweat a lot because he often made her get antiperspirant for him to keep him from sweating through his work shirts.

Eventually it came time for Mr. Mitchell’s first meeting of the day. He opened his door and began leaving for the meeting without even looking towards me.

“Would you like to accompany you on the meeting sir?” I asked.

Without skipping a beat, he turned and with both hands on my desk leaned over me while I was seated. From this angle I could güvenilir bahis siteleri see thick dark hairs sticking up from his collar.

With his deep voice he asked, “What your duties were boy?”

“T-to sit at m-my d-desk and wait f-for you to t-tell me to d-do something sir.” I stammered.

“Good boy.”

Without another word he turned and left me waiting there.

For the next couple of days, we continued on a mundane routine where I would sit at my desk almost all day answering the phones unless I was doing the tedious tasks Mr. Mitchell sent me to do. He would hardly ever acknowledge my existence other than to give me orders or when I stepped out of line. I soon came to miss my job with Mrs. Marin.

One aspect I quickly came to loathe was the bathroom situation. While there was a bathroom in the long empty hallway that led to the office, I was terrified to get up from my desk while Mr. Mitchell was in his office. I was usually able to plan my trips to the toilet while Mr. Mitchell was at one of his meetings elsewhere in the building. But, one afternoon I desperately needed to go pee and Mr. Mitchell did not have any other planned meetings in the day.

I decided to take my chances. While Mr. Mitchell was on his daily phone call with the company chairman, I stole away to relieve myself.

The hallway bathroom was very small consisting of only two urinals and one stall. Because the part of the building we were in was so empty, I had never seen anyone use this bathroom other than myself and Mr. Mitchell. I quickly fished out my dick and used the urinal. Once I was finished, with my dick in my hand I couldn’t help but stroke myself slightly thinking of my boss and his big strong-


I was so startled by the door opening I fell backwards onto the floor with my dick still hanging out of my pants. On the floor, I looked up to see my boss looking down at me with a smirk. I think this was the first time I saw him smile.

I began to sit up and put my shame away when I felt two hands reach underneath my armpits, hoist me up onto my feet, and turn me around. I looked up to see my boss smirking at me only a few inches away.

“You okay boy?” he said slyly.

I nodded.

“Well put yourself away then.”

Now realizing my dick was still hanging out, I began to stuff the tool that was quick growing to its full 6″ back into my pants. Mr. Mitchell had already moved away from me and was stepping up to the urinal himself. Embarrassed I quickly left the bathroom but now before turning and getting a quick look at my boss. While I didn’t get a good look, I could definitely tell his manhood was much more impressive than my own.

I sat at my desk with my hard-on trying to escape my pants and waited for my boss’s iddaa siteleri response to the bathroom incident, but when he came out, he went straight to his office with looking at me like always. I’m not sure if that was the response I wanted.

The very next day I hoped that I could put the bathroom incident behind me, and I just started work as normal. At the end of the day, Mr. Mitchell just left to go to his last meeting up on the 13th floor, and I was packing up my stuff when I realized I hadn’t delivered the new audit papers to him yet. I entered his empty office and left the papers on his desk. This was the first time I had been in his office alone, and as I was leaving, I noticed his gym bag sitting in the corner behind his desk.

After standing there for a second, I couldn’t help myself and went over and got on my knees next to the bag. I slowly unzipped the bag and the first thing I saw was a pair of gym shoes. I gently raised one of the massive size 15 shoes and inhaled the strong smell coming from the footwear. My dick was now hard as a rock in my pants as I sniffed the shoe.

After a moment I set down the show and picked up a balled-up pair of socks. I brought the pair of socks to my face and the scent of Mr. Mitchell’s big sweaty feet was even stronger than the shoes. I began to lick and suck the delicious sweat from the sock.

I was loving the socks, but I dropped them immediately when I saw the real prize. I picked up a clearly very well used jockstrap and inhaled its scent deeply. I almost came in my pants just then. I started to sniff and lick the massive stretched-out pouch that just a few hours earlier held the huge cock and balls of my new boss.I was in heaven when just then I felt a large hand grab the back of my head and slam my face into the gym bag, rubbing me all over the soiled clothes my boss had worn. Almost at the same time, I felt another large hand on my now upturned ass.


“I knew what you were the first time I laid eyes on you faggot,” the deep voice of Mr. Mitchell growled.


His hand spanked me again as the other crushed my face into his sweaty gym wear.

“I’m surprised it took this long for you to finally try to get a whiff of my socks and jock you filthy little bitch.”


The third spank sent my face even deeper into the gym bag as his hand held me there.”

I can tell you this fag, this is not going to be the last sniff you get of my rank fucking body.”


The fourth spank was too much for me to take. With my face being forced into my boss’s gym bag, and his big hands spanking my upturned ass, I finally lost control and convulsed as my dick unloaded into my underwear.

Mr. Mitchell still held me there and leaned down until his mouth was right next to my ear. “See you at work tomorrow boy.”

Within a couple second, he had let me go, grabbed whatever he had forgotten for his meeting, and left his office. I was left there alone with a load soaking through my work pants.

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