My New Plaything Ch. 03

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After Penny left, Kyle tried clumsily to talk about what he’d seen. I brushed him off saying it was something private between Penny and I and, therefore, none of his business.

I noticed he wasn’t using up tissues though, and waited impatiently for him to go out.

Finally, after two days, he went clubbing with his mates. I wasted no time searching his room.

I found a drink bottle with Penny’s initials on it and sniffed the contents.

Yes!! But something else too.

A hint of vodka. She’s a clever girl that Penny.

I poured some into a glass and retired to my room. I was going to savour this.

I turned the lights down low and got undressed. The heater was keeping the room warm, nearly hot.

I arranged my rabbit, lube and a couple of other things near to hand and lay down.

I drizzled baby oil over my abdomen and slowly massaged it into every part of my body I could reach. I was thinking of everything that had happened and what I’d seen and done.

I relaxed completely, adding oil and rediscovering my whole body. The oil and the heat made me feel so beautiful.

I thought of Penny and what she felt like. Sex with her was intense and I remembered the feel of her strong body.

I thought of Kyle’s face, as he saw us together, in his room as he jerked off and how he looked staring at my sweaty boobs.

I started to get sloppy wet and reached for the rabbit. Sliding it in then out and over my clit, shuddering as I thought of my Kyles face looking at me with longing desire; of Penny’s mouth.

I was ready now and reached for the glass. I slowly tipped it into my mouth, stroking my pussy as I swirled it around my mouth.

It felt like fireworks going off in my core. I rolled into my belly and lifted my ass. The rabbit plunged and stroked and i pinched my nipples. I pushed the vibe against my ass as another thought came into my mind.

I couldn’t think straight, Penny’s and Kyle’s faces swapped around as the rabbit sunk into my ass. The taste in my mouth was divine and the experiences that I’d had made me loose myself as never before.

I came in a shuddering rush. Dazed and incoherent I slumped and lost consciousness for a wile.

I came to after a few minutes, the vibe still in my ass and juices everywhere. My body was shaking, I was overcome with the intensity of my orgasm.

I lay back, caressing my torso, panting. A chill made me fumble a sheet over my body. No thoughts, just images. Kyle, Penny, me. Both of them, together, others, vague shapes, touching me…

I drifted into a deep sleep.

The feeling of being watched crept into my consciousness as I emerged from sleep. I knew it was Kyle without even opening my eyes.

As my senses returned I heard his ragged breathing and felt his hand touch my lower abdomen. I kept my eyes closed and focused on the sounds of his breathing and what his hand was doing.

He touched my leg and I felt the sheet lift slightly. I moved slightly and he dropping the sheet back, he was holding his breath.

I pretended to wake, drowsily moving my body under the sheet. bursa eskort bayan Blearily opening my eyes. I caught a glimpse of Kyle’s back as he ducked out the door. I sat up with the sheet covering my boobs. I was about to call out when I saw my ‘pleasure kit’ in plain view on the bed stand. Damn.

I looked at the clock, 3am. I got up and went to the bathroom. I took my time cleaning and tidying myself then put on a terrycloth robe and went out to the lounge.

Kyle was on the lounge with a drink watching TV. Poured myself a vodka, (flavoured with ginger this time), and sat down next to him as casually as you like.

My robe rode up, showing most of my thigh. He definitely noticed. I made small talk, what was he watching etc. He answered but he was struggling to focus on what he was saying. He’d had a bit to drink by the looks of it. I said I’d been watching movies and sipping vodka all evening. He smiled and mentioned that Penny had told him that vodka was a good preservative. I asked him what Penny preserved. He went brick red and I nearly laughed out loud as he bumbled his made-up-on-the-spot response.

I made a show of tipping my head back and draining my glass. I leaned forward to put the empty glass on the table, my robe ‘accidently’ falling open.

“Oops!” I exclaimed in a tipsy kind of way. I giggled looking at Kyle sidelong and pulled the sides in. This of course made it shorter and when I sat back it rode up even higher. I sat back and let my head lol to Kyle. “Get me another drink, please darling.” I exaggerated my inebriation subtly.

My devoted boy leaped to his not-so-steady feet and went to the bar. He returned soon with a very large glass of near straight vodka.

“Thank you sweetie” I crooned, my voice just a little slurry. I sipped slowly as he watched me out the side of his impatient eyes.

“Phew,” I flapped the gown, almost showing my boobs. “it’s hot in here!” I opened the robe so my torso showed, my boobs covered on either side, just.

“I think I should go to bed” I mumbled, allowing my eyelids to droop. Kyle was quick to head off that idea. “No. Don’t go yet. You’ll like this show. It’s all about fit women cross training.”

“You’ll like it you mean!” I accused. “Watching those young girls prance.”

He smiled “I’m not the only one who likes young girls.” He was pushing, but I ignored it. He was doing something with his other hand. I got up and headed for the toilet, glancing down as I went. The cheeky boy had the heater remote and was obviously keen for me to be hotter. Hmmmmm.

In the bathroom I poured most of my drink down the drain an refilled the glass with water. I flushed the loo to give no suspicion and, affecting a slightly unsteady walk, went back to what was now a sauna.

I drained my ‘vodka’ as i passed the couch and, seeing Kyle’s eyes on my chest, bent over in front of his face to take his empty glass.

His eyes widened as my boobs swung at him, stopped by the folds of my gown. I modestly covered them as I straightened and went to the bar. Smiling.

I watched my Kyle in the mirror as bursa merkez escort I made us each a drink. Mine mostly water, his mostly bourbon. He was fidgeting as he tried to keep the bulge in his crotch hidden. I carefully arranged my gown to expose lots of breast and just a hint of nipple, then turned and swayed back to the couch.

His eyes were trapped by the open front of my gown. His hands trembled slightly as I bent to give him his drink, and a long look at my breasts. I moved so they hung down swinging. His head moved forward as I swayed back and into my seat. Smiling smugly.

“Mom, you know what you’re doing to me. Why?”

“What on earth are you yabbering about?” I exclaimed, turning a wobbly head in his direction. “I’m watching tele an havn a drink is all” I slurred.

He fidgeted uncomfortably, his cock was obviously rock hard and probably painful. “Your so sexy, mom. I cant help myself; when I see you I get a hard-on and I can’t stop it happening.” His face was red and he wouldn’t look at me.

I laughed aloud “Oh sweetie, it’s fine with me if you think I’m hot. Did you think I hadn’t noticed you were dating a girl that could be my twin? “

He blushed furiously. I had a thought and lied to trap the truth. “Some of my clothes disappear for a while, then reappear. Care to explain?”

More blushing. “Are you wearing my clothes Kyle? “

“No!!” He was shocked. It was Penny.” “Penny?” I enquired. “She dresses up as you sometimes and…and…um”

My suspicions confirmed, I let him off the hook. “No need for details darling.” I kept my drunk face on, “So, are you hard now?” I asked staring at his obvious bulging crotch.

He nodded. “What do you do about it?” I asked innocently. He reddened more “mommmm!” I smiled and let my eyes close a little. “Sorry darling, I really need to stop drinking and sleep.” I let my body slump a little and fid a long slow blink. “Finish your glass and have a nap on the couch.” Suggested my helpful young man.

I put on a pair of Kyle’s sunglasses he’d left lying around and lay my head back. “That’s better” I mumbled. Kyle helpfully held my glass to my mouth and tipped the rest of my drink in. I let my head fall back against his hand and he gently lay it back on the cushion.

A minute passed with Kyle sitting next to me holding my hand. “Mom” he called, shaking me.

I stayed slumped. I felt him gently pull the robe open, exposing my boobs at last. I felt him get up and carefully opened my eyes a little behind the sunglasses.

My Kyle was in front of me, the last of his clothes falling to the floor. His naked body was beautiful, toned but smooth. His cock stood as solid as oak. His eyes were locked on my body, I don’t think he’d even notice if my eyes were open without the glasses!

He stepped up to me, his cock in reach. He bent and untied my gown, opening it fully, exposing my naked body to his gaze. His right hand held his cock as his left tentatively reached out and cupped my breast.

The warmth if the room and his warm hand was a turn on, my nipples hardened bursa sınırsız escort bayan as he stroked them and his breath showed he was at fever pitch. He parted my legs now, gently stroking my slit.

He was touching me everywhere, exploring me the way I explore myself which made me very horny. My pussy tingled as my juices seeped through to Kyle’s fingers. He lifted them to his mouth and licked them. His face was a study in delirious pleasure.

This was a role reversal! I wanted to reveal myself, touch his beautiful body, but I was enjoying his attention so much.

His hands moved down and up my legs, caressing, exploring, he pushed them gently apart and ran his hands over the pale skin between my thighs. My breasts he cupped and lifted. His fingers slipping over my nipples.

I’d closed my eyes in pleasure as his hands got to know me. I felt him step back and I heard a beep noise. Carefully opening my eyes I saw he was taking photos! Hmmmmm, not sure how I feel about that.

Then he put his pants on and came over to me. “MOM, MOM” he called, and gave me a harder shake. I stayed slumped. He smiled and pulled me to him. He carefully took my arms out of the robe then wriggled his hands under me. Holding my naked body tight, his cock slapping my back, he lifted me off the couch and lay me on the rug on the floor.

I felt him arrange my body in a spread eagle pose. Then my arms crossed over my head. His photo sets interspersed with some very tender stroking and caressing. More poses and now some kissing, first my lips, then my neck. I could feel his cock throb wherever it touched me. It was so hard to keep limp!

Kyle’s mouth kissed down my boobs and onto my nipples. He sucked a little on each and this forced a movement from me. But I kept limp, hoping he would think it was involuntary. His soft lips continued over my belly and the tops of my thighs. All the way to my feet. He kissed my whole body, then gently rolled me over and kissed me from head to toe. His lips caressed the soles of my feet as tenderly as they had my lips.

Kyle took me in his arms again and lifted me onto the couch. My leg was hanging off one side opening my pussy as he kissed between my legs. His tongue delicately slid between my labia and my juices flowed. The genuine involuntary muscle movements I made sent him over the edge. I was peeping as he stood and, without touching his cock, it exploded with cum. Splattering over my body, over my face. He held his shaft now pumping it. “Amy” he cried faintly, directing the flow onto my boobs. He shuddered as he squeezed the last drop into my mouth. He stepped back. Panting, he took a photo of my cum splattered body.

The cum in my mouth was wonderful. I kept still until he went to the bar then hurriedly slaked some off my boobs and into my mouth.

Kyle sat on the rug looking at me. Slowly stroking him cock and sipping his drink. He moved in and started licking my pussy again. Deeper his tongue delved. My pussy contracted as I orgasmed and I moaned a little as he sucked my clit.

My orgasm subsided and I started to move a little. Kyle quickly sat me up (his skin is beautiful) and put my gown on. Then, ever so tenderly, he carried me to bed. I ‘woke’ a little then, and smiled at him. He looked a little wary, so I kissed his cheek. “Thank you darling, I feel so relaxed. You sleep well.” I kissed him again and fell asleep listening to him head to his own room.

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