My Nylon Sexual Education Ch. 01

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Anal Fisting

My aunt was an attractive slim lady of 47 and had been divorced for just over a year, she had recently moved into her own flat and had asked me to look at a computer she had been given to see if I could get her onto the internet and help with her sports massage business. I was 19 at the time and studying electrical engineering at university so of course I obliged and agreed to call in one day after lectures.

I knocked at the door and she answered it wearing her work clothes; white blouse, black knee length skirt and sheer black tights with pumps; a look that I found incredibly sexy despite the simplicity.

“Hiya,” she beamed, inviting me in and kissing me on the cheek.

“Hi Aunt Jane,” I replied, kissing her on the other cheek.

She lead me to her treatment room/office where there was a massage bed set up in the middle of the room, a screen for clients to change behind and a small desk with books and the computer.

“Are you ok?” She asked, noticing my limp as walked past her.

“Yeah I’m fine thanks, just pulled my groin playing football at the weekend,” I replied.

“Oh she said, would you like me to look at that for you?” She asked with a dirty grin.

I laughed and said it was fine thanks and sat at the desk. She already had a phone line in the office and the computer had all the basic software she needed. This being the mid 90’s broadband was way off and so it didn’t take me long to set her up with one of the numerous free dial-up companies.

After a quick introduction to the web and some brief instructions on setting up email etc, she thanked me and I shut down the computer. As I stood up from the desk I visibly winced in pain and my aunt instantly noticed my discomfort.

“Look, hop behind the screen and undress, there is a towel there so put that around your waist and hop up on my treatment bed.”

My face flushed, feeling embarrassed at stripping down, even with a towel around me.

“I’ll be fine, thanks Aunt Jane.”

“Look!” she replied firmly, “if I can’t help my favourite nephew, especially as he has given up his free time to help me, then what can I do? I won’t charge you silly.”

“Ok, thanks,” I replied weakly and went behind the screen.

“How much do I need to strip off?” I asked from behind the screen as I unbuckled my jeans.

“Are you wearing boxer shorts or briefs?” She asked.

“Boxers, why does that make a difference?” I queried.

“I need to massage your groin area silly, you’ll have to slip your boxers off as they will be too fiddly, briefs would have been ok.”

“Erm, ok,” I replied, slipping off my T-shirt then allowing my boxers to fall to the floor.

Now naked and feeling odd standing there in only socks I slipped them off as well and wrapped the towel around my waist before emerging from behind the screen.

My aunt giggled like a school girl when she saw me completely naked apart from the skimpy towel.

“You only needed to take the bottom half off,” she said gesturing to my exposed chest, “nice body though my young nephew,” she winked.

My face flushed red and I limped to the treatment bed and hopped up, lying face down.

“It isn’t that kind of massage dear,” she laughed, “roll over I need to work on your groin.”

Feeling slightly exposed I did as requested and lay back whilst she went to work, rubbing some warm liquid onto my affected groin area. Whilst this was a sports massage I found it so intimate in the room and relaxing that my mind began to wander, having this attractive woman with her hands so close to crotch. I glanced down at her silky covered legs and instantly regretted it, I have a huge tights fetish and the sight of her silky shapely legs encased in sheer black nylon along with the proximity of her hands was causing some stirring down below.

“Oh my!” my aunt exclaimed, “I guess you are enjoying this!”

“Oh god,” replied, my hands trying to shield the clearly visible bulge under the towel.

“It’s ok honey,” she soothed, “I’m quite flattered that an old girl like me can have that effect on a young attractive guy like you.”

“Well you do look incredible, very sexy Esenyurt escort and not at all old,” I replied before realising how this sounded.

“Oh,” she said, taking a baby wipe and cleaning the massage oil from her hands, “flattery will get you everywhere!” Her hand slipped up the towel and I felt her firmly grip my growing erection and begin working it with her fingers.

“Oh god,” I said once more, my voice shaking, “are you sure this is a good idea Aunt Jane?” I stammered.

“Probably not,” she said with a dirty smile, “but it has been over two years since I have felt the pleasure of a mans hard cock, have you had a girl play with your cock recently?” She enquired.

“Erm….No….I don’t have a girlfriend, I’m not very good with girls and I’m still a virgin.” I replied, my face now beetroot red and my brain screaming at me to shut up.

“Oh wow, so you like guys then?” She asked with a cheeky wink.

“Only when they wear tights, and I have only ever admired, not touched.” I answered, almost dying as I heard the words leave my mouth.

Aunt Jane looked shocked and said nothing, her hand frozen on my hard cock.

“Holy shit, I can’t believe I just told you that.” I blurted out. “Please don’t tell anyone,” I begged.

Aunt Jane smiled and began working my hard cock once more.

“Don’t worry honey, your secret is safe with me, I find it quite arousing watching two men together.” She soothed “never thought about the tights thing though before, do you like to wear tights too?”

“Erm yeah, I borrow my foster sisters sometimes when I can sneak them out of the laundry basket,”

My face flushed again, I couldn’t believe everything I was divulging, it was as if I was in some kind of drunken state and couldn’t lie.

“Wow, you have that fetish really bad, have you ever taken any of mine?” Her hand was now jerking me with more urgency.

“No, but I have thought about it,” I confessed.

“Come with me,” she said, taking my hand and leading me to her bedroom.

I walked behind her, my cock standing to attention beneath the skimpy towel as she opened her bedroom door and guided me to her bed, telling me to sit down.

“Do you have a favourite colour?” She asked, going through her drawers pulling out a seemingly endless supply of different colour tights.

“I like them all,” I replied nervously, excited at where this was going but unable to believe it was happening.

“Try these,” she said, handing me a pair of very sheer natural tan coloured tights, “I should be able to see your cock nicely through them.”

She stood and watched as I started to roll up one of the legs.

“No dear, take off the towel first,” she grinned.

Embarrassed I stood up and allowed the towel to fall to the floor, my erect shaft still standing to attention and now in full view. I sat on the bed and slowly pulled the sensuous nylon material over each leg and then expertly over my hard cock, adjusting the waist band to a comfortable position.

“You have definitely done that before!” My aunt commented, “Do you normally just masturbate in the tights or do you wear dresses and stuff?”

“I’m not a cross dresser! I just like to play in tights, I love the sensation and love seeing ladies and men wearing them.”

“Ok, ok, calm down,” she replied, laughing, “just relax, this will be fun for both of us I think,”

She walked over to me and pushed me back onto the bed, I lay back as she began to kiss my chest, her hand gripping my nylon covered cock and working it hard. She kissed down my body arriving at my cock, then kissed the tip gently, massaging it with her tongue, before taking me deep into her mouth. I threw my head back and closed my eyes, my hands rested on her head as my mind raced, all my deepest fantasies were coming true at once. My hips began bucking uncontrollably as my orgasm grew.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum!” I warned.

Undaunted she continued sucking me deep until my cock exploded in her mouth, my cock pulsing through the nylon as I looked down and watched her take all I could offer into her mouth. She pulled the tights Esenyurt escort Bayan down and began to clean my cock before moving up to my lips and kissing me passionately, filling my mouth with my own salty load as our tongues intermingled and we shared my offering, both swallowing all we could.

“Did you enjoy that honey?” she asked.

“Oh god that was amazing, you are so hot Aunt Jane.”

She smiled, “I love it when you call me Aunt Jane, especially as I have just sucked your cock dry, sounds nice and kinky.”

She looked down at my flaccid organ, “is that it for now then? Or are you able to muster an encore for your horny aunt?”

“What would you like me to do?” I asked nervously.

“Fuck me of course silly! I want you to lick my pussy, suck my toes, bite my nipples, stick your tongue in my arse! In short I want your tongue and cock in every hole in my body! Do you think you can handle this?”

I gulped, at 19 and very horny all this sounded amazing but the fact was I was still a virgin and the blow job I had just received was my first sexual encounter apart from my right hand!

“I can try,” was all I could reply.

“You’ll do more than try honey!” My aunt replied, sounding quite forceful in her voice, then she leaned close to my ear and whispered “you are my fuck toy now, whatever I want, whenever I want it you will obey, we wouldn’t want Sarah to find out who’s been wanking into her tights now, would we?”

I couldn’t believe it, I was being blackmailed into sex by my aunt, the day had gone from surreal to completely bizarre in a matter of minutes. I sat on the bed, dumb from the shock but looking at the incredibly sexy older lady stood before me, began to find the whole situation arousing.

I smiled up at my aunt, the realisation that I was liking the sound of her domination over me.

“Should I call you mistress?”

My aunt laughed out loud, “No you can call me Aunt Jane, that’s kinky enough for my liking and whilst I may sound dominating there will be nothing more kinky than us both wearing tights…Oh but I may want to watch you fuck another guy sometime.”

I nodded, relieved that I wasn’t going to be whipped or any of the other dominatrix tactics I had witnessed on some pornography films, this really was going to be my ultimate fetish, sex in tights with an older woman plus occasional bisexual encounters with guys.

“Will they be older men?” I asked, “I only really like younger guys around my age.”

“Don’t worry honey, I don’t have anyone in mind, frankly this whole situation is new to me also. We will have to do our own research into willing participants.”

She walked to another drawer and took out a pager.

“When I page you, I expect you to get here as quickly as possible, do you understand?”

I nodded and stood up, sliding the tights down over my waist.

“What are you doing?” she demanded.

“Errr, well you just gave me a pager, I thought you were done for me for now.” I answered weakly.

She smiled back at me, “You’re young so I’ll let you off this time, a lady has just sucked you off, you’ve blown your load in her mouth, don’t you think she may want something in return? Especially when the closest she has got to a fuck in the last two years takes batteries and is in my top drawer!”

I looked down at my feet, feeling sheepish.

“I’m so sorry Aunt Jane, I’m just not used to this.”

She smiled down at me, “Don’t worry honey, I will guide you every step of the way.”

She stood in front of me and undid her blouse, revealing her pert breasts just visible through her lacy white bra. She reached around her back and unclipped the bra and allowed it to fall to the floor as I stared at her wonderful breasts, clearly she worked out. The she kicked off her pumps, revealing her sheer covered toes and unzipped her skirt allowing it to fall to the floor.

My eyes widened, “You’re not wearing any knickers!”

“I never do when I wear tights,” she grinned, “You’re not the only one with a tights fetish you know, why do you think I wear every single day?”

“Wow,” was all I could Escort Esenyurt reply.

“That’s why I was so intrigued when you mentioned tights, your uncle was always so boring in bed, both naked, suck and fuck then role over and go to sleep!”

“Well we definitely won’t be doing just that!” I replied.

“No, my horny little nephew, we most certainly will not! Now are you going to keep yapping or fuck me? I’m so wet right now I feel like I have peed myself!”

She lay on the bed and without waiting for an invitation I buried my face in between her legs, tasting her juices through the nylon crotch as I buried my tongue in deep, my inexperience was clearly overcome by enthusiasm as Aunt Jane gripped my head, pulling me tight against her crotch and moaning loudly. Her juices flowed into my mouth through the sheer nylon as her hips bucked, two years of sexual frustration exploding in passion.

“Oh fuck!” She screamed, “rip open my tights, lick me deep, fuck me with your tongue honey!”

I obliged, ripping open the crotch and burying my tongue deep inside her, her juices tasting oh so sweet as she climaxed over and over.

“Fuck me now,” she begged.

I moved up her body, the realisation coming to me that I was about to lose my virginity not to a girl of my age in a virgin fumble but to hot sexually experienced mature woman. I guided my hard cock to the entrance of her soaking pussy, slipping in easily to the point I thought I must be too small for her.

“mmmmmm that feels so good honey,”

“I don’t think I’m big enough Aunt Jane, I can hardly feel anything,”

“That’s because you got me so wet with your tongue, now fuck me hard baby,”

I began to thrust as I had seen done on the pornographic films, listening to instructions from Aunt Jane as she guided my actions. I found the whole experience incredibly erotic, receiving sex lessons from my aunt as she asked me to suck her toes, bite her nipples, then lie behind her and spoon her. As I thrust enthusiastically from behind, starting to feel some friction as she tensed her pussy, Aunt Jane reached down and played with her clitoris, every now and then playing with my balls.

“mmmmm yeah, harder baby, fuck your slutty Aunt hard!” she screamed.

I thrust harder and deeper, my inexperienced cock remaining hard do to her earlier efforts until with a final deep thrust my cock pulsed and throbbed ejaculating deep inside her soaking hole.

Breathless I lay behind my aunt, both of us panting heavily, my cock softening inside her.

“Thank you baby,” she said, “for a first time you were amazing,”

I kissed her neck and cupped her breasts, whispering into her ear “thanks Aunt Jane, that was incredible, you are so hot.”

“Can you clean up your mess for me please honey?” she asked.

Obediently I withdrew my softened shaft and went down on her sticky pussy, finding the taste of my own offering mixed with her juices not at all unpleasant and happily licking and cleaning all I could.

“mmmm thank you honey, now share some with me please,”

I moved up and kissed her passionately, sharing our mixed juices as our passion subsided.

“I think you had better take a shower, you need to be home soon,” she smiled.

Glancing at my watch and realising how late it was I dashed to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Standing under the hot tumbling water and reliving the experience in my mind I found myself becoming aroused once more. With no time to pleasure myself I jumped out of the shower and towelled of, dressed quickly and returned to the bedroom where my aunt was lying, vibrator at the ready.

“Don’t worry honey, it isn’t a reflection on your abilities,” she said reassuringly, “if anything it is because you have to leave for now and you have made me incredibly horny.”

She handed me a small holdall, I glanced inside and it was full of tights, some in packets, others loose, all styles and colours.

“Some of those are from the laundry basket,” she winked, “I don’t wear knickers remember so enjoy my scent,”

“Oh wow, thanks again so much for everything Aunt Jane.”

“you are so very welcome, don’t forget your pager,” she said handing it to me.

I kissed her passionately once more, made my apologies and left the flat with the biggest grin I had ever had, not sure that I could wait until the pager calls, I would be sorting through the tights in the holdall later.

To be continued…

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