My Personal Awakening Ch. 02

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Big Tits


I did so.

“I want you to out your arms flat behind your back. Please bend them at the elbow so you are holding each elbow in the opposite hand.” he firmly nut quietly ordered me to do, as he gently turned me around so that he stood behind me. I heard the opening of a drawer near a built in china cupboard and then felt a cloth sleeve being looped over my arms and between my back and arms. It felt as if something was being pulled, as if the cloth was being tied up as if it were laced. When he finished, my arms, from elbow to wrist were encased in the heavy cloth but my hands were free. It was the first time I had ever been bound in any way, though I had really wanted to try the handcuffs my friend had. The loss of control I felt then and there was profound and extremely erotic. I loved it.

He then instructed me to walk out the back door to the porch. Once out side he said, “now, I know you are eager to give yourself to me as repayment for the prejudice your family has beaten my family down with over the years.” He continued, close behind, so I felt his warm breath and firm chest against my upper back and shoulder. “But,” he continued, “I like many things. I like to punish, I like to do things that you don’t even know of yet. I like to tie women up. I think that there is nothing sexier than when a women is bound in various ways, to various objects, in various locations. I never grow tired of seeing pictures of that Catherine. Or when I can, getting to do that.” He paused and then added, “Do you wish to be sexy for me Catherine?”

I answered quickly. “Yes I do sir. And I do know of some things like that. One of my friends has parents who left a movie that could be found by us gals one night during a sleep over . The video showed different gals being tied up in different ways and we secretly watched it. The gals, even the one whose house it was, giggled with equal amounts of fear and curiosity.” Even though at the time, all the girls at the sleep over who watched it; claimed to be ‘grossed out’, including myself, really enjoyed it. We all knew it too. In fact, I knew of one girl had found a way to obtain a set of hand cuffs, she never told us how, and carried them in her purse. I confessed all of this which must have caused him to be taken a back a little.

He then chuckled reassuringly, “well that is good to know my little Catherine. It will certainly hope you a little. But now, we are going to talk a walk down this dirt path. It leads in to what is left of my family’s land. It is secluded, but I like to be in the outdoors for some activities. And, you will walk a head of me and at intervals I will stop you and make your walk a bit more difficult for you, and more enjoyable for me. If you get where I want you to be, I will then know that you are truly interested in being my slave.

So, as the day before, with a swat on my bottom, I started walking from the house, this time, down a worn dirt path away from the house and not towards my bike. After a about a hundred or so steps, with him behind me, he reached the end of his lawn and started out into the field that was overgrown with prairie grass, land that was obviously unsuitable for farming, which is why is was not sold. In the distance, the path lead to a forest of pine trees to the right. Further down, it forked to the left to a small creek. Not knowing if this was as far as he wanted me to walk, I hesitated; only to be told to keep walking unless I was having second thoughts about my test and wanted to quit. With out responding or turning, I kept walking.

From behind, he started talking. “My goodness Catherine, you have such lovely long and tight legs. And, I must add, the sway and bounce of that little skirt shows that you have a true treasure of things yet to be seen. However, now we have reached the second stage of the test. I know it is hot in this sun. My family labored in this sun for many generations, no thanks to people like your mother.” he said simply. His words continued in the same matter of fact tone, “So, I will give you the same luxuries given to me and my folks. I will start with the modification and then removal of your clothing as you walk. The first being lifting the hem of your skirt to let more air get to that lovely little bottom you have.”

With that, he told me to stop and lifted the skirt from behind, gently trailing his fingers of my bare cheeks, causing me to shudder, and tucked the hem into the waist of my skirt. My white thong now clearly visible. Seeing it caused him to whistle. “Well Catherine wearing a slutty little pair of panties like that really speaks to the nature of the girl wearing them. Don’t you agree little one?” I turned to look at him with smoldering lust in my eyes and only nodded my agreement to him. What could I say? It did. He prompted me then, “Well little one, keep walking, you have quite a bit left to prove.”

So, I walked, with him evidently enjoying the site of my tight thighs and the jiggle of my fiem little bottom with each step. I had to admit, I also found it rewarding. Bycasino It was thrilling to know that a grown man found looking at my body exciting. I attempted to maintain the same gait and bounce in my sway with out seeming silly. But a sharp slap from his hand to my on uncovered cheek caused me to walk on my tip toes for a couple steps. He said, “I like to watch it bounce when you walk like that. I may do it again.”

I had not been aware previously, but he had been taking pictures of me with his camera. As silly as it may sound, the idea of him doing so seemed so erotic that when he asked that I stop to arch my back, I did so with my butt jutting out from under the raised skirt so far that the thong I wore hid nothing as it slid between my lips. After I had finished posing, he tucked the remaining portion of my skirt in to its waist band in front. He remarked that I was clearly soaked through in my little panties and I knew he was right. Of course, they were damp on the ride over. The last swat I took made them flood with my juices. Now with them firmly in the folds of my pussy every step rubbed them against my clit. I was both in agony and ecstacy.

After several more paces, he had me turn so that my narrow behind as well as the rest of my body was silhouetted to the blue sky, next to the dark tree line and the open field. He must have enjoyed the view of my bunched up skirt against my flat tummy and above the swell of my bottom. His enjoyment was, well, pronounced. He had clearly enjoyed watching my narrow waist and slender legs meeting in my tight little bottom as I walked just before. I was thrilled to have caused the bulge in his jeans and impressed by the amount that the jeans were pushed out. There had to be a lot going on in his pants to cause denim to stretch like that.

I thought then I was going to get my first taste of him then and there, but he gave me a couple of swats that must have left hand prints on my bare cheeks and caused me to hop a little each time. But all he did was undo my bra from under my tee shirt and remove it from under of my tee shirt, leaving the tee in place. His hands were strong and rough, like a man accustomed to physical labor. They did linger over the mounds of my breasts as he stood behind me, he groin rubbing up against my ass. Each finger lightly flicking up and then down over my nipples as he lifted and then pulled down my bra. Each movement, feeling like a washboard, caused a bolt of electricity to find the desire in my pussy to be his.

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I grabbed with my fingers, not encased in the cloth sleeve which bound my arms, and held his tee shirt. I pulled my self back into him, arching my back, as instructed before by him, and ground my ass against the bulge of his jeans. I moved back and forth, side to side and up and down as rapidly as I could, with as much range or motion as I could muster with out breaking contact from his groin. He just stood there, firm, his erection becoming even more responsive to my body and motions. With out any warning of its severity, I came then and there from the friction of my thong against my clit and the rough denim on my exposed lips. It was the most incredible orgasm I had ever felt. I was certain more so than most other gals would ever feel. It buckled my knees and sent me to the ground in a heap.

There on the dirt path I laid for sometime panting to get my breath back. Getting my tee shirt and thong dirty. He stood over me, his shadow falling over me. After what seemed only like seconds, he assisted my up by lifting me in his powerful arms to my feet. “Come on sweet cheeks, we only have a little ways to go yet,” as he pointed down the path towards a lone tree stump. I walked with as much composure and sway as I could on my still rubbery legs. Thank goodness for the energy of youth and the years of tennis had given me. By the time we reached the stump I noticed some things that you couldn’t see from a distance.

I saw that the stump was huge, the tree must have been very old when it was felled. I was told that the tree was struck by lightening when his father was just a boy and that the tree was then used by the mill to start his family’s legacy as it provided a windfall when an over seas temple wanted to use it for its construction. There was more to the story, which I lost in the glow of the orgasm from before and the gazing upon the stump. In its worn surface, there were several metal hoops, the size if a hand, so I guessed that some rope could be tethered to it easily. In fact, there were five such hoops on the top and there was one on each side of the tree stump.

He said then, “I only thought that it fair that where my family received its first break that your repayment to my family should be made.” He then gestured to me to get up to the stump. He then said to answer my first unspoken question, “no, today you will not be tied here.” “Not today, but on other days you will be. You see the sun shines over head for some time and there was less fun facts about this location for you, but Bycasino giriş those too you will discover in due time.”

“However, for now, you will start with sucking my cock!” I got to my knees facing him, when he pulled the bottom of my tee shirt over my head so that the shirt stayed looped over my arms but my head was out of it. The sweat of my body making the shirt damp. By bare breast were open to the hot air. My nipples, now unconstrained were as pronounced as they ever had been, I could feel the trickle of sweat from my raised shirt slowly falling to the middle of my breasts and down my stomach. He then unzipped his jeans and he pulled them down to his knees.

He wasn’t wearing any underwear and his cock sprang directly outwards. Its large purple head was larger then the handle of my tennis racquet. The tip of his cock was not fully closed and the slit seemed to be rather longer than it should have been. I was certain that I could get a finger into it. Below that hung two tennis ball sized balls. The shaft of this bobbing cock was thicker than my tennis racquet. It was then I noticed with odd clarity that his shaft was slightly larger in the middle and tapered to its head where it again grew larger.

I held my breath in both wonder and anticipation. This cock was the king of all cock. It was simply larger, thicker and apparently, much longer than any of the boys’ I had seen before this, even in the video I had seen. “Don’t worry dear, it is only just under ten full inches. You should be able to handle it all in due time.” With that, he placed his hand on top of my head, and I moved my knees further apart on the stump top, to the point that my lips of my pussy were just inches above the uneven and rough surface of the stump. This brought my mouth level with his cock head.

With the pull of his hand on top of my head and the small thrust of his hips he entered my open mouth. The feeling of his fullness filling my mouth was incredible. I could barely get the head of his magnificent cock into my mouth and kept it there, dragging my talented tongue back and forth of the tip of his cock. I found the slit of his cock as I continued to suck in to keep the pressure up on his cock and was happy that I could flick the slit open with the tip of my tongue. I heard his approval in the form of a grunt.

Deciding that he like this I slid my tongue into the tip of his cock slit. With my teeth firmly but not harshly holding the cock head in my mouth fully, I worked as much of my tongue into the slit. It tasted a little different but the sensation was making him happy and it was driving me crazy. There I was, exposed on a tree stump with a man’s cock in my mouth and my tongue in his cock. After what felt like a quarter of my tongue was forced into his cock I couldn’t get any more in and my jaw started to throb from being kept as open as it was.

One last little flick of my tongue in his cock caused him to lean back, pulling me partially with him and for him to go rigid with a shuddering orgasm. The first blast of his cum built up around my tongue and then the second forced his cock of my tongue, and sent a long stream of cum into my mouth, coating the back of my mouth and tongue thickly. He sent one more stream into my mouth before he was no longer able to stand still enough and his cock forcibly plopped from my wanton mouth. The spray landed on my nose and forehead, a thin trail over my left eye. The sweat of the day and the dripping cum didn’t get into my eye thank fully.

After he opened his eyes, he looked down at me and said nothing but grimaced and smiled as the after orgasm he was feeling spasm in his cock. He then saw the cum on my face and dipped his cock head into it, wiping it up and bringing it down to my mouth. Feeding me the last of his offering. After a couple more swipes, he pulled up his jeans but wasn’t able to zip them for fear of harm from the zipper. He smiled at me and walked to another nearby tree and sat down in a heap next to it.

I started to get up to go to him in the shade. However, a sharp, “Bitch, get back on to the stump. You aren’t done yet.” I walked back the stump with a smile on my face. Good there was more yet to come.

Chapter 3.

And, there I found myself. My tee shirt pulled up over my breasts and neck. My skirt tucked in up over my waist. My pert breasts exposed to the sun, jutting upward with the advantages of youth and a tone, fit body. My tanned thighs bare all the way up to my waist. There, reclined on top of a rough tree stump as I watched the man that had tied my arms behind me and whom I had just serviced with the best blow job he had plainly ever received.

My pale breast and pink nipples throbbed as they never had before. The warm air touching them and the glistening sweat rolling over was incredible. I felt each gust of wind and every warming ray of the sun on my breasts. The feeling was glorious. When some of his cum finally fell from my jaw to my breast I was startled that such a large drop could have fallen unknown high up on my Bycasino deneme bonusu right breast. I looked down, touching my chin to my chest to watch it pool up and then roll directly down my breast to my nipple. The sight of his seed rolling down my chest was the most erotic thing that I had ever imagined seeing.

He must have enjoyed it. He sat there for 5 minutes collecting his breath and enjoying watching me. His eyes roamed all over me, from my neatly trimmed pussy to my jutting breast. It was as if he was deciding between which two favorite sons would inherit the family business. Or, more accurately, a wold that was deciding which of the two would be devoured first. Based upon my opinion, my pussy was so wet that it must have been more glimmering than my right breast. Obviously my pussy wanted to be devoured first.

After the silence in which he just watched me he spoke, “My god girl, where the hell did you learn to suck like that?” He added in a near gasp, “That tongue of yours is just like magic. I have never had any one actually stick their tongue like that in my cock!” After that there was more silence as if he were contemplating what to do next.

“You know girl, I had just thought that I would bring you down here, give you a little scare and maybe a little spanking and then send you on your way.” He paused and I was fearful that was all he was planning on doing. Evidently, unable to hide the disappointment from my face, he quickly added, “but now, things are a bit different. In fact, I think that I may well just have you keep coming back.”

I was overly happy inside. I couldn’t imagine anything else that I wanted to do more than what ever he wanted me to do. I was going to get the best of both words. One, correcting a long time wrong and getting the true sexual needs I had addressed. Then and there I was never more happy. Even with, or more likely because of the cum drying on my face and breast, not to mention that I was still enjoying the taste he gave me when he coated my mouth with his hot wonderful seed.

I spent my time on the stump, moving my thighs slowly open and closed to tease him a little, but more to the point, I was just lost in the haze of bliss only that tasting a strong man’s cum will give you. Not having been a bad girl, I had not ever drank at the parties that others had, but if this is what being intoxicated was like, I was missing a lot.

He then stood, his cock not growing flaccid after spurting of all that cum, which was impressive in of itself. But he bade me to stand, which I dutifully did and he had me turn around. He had evidently enjoyed seeing my bottom before and wanted to see it again, which I was only too happy to oblige him. I turned my head to look over my shoulder to see him taking the belt around his jeans out of the belt loops. It was obvious what his intent was. I had already started clenching in anticipation.

“Well my little bitch, you are certainly talented with your mouth. I had not anticipated your skills to be quite so advanced,” he said as slowly walked closer to me.

“So, the spanking you were to receive is about to begin, but I want you to arch your back and I want your nipples and tits to rest upon the stump. Since you can not support your self with your hands, your nipples will feel each ridge of grain as your body rocks back and forth with each impact on your ass.”

With that, after confirming that I was positioned as I was to be, he moved behind me again. I could already feel the strain on my thighs being bent like this with my back arched. I had my thighs spread to account for the size of the stump to bend as he wanted, which brought my lips and more importantly, my clit, in to contact with the edge of the stump. He put his hand upon my bottom and gently pushed me forward and his prediction of where I felt the movement was half right. I did move. My breast and nipples did slide, where I did feel my nipples drag over each ridge forwards and backwards.

However, I felt the jolt directly on my clit too. Each time I were to move, I would feel the same thing I knew and doubt if I could long stand the sensations. While I was contemplating this new wonderful stimulation, he began to deliver a series of blows on my bottom that kept my body rocking back and forth. I screamed out with each impact but didn’t alter my pose. He was apparently unconcerned that each painful strike on my bottom pushed me closer to another orgasm as my clit was rubbed against the stump. On the tenth strike my orgasm soaked my pussy and thighs and made the stump slick. My scream was mixed with pain and pure ecstacy. My knees again buckled and I loss the arch of my back, my breasts pulled backwards along the stump heavily.

“Bitch, get your ass back up in the air,” he ordered and I complied. He struck me five more times, evidently not wanting me to again experience an orgasm. I had tearful eyes and winced from the pain in both my bottom and in my raw nipples. But I didn’t cry, nor did I want to. What I just had was the most beautiful gift I had ever been given. I would want this on my birthdays and Christmas’. The redness of my bottom seemingly increasing with each passing moment, but I was uncertain if that was as a result of the belt or the hot sun. The heat of the sun clearly wasn’t helping.

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