My Release

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I’ve been so turned on for the last few days. I have played with myself. Played with toys. Played on cam. All of it makes my desire grow stronger.

I’m craving the touch of another. A man. Who knows how to please me. To touch me. To make me moan and tremble all before we even undress.

And when we do undress, have me begging for more. More of his touch. His mouth. His everything.

I want to be satisfied so fully that I sleep soundly. Without dreaming of my desires. Without dreaming of another’s touch. Without waking to an ache deep inside me begging to be remedied.

I want him to hold my face and slowly lean in for a kiss. To deepen that kiss while running his hand through my hair to the back of my neck.

I want him to slide his hand from my hip underneath the edge of my shirt to the small of my back.

I want him to walk me backwards until I am up against a wall. To take my hands and hold them above my head. To press his body against mine, holding me in place.

I want him to use one hand to search my body, while restraining my hands in the other. To find my breast, linger there, tease a moan from my lips. To find bahis siteleri that sweet spot on my neck with his mouth that makes my knees weak.

I want him to run his finger along my skin just above the waist of my jeans, hinting that he wants to take them off me. To find my core and tease me with the barrier between us.

I want him to slowly unbutton my shirt, following the path of buttons with fiery kisses down my chest that give me goosebumps all over. To slide my shirt off my shoulders, letting it drop to the floor.

I want him to take in the sight of my half dressed body and to be able to watch the desire in his eyes flare. To watch him devour the sight of my skin. To want to ravish me.

I want him to want to rip my clothes off but go slow because he knows how desperately I need to feel him. To torture me slightly with his control and patience.

I want him to slip my bra straps from my shoulders, unhook the clasps and let it drop to the floor. To not miss a beat, his mouth covering my now naked nipple, the other being caressed by his fingers.

I want him to elicit moans and gasps from my lips with his tongue and lips. canlı bahis siteleri To bring me close to the edge with only his devotion to my breasts.

I want him to unfasten my jeans, slowly work them down my hips and take in the sight of my black lacy panties. To explore my heat through the fabric.

I want him to lay me down on a surface, slip my panties off of me and kiss his way down my body to my mound. To start again at my ankles and kiss his way back up my legs. Reaching my core, slowly spreading my legs and taking in the sight of my womanhood.

I want him to devour me, search every inch of me with his fingers, mouth, and especially his tongue. To bring me so incredibly close to the edge but not let me fall blissfully over that waterfall.

I want him to stop me from rising up to undress him. To make me watch him pull his shirt over his head and unfasten his jeans.

I want him to make me watch him pull his member from his briefs and swipe a finger across the tip, collecting the moisture there. To bring it up to my lips and let me get my first taste of him.

I want him to let me touch him, to explore him. To taste canlı bahis him again. But he won’t.

I want him to cover me with his body, wrapping my legs around him, and enter me so slowly I beg for all of him. To tease me with himself, to make me beg, arching my hips trying to force him to fill me up.

I want him inside of me so bad it hurts. To get him to please me and let me crash over the waterfall.

I want him to take slow, deep strokes into my core. To build me back up to floating right in the edge of the cliff.

I want him to increase his speed, placing my legs over his shoulder and leaning into me. To find that sweetest of places inside of me.

I want him to let me fall over the waterfall. To let me crash, convulse, and quiver around him.

But I don’t want him to stop. To continue his ministrations to my desire.

I want him to tell me to climb on top of him. To take the reins and ride myself into bliss over the edge again.

I want him to roll me back over, never leaving my core, and continue his duty of making me quiver. To make me convulse around him again. And again. And again.

I want him to reach his peak inside of me. To find release with me and collapse next to me.

I want him to find that slap happy grin, doze off, and rest. To wake me a short while later with his tongue.

And let it all start again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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