My Retirement

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I have a few stories to tell so this being my first, I will take a bit to tell you about myself and how I came to have these stories. They are all true except for a little embellishment. I’m 5’11” tall and weigh about 205. I wanted to get down to around 190 but it looked like that wasn’t going to happen because I really don’t like exercising or going to some gym. I stay active like swimming and tending to my vegetable garden but that was the extent I was willing to go to. Besides that, my shoulders are pretty broad and I have big arms so it probably didn’t look as bad as I thought. Plus, I’m working on 60 so I said wholeheartedly, “Fuck it, 205 it is.”


At 55 I retired after having worked myself hard, saved and invested my entire life to put away enough that I wouldn’t have to worry about finances when I did so. I had owned my own small trucking company since I was 29 and sold it for a hefty sum. At the time of the sale I had 32 trucks and 37 employees. At one time there were 39 trucks but times had slowed a bit. I made sure in the contract that my employees would all have jobs with the new owner.

I have been an independent soul my entire life, a biker at heart I guess you could say, and never married nor having children I had wanted to travel the country on my Harley for some time. A scant two weeks after finalizing the paperwork on the sale of my trucking company, I strapped my two person tent and my sleeping bag along with a couple of changes of clothes on my six year old 2009 FLSTC and I still didn’t have a clue which direction I was going first. I headed east out of College Station, Texas. My ample home with a pool and 14+ acres would have a trusted house sitter in about a week and I had no need to worry about it. I paid the middle aged couple handsomely and knew not when I would return. Free rent and $500 a week for expenses with a hefty $50,000 bonus when I returned if everything was in order. My accountant would take care of any repairs or upkeep needed. They didn’t even have to mow the lawn.

I was gone over a year. (More stories about those exploits later.) I forgot to inform them I was on my way back before my return, so I took up residence in the guest house until they could find suitable accommodations.

They didn’t recognize me at first because I hadn’t shaved since a week or two after I left and I was on a different bike. After the tranny went kaput on the other one just a few days after I left, I opted to just buy another one because the ’09 had quite a few miles and I didn’t want to hang around a week or that I figured it would take. Marylin (yes, it’s spelled that way) and Charles had kept the place as if it were their very own. Everything was spotless and shining like a new penny. I actually think it was cleaner than when I left.

After a few months of doing nothing, I decided I would have to find something to do and decided to get a part time job. After some calling around I found a barber in town that was licensed to do straight shaves (yes, in Texas you have to have a special license to do a shave with a straight razor). I tried a few different things but found I was always asked to do full time hours because they discovered I would always answer the call when they needed someone to work. Then, I saw an ad for a school bus driver. Work a little in the morning and a little in the afternoon and I’m done. That sounds about what I was looking for. In the interview field trips during the day was mentioned and my response was, “Oh crap” in my mind. Then she mentioned that I could opt out of the field trip schedule if I wanted. “Cool, I’m still in” I was thinking. I did tell her that I would be more than happy to take any field trips that they absolutely could not find a driver for, but I really didn’t want it to happen on a regular basis.

I still had my CDL with all the endorsements, PTX and hazmat. Then I found out there was now a separate one for school bus. A quick study of the book and a trip with their instructor and one of their buses to a driver license office and that was fixed in short order.


A week of running my route with the instructor and I was on my own. The High Schoolers were really nice and polite while the instructor was riding and for a short time after she stopped. About two weeks in, one of the seniors was trying to cop a feel of a girl’s breasts. Her name was Beth. I really couldn’t blame him. She was about 5’7″ tall with long straight dirty blonde hair almost to her waist. About 125# and not knock out gorgeous but very pretty with large D cups or possibly small DD’s and a very tight shapely ass that bounced, one side then the other as she walked. Hell, I wanted to grab both her tits myself. She was a new student by a couple of days and also a senior. I quickly took to the shoulder and put a stop to it. After he threatened me with bodily harm I had no choice but to file a report although I didn’t want to. That’s when I found out he was a star wide receiver on the football team. The principal and the head coach asked me not to file the report but I did anyway. Mostly because they wanted to protect the little asshole.

A couple weeks later I was picking her up at the disciplinary Kurtköy Escort section which meant we were alone on the bus for about 25-30 minutes until I picked up the other students. She was quite friendly and we talked about various things. One day I had to stop by and retrieve my wallet from my saddlebags and she found out I had a Harley and carried a gun because I had to take out the gun to find my wallet and she was watching from the bus. Before I could pull away she said, “I think that is sooo sexy.”

I asked, “What did you say?”

“I’m sure you heard me” she said.

“I’m sure I did but it really shocked me. How old are you?” I asked.

“I’m 18 and I’ll be 19 in about two months. The Saturday after I get out of school prison is my birthday” she replied.

“Exactly what did I do that you found so sexy?” I wanted to know because I wanted to be sure to do it again.

She said, “I love Harleys and the pistol was really sexy, too. Do you carry it everywhere?”

“I can’t carry it on the bus, but it goes where I go other than that. Well, I don’t carry it into the pool hall either. It’s against the law because they serve alcohol.”

She asked, “What if you get into a fight at the pool hall?”

“Not much chance of that.” I explained. “I know most everyone there and I was in the corps so I know how to handle myself pretty well, even if I am an old guy.”

“Oh, a hot old guy with a Harley and a Marine to go with it. That makes me a little wet” she shrieked loudly.

I could feel my cock stirring a bit when she said that. Could this really be happening? A hot teenager at coming on to me at 57.

“I got wet some and my nipples got hard when you rescued me from Greg. If he only knew what you just told me, he would probably shit his pants and go crying to mama.”

I laughed pretty good at that one. The other kids came out and we were silent the rest of the trip home.


We talked a lot while there was nobody on the bus with us. A few days there were others that I picked up from school prison as well as Beth. I inquired as to what she had done to be honored with such a long prison sentence. She said that her and a couple of girls got ratted out for smoking dope on a weekend field trip. I found out her mom is 42, mom’s “lover boy” is only 26 and her dad, a Marine captain, was killed in Afghanistan about 5 years ago. That’s when she started skipping school so much she got held back a year.

The last day I picked her up it was pretty cool out so I had my jacket across the back of the drivers seat as usual when it was cool out. Beth was sitting directly behind me as always. When I started to go home, I reached in my jacket pocket and found a note.

It said:


I want you to know that I always said that I would not lose my virginity until I was at least 19 years old. That happens this Saturday. I want you to be the one that takes it from me. I know you can arrange a place since you’re not married and don’t have a regular girlfriend. I want this for my 19th birthday very much.


“WHAT THE FUCK?” I’m an old guy, what does this very hot teenager want with me? I’ve had some women quite a bit younger than me, but this is hotness overload. She’s still a virgin? “SHIT. Do I really want to do this?” My answer was always, “HELL YES, I DO!!” This is what went over and over in my mind. I finally wrote my address and cell number on the back along with Call at 10:00 AM. When she got on the bus the next afternoon I handed it to her and said in a whisper that she shouldn’t be writing these kinds of things. She looked rejected and sat down hard. She was pouting until she took a look at it and saw my address and cell number. Her eyes lit up like Broadway for a second then started to pretend she was still upset. I really didn’t expect to hear from her and she was just teasing me like some young girls do.


Saturday came around and at one minute before 10:00 AM my phone came to life. I finally got around to telling her how to get to my place and that there was plenty of privacy here and be sure to bring a swimsuit that my pool is heated and what code to put in the keypad after she pulled through the gate that would lock the gate and disable the keypad on the outside. Technology is a wonder thing at times.

Thirty minutes or so later I heard a car coming up the long gravel drive. My house was about 500 feet off the road. It was Beth. I told her to pull her car in the shop so no one could see it. I closed the shop door. As she exited her vehicle I noticed a very short dress and she definitely was NOT wearing panties or a bra. Her tits still pushed straight out in front of her. Her light brown nipples were showing through her dress a little. My dick stood at attention almost immediately. She hugged me, kissed me with lots of tongue and grabbed my cock all at the same time. After I got her settled down, she asked where we were going to do it. “I don’t know” I told her.

“Haven’t you planned anything?” she questioned.

“Yes, but not that part of it” I lied. “How much time do you have?”

“All day and tonight until about noon tomorrow. Maltepe Escort My mom gave me a birthday party last night and left out of town with her lover boy early this morning and won’t be back till tomorrow afternoon.”

I said, “See, we have plenty of time to really get it right. I want this to be a pleasurable experience for you.”

“My girlfriends tell me it really hurts the first time. Do you know if it’s that bad?”

“Well, your girlfriends, I’m guessing, had their first cock with someone about their own age. Boys get excited and are usually afraid the girl will change her mind, so they rush into it and don’t allow her to get really wet and ready. I want to make sure that you’re absolutely ready. I also want you to know if you change your mind, I’ll not force you or stop you from leaving.” Then I asked, “Do you understand?”

“Wow, I knew you would be the right one. I’ve been hungry, no, starving for dick for 3 or 4 years now. What do we do now?” She asked.

“What do you want to do? We can ride four wheelers, swim, watch a movie, lots of things to do. You name it, if I can arrange it, it’s done. Had breakfast yet?”

“No, and I am a bit hungry and nervous.”

“Come on, I’ll fix us something to eat.”

After we ate she wanted a tour of the house and property. I obliged.

When we got to the master bedroom she laid on the bed and spread her legs a little. I couldn’t stop myself and dove head first between her legs lapping at her inner thighs and squeezing her tight ass cheeks. I slid a hand around to put a finger in her pussy and found her hymen still intact. I then just played with her pussy lips and licked her clit. Most girls pop their cherry before they have sex the first time if they wait as long as Beth has, but hers was still very much there. I wanted my cock to break it. I guided one finger to her asshole and started to rub it and push it in just a little. The other hand went to Beth’s tits and found that she had already pulled the top of her dress down to her waist. I started pinching and rolling her nipples between my fingers. She jerked hard and I knew it was the beginning of an orgasm. I licked her clit and her pussy lips until she was writhing and jerking. Then she pushed her thighs together and was trapping my head between them and pulling my hair to force my face into her cunt screaming as loud as she possibly could. When she finally relaxed I moved up and kneeled by her head and lowered my shorts and she took my cock in her mouth. Her tits were like two identical twin mountains sticking skyward. Not enough gravity to contort them much while she lay on her back. She had a lot to learn, but did pretty well. When I was about to cum I asked her to try to swallow it and she didn’t quite get it all but damn it was exciting. She used a finger to guide the rest into her mouth and licked it off.

She was amazed at what an orgasm really felt like. Nothing like her girlfriends described. I told her that they had probably never had an actual orgasm and they probably thought that when the guy cums so do they. She said she had no idea and had never masturbated before. I asked her about the blowjob and she said she had never done that either and it was a lot better tasting than her girlfriends had said it was. She wanted me to fuck her right then but I said later would be better. I asked her if she had ever even seen a cock before. She said she had, her moms boyfriend when he tried to fuck her about a year ago, but she told him he had better kill her afterwards because she was gonna scream rape at the top of her lungs. He hasn’t bothered her since.

She decided she wanted to ride the four wheelers so we headed for the shop where I kept them. She asked if anyone could see us and I explained that all my neighbor’s property was wooded and that the likelihood was slim at best and asked why she wanted to know although I had suspicions. She said it was her birthday so she wanted to be in her birthday suit and proceeded to pull her dress over her head. After an hour or so we went swimming. And she didn’t get her swimsuit wet. Neither did I.

Beth put on some jeans and a t-shirt, complete with bra but no panties and we went to get something to eat around 6:00 PM on the bike. We rode around out in the country for a good while. We got back to the house around 8:30. We walked into the house and I pulled her close and kissed her deeply. Our tongues did a dance with one another for a few minutes then I pulled her t-shirt over her head and left it on the floor. She was unbuckling my belt and working the button and zipper. I undid her bra and she allowed it to drop to the floor. Damn her tits were amazing. They were large D maybe small DD cups and they were very firm with absolutely no sag whatsoever. Pointed with light brown almost pinkish nipples. I pulled on the snap and zipper of her jeans and she wiggled her hips out of them as I pushed them down and she stepped out of them and went to her knees. Then she reached up and with one motion pulled my pants and boxer briefs to my ankles. As I was stepping out of them she put her right hand on my cock and pushed her lips to my steel hard cock and kissed the head and then Tuzla Escort let it slide between her pouty lips. I was ready to cum already. I pulled her to her feet and carried her to the bedroom. I gently laid her on the bed. I told her to wait a second. I went and got condoms and KY jelly. She didn’t want me to use condoms. She said she had been on the pill for a month waiting for this day. She wanted it to feel natural. She wanted to feel my cum squirting in her pussy.

I leaned over and started kissing her and then worked my way down slowly to her feet kissing her all the way. When I got to her pussy, I could tell she was ready. There was a wet spot on the bed between her legs. I started sucking and licking her feet and toes. I started working my way back up and lingered at her sopping pussy until she was close to orgasm. I reached for the lube and coated my dick thoroughly and rubbed some on the opening to her pussy. I eased up between her legs and slowly rubbed my cock on her pussy lips and clit for about a minute. She was shaking fiercely in anticipation. She said, “I want your cock inside me now.”

I positioned my raging hard dick at the opening to her sex spot. I pushed a little and she moaned. I pushed a little harder and it happened. The head of my cock and an inch or so more was inside her and her hymen broke. She flinched and pushed back a little with her hands. I asked if she wanted to stop and she said “No. Absolutely not.” I lay still a few moments until she said that the pain was gone. I eased my cock in her a little at a time. I was very gentle and it must have been 5 minutes getting it all the way in. I laid still for a few seconds and she started humping me a little. I started pulling out and back in slowly and minimally. Before long we on a full fledged fuck fest. I was pulling out almost all the way out and slamming back into her, she screamed, “Fuck me, James. Fuck me.” Just as she got it out she shook and tightened every muscle in her body as she came the first time. After a few minutes she came again, then another, then a third as she was relaxing from the second one. Then she went limp for a few moments moaning and groaning. She started humping again and I couldn’t hold it back. I told her I was going to cum and she said, “Yes, do it. Do it now. I want to feel your cum in my pussy. I want to know what it feels like.” I shot a lot of cum in her and she shook with another orgasm. This one had to have lasted a good thirty seconds or longer. The muscles in her tight pussy were clamping down on my cock hard and milking my balls dry. I felt more cum shoot out than I could ever remember. It had been over a month since I’d fucked a woman I’d picked up and I seldom masturbate. I collapsed on top of her. She laid still and we didn’t say a word for at least a full minute.

I rolled off of her to lay beside her. We were both exhausted. She started playing and stroking my now soft cock. Then she moved down and took my soft dick in her mouth and it began to stir and stiffen. She sucked it into full raging hardness and said, “Oh, he wants to play again.” I rolled her over on her knees and pushed her head down to the bed. I positioned myself behind her and buried my cock in her pussy again. This time it took a good 20 minutes but I pumped another load of cum in her. She came four more times.

I had planned to send her home tonight but now I wanted to fuck her again in the morning. We jumped in the shower together and she couldn’t keep her hands off my cock. I couldn’t keep my hands off her huge firm tits. I also rubbed her clit until she came twice more. We tried to watch a movie and she kept sucking and playing with my cock. It got hard, but wouldn’t cum. It did feel fantastic though. We finally went to bed, both totally spent and naked.


I woke the next morning with her sucking my cock. Whew, haven’t had a wake up blowjob in quite a while. She was getting better at it already and without instruction. After a few minutes I pulled her up to straddle me and she sat down with my dick in her pussy. She was riding it like a pro. She was finding out what felt good and she was doing it. I was pinching and squeezing her nipples and she was loving it. I guided her hand to her clit and she started rubbing and tugging on it. I hadn’t noticed it before but her clit was huge. It stuck out past the hood about a half inch but only when she was extremely aroused. She started bucking wildly and I thought she was going to squeeze the piss out of me, literally. I hadn’t made it to the bathroom yet. She let go her first cum of the day. I shoved her off me onto her back and told her to stay there. I rushed to the bathroom and came back and dove between her legs and started licking her pussy lips and clit. She came again almost instantly. Then another right after then another. Damn, she’s multi-orgasmic. I wandered how many in a row she could have so I kept licking and finger fucking her. She had four, five, six, seven then more. She had twelve orgasms in a row with a distinct pause between each one. Holy shit this is fun. I rested a while. I finally fucked her again and dropped another load in her pussy while she was having orgasm after orgasm. Probably more than twelve this time but I didn’t count. We spent the entire morning naked and I would occasionally have to fuck her or lick her and she did the same to me. Neither of us came again until just before she left. We took a shower together and she got dressed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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