My Sex Tale

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We had been high school sweethearts and married a few years after we graduated from college. We had been happy for most of our married lives and had 2 children, now grown.

We had been relatively happy for 20 years, but I had a short affair with a co-worker named Susan, initiated by her and lasting only a few episodes 10 years ago. My wife Lynn suspected but never was certain. She, on the other hand, had never dallied so far as I knew and her extreme sexual conservatism made me fairly certain that she had not ever had an affair despite her rather ample breasts and extremely beautiful, if slightly over-weight figure.

Our sex lives were relatively tame. My wife Lynn only liked the missionary position and was very conservative in her sexual appetite. I tried to spice things up on several occasions with oral sex but she didn’t like my tongue on her labia or clitoris, so I gave up. She had never tried to give me oral, and I never asked her due to her extreme conservatism.

Then one day we were sharing a dinner with some neighbors. We had a few drinks and it loosened up our conversation. The man was only too willing to talk about his sex life, but his (very attractive) wife and my wife didn’t say much. My wife didn’t particularly like my neighbor due to his intolerance to alcohol, but she did like his wife.

Finally, my friend, Al asked if we’d like to retreat to his house to continue the evening. We agreed and went to his home, along with more bottles of wine.

As the evening progressed and the wine loosened us up, our conversations became more racy and the topic switched to our sexual practices and preferences. He was very proud of his wife, and asked if I thought she was attractive. “Of course I find her attractive” I replied. His wife took the response as a compliment, but blushed a little. My own wife just glared at me.

The conversation then turned to our sexual experiences. My neighbor had had many, many women before his marriage whereas I had only one, and had never confirmed my wife’s previous suspicions, but we had been drinking quite a bit and I felt a bit jealous of my neighbor. I blurted out the fact of my dalliance years ago before thinking, and now my wife’s suspicions were confirmed. She glared at me but said nothing.

My now-inebriated neighbor looked at me slyly, and slurred out a proposal. “Would you like to swap wives for an evening?” His wife sat quietly, but I was surprised by my wife’s reaction. “What do you have in mind, Al?” she asked. Al said he had two bedrooms available for our use if we all agreed. escort antep His wife, Barbara, looked at me, said nothing but I caught a brief flash of her eyes. I guess they had done this sort of thing before. It was clear she was on-board.

Lynn, on the other hand, looked suspiciously at me but to my surprise announced that she “might be interested.” I asked her if she had any qualms. She replied that she would reserve judgment but would take a look at the bedrooms.

Al took my wife by her hand and led her to one bedroom and his wife Barbara, led me to the other. The two bedrooms adjoined and connected by a single door.

Al led Lynn into the bedroom and they began talking. Al poured each of them another glass of wine. Lynn is not a frequent drinker, and I could guess that her resistance was being lowered by the alcohol.

Barbara and I went into the other bedroom. I began kissing Barbara and she responded quite passionately to my tongue-licking kisses. She enveloped my tongue in her lips and we kissed ever more passionately for some time. Our passionate kissing led to “exploratory hands.” We ran our fingers and hands first over our bodies, then she began rubbing her hand over my crotch, massaging my member gently, yet eagerly and I squeezed and massaged her tits, while continuing to kiss her neck and lips. My tongue wandered to her lavish breasts. I undid her dress buttons and she slipped out of it. I then helped her with her bra and panties and she was soon naked, standing in front of me. I took off my shirt and trousers, but left my underpants on. She continued to stroke me, and said “You know, I can’t take your dick in my mouth with your underwear still on.” I removed them, and true to her word she knelt down and began sucking me, slowly at first, then faster and faster, and with more and more suction.

I was very excited, but wondered what my wife was doing. Barbara suggested we silently open the connecting door and peek in. What I saw astonished me! My sexually conservative wife was completely nude, as was my neighbor. He was laying on the bed in a drunken haze while my wife knelt over him, stroking his penis and putting it deep in her mouth, sucking it in and out. My neighbor let out a groan while Lynn continued sucking and licking his member.

Barbara then said to me “Let’s turn this into a contest; see who can last the longest.” I replied that given her husband’s state of inebriation I likely would last longer despite my lack of experience. She then swung the door wide, announced escort araban our presence, knelt down again and with me watching my wife working on Al, began frantically sucking on my own penis. The two women then began their competition, seeing which of them would make their partner cum first.

I was watching my wife Lynn working on Al, and the distraction somewhat hampered my reactions to Barbara’s ministrations on my dick. Surprisingly, Al’s member suddenly went very stiff, his eyes opened wide and he began spurting sperm into my wife’s mouth. As I watched, I couldn’t believe her reaction. Lynn had never given me oral sex, and as far as I knew this was the first time that she took a cock into her mouth. Al’s cock erupted into a sperm fountain. Lynn, aside from a few dribbles from the corners of her mouth, swallowed it all. It went “down the hatch” into my wife’s gullet. I was amazed that she didn’t gag or spit it out. She seemed to really enjoy the fact she had made this man, who she didn’t even like, come in her mouth right in front of me. She turned and looked at me with a sly grin on her face.

Meanwhile, Barbara continued working on me. After watching Lynn’s performance, my own slacked a bit from the shock. I then asked Barbara if she would like me to go down on her. She eagerly agreed, so I laid her on the bed. I draped her legs over my shoulders, bent down and began to lick her from her stomach down to her crotch, then up again, then down again. At each down-stroke I paused and caressed her clit and labia with my tongue, then up to her neck and belly, then down again. She began to squirm and moan.

Lynn watched this performance, then decided to join in. I now began licking and sucking both women alternately and watched them become excited. I think Barbara experienced an orgasm as her face contorted, her hands tightened around me, and she let out what sounded like a repressed long groan.

I then began concentrating on my own wife. Her reactions were not as severe or fast as Barbara’s, but she began, slowly at first, wriggling her hips and letting out little noises. I decided at that point to focus on Barbara. I again draped Barbara’s legs over my shoulder, grasped her hips in my hands, and entered her vagina. I pumped her harder and harder, faster and faster. She responded majestically, grasping my shoulders and moving her hips up and down to my own rhythm. Lynn watched all this going on, and I think it was getting her hot but she said nothing; just watched Barbara and I in our gaziantep arap escort bayan sexual machinations. Finally, Lynn spoke: “Honey, I would like to suck you as you eat Barbara .” Barbara came down from the sexual high she had been on due to my pause in action, and said she would like that. So I knelt on the floor, turned myself a half turn to give my wife access, and lifted Barbara’s hips up so I could eat her pussy. Lynn knelt to left, tucked her head under my crotch, and began giving me a phenomenal blowjob.

The three of us continued pleasuring each other for about 20 minutes in this manner as I became more excited. I didn’t want to cum until I could fill Barbara’s womb with my sperm so paused my wife and began fucking Barbara. To make a long story short, after stroking Barbara’s cunt for a reasonable period of time I came, strong, into her.

Al was still laying on his bed, drunk and unknowing of what had been transpiring around him. I decided it was time for us to return home. Lynn and I each dressed and left Al and Barbara. Barbara gave us each a goodbye kiss; mine deeper and lasting quite a bit longer than Lynn’s.

After we returned home, we spoke about what had just happened. Lynn said “At first I did what I did to get even with your dalliance of years ago, but as I sucked Al’s dick, I got a really strong sexual high. I enjoyed giving him a blowjob and I loved swallowing his cum.” I told her that I, too, got very excited watching her do it, and was very impressed with her technique. I wanted her to do that for me. By now, about 45 minutes had passed between our activities at Al and Barbara’s. I had recovered enough to sustain another hard-on, so Lynn began sucking me. Her skill was incredible! She was much better than the supposedly more-experienced Barbara and it didn’t take long for her to stimulate me to an ejaculation.

As I came, she again swallowed every drop of my sperm. She now had two men’s essences in her belly. She smiled at me and asked “Are you surprised at my skill of giving blowjobs?” I said I was, very much so, since she had never wanted to give me oral sex before. She then told me “Do you remember 10 years ago when you had sex with your co-worker Susan? Well I called her husband and asked if he knew what the 2 of you had been doing. Al said he had flat-out asked Susan if she had been having sex with me, and she confessed about her giving me oral sex. Lynn said “To get even, we decided to have our own affair. Al taught me Susan’s techniques. It began as revenge sex, but I found I enjoyed it as well, so we continued to meet occasionally over the next few years, giving each other oral sex as well as trying multiple positions of copulation.” From that moment on, I realized that for over 20 years I had misjudged my own wife’s desires and abilities. I took maximum advantage of my new knowledge, and we didn’t neglect Al and Barbara, either.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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