My Sister Janet Pt. 02

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All characters engaged in sexual acts are over 18 years of age.


I tried to climb off my sister as soon as she’d orgasmed, but she held me there.

“Stay in me. It’s lovely, having your cock in me.”

So I did, and after a few minutes my now-soft cock just slipped out of its own accord, wetly. I was aware of warm secretions all around my groin, and because of the drink I’d downed that day I was also aware I needed to piss.

“JJ, I need to take a leak. Back in a sec.”

“Oh wait! Um, can I hold it while you go? I’ve always wanted to do that.”

“Er, OK. If you want.”

Standing over the toilet and holding my cock from beside me, she said: “How do you aim it?”

“Um, maybe this ain’t such a good idea. I don’t want to have to clean the bathroom.”

“Get in the shower then.”

We did. There was not much room and we stood facing each other so she pointed my dick at the shower wall. I let go a dribble and a spurt, which seemed to delight her. I closed my eyes to relax and let go, which seemed to work. When I opened my eyes I looked down to see my sister was aiming my piss stream at her tits.

“Oh wow that’s warmer than I thought. Tickles a bit.”

She looked at me grinning like the cat with the cream. I just pissed and let her play the stream wherever she wanted. Then she hit on the idea of parting her pussy so she could have me piss on her clit.

“Mmmm, that’s hot! Sexy hot and warm hot. Um, Mikey?”


“Can I pee on you too?”

“Er, sure I guess.”

I no sooner finished than my cock began to rise. I had often fantasised about watching a girl pee and now my own sister was going to do it for me.

“Mikey, I can’t aim upwards like you. Kneel.”

I did. We were so cramped in that shower Alanya Grup Escort cubicle that my lower arms were around her knees. She pushed her pussy forwards a bit with her hands on my shoulder to steady herself.



A few seconds passed, and then she sighed as her muscles relaxed and a thin stream of pee left that gorgeous bald pussy and splashed down my chest and around my cock.

I watched in erotic fascination as her clear stream hissed out of its tiny hole and revelled in the heat of her pee splashing loudly off my body and onto the shower floor. It lasted maybe six or seven seconds before it sputtered out, but my fantasy had come true and my cock was hard and straight. Janet looked down at it.

“Oooh little brother, you really enjoyed that! Let’s get washed up. I want you again.”

We showered briefly to wash off each other’s piss, then my sister led me by the cock to the pile of wet towels on the bathroom floor. Kneeling, she put my cock in her mouth and began a rhythmic suck and slurp. It was heaven – better even than my mates bragged it was.

And she was my sister. That made it hotter still. I watched my cock slip in and out of her mouth as she occasionally looked up at me with that dirty grin on her face, her wet hair clinging to her shoulders and back. She kept it up for a couple of minutes, by when I was gently fucking my sister’s mouth with one hand on top of her head. She licked along the bottom of my shaft and said: “OK. You ready to fuck again?”

I nodded. She stood, bent over against the sink and offered me her cunt. I watched the pleasure wash over her face in the mirror as I pushed my cock in from behind. All the way, until my pubes were buried past her pussy lips.

I leaned over her Alanya İranlı Escort and reached up to cup her tits, pulling her nipples and rubbing at them. They were hard like two frozen peas.

In two or three strokes she’d began thrusting back hard at my invading cock.

“Oh Mike. I just love it like this. Long and slow, boy!”

Now it was my turn for the dirty talk. I lowered my voice to the deepest tone and said in her ear: “So you like your brother fucking you? Huh?”

“Oh yesss.”

“Good. Cos if you’re a good girl I’ll fuck you some more later.”


“In bed, in the bathroom, on the floor…”

“Mmmm. But where?”

I had a confused moment then realised what she wanted to hear: “I’m gonna fuck your pussy. I’m gonna lick your cunt. You’re gonna suck my cock…”

My groin was slapping her bum cheeks now.

“I’m gonna fuck you and cum in you…” slap, slap, “and you’re gonna let me cum on your tits…” slap slap slap “and you’re gonna cum on my cock and on my face and I’m…”

Janet groaned loudly and pushed back hard, grinding on my erection. She was cumming. I grabbed both nipples and tweaked. She stifled a scream and clasped my hands to her tits as her orgasm welled up and of a sudden I realised I was there too. My knees nearly buckled and I swear I could feel my jizz splashing up inside my sister’s womb, pulse after pulse.

This time I appreciated how truly sensual it is to stay in a pussy after sex. I didn’t stay hard for long – even a nineteen-year-old recent virgin has limits after cumming three times. I was still bent over my sister, this time my dick flopping out of her brought a squishy mess with it which she caught with a tissue.

“You nasty little pervert,” she teased, “look what Alanya Manken Escort you did in your sister’s pussy!”

“Yeah. And I want to do it again. Soon. Before mum and dad get back.”

“Easy tiger. Let’s rest first.”

We got into the spa and turned on the jets. Janet sat between my legs and I lazily stoked her tits while we luxuriated. We talked about our night of incest as if it was nothing out of the ordinary.

“Mike, what did you like best, the dirty talk?”

“That was OK, part of the fun, but I loved how it started.”


“OK, time for a confession. I loved looking at you. When I knew you’d bent over to actually show me your bum, well… And then when you undressed! JJ, if I see a new pussy every day for a year it’ll never compare to my first sight of yours.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet! Keep it up sport, you might get a reward.”

“Hah! I don’t know if my dick can go again, but I’m gonna sure try to find out. OK. Well, confession number 2. It was mildly erotic when I saw you were making me piss on your tits, but when you peed on me I practically came right then. If you hadn’t let me fuck you I would have lost control and done it anyway.”

“Ooo! Nearly earned that reward… OK, my turn. I love getting it from behind. Oh and I never did any watersports before so that’s a new one for the repertoire. You know what took me from a little bit of teasing to want to go further?”

“No, what?”

“I loved that you wanted, no needed to look at my body, that you found me sexy, that you couldn’t resist even though I’m your sister. You made me feel I could be sexy like never before. No, not sexy. Desired. And you just confirmed what I mean when you said you’d have lost control.”

I just hugged her, then she splashed about a bit as she turned to face me.

“Come to bed now. Maybe we’ll fuck, maybe not. Don’t be naked though in case mum and dad catch us if they’re back early. We can say we got tipsy and fell asleep.”

We spooned in bed, luxuriating in each other despite the warmth of the summer night, and drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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