My Son, The Photographer Ch. 03

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This story is pure fiction. The background to the story is contained in the first two chapters, which I encourage you to read (and cast your votes if you like them.)

Enjoy 😉


Andy still had his arm round my waist with his hand fondling my breast, naked under my sweater, when we arrived at the door to our holiday chalet. He only removed it to fish the key out of his shorts pocket and let us in.

It had been a tiring day, one way and another, but our evening’s pleasure alone on the beach that evening had relaxed us so it was a contented tiredness we felt. My son opened the door and stood back to let me enter, I switched the lights on as I did so. He followed me in and went round closing all the curtains then flopped down in front of the TV, clicking the remote to turn it on. I stretched and yawned then announced I was going to shower and go to bed.

“I’ll just watch the late news then join you,” he responded.

I was certainly in need of a shower: as he hadn’t let me wear my panties on the way back from the beach, I could feel the cold stickiness of his sperm oozing out of my pussy and trickling down my thighs. I decided I would have to get him to clean me out after making love. He should enjoy that anyway as he loved licking me down there and enjoyed the taste of his sperm when I shared it with him after sucking him dry. I was also salty from our dip in the sea.

I was in bed, naked under the sheets, when I heard Andy take a quick shower before joining me. His body felt cool and fresh as he snuggled in behind me, hand reaching over my body to my breast. We lay comfortably like this for a while and then heard some loud giggling from outside the chalet followed by the sound of a door opening and closing. The sound of laughing and giggling continued and we realised it came from the next chalet. After a couple of minutes the hilarity died down but was soon replaced by a faint rhythmic thumping.

“Mum,” whispered Andy, “that’s Wendy and John. I’m sure they’re having sex. Let’s listen!”

I was sure, too and our thoughts were confirmed a few minutes later when we heard Wendy’s voice calling, “Yes, John, yes! Fuck my cunt, oh god, fuck me, fill me, YESSSS!”

As we lay there listening to the sounds of the wild sex coming from next door, Andy’s hand became more urgent on my breast. The casual hold became fondling and squeezing: he pinched at my nipple which responded by crinkling up. Yes, the sounds from next door were an aphrodisiac to us both and I felt a lump growing at my back as my pussy began to get damp again. It was so exciting hearing another young man and his mother doing what Andy and I did.

“Let’s make love like that,” he whispered in my ear. “I’d love to hear you squeal like that and call out my name.”

“But they’ll hear us, just like we heard them.”

“Yesss,” he hissed and gave my nipple an extra hard nip. “Let them know we also love each other. They can hardly report us for doing what they do.” His hand slid between my legs and we both knew he felt the wetness down there. “You’re getting excited thinking about it, aren’t you?” He could read my body so well and I admitted to myself that it would be exciting to let these strangers know my son was fucking me, especially when his fingers found my clitoris and rubbed it to full erection.The sounds from next door had now died down after a final loud chorus of “YESSSSS!”

This time I knew, for us, there was to be no lovemaking beforehand, this was going to be just a pure animal fuck and that’s exactly what I wanted. I rolled onto my back ready to accept Andy’s hardness but he had other ideas and turned me fully round so I was on my stomach. He raised me to my knees so my rear was presented to him. I felt his tool nudging at my pussy lips, his fingers spreading me wide open.

“Put it in, Andy,” I told him.

“I can’t hear you, Mum,” he raised his voice.

I breathed deeply and built up my courage. “Put it in me, Andy,” I called loudly. We don’t normally talk ‘dirty’ to each other but this time I was excited by it. “Put your big stiff cock right up my cunt. Fuck me Andy, fuck your mother’s hot pussy!”

I don’t know what it was – maybe the thought of it being almost ‘public’ or just the dirty talk, but I was really on heat. I really did want him to do exactly what I was shouting. Andy was just as horny – his tool seemed bigger than I had ever felt it as he slid it into my soaking pussy. “Yes, Mum,” he called. “Take my prick in your cunt, I’m going to pump my sperm into you. Take it you bitch!”

He grabbed my hips and pulled me back harshly as he rammed into me but I was ready for it and pushed back, crying, “Yes, give it to me, harder, harder, yes, yes, fuck my juicy hot cunt.”

He continued to pound into me, calling me a bitch, a slut and anything he could think of while I was calling back to him telling him what I wanted. Then he totally surprised me by giving my rump a slap which sounded like a bullet shot. Out of Porno sheer surprise, this tilted me over the edge and an incredible orgasm flooded through me as I screamed, “YESSSSSS,” dimly aware that he was pumping his load into me.

We collapsed in a heap and Andy rolled off me then gave me a sweet, loving kiss, saying, “I love you, Mum.”

“Thank you for that fucking you just gave me,” I replied. “I love you too.” And with that we both drifted into a peaceful sleep with his hand gently holding my breast.

I was first to awake next morning. After lying there for a few minutes, just enjoying the day, I realised I needed to use the bathroom so I carefully removed Andy’s hand from my breast and slid out of the bed. I decided to take a qick shower then set about making a morning drink. I was wearing just my bath robe, hanging open, as I brought my son his tea and I gently shook him awake. He opened his eyes slowly, saw me standing there with his cup and smiled, “Thanks Mum. You’re an angel.” He arched his back, stretching himself, before sitting up and taking the cup from me. “What are we going to do today?”

I sat on the edge of the bed, drinking my own tea, and said, “Well, I have to go to the supermarket this morning. We’ve got hardly anything here. You can come with me or perhaps you and John would like to get together.”

“Hey, you could always ask Wendy if she wants to go shopping with you – save two cars going. Shall we have lunch out? Or maybe you could make up some sandwiches and we’ll have a late picnic lunch somewhere fairly local, then back in time for the club tonight.”

“Sounds like a good plan of action, let’s do that!” I reached over and ran my fingers through his tousled mop.

His hand came towards me, moved my robe to one side and ran a finger nail down my breast causing a sharp intake of breath as it dragged across my nipple. I was just about ready to lie down next to him when there was a knock on the chalet door. “Saved by the bell,” I giggled, “or the knock! You’d better get dressed, sounds like we have visitors.”

Andy finished his tea and was swinging his legs off the bed as I belted the robe around me and went to answer the door. It was Wendy. I apologised for my state of dress and invited her in, saying, “There’s some tea in the pot if you fancy a cup.”

“Mmm, I’d love one, I’m parched.” She smiled her gratitude. “We never thought to bring anything with us and I forgot to get the basics at the camp shop last night. Just a little milk and one sugar, if you’ve got any, please.”

“Sure – Andy’s got a sweet tooth,” I told her. I poured us both a cup as I heard Andy going into the bathroom.

We sat down at opposite ends of the bench by the kitchen table with our tea. “Ahhh,” she sighed as she took a gulp, “I don’t come alive until I’ve had a cup of tea. You’re a life-saver!” She grinned. We sat in silent companionship for a couple of minutes, sipping at our cups. She seemed to be looking down the front of my robe, almost like a schoolboy, glancing down now and again to my leg where my gown had parted. I didn’t bother to cover up as I admit that I was also getting a good look at her. Her frizzy blonde hair was down past her shoulders, partly hiding a pair of large hoops in her ears. She was wearing a plain white T-shirt and her small breasts were unencumbered by a bra. I could see the darker rings round her nipples which protruded proudly under the thin material. She wore a pair of jeans so tight she looked like she’d been poured into them.

“Do …”

“I’m …” We both started to speak at the same time. She gestured for me to continue. “I’m going to the supermarket in town this morning. I was wondering if you’d like to come?”

“Oh, yes. I need to get something in. Yes, that’d be great. I was just going to ask if you had any plans for today.”

“Well, Andy suggested we pack some sandwiches and have a picnic lunch somewhere, then get back for the club. Why don’t you and John join us?” I suggested on the spur of the moment. “We can all go in one car. I’ll have to check with Andy, but I’m sure he’ll be happy.”

“Sounds great. I think John would like that. Where were you thinking of going?”

“We don’t know yet. Tell you what, we’ll get the boys to look at the maps while we’re gone and pick somewhere, OK?”

“Good idea – give them something to do: keep them out of mischief.”

“Keep who out of mischief?” We looked up to see Andy coming out of the bathroom wearing only his shorts and drying his hair. “Hi Wendy,” he called. “You’re up bright and early this morning!” He gave her a peck on the cheek which surprised me and made her blush slightly.

“Keep you and John out of mischief,” I told him. “I’ve invited Wendy and him for this afternoon. You two can get the maps out and decide where we’re going while we’re out shopping.” I turned to Wendy, “If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go and get dressed. See you in a few minutes.”

“Lovely, Sarah. I’ll make Altyazılı Porno sure John’s up.” She smiled and stood up. “Thanks for the cuppa.”

I returned to the bedroom and picked out an underwear set in sheer white lace. I had bought lots of pretty and sexy underwear since Andy and I had become lovers and I’d got rid of the old plain cotton stuff. I selected a pair of light blue slacks and a white shirt with a wide collar and low front because my son liked to see some cleavage. I pulled a brush through my hair, put on some light makeup and I was ready to face the world.

Andy was nowhere to be seen when I left the bedroom. I went out of the chalet and knocked on the open door, noticing my son and John inside with maps on the table. Wendy joined me; we got into her car and she drove the couple of miles into town supermarket. On the way I noticed a camera shop and on impulse I went in and bought Andy a tripod for his camera, remembering what he had said last night. We chatted away happily enough when I got back into the car and while pushing our trolleys around picking up the various bits and pieces we needed.

In the car on the way back, Wendy coughed nervously and started to speak in a slightly embarrassed way, “Sarah, erm, I think we share a secret. John and I heard you and Andy last night.”

I put my hand on her arm to reassure her. “It was listening to you two that started us off. It sounded so sexy, knowing you are lovers like us. Have you been doing it long?”

“About six months now. It was John’s 18th birthday – his dad was away on another of his business trips so I took John out to celebrate. We went to a cosy restaurant, had too much wine and a few dances that got romantic. When we got home it just happened.” She smiled, remembering the night. “We’ve slept together whenever Tony goes away. How did you get started?”

“Well, I bought him a digital camera for his birthday then, one day about a month ago, he used me as his model. All very innocent at first but the pictures got more and more risqué, showing my undies and so on. Well, it finished up with me stripped naked and we made love. We’ve slept together ever since.”

“Wow,” Wendy said, “I’d love to see those pics.”

“They’re all on his computer at home – and lots more he’s taken. He had his camera at the beach last night and took some of us by the light of the fire.” A frisson of excitement passed through me as I said, “Would you really like to see them? There’s a little screen on the back of his camera which shows them, Andy says. Very small, though; you can’t see too much detail.”

“Would he show them to me – would you mind if I saw them?”

That old familiar tingle came into my nipples at the thought of Wendy, and maybe even John, seeing those pictures Andy had taken at the beach last night but I didn’t commit myself as Wendy was pulling up outside the chalets. The boys came out and helped us carry the groceries in. We’d just got everything packed away when Wendy and John appeared at the door. I called them in and told Andy to bring his camera. He gave me a querying look and I confirmed my request with a nod of my head. He shrugged and retrieved it from the bedroom. When he returned, I handed him the tripod.

“Wow, Mum,” he was so excited and the look on his face repayed me for the expense.

“Well,” asked Wendy when we had all sat down round the kitchen table, “did you boys find somewhere to go?”

“I’ll get the maps,” said John and disappeared next door, returning with a couple of atlases. We spread them out and Andy pointed to a green area on the map. “We thought we’d like to have a picnic in the woods, nice and peaceful. All the beaches will be packed with tourists. So we decided on this place, if that’s OK with you.”

We can get fairly close on this road here …” John pointed to the red line on the map, “… and then along this track for a mile or so. Park up somewhere around here …” he dragged a larger scale map out, pointed to a spot on the track deep in the woods, “… and then walk down to this stream.”

They both looked at us expectantly. I looked over at Wendy and shrugged in compliance. “Looks good to me,” she said, “so long as we don’t have to walk too far!”

“That’s settled, then,” I announced. “Andy, will you show Wendy some of the photos you took last night, please. She’d like to see them.”

“Well, you can’t see much on the preview screen, but OK.” He flicked a switch on the camera and messed with the settings. “There you go.” The first picture was innocent enough, just me sitting by a log on the beach. It was a bit dark but you could clearly see it was me. Andy passed the camera around and we all looked. He then clicked onto the next picture with both of us in the frame and we all saw the sucession of shots, each one showing more of us both.

“Hell, Andy,” Wendy exclaimed when we came round to the last of them with Andy’s face in my pussy, “these are hot!” I saw that her nipples Brazzers were sticking out like organ stops and John was sqirming in his seat. As for me, I was so horny knowing these strangers were looking at pictures of me naked, I was worried that my slacks would be showing a dark patch between my legs.

“OK, folks. Show’s over.” I was first to speak. “You boys get the car loaded – which car will we use?” Andy volunteered to drive. “Wendy and I will make the sandwiches. Shall we take a flask or will soft drinks do?”

“Cola’s fine for me,” said Andy.

“And me,” chimed in John.

“OK then, let’s get organised.”

I noticed both of them were trying to conceal bulges in their shorts as they stood up from the table – John’s seemed quite impressive. Wendy saw it too and gave me a wink and a knowing smile. We got everything ready in quick time then piled into the car. We only had to drive on the main road for about 15 miles. John was in the front seat with the maps, navigating for Andy so I got in the back with Wendy. She sat up close to me and after a few minutes I felt her hand warm my thigh. I was a little unsure of the way things were developing: I’d never been with a woman before but I certainly wasn’t repelled by the thought, in fact I quite enjoyed the sensation of her stroking my leg so I allowed her to continue.

It didn’t take very long before we were bumping along a country track under a canopy of trees – fortunately the weather had been dry for ages and the mud had baked hard. Andy was driving slowly and carefully to avoid the worst of the potholes and eventually pulled up in a wider space by a style. We pulled the bags out of the back and clambered over the style, setting off down a narrow path through the woods.

The sun was glittering through the leaves, dappling the undergrowth as the light breeze swayed them to and fro, we could hear the birds twittering and chirping as we invaded their territory. John and Wendy had taken the lead with me and my son following a few yards behind. With silent gestures, Andy pointed out Wendy’s bum cheeks encased in her skin-tight jeans and I agreed with him that they were a lovely sight bobbing before us, whispering to him that I’d love to get my hands on them. He whispered back that he’d try to arrange it. After about 15 minutes we came to a clearing and, sure enough, there was the stream, just as the boys had said.

We spread the blankets on the soft grass and the boys decided to go exploring. Wendy and I sat down to relax and enjoy the sun and fresh air. We chatted for a few minutes then I lay back with my hands behind my head, Wendy lay on her side next to me and put a hand on my tummy, stroking it.

“Those pictures of you and Andy were so sexy, Sarah,” she whispered, her mouth close to my ear. “I loved looking at your breasts, they are lovely; so big and full.” Her hand moved up and cupped my breast. “Not like my litle poached eggs,” she giggled.

“Your nipples look very sexy in that T-shirt,” I told her. “I love the way they stick out like that.”

“Would you like to see them?”

Her face was so close to mine as she whispered in my ear and when I turned my head towards her our lips were almost touching. “Yes, please,” I whispered back. We lay there face to face for an eternity staring into each other’s eyes then her lips slowly moved towards mine, giving me every opportunity to pull back but I didn’t move. It was almost like an electric current passing between us when our lips met and we both pressed into the contact. I was conscious of her hand fondling my breast and squeezing the nipple through my shirt and bra as her tongue was trying to invade my mouth. I opened up to let her in and found myself thrilling to my first lesbian kiss.

We remained with our mouths locked together for several minutes before she withdrew with a sigh, sat up and pulled her t-shirt up to her neck. I was fascinated by the sight of her small mounds dominated by dark pink areolae and huge nipples standing out proud. I reached out and took one of them between my thumb and fingers, squeezing and rolling it, causing her to gasp for breath.

“Oh, they’re so sensitive, I love having them squeezed.” I obliged her with more tugging and pinching as her own hand was opening the buttons down my shirt. She pulled it to one side and pulled my bra over my breasts, exposing them to the sun and the breeze and her gaze and her hand. “Beautiful, so beautiful,” she whispered. Then she repositioned herself and pulled my head down to her own breast. I took the long nipple into my mouth and sucked it in, rolling it between my tongue and teeth, savouring the rubbery texture as it filled with blood. I pulled back to look at her upper body, noticing the nipple I had been sucking glistening in the sunlight. It looked so erotic but I gathered my senses together and whispered that we had better stop as the boys would be back.

“But we’ll get together real soon,” I promised. I knew I wanted to have her naked before me, I wanted to suck her whole breast into my mouth, I wanted to kiss her all over, to taste her, to pleasure her, to make love to her.

Reluctantly she pulled her t-shirt back down, kissed me firmly, hungrily and said, “I’ll hold you to that promise!”

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