My Stepdaughter’s Young Girlfriend

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Upon driving my stepdaughter’s girlfriend home after a long weekend, I take a detour through the state park. Along the ride, she’s been slowly inching her dress up her legs, obviously hoping I’d notice … and of course, I did.

We park.

The deep forest is quiet, a bit chilly and a white rolling fog blankets the tall wild grass; the marble and granite headstones of a small nearby cemetery appear to float in the dense precipitation. The trees here are thick and lush, blocking the full moon’s light, shrouding us in the night’s shadows.

I help you out of the car, then lift you and plop your cute little butt on the vehicle’s hood. You’re sweet, innocent, beautiful and flirty. The snap of a branch somewhere high above steals your attention, and I suddenly see concern in your eyes.

I lean in and kiss your soft, lip glossed lips. My fingers interlock with yours.

I tell you I’ll protect you. You smile.

You lie back against the windshield and when you do, I lift the skirt of your adorable black dress, running my hands up soft, creamy thighs. You cautiously open your legs a bit.

I press my knuckles against your panties and gently rub that little pussy, which is radiating so much heat it warms my fingers. I kiss your lips again, this time feeling your tongue slip into my mouth, then Beşiktaş escort I pull back; I could look into these gorgeous eyes all night.

I remove your underwear, then sink my mouth into your young pussy’s flesh, my tongue lapping between your inner lips, tasting the sweet juice that seeps from your slit.

You moan for me, asking for more. In this moment, I can’t help but wonder if I’m tasting a hint of my stepdaughter’s saliva. The thought makes my cock fatten and climb. The mental image of you and my girl naked and intertwined gets my mouth working in overdrive. I’d love to watch the two of you fuck.

I pull you off the car and slip your dress down the length of your body. Your ass pushes at my bulging penis. I hold those perky cheeks in my hands and my heart picks up its rhythm as I push against your satin skin.

As you bend over the vehicle’s front fender, I spread your legs and drop to my knees; my tongue licks, sucks and pushes at your asshole. I bury my entire face in between your cheeks while my mouth explores your ass.

When you’re thoroughly licked, I rise and grip your shoulders; I push my swollen dick head into your ass crack.

I’ve wanted you for so long …

You let out a whimper as my tip pushes on your puckered asshole and carefully opens it.

My Beşiktaş escort bayan dick pulls back, then pushes in and opens it up again. When my entire tip is in, I freeze to let you take over.

You apply pressure and shift your body weight; your hole stretches and slides down my shaft; my cock sinks deep into your tight asshole. Your insides are warm and soft … wet and tight. You moan with the movement, which make my dick beat like my heart.

I gather your hair and pull your head back toward me, arching your lower back.

I retract my eager dick and then drive it forward. Once, twice … again. I work it in and out of your asshole and with each pump I pick up speed, fucking you faster and harder. You take the cock that I give you … like a good girl.

I run my fingers over your skin, my nails scratching all the way up your thighs, leaving swollen red marks behind. Then I grip your bare hips and pound you like I want to punish you.

You match my movements and we fuck deep, hard and fast. You’re so pretty and petite in my grasp. I hold you tighter, gripping your waist as I watch your body smack against mine.

Fuck your ass on this thick cock, baby. Work for what you want … You obey.

My strong hands rise up your chest and I pinch your nipples, Escort beşiktaş then I squeeze and hold your perfect thumping titties.

You call me daddy, and beg me to cum.

My cock swells as it slams your ass and my balls slap against your cunt with each heavy jolt I give.

Your fingers reach between our legs and you grab my balls and hold them against your wet pussy lips, then you give them a nudge and they slip inside. A rush of warmth and pressure overtakes them. You keep them there.

As I fuck your perfect ass, I feel an orgasm burst in the tip of my dick like a hot vibrating spark of wet fire.

I push my head deeper, as deep as I can and my mammoth load of Cadbury cum erupts like a hydrant.

My pumping spurts of thick semen are too intense and you cum with a loud, sensual anal orgasm as your cunt grips tight around my balls.

I fuck, pump and thrust into you, even as gobs of cum spill out of your asshole, coat my cock and spritz your bare feet.

I fuck the cum within you, using that hot pearl fluid as lubricant to keep you moaning.

I wrap you up in my arms and kiss your delicate shoulders.

My dick head throbs in your ass and I lift your chin and kiss your soft lips, then I suck your cherry tongue.

I feel your ass shift, jolt, then wiggle. Your hole puckers around my pipe, working to force every finished drop of my swimmers into you.

You slowly stroke my cock with your asshole, working me up, causing me, once again, to grow inside you.

You want more … and I’m ready to give it you.

This time … even harder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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