My Twin Sister

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Adriana Chechik

Jack grabbed Alex by the throat and kissed her hard. She didn’t return the kiss. She was pinned to their bedroom door. His other hand cupped her large breast and pinched at the nipple. Strands of her brown hair caught in Jack’s grip and pulled at her scalp. She wanted to cry out in pain but she didn’t want to give him anything. He would have to take it from her.

She was so wet for him, her pussy was almost throbbing in anticipation. She needed his cock inside her twat more than anything that moment. Jack grabbed her blouse and ripped it off her body. Buttons flew in every direction. Her arms seared with heat as he tore her bra off exposing her round bouncing tits.

Jack took a nipple into his mouth and bit down. Alex screamed out in pain. Jack only sucked on her other nipple. His shoulder-length blonde hair tickled her chest and gave her goosebumps. She wanted the pain to remind her that she was still there, that she wasn’t in control, but it didn’t come.

“Don’t you move bitch or I’ll fucking gut you!” Jack growled while reaching up under her skirt and pulling her panties down to her knees.

He choked her hard how she liked it. Alex’s vision faded just a little bit as Jack slid his cock across her pussy lips.

“Do you want my cock bitch!” Jack growled at her.

She couldn’t answer. He was still choking her too hard. All she could do was buck her hips around in an act like she was trying to get away. She needed all 8″ of his stiff cock more than anything, her pussy was screaming even though her mouth couldn’t.

Alex could see how red the whites of her eyes had become through the mirror across the room. Her blue eyes popped against the redness. Her face looked like it might pop it was so red.

She had one leg wrapped around Jack’s toned body. His arm pumped and muscles poked out from holding her against the door in a one-handed chokehold. She wanted to grab his ass and force him into her, but her hands were all that was keeping her conscious. She gripped his arm trying to stay upright, fighting to stay conscious.

“Are you ready to get fucked hard you stupid cunt?” He growled again.

“Mnngh… god, please, no!” Alex managed to scream through Jack’s chokehold.

Jack grabbed her with both his hands and threw her onto the bed. She bounced back and tried to scurry away from him. Jack stroked himself, he knew there was nowhere for her to go. He blocked the only exit.

She wore a mock scared look that only made him smile.

“Please don’t, I’ll do anything, just don’t rape me!” Alex pleaded.

Jack strutted toward the bed with a mean look on his face. Alex watched in amazement. She couldn’t have asked for a better performance! Alex almost believed he was going to rape her and she gushed with wetness.

Jack grabbed her by the legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Alex swung a stuffed animal at his head and Jack swatted it away grabbing her arm in the process. She looked so scared like he might actually hit her. She knew he wouldn’t hit her. It had taken several months of begging and coaxing just to get him to explore her fantasy.

Jack wrenched her arm around and tossed her onto her face. He grabbed her other hand and held them both together at the small of her back. Alex spread her legs for him. She needed him inside her. Her pussy was screaming to be filled.

Jack pulled her skirt down and slapped her ass hard. Alex let out a cry that was muffled by the mattress. She felt his fingers exploring her sopping wet pussy. He played with her folds like he was avoiding her clit. His fingers stabbed her center and bottomed out against her clit. waves of erotic pleasure filled her womb and she pushed back against his hand. He pistoned his fingers in and out several times until her legs felt like jello.

Jack slid in behind her and placed his cock head at her slick opening. In one motion, he buried himself in her hole. He could feel her relax a little bit as her pussy gripped his cock. He withdrew his dick until only the tip remained and slammed it back inside her. Each time he hit bottom her head flew back and she cried out in ecstasy.

“Please stop, I don’t want to be raped, I don’t want you to get me pregnant!” She cried.

Alex was as close to an orgasm as she could get when Jack pulled his cock out of her. He teased it around her hole and she almost begged for it.

“Please stop Sir, I’ll give you anything you want!” Alex cried out.

Jack was getting into the scene and wanted to add a little surprise. It was a rape fantasy! His cock was slick and dripping with her juices when he pulled out of her.

Her cute little asshole was just looking at him, almost begging to be fucked. He placed his cock head at her puckered little hole and felt her tense up. Her hips moved a bit side to side as he started pushing his dick into her asshole. She tried to pull her hands away but he held them too tight.

Jack felt her asshole give away and the tip of his dick slide in at the exact moment Alex kicked her legs out and rolled Kadıköy Öğrenci Escort on the bed away from him.

“What the fuck Jack!” Alex yelled.

“What do you mean!” Jack yelled in surprise.

“What did you think you were doing?” She fired back.

Jack stood there with a shocked look on his face. He was too stunned to say anything coherent. His dick bounced on its own, still shiny with her juices.

“Why would you try to stick it IN MY ASS!” She yelled again.

“Sorry! I thought maybe you wanted it in your ass…” Jack started yelling and then trailed off quietly.

Alex sat up and crossed her legs. Jack could see her large teardrop-shaped breasts heaving up and down. She was breathing hard from the sex she stopped just moments before. There was a thin sheen of sweat covering her body. Jack could just make out her pussy leaking on the bed.

“What would make you think I wanted your dick in my ass?” She said loudly.

“I don’t know… every time I ask if I can put it there, you tell me the only way I’m going near your ass is if you’re horny and dripping wet! I figured you were really horny and dripping wet! Why not fulfill one of my desires while I was fulfilling one of yours?” He said.

“You fantasize about putting that thing in my ass?” Alex asked.

“Um, yeah… like, I’m all the time trying aren’t I, and you’re all the time leading me on that it’ll happen!” Jack said.

“I just figured I’d try it, you know… when you were really hot and heavy!” He added.

“You’re never going to put that massive piece of meat in my ass, you’re just too big!” She said sliding off the bed and pulling her panties on.

“Oh, nice… you think I like pretending to rape you? Do you think I like talking to you like that? No! I don’t, but I did it for you!” He said as he watched her pull her pants on.

“Your dick is just too big babe!” Alex said stopping for a moment to look at Jack.

“It’s not that big!” He said as she pulled her shirt over her head.

“Yeah, I’d like to see you take something that big in your ass then!” She said shaking her head mockingly.

“I’m not gay!” He said.

“Well, if you want to put that thing in my ass, you’ll have to take something just as big then!” Alex said with her hands on her hips.

“Fine! I’ve taken shits bigger than this before!” He said grabbing his dick and shaking it at her.

Alex laughed at his comment. “Yeah, I’d get the tip in and you’d be crying!” She said.

“You’ve put your finger in my ass before, I can take it.” Jack declared.

“Honey, my finger is small, your cock is fucking huge!” She said holding her finger up to his deflating member.

“I can take it.” He said defiantly.

“Fine… if you’re serious and determined to put your dick in my ass, we can see how serious you are?” Alex said tugging Jack’s cock.

“I’m sorry I flipped out, and thank you for helping me with my fantasy, it was really good… until you tried to stick your dick in my ass!” She said laughing.

“Where are you going?” Jack asked.

“I have to go to the store to get something to make for dinner! My sister and Rex are coming over with the girls tonight silly boy!” Alex said stepping into her shoes. “And maybe I’ll swing by that other store if you’re serious?”

“Yeah… of course I’m serious! You know I’ve always wanted to put my dick in your ass!” Jack said.

Alex left Jack standing alone. She walked out the door and he heard her car rumble to life and pulled out of the driveway. He was still semi-hard and horny. He needed a tug so he didn’t go crazy later.

Jack sat on the edge of the bathroom countertop with a wad of toilet paper in his hand. He stroked himself thinking about Alex’s sexy ass. That always did it for him. She was bent over and he plowed his cock into her poop hole. He rubbed himself right up to the point of no return and stopped, then he’d continue again after he’d calmed down. He would masturbate like that for hours at a time.

Jack looked down on the floor and spotted a pair of yellow cheeky panties. He grabbed them and wrapped them around his cock head. The slick material felt absolutely wonderful and so erotic that he almost lost it right then. He stopped at the perfect moment. His cock bounced, still covered by the nylon cheeky panties.

An overwhelming urge to wear his girlfriends’ panties fell over him and without thinking he stepped into them. A sensual shockwave flowed through him as the stretchy nylon covered his balls, and wedged deeply into his ass crack.

His dick was stiff and excitedly throbbed. He could tell he almost came without even touching himself. Jack looked at his ass in the mirror. He had a man’s ass but he could still imagine sticking his dick in it as though it belonged to someone else.

Jack rubbed himself for only a moment and stars shot through his vision, then his body went rigid. He shot streamers of spunk across the bathroom floor from an orgasm that was more powerful than Kadıköy Çıtır Escort anything he had ever experienced before.

He just stood there breathing heavily, holding his cock. Just as he was about to step out of the panties, he heard the front door bang open, and Alex stepped through the door.

“Honey, I’m home, come help me with these groceries!” Alex yelled getting closer to the bathroom with every step. Jack panicked and snatched his jeans off the floor and pulled them up. He quickly tucked his softened cock into the yellow nylon panties and buttoned his pants. He hastily wiped the cum off the floor and stepped out into the bedroom.

Alex was making a second trip to the car when he got his shoes and a shirt pulled on. He helped her with the last few bags of groceries. He was amazed by how fast she got the shopping done, it felt like she had barely left!

The evening went by fairly quickly. Alex’s sister Amanda stopped by with her husband Rex and two girls. Jack didn’t like Amanda much because she was a little too nosey for his liking. But like her sister, she had an amazing body that he couldn’t help but look at. He would occasionally imagine fucking both Alex and her sister at the same time.

Rex was a nice enough guy. He was fit and took care of himself. Jack never really thought of himself as gay or bi but if he were to do anything… he could see it with a guy like Rex.

After Alex’s family left, Jack helped her with the cleanup. They both worked, so they shared the household chores too. Like an old couple, they danced to the music while washing the dishes. Their hips swished in unison as she washed and rinsed the dishes.

They finished up and decided to just go to bed early. They both got up fairly early to go to work. Alex stepped out of her jeans and pulled her bra out from under her shirt as Jack kicked his shoes off and flipped his shirt over his head. He had completely forgotten he had the yellow panties in until he unbuttoned his pants.

A yellow flash surprised him and he clamped his fly closed. He stood in shock, not knowing how to handle the situation.

“Hey…” Alex said staring at Jack.

“Hey!” Jack said trying to play off the fact that he had his hands clamped over his pants.

“What are you hiding?” Alex asked sliding off the bed.

Jack didn’t answer, he just tried to walk past her into the bathroom to get undressed. Alex stopped him by barring her hand across the bathroom door.

“Take em’ off mister!” Alex said sternly.

She could see the yellow lace from the waistband sticking out the top of his jeans. She knew he was wearing her panties, her dirty panties. She had pulled them off after her trip to the gym just the night before.

“I um…” Jack stammered.

Alex crossed her arms and leaned back against the bed. Jack looked nervous holding his pants up like he was doing something wrong.

“I was still horny when you left.” He started.

“You were horny so you put my dirty panties on?” Alex said raising her eyebrows.

“Well… I was in the bathroom rubbing myself, and saw em’ on the floor.” He said looking at the floor.

“Yeah, go ahead…” Alex encouraged.

“Well, I rubbed them on my penis and they felt really good, then the next thing I know… I was wearing them and then I had the strongest orgasm ever!” He said as he turned a bright red from embarrassment.

“And they fit you?” Alex asked.

“I completely forgot about them until just a moment ago. They are the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn!” Jack said finally looking up at his girlfriend.

She had a sideways smile plastered to her face. Jack looked like a little kid that had just been caught doing something wrong like he was waiting to be punished for enjoying some forbidden fruit. Alex understood that feeling, it was like her fantasies. Society told her NO, but she still enjoyed them.

“Well, let me see!” She said encouragingly.

Jack slowly dropped his hands and let his jeans fall to the floor. They pooled around his ankles and he stepped out of them. His hands covered his cock and balls like he still needed to be modest around her.

“Move your hand’s silly boy!” Alex said.

Jack dropped his hands by his side. He could easily make out the outline of his penis head smashed down through the panties. Alex walked around him assessing the fit.

“They don’t look too bad!” She said looking at his ass.

“I’m surprised how nice they feel!” Jack said pulling the leg openings down slightly.

His cock started growing from the exhibitionistic exposure and the times Alex touched his legs and ass. She rubbed his cock until it stretched the thin material. He was hard and she was down for an orgasm.

“Come give mama that dick! Alex said climbing on the bed backward.

Jack started pulling the panties off and climbed on the bed.

“Leave them on you naughty boy!” Alex cooed while rubbing her clit through her panties.

Jack pulled the panties Kadıköy Elit Escort back up leaving only his cock protruding over the waistband and climbed on top of Alex. He hooked a finger under the gusset of her panties and pulled them out of way. His stiff prick nuzzled itself into her moistened lips and played around the opening for a moment.

“Come on, give mama that dick already!” Alex said pulling Jack’s ass toward her.

“Mmm… are you, my Mommy, now, does my Mommy want my dick?” Jack played still not penetrating her hole.

“Mommy NEEDS your dick!” She growled… “Come fill Mommy’s cunt with cum!” She added.

Jack pushed his cock slowly into Alex’s sopping wet hole, urged on by her hands pulling at his hips and her dirty little moans. Alex felt so dirty imagining herself as Jack’s mother that she almost immediately started shuttering from pleasure. Her pussy gushed and soaked her panties. She could feel the wetness down her ass crack, and all Jack was doing was pumping into her hole while whispering dirty things in her ear.

“What do you think Daddy would do if he caught us, Mommy!” Jack whispered into Alex’s ear.

“You’re such a naughty boy for wearing Mommy’s panties and seducing her! You deserve a spanking as soon as you give me your cum!” She whispered back.

Jack didn’t know why the thought of fucking his ‘Mommy’ was such a turn on. He just went with it, like most things… Alex was the kinky one and he would just follow her lead. He could feel his orgasm approaching as his balls tightened and his cock swelled inside her pussy.

“You’re going to make me cum Mommy! Where should I cum Mommy?” Jack said loudly emphasizing the word Mommy.

Alex snaked her hand around Jack’s back and pushed it between his ass cheeks. She was frantically searching for his asshole.

“Cum in Mommy’s slutty cunt baby boy!” She howled while driving a finger deep in Jack’s anus.

Jack was already past the stopping point when Alex poked her finger into his hole. The thought of having his ‘Mommy’ finger him and the actual sensations of her hitting his prostate threw him into a place he couldn’t comprehend.

His body went rigid as his cock shot stream after stream of hot sticky cum deep into his ‘Mommy’s’ cunt. Her fingers moved around like a corkscrew in his anus, prolonging his pleasure.

Jack’s body slowly ceased its convulsions and his arms could no longer hold his weight off Alex. He collapsed onto her.

“Aghhh… you weigh too much, you’re killing me!” Alex yelled from under Jack.

“You broke me, Mommy, I can’t move!” He laughed as she poked him in the side.

“Ah ha ha ha, stop, stop stop!” Jack yelled as Alex started tickling him.

Jack pushed himself off Alex onto his face by her side. His wet pecker smashed useless under his body. Alex tossed her leg over him and lightly swatted his ass through his panties.

“Let’s go shower big boy!” Alex said jumping up off the bed.

Jack followed her and stripped down in the bathroom, they washed each other and rubbed their soapy bodies together before rinsing off and stepping out. Alex dried her hair and brushed it out as Jack brushed his teeth. She was waiting for him when he finished up.

“Try these tonight lover boy!” She said tossing him a black microfiber thong with a cute little bow on the front.

“There’s no way these are going to fit me!” Jack said holding the panties up to his hips in comparison.

“Just put then on Jack!” Alex said.

Jack stepped through the leg openings and noticed the material wasn’t quite as smooth and sensual but when the thin strap threaded its way up his butt crack an odd smile found its way to the surface. The front stretched around his junk easily and pulled it up making him look even larger than he was.

He, like so many other guys, always thought thongs were sexy on a girl but he never thought to wear one himself.

“Oooh, I like those on you!” Alex said lustily.

“They aren’t as bad as I thought they’d be!” Jack said climbing into bed wearing only the thong panties.

Alex and Jack drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.


5:00 am came a lot faster than Jack expected. He stupidly hit the snooze button four times which meant he was late by the time he hauled himself out of bed. There was no time to change out of the thong panties, he didn’t even have time to get dressed all the way, and had to put his shoes and socks on while driving. His day as a forklift driver might be interesting.

Alex lay in bed watching Jack frantically get dressed. She thought it was so sexy that he would wear her panties all day to work. She was glad that they were low cut panties because he probably didn’t want them peaking out the top of his pants accidentally. No one liked a whale tail!

She got up and kissed him goodbye as he walked out the door. She was interested to hear about his first day wearing a thong as it had taken her a couple of weeks to get used to the sensation of something in her ass crack all day.

He got to work in the nick of time. A moment longer and he’d have been late. Jack could feel the thin strap wedged against his asshole as he walked from his car into the warehouse. He wanted to pluck the strap out of his crack but thought that might give him away.

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