My Very Secret Life

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I belong to a BDSM club and have for at least 15 years. It is located in Oshawa, about 20 minutes from my house. I go monthly and usually with my friend Maude. She is the wife of someone my husband works with and we found out about our shared desires secretly.

Maude is very dominant and must always be in control, which is great, as I am the submissive one in most relationships. Unfortunately a few months ago Maude started to get a little too rough and aggressive and I had to cool the relationship. We recently picked it up again after she agreed to to tone it down.

Maude and I had arranged to go to the club. It was good, but she is starting to get aggressive again. We met at Tim Horton’s for a sandwich, but we were both unable to take our coats off. I wore my black leather bra and panties. The bra has holes where my nips poke through and the panties have a slit underneath. Not the kind of thing you wear to Tim’s. Maude wore her leather bustier and black leather hot pants. Her boobs were falling out of the top.

We got there and she put my collar on in the parking lot. We walked in and found a table. It was quite busy and we met a couple we had talked to a few weeks ago. Maude released my chain and told me to go and get a beer for her. I did and when I got to the counter there was a Dom standing also waiting for a drink. I assumed his slave was tied up somewhere.

He said hello and I stared down. I knew Maude would be pissed if she saw me talking to someone with out her permission. He said hello again and asked me whose slave was. I pointed to Maude and he smiled. Then I felt his hand on my bum and he rubbed it lightly. I ordered the beer and stood there while his hand continued to feel me. Suddenly his finger found the opening in my panties and slid up into my puss. I squirmed and he laughed. He was very rough. As soon as I got the beer I went back to the table. Fortunately Maude hadn’t seen me.

I brought her the beer and she motioned for me to kneel on the floor beside her. I did Bycasino so while she continued to chat with the couple we had met earlier. They were both gay and his slave was very feminine. He stood next to the table, but did not say a word. I glanced up at him could not help notice is penis hanging out of a hole in his pants.

A little while later the guy from the bar came by. He smiled at me and asked me how I was. I did not answer, but it caught Maude’s attention. She looked at him and then at me. She asked him if we knew each other. He told her that we had chatted at the bar.

Maude looked at me and asked if that was true. I said no. He talked, but I did not respond. The guy laughed and said that I was lying. Maude looked at him and then at me. She tugged on the collar and suddenly slapped my face. I was stunned, as it came unexpectedly. She said that she had told me not to talk to anyone. I sobbed a bit from the stinging and shook my head.

The guy said he thought I was pretty and wanted to know if Maude would rent me out. She said no and he snapped his fingers. A woman came out from behind him. Although she was his sub she seemed quite aggressive. She was also very beautiful. Her hair was wavy black and long. She wore a black leather one piece but her breasts were gigantic and hung over the top.

He told her to get on her knees and she did. I was not sure what was gonna happen but I soon realized that he wanted her to do Maude. I was on my knees quietly watching as the woman began to caress Maude’s legs. She moved upwards and began to massage her puss. I could tell Maude was getting excited.

Suddenly the guy said that we should go outside. We cant perform open sex acts inside the club. No one wants the place shut down so people adhere to the rule.

We walked out and the woman put her arm around Maude. She pulled my chain and dragged me behind her. The two gay guys followed. I guess they were intrigued with what was going to happen.

They led us to a dark Bycasino giriş area between cars. Maude stood and the woman knelt down. She pushed her hot pants down and I watched her stare at Maude’s thick, black bush. She looked at her master and he nodded approval. She moved her hands on Maude’s legs, near the tops. She then buried her face in Maude’s pubic hair and began to munch.

I knew what was about to happen and dreaded it. The guy unzipped his pants and pushed them down. He looked at Maude who told him to go ahead. He smiled and looked at me.

He walked a few steps closer and took the leash from Maude. He tugged on it and it hurt my neck. He stood in front of me wearing a black leather vest and his underwear, which he told me to remove. I reached up and began to pull on them sliding them down around his ankles. I was staring at his cock, which was pretty hard.

I heard one of the gay guys remark about the size of his penis and as I glanced over I saw him also push his pants down. His partner took the cue and knelt down in front of him. He began to suck on his cock.

As I watched the gay guy doing his partner and heard Maude moan with pleasure I suddenly felt the guy’s hand on my head. He grabbed my hair and pulled my face around. I felt his cock against my cheek and I opened my mouth as he pushed it in. He grabbed my head with both his hands and began to fuck my face.

I sucked his cock as best I could, but it was difficult, as I was chocking when he rammed it down my throat. I vomited a few times, which seemed to excite him.

I heard Maude cum as the woman ate her out. The gay guy was also there and he moaned loudly as he blew his load into his partner’s mouth. Hungrily I watched the guy swallow all of his friend’s cum.

The guy in my mouth grew stiff and pushed harder. I was choking and as I gagged and felt vomit push up into my mouth he came and his cum squirted back into my throat. I felt it mix with my vomit and swallowed it all. It tasted awful Bycasino deneme bonusu and I was grateful that he was finished. He held my head in place and continued to fuck my mouth as his semen continued to spit.

Finally he pulled out and looked down. He motioned to his friend who walked over to me. She pulled me up and reached her arms around me. She kissed my lips and I tasted Maude’s juice all over her. She stepped back and unzipped her suit, letting it fall to the ground.

The two gay guys had switched positions and Maude told me to strip. I obeyed and I stood naked before the woman with the black hair. She turned around and leaned against a car. I took the cue and knelt down. I moved forward and kissed her bum and her puss. My tongue found her hole and I began to eat.

She tasted sweet and I was so horny. It was not long before she came and I drank her juice. The gay guys also finished and said goodnight to us. The guy and his woman left and Maude and I stood there.

She asked me if I was horny and I nodded. She picked up my leash and told me to grab my clothes. She led me naked to her car and told me to get inside. I did and she did too. She began to drive and told me to finger her. I did and brought her off. I reached down and touched myself, but Maude got upset. She yelled at me and told me not to do that.

I told her I needed it badly and she said she did not care. We drove to her house and her husband was home so we could not go in. We drove past and went to a park nearby. It was pretty dark and Maude made me get out of the car. She did too and we walked a bit to a set of swings. Thank God the place was deserted. Maude got on a swing and told me to kneel down. She opened her legs and I ate her sweetness.

She came again but this time held my head in place. I could not move and suddenly felt her pee on my face.

She told me to open my mouth an I did. I drank her pee and licked her clean. We drove back to her house and she got out. I went home and masturbated all the way. Hubby was away so I was all alone. I was so horny and I was still nude.

When I arrived home I decided to go for a swim and masturbate again. I was so tired, but felt satisfied after a evening of taboo lovemaking an being totally dominated.

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