My Wife – A Black Gang Toy Ch. 15

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Later that evening Pat, her friend Violet and I were settled down with a glass of wine. We had a fire going in the living room and were getting acquainted since I had never met Violet. Although I was still dressed in street clothes he ladies had both changed into lounging pajamas.

Knowing my wife pretty well I knew that she had nothing on underneath the satin material. I could not help but wonder if Violet was wearing anything underneath her pajamas. As I said this was the first time that I had met Violet and I had to admit that Pat had been correct when she had tried to tell me just how lovely Violet was.

Her hair was long, straight and silky. The color was what I would call strawberry blond since it was not really blond nor was it red. Her eyes were an awesome shade of emerald green with little flecks of gold. Often, women with this complexion have an over abundance of freckles but not Violet. She had a slight sprinkling of lightly colored freckles on her upper cheeks and dusted across the bridge of her nose. From what I could see her skin appeared to be a flawless pale white.

While it wasn’t possible to tell much about her figure because of the pajamas it was clear that her tits were neither large nor were they small. The size of her breasts appeared to suit her petite compact frame quite well.

Naturally the conversation had turned into a discussion of the excitement the two ladies had experienced earlier in the day.

Violet was fascinated with much of what we had been doing with the Boss and Officer Smith. The three of us had watched a couple of videos of our sexual escapades. I soon found out that it was a mistake to let my wife pick the videos since she picked the one that I found the most embarrassing.

To my chagrin the first video that Pat had picked was one of the videos where my mouth and ass were used by the black men. To say that it was embarrassing to sit there as my wife’s best friend watched me being used like a whore myself would be an understatement.

The second video, which I enjoyed much more, was of Pat being triple penetrated by the grandfather, father and son that we had met on the beach a short time ago. Violet seemed to be fascinated by this but I was unable to tell if it was the triple penetration or the family aspect that caught her interest.

After watching those two videos Violet asked “Do you have a video of the night when you got your tattoos Pat? I would really like to see when you were tattooed with “Black Owned” on your tits and the Queen of Spades just above the crack of your pussy. When Pat said that we did have a video Violet wanted to watch that one too.

The bottle of wine was in the kitchen so as the last video ended I got up to refill our wine glasses. While I was doing that the door bell rang and Pat yelled “I’ll get it”. Pat went to see who was at the the door as I finished filling the wine glasses.

I heard the door open and then shut. The next thing I heard as Pat and our guest returned to the living was a voice that I recognized. Before returning to the living room I took out and filled another glass with wine for Officer Smith.

When I walked into the living room Violet was shaking hands with Officer Smith. While I handed out the glasses Officer Smith said to Violet “That was quite an experience that you had today. After I returned from talking with Alonzo I took the time to look at the pictures that he took of the two of you and then I had to watch the videos.”

“The video wasn’t as good as the videos that the three of us make but they were good enough for me to get a great look at you Violet. You looked awesome in those videos.”

Officer Smith’s seemingly offhand compliment was clearly meant to let her know that he had seen her naked with cum on her face and her legs spread wide apart. I snuck a quick glance at Violet to see her response. Thanks to her lovely pale complexion it was clear that she was highly embarrassed when she realized that this stranger had seen her nude. She was totally unable to control the automatic response as her face began to turn a lovely pink.

Officer Smith continued saying, “I understand from Pat that you found the situation erotic and highly stimulating. She said that you had never been fucked by a black man before. I’m amazed because you would never know that you had no experience with blacks or strange men from the way that you were sucking those two cocks.”

Once again I glanced at Violet and I was rewarded as I watched the pink in her cheeks go from a lovely pink to a fire engine red.

I sat down in my chair hoping that everyone would follow suit before the conversation became more than Violet could handle. Violet sat in the other chair while Officer Smith sat on the couch and motioned for Pat to sit beside him. When Pat sat beside him Officer Smith placed his arm over her shoulder and began to idly fondle my wife’s breast.

Clearly Officer Smith was on a mission to assess the potential sexuality of this beautiful young wife whom we Escort bayan had unwittingly dropped into the mix. Knowing him as well as I did it soon became clear that he had set his sights on Violet and was going to do all that he could to get into her pants. I sat back to watch the show because I was hoping that if he got into her pants there might be room for me to.

“Violet I’d love to hear what you thought about what went on today. How do you feel about what happened? Did you like it?”

“It was a bit liberating to be compelled to do something that I might have thought about but would never do on my own. I’ve been faithful to my husband and I would never have cheated on him willingly. And, no offense meant, but if I were to cheat on my husband it would never have been with a black man. Still sucking those black cocks was highly erotic and a terrific turn on for me.”

“I was raised by conservative parents and I was never a rebellious child. Still, you hear the stories at work and from your friends about how virile the black man is not to mention how well endowed they are. My husband seems to enjoy watching interracial porn.”

“So in answer to your question I have to say that I am glad that it happened. I enjoyed watching Pat get taken by those two black buys and it was especially erotic to watch what was happening to her while I was busy sucking two black cocks of my own.”

“It was even somehow liberating to have Alonzo take nude pictures of me with my legs spread wide and my sex there for all to see. My husband has wanted to take pictures like that and I would not hear of it. I was sure that once he had them he would feel like he had to show them to someone and I would be humiliated if he did that but today was different somehow.”

“Now that you and Alonzo have both pictures and video either one or both of you will succumb to the temptation to post them on the internet no matter what I want. My husband might even see them since he looks at that kind of content on the internet himself. I know that I will have to tell him what happened but I’m not sure how to do it or how he will take it knowing that his wife was having sex with black strangers. I can claim that I was forced but I doubt that he will ever totally believe that.”

Officer Smith said “You’re telling me that your inhibitions are somehow lessened when you are told to do something? It’s not you making the decision so you are off the hook is that it?”

“I guess so” Violet said smiling tentatively.

“I see! Violet I want you to stand in the middle of the room here in front of Steve and I. Do it right now.”

Violet looked at Pat and then me not quite sure what she should do. I imagine that she was somewhat startled by the change in direction that this conversation had taken. I know that his order caught me off guard but I could easily see what he was doing.

Violet seemed reassured when Pat smiled at her and nodded. Standing, she tentatively stepped into the middle of the room facing Officer Smith. I watched and held my breath wondering what would come next. I was dying to see that body and it looked like I might just get my wish.

As Violet stood there Officer Smith instinctively knew that he would have to take control of the situation quickly or the opportunity might be lost forever. He said “Unbutton your top. I want to see your tits and those delicious pink nipples of yours. Go on. Do it.”

Slowly Violet raised her hands and began to undo the first button. She moved like she was in a hypnotic trance but she did move. Slowly her hands moved from button to button until her top hung open. When she was done she dropped her hands to her sides and stood there waiting for further instructions. At this point you could see the valley between her breasts and her flat tummy but no more.

While this had been going on Officer Smith had worked a couple of the buttons on my wife’s top undone and he now had one breast fully exposed. I’m sure he did this to show Violet that he was in control and that his control extended to my wife also. His black fingers contrasted with the pale white skin of Pats tit as he squeezed it and rubbed the sensitive nipples while he played with her nipple piercing.

Looking up at Violet he said “Violet it seems like we have come to a crossroads in this relationship. If you want to go forward I expect you to part your top letting us see those tits of yours as I instructed you to do. Then I want you to slip it off your shoulders and let it drop.”

“When you have done that I want you to walk over to Steve and allow him to fondle your tits. After he has copped a good feel it will be my turn.”

“It’s now time to make your final choice. If you chose to follow my instructions then it will signify that you have agreed to follow my instructions in the future. You will become a part of our little family. I realize that you do not live here and that may be an inconvenience but you are also agreeing to come here and participate on some ongoing basis. Bayan escort Your husband is welcome if that is what you wish.”

“You have your instructions. I have told you what I want you to do right now. You must decide. If you chose to go forward you must accept that there will be no turning back and you should also know that both Steve and I will fuck you tonight.”

We all sat there breathlessly waiting for Violet’s decision. I was holding my breath because I really wanted to watch as my cock slid into her mouth and pussy. I’m not sure what Pat was thinking and as far as what Officer Smith might be thinking, well I think that he knew what he was doing and had every intention of fucking her tonight.

It seemed to take forever but finally her hands moved to the collar of her top and pulled it apart and let it slide off her shoulders. Decision made she resolutely walked over to me and stood before me offering her tits to me as Officer Smith had instructed.

I could not believe my good fortune. For months now I had been the one giving my wife to others to be used as a whore and now, here was another man’s wife offering me the opportunity to fondle her tits and hopefully much more.

With both hands I reached up and encircled her tits. I rubbed my thumbs over her hardening nipples pinching and pulling on them. At first she looked me in the eyes but then she looked up and, following her gaze, I saw what she had seen. Pat now had her top off also and was using my cell phone to record the action.

After a few moments the two women moved over to Officer Smith who smiled as he enjoyed worrying her nipples and squeezing her tits. Pat continued filming the whole time. It seemed like our little Violet was in the process of blooming as we all watched.

When Officer Smith removed his hands from Violet’s breasts she remained standing there waiting for instructions. Officer Smith placed his hands on her waist and slowly began to slide the bottoms down over her hips. As more of her intoxicating flesh became visible I could see that our flower had a well sculpted round behind. I could only imagine the view that Officer Smith had from the other side.

Violet’s pants slid down her legs forming a puddle at her ankles. Then Officer Smith reached around her body and grasped her waist pulling her forward so that he could bury his face between her legs. I could not see what Officer Smith was doing to her but she seemed to enjoy it as her body shuddered.

After a few moments Officer Smith pulled back and looked up at Violet. “You are lovely” he said, “and you taste good too. Now I want you to go stand in front of Steve.” When she had done as instructed Officer Smith continued. “Turn around, bend over at the waist. Reach behind yourself and pull your ass cheeks apart. Make sure that he can see every detail of your lovely pussy. I know that you want to give Steve a good look at your little love nest don’t you Violet?”

Turning her back to me Violet mumbled something. “What did you say? I didn’t hear you Violet.”

Louder this time Steve heard Violet say “It’s humiliating to expect me to display myself like that. It’s like you think that I’m just some cheap slut or whore that you picked up on the street.”

Officer Smith just looked at her for a moment before he said “No Violet I do not think that you are some sort of slut or whore. What I think is that you are a well bred married woman who harbors a desire to be treated like a cheap slut or whore without the risks. With me Violet there are no risks. You know me and I can assure you that I will keep you safe.”

“That’s what you really want isn’t it Violet?”


“Alright now that we have established our relationship I seem to remember that you wanted to tell Steve something. And I want to hear it loud and clear this time.”

I want to show Steve my pussy.”

“Is that all Violet? Do you want Steve to do anything else for you?”

“Oh God yes. I want Steve to lick my pussy. I want to feel his tongue between my pussy lips and I really want him to lick my ass hole.” As she said this Violet bent over and parted her ass cheeks baring her innermost secrets to Steve’s amazement and profound pleasure.

As Steve stared into the wonder that was Violet’s pussy he heard Officer Smith’s comment. “Now see Violet. That wasn’t too hard was it? Steve, do you think that you can give Violet what she wants?”

“Oh yeah” I said. “I can do that with pleasure.” Having said that I reverently kissed that amazing pussy using my tongue to probe it’s depths as far as I could. Remembering what Violet had wanted I slowly moved up and licked the round rose bud of her anus. I even tried to penetrate it with my tongue.

Violet’s body shuddered as I alternated between her pussy and her asshole. I sensed rather than saw my wife as she moved in with the cell phone to get good video of what I was doing. I could have continued what I was doing all night but all too soon I heard Officer Smith’s voice Escort telling my wife to bring him the camera and then telling her to lose her pajama bottoms too. Pat complied and at his invitation sat down beside him totally naked.

“Violet I think that you have had enough fun over there with Steve. I want you to come over her by Pat and I. I’m betting that you have never eaten a pussy before have you?”

“No I haven’t and I’m not sure that I’d like that either.”

“Violet I’m sorry about that but we have past the point where what you want matters. Remember I told you that earlier. Move your cute little body over here and kneel down between Pat’s knees.” As Violet hesitated Officer Smith barked “Now!”

As Violet approached Pat spread her legs wide baring her shaven pussy. At the same time Officer Smith handed me the cell phone since I could move around and get better video.

Violet knelt between my wife’s knees and paused looking closely at another woman’s pussy for the first time. Then she leaned forward placing her hands on Pat’s legs and forced them apart more widely. She slowly lowered her lips to Pats vagina and planted a kiss on those lips. She stayed still for a moment and then her lips and tongue went to work nipping, sucking and thoroughly enjoying something that she had never done before and thought that she surely would find repugnant.

I recorded the action for what seemed like seconds but must have been several minutes. I had been so busy enjoying the scene thru the camera lens that I had not noticed how worked up Pat had become. Somewhere in the back of my brain I heard a small voice saying “Okay that’s enough.”

Finally I realized that it was Officer Smith. I guess that the girls were equally into the moment because Pat was moaning and Violet had her tongue buried deeply in Pat’s pussy working at a furious rate. Raising his voice Officer Smith said “Enough.” This time it registered and both girls stopped and looked at him.

“Now it’s my turn Violet. I want my cock in your pussy so get over here. I want you to take my cock and put it in your pussy. I want it to be clear on the video that this is your doing. I want everyone to see you holding my black cock and guiding it to your pink pussy lips while I shove it in.”

Violet moved over to straddle Officer Smith but he said “No. No. I want you to turn around and face my feet so that the video camera will have a good view of you as you lower your pussy onto my black cock.”

Pat had the camera again and took a wide angle shot of Violet as she took hold of that big black shaft. Before Violet began to lower herself Pat zoomed in to get a good close up as the head entered her cunt. Slowly that black member parted the soft pink lips of her pussy and began the long slide into the sheath of her vagina. Each inch was recorded by the camera to be enjoyed again and again.

After just a few moments she rested and simply sat there impaled on that black shaft. Then she slowly began to raise and lower her body exposing and then hiding the cock as it traveled in and out of her sex. She was clearly savoring a sensation that she had never experienced before nor expected to experience.

Pat alternated between a wide view showing Violet as she straddled that wide black body and then raising up exposing the large black cock that had been probing her inners. Then Pat would zoom in on Violet’s expressive face recording the emotions that she felt. Finally Pat would move in closer to show that black shaft splitting the pink lips of Violet’s pussy.

After my wife had recorded several minutes of this erotic activity Officer Smith gently pulled Violet backwards until she was lying back on his body. Her legs were splayed obscenely wide and the black cock buried in her pussy was in stark contrast to her pale white body.

Once again Pat zoomed in to get great close ups of Violet’s engorged pussy lips as they moved with the in and out motion of the black cock wedged securely between them.

“Violet: Officer Smith said. After a moan we all heard a soft whispered “Yes”.

“Violet I want you to sit up and remove my cock from your pussy.”

“No. I like your cock in my pussy. I’ve never felt a cock so deeply inside me. I want it in there for a while longer.”

Officer Smith said “Violet I want my cock in your ass.”

Hearing what Officer Smith wanted made Violet’s eyes pop open wide. “I’ve never done that before with anyone.”

“Violet I want to be the first man to have your ass. I want to be the first black man to fuck your ass. I want to feel your ass cheeks as I pound my cock into your ass.”

“I’ve done everything that you told me to. I don’t want to do this.”

“Violet you are not only going to do this but you are going to experience your first DP too.”

“DP? What’s a DP?”

“Sweetheart most of the women that I know say it’s what heaven must be like after they get used to it. With my cock in your ass Steve is going to put his cock in your pussy. Then we are both going to fuck you until you climax. After you climax I am going to fill your ass with my cum. Since I don’t want you going home pregnant Steve’s going to use your ass after I am done and I expect he will pump his cum in there with mine.”

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