My Wife’s First BBC Ch. 02

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My husband told the story of my first meeting with Mark, now it is my turn to tell the story of my second meeting.


After fucking Mark the first time, I was feeling like I had crossed a line that I shouldn’t have. I felt like I totally lost control and should not have ventured down the path that I did. I spoke with my husband, Dave, about how I was feeling. My husband is the love of my life, we have been married for 12 years and even though I had dreamed about fucking other men I have never acted on it. Dave told me that he was OK with what happened, he loved me, and stated that I shouldn’t be concerned with his feelings. He was extremely turned on by the events of the night and suggested that I contact Mark to have another “fuck session”. When he said this I was so turned on, Mark had fucked me like I dreamed of getting fucked. He stretched my pussy to the limits; I was sore for the whole next week. Dave and I have a great sex life but fucking Mark was different, it was just sex, and since there were no feelings between the two of us it made everything simple, not complicated. With Dave’s approval I set up another date with Mark.

Monday morning was business as usual; I sent my kids of to school and headed to the gym. When I finished up my workout I showered and started to make my way out of the gym. I was disappointed that I had not seen Mark all morning, he was a typical gym rat and was always there. As I was stepping out of the door I bumped into Mark.

“Good morning.”

“Hi Mark, I was wondering if I would see you today.”

“I am running a little behind this morning. How was your workout?”

“Good, I ran 3 miles and did 45 minutes off weights.”

We continued the small talk for 10-15 minutes as I struggled to bring up the topic I really wanted to talk about.

“Mark, I would like to see you again this weekend, I had such a good time Saturday night.”

“I am glad that you feel that way, I had a great time as well,” he said.

He continued, “How about we get together Friday night, I can get a room at the Courtyard if that is OK with you? How does 8 sound?”

“That sounds great. I will head home and let Dave know what the plan is.”

I didn’t know how I should end the conversation, should I try to give Mark a kiss or just walk away? My husband had friends that went to the same gym and I didn’t want them to think that I was cheating on Dave, after all, what I did wasn’t cheating, Dave was a willing participant. I sided with caution and told Mark that I can’t wait for Friday night and slowly walked away. I could see Mark out of the corner of my eye; he Escort bayan was definitely admiring my body.

For the remainder of the week I would see Mark at the gym but I made a point to not talk to him. There was no flirting, I made like I didn’t care that he wanted me or that I wanted him.

For the rest of the week, Dave and I had amazing sex, he told me that he couldn’t wait for Friday night and asked if he could take pictures and possibly videotape the encounter. I was a little nervous, I have seen all the amateur porn online and wasn’t keen to have video of myself on some website. Dave assured me that the video and pictures would be for us only. I was game and told him that I would perform for him. He asked that I talk dirty to the camera.

“What do you want me to say?” I asked.

“Just tell me how much you love fucking his black dick.”

“I guess I could do that.”

The week flew by, before I knew it Friday night had come and I was getting ready for my date with Mark. I picked out a sexy outfit to wear, a short black miniskirt and a tight black tube top with a matching pair of black heals. Underneath, I wore nothing, no panties and no bra, I didn’t need them. Dave prepared the video camera and we were on our way to the hotel. Dave and I chatted on the ride over, we were both very horny.

“I can’t wait to see you riding that cock again.”

“I can’t wait to ride it again,” I said.

We arrived at the hotel a little before 8. Mark had text me the room number so Dave and I headed to the room.

I knocked and Mark answered, he looked so handsome. He had on loose fitting cotton pants (the bulge was very noticeable), with a crisp, button down shirt.

We had drinks and made small talk while Dave set up the video camera.

After 3 wines I was starting to get excited, I couldn’t get his cock out of my mind. He had fucked me so good the last time; my pussy was getting very wet. Mark leaned in and began kissing me. Dave started the video camera and took a seat on the couch. We kissed passionately as Mark laid me back on the bed. My hands were all over his body; he has such a muscular body. I slowly unbuttoned his shirt, kissing his chest as I made my way down to the very large bulge in his pants. I slowly pulled off his pants, even though I had fucked him before I was taken back by the size of his dick, it was long and fat with a big purple head, my pussy ached for him. My top came off next and my tits swung out grazing Marks cock, it pulsed against my chest. I slowly licked the shaft, from his balls up to the head. He already had a clear stream of pre-cum Bayan escort oozing from his cock, I licked it up. I looked over at my husband, Dave looked like he was in a trance.

“Is this what you have been waiting for honey?” I asked.

Dave had wanted me to talk dirty.

He simply nodded.

“You like watching me suck his big, black dick?”

Again, Dave just stared at me while he played with his dick.

I smiled and went to work on Marks cock.

I slowly lowered my mouth down on his hard, black rod.

I got about half way down before I started to gag. Spit started to flow out of the sides of my mouth.

Mark was talking dirty to me as well, which really turned me on.

“Suck that cock baby. I know you can take the whole thing.

I lowered myself down again, this time I went ¾ of the way down when Mark began to push my head down farther.

“There you go, take that cock all the way.”

I was gaging again, Mark just egged me on.

“Let it out, don’t stop.”

My eyes were watering as I felt his dick sliding down the back of my throat. I came back up to his purple head; I was slobbering all over his dick. I looked down at his balls; they were wet with my spit. I immediately went to work on his big sack. I pulled each ball into my mouth, sucking on them. I pulled away with a loud pop as his nuts fell from my mouth. The bed under his ass was starting to get wet. I made my way under his balls and began licking his taint while stroking his dick with my hand. Mark was now groaning loudly, I could tell that he was getting ready to explode.

I made my way back up his shaft and went back to sucking his cock. Mark continued to push my head down onto his cock.

“Oh yeah baby, here it comes.”

He shot his load into my mouth, this time, instead of swallowing, I kept as much in my mouth as I could. I pulled off his cock and spit his cum back onto his dick, stroking it as he kept cumming over my hands.

Mark laid on the bed exhausted, I made my way over to my husband.

Dave’s cock was as hard as a rock. I slowly kissed Dave and then proceeded to blow him. It seemed like two minutes before he came in my mouth. I swallowed Dave’s cum and stood up.

“Now what?” I asked with a smile.

Mark got off the bed and picked me up, carrying me to the bed and laying me down. He pulled off my skirt and began kissing and licking my legs, from my feet down to my pussy. He licked my clit while sticking two of his fingers in my pussy. I was on the verge of an intense orgasm.

“Don’t stop.” I ordered Mark.

I let out Escort a loud scream and came all over his face, it was exhilarating.

As we lay on the bed, Mark asked me if I was enjoying myself.

“Hell yeah.” I said. “I could do this every night.”

Dave had gotten up and took the video camera off the tripod. He was now pointing the camera at me as he started to ask me some questions.

“How does that cock taste?”

“So good.” I said.

“Are you a black cock slut?”

“You bet. Do you like watching me suck that dick?”

“Honey, you are the sexiest MILF I know.” He said.

“Mark, how does my wife’s pussy taste?”

“This is the best pussy I have ever had. Now it’s time to fuck it.”

Again, I couldn’t believe that Mark was hard already. I wasted no time and jumped on top of him. I straddled Marks cock and slowly lowered myself down on his shaft.

Dave had the camera pointed at my face so I told him, “Oh baby, that feels so good stretching my pussy. I want to fuck Mark all night.”

I worked Marks cock into my stretched pussy until I was balls deep, I could feel his cock pulsing in my pussy. I started to work up and down on his cock from the top all the way to the bottom.

I rode his cock for a good 20 minutes before Mark pushed me off, his cock was covered in my white cum. He flipped me over onto my stomach and shoved his cock back into my pussy.

“Don’t stop, I am going to cum.” I screamed.

Mark began to pound my pussy, it hurt but it hurt so good.

“Keep fucking that pussy.”

I had my second orgasm and it was more intense then my first.

After I came Mark flipped me over onto my back, placed my legs over his shoulders and started to really work my pussy over.

“Fuck that white, married pussy.” I yelled.

Mark was going at it hard, he was really starting to sweat. His big balls were slapping against my ass. The headboard was banging against the wall.

Mark told me he was going to cum.

“Cum in my pussy!”

Mark let out a loud groan as he pumped his cum deep into my pussy. But he didn’t stop, we kept fucking for another 30 minutes, it seemed like an hour. I cam again and Mark deposited another load into my pussy.

As he pulled out his cum seeped all over the bed.

I was a very satisfied woman that night.

We fucked on and off for the remainder of the night. Dave and I stayed at the hotel with Mark until around 1 that morning. Dave fucked me as well but I think he was satisfied just watching.

The next day my pussy was so sore but it was worth it. We (Dave and I) often watch the video he made while we fuck, it was definitely something that I enjoyed doing. I met with Mark a few more times over the next month but eventually we went our separate ways. Not to worry though, Mark was not the last black cock I fucked.

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