Mystery Meeting

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I notice you as we pass each other while grocery shopping. I notice you staring as I walk away. A few aisles later, I see you again, with a thoughtful look on your face. The third time we pass each other; you hand me an envelope and walk away.

I pay for my groceries and load them in my car before I open the envelope. Inside I find a list of directions and a key. Intrigued, I read more closely.

The page of directions states “You have a beautiful ass and I would like to see it up close — please accept my invitation”. There is a map to your home and instructions for a time to arrive.

I go home and put my groceries away, the whole time pondering your invitation. I had found you attractive; the way you stared made me feel sexy so I consider it. I check the time and see I would have a couple of hours before your invitation starts so I decide to shower.

I decide to be daring and brave. I prepare myself, dressing with you in mind. Then I leave to drive to you.

I use the key you gave me and slip quietly into your house. I follow your instructions to your bedroom and find you lying in bed watching the doorway. I smile shyly, placing the house key and my phone on a dresser by the door. Your instructions had been specific and I had followed them all so far.

The next instructions were the more difficult — to stand there and look at your eyes while you looked at me, then at your signal I was to turn around and let you look some more. I nervously stand and let you look, then turn around. I keep wondering what will happen next when I feel the warmth of your body behind me and your breath on my neck. I shiver.

Your hands come to my hips, holding me still while you bend down and start slowly kissing my neck. I moan softly and you bite gently causing goosebumps to flow down that side of my body. My knees go weak and you tighten your grip on my hips and move in closer to my body, supporting me with your own. You kiss along the back of my neck to the other side, kissing, nibbling, and breathing against my skin. Your hands slide up from my hips to my hands and you gently caress my arms, feeling the goosebumps you are creating with every kiss and bite. One hand slides up to my hair and taking a firm grip pulls my head to one side so you can kiss and bit all the way to my shoulder, while the other hand softly holds my breast.

I moan louder and the pressure of your hand on my breast bahis siteleri increases. You release my hair while sucking at my neck and slide your hand under my blouse to find my bra closure. You release it and slide your hand forward to cup my bare breast then start to tease my nipple. The hand on my breast outside of my clothes drops to slide my blouse up and you lift your head long enough to strip it from my body. As your hand comes back down, you slide my bra completely off so it drops to the floor and you are holding both of my breasts in your hands, watching over my shoulder to see yourself playing with them.

Suddenly you grab my hips and turn me around to face you, and then bury your face between my breasts and inhale. While your hands are on my hips, you turn your head and using your tongue, pull a nipple into your mouth. I look down moaning and reach to touch you for the first time, running my hands into your hair, holding you to my breast. I hear you growl and you gently bite my nipple as I slide my fingers through your hair, gently running my nails along your scalp.

You drop to your knees to keep you at my breast then slide your hands to the back of my skirt, finding and lowering the zipper causing my skirt to fall to the floor. You pull away from my breast to look down at what you have revealed, finding me in a black lace garter belt, with black thigh high stockings and see through magenta lace panties. You nuzzle my other breast and begin to suck that nipple while sliding your hands around me to grab my ass, discovering as you do so that my panties are actually a thong.

You growl loudly and feel me shake in reaction, hit by the scent of my wet pussy. You squeeze my ass cheeks then release my nipple as you get to your feet. You take my face in both your hands, staring intently into my eyes, then lean down to softly kiss me.

Taking my hand you lead me to your bed and have me sit on the edge then kneel at my feet to remove my shoes. You slide your hands up my legs gripping the thong and maneuver it off my hips and down my legs. You toss it onto the pile of my other clothes while leaning close to lay your head in my lap, with your nose close to my pussy.

You inhale my scent, then stand while still watching me, noticing my flushed skin and perky nipples. As you stand my eyes are drawn to your crotch, I can see your hard cock straining against your pants and reach out canlı bahis siteleri a hand to touch it. You growl again causing me to pause and look up at you. You take my hand and lead it away from your hard cock to the button and zipper on your pants. I quickly use both hands to release your pants and help slide them to the floor, taking your underwear with them and touching your skin as I do.

Your beautiful cock stands up straight in my face begging to be kissed, so I lean forward and lick the tip, tasting you. I moan at your taste and lean back over to wrap my lips around you, sucking you into my mouth. You growl very loud and I feel my pussy getting wetter. You pull off your shirt then back away from my mouth. You lean down to kiss me and start to lead me further onto the bed — still dressed in a garter belt and stockings.

You lay down next to me on the bed pressing your cock to my thigh as you hold me in your arms and begin to kiss me softly, starting at the edge of my mouth then moving fully over my lips, sliding your tongue into my mouth. The kiss grows more passionate and you gently bite and suck my lower lip. Your hands never stop moving, gently caressing and arousing me.

One hand slides down my stomach to my thatch of pussy hair and between my pussy lips. My arousal has me slick so your fingers slide right through and you find my clit peeping out. You tease me by sliding your finger around my clit but not touching it. Then, when your tongue dives back into my mouth, you mimic the action with your finger driving into my pussy causing my hips to lift letting you feel my depths. Feeling my slickness, you add a second finger plunging deeply in and curling your fingers. You feel me clench and throb around your fingers while I moan into your mouth. My hands, which had been resting on your chest, feeling your heartbeat, slide up to your shoulders trying to pull you into me. You repeat the motion a few times while using your thumb to slide across my clit.

Suddenly I shudder and you feel my pussy clench tightly around your fingers as I scream into your mouth. You feel a rush of fluid from my pussy into your hand.

You pull your hand away and bring it to your face, sucking my juices off your fingers before leaning over to kiss me again. I am breathing heavily but kiss you back tasting myself on you. You nibble my neck a bit more while moving your body over mine. You move yourself, canlı bahis rubbing your cock against my pussy, sliding through my pussy lips and bumping my clit with the head of your hard cock. Every thrust against my clit seems to release more fluid and you feel me shudder with pleasure each time. I stare up at you, my hands sliding up and down your arms and I beg you to fuck me.

“Please” I say, “Please give me your cock”. You bend your head to kiss me and continue to tease me, rubbing your cock between my legs. I slide a hand between us and touch you, trying to angle your cock to enter me. You shake your head at me and pull back a little, taking my hand in yours and raising it over my head, capturing my other hand along the way. You have me under you, squirming and at your mercy, trapped for you to tease and sexually torture until you decide to penetrate me with your cock.

Finally, after what feels like hours of begging, you fit yourself to my pussy entrance and lean up to look me in the eyes as you slowly slide yourself into me. It’s a slick journey and I feel stretched and full. I moan again as you finally hit bottom, rubbing your groin against mine and pausing. I try to squirm but your own hips have me trapped, but you can feel my next orgasm approaching as I throb around your cock.

You begin to move, with short shallow thrusts keeping your cock deep inside me. I moan with every thrust feeling your pubic bone push against my clit as you do so. I get louder and start to scream softly as another orgasm flows over my body. You keep moving, enjoying the clench and squeeze of my pussy around your cock. As you move my body keeps squeezing you so you lengthen your thrusts and I make more noise. I am breathing heavily while fluid rushes from my pussy to cover your cock as you thrust. I cum over and over as you thrust, unable to control my orgasms. You speed up and thrust harder, going faster and deep. I keep moaning and you lean down and kiss me, then rest your forehead on mine, staring into my eyes as you reach your own orgasm. I feel the throb of your cum filling me and I cum again around you, trapped in your eyes and your body.

You stop moving and rest, allowing my body to calm down and my breathing to become more regular. You pull your cock out of me, watching my pussy as you do. You smile as you see my pussy still throbbing and your cum slowly running out along with my own juices. You lie down next to me and pull me into your arms, kissing me gently. “Thank you for taking the chance.” You whisper into my ear as you feel me relaxing. I snuggle closer, holding you back and basking in the afterglow of passion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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