Naive Ch. 02

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Read ‘Naive’ to see why I was so naive, and how I had my first orgasm.

It was a full week until my next date with Jack. It seemed like that week would never end. Every time I thought of Jack I got a funny feeling between my legs. Twice I went to sleep thinking so deeply of what had happened between us that my pussy actually got wet – just from thinking about it! I wasn’t completely sure of everything that had happened. What had made me react that way? Was it normal?

One thing I knew for sure – I definitely wanted it to happen again. I could not believe how good he had made me feel. He had played my body like an instrument, and I had responded like I never would have believed. I didn’t know people could respond like that. It was the best feeling I could imagine. Yet I also knew that having intercourse was supposed to be the best feelings people could have. I could hardly believe anything could feel better than what I had already experienced, but that was what I had always heard.

But that was the big question that I had. Intercourse. Fucking, as I had called it that night with Jack, I remembered. Did I want to do that yet? Was I ready? What would happen if I did it? I wondered if Jack would want to do it on our next date. Well, of course, he would want to, but would he really try? Would he expect it? And the biggest question I had – Would I do it?

So the night came for our date. He took me to a movie. I did not see much of it. We sat in the back of the theater, where no one was very close to us. Jack seemed to want to start where we had left off the previous time. His hands seemed to think that they owned my body. I had to settle him down a good bit so that I wasn’t afraid of being thrown out of the theater.

I had leaned into him, with his arm around me. His arm draped over me and reached onto my breast, which I did not mind at all. His other hand kept finding its way into my lap, trying to get at my pussy. That is something I definitely would not allow. Not here in the theater. I remembered how I had screamed out when he just touched my clit. I had not been able to stop myself, and certainly could not allow that to happen here in public.

I resisted his every effort to get between my legs, and he finally gave it up. He did, however, bring his hand up to my other breast, quickly working his way inside my clothes and my bra. His hand on my bare breast gave me chills, and when he pinched my nipple it made me moan, but I managed not to cry out. I wasn’t resisting any of this, but I knew he couldn’t do much more without me alerting the whole theater that I was having sex right there.

Fortunately, the movie ended and we untangled from each other. By this time, though, I was so excited that my panties were sticking to me, and I was having a little trouble walking on weak knees.

He took me directly home. Of course, we both knew it wasn’t the end of the evening as my parents were out, as usual. Since I had never dated, or had any social life at all, they got used to not needing to worry if I was being ‘good.’ They did not know as yet about my sudden change of life style.

All the way home I had trouble keeping my hands off Jack, so by the time we got home there was little doubt in either of our minds what we were going to do. We began kissing as soon as the car was parked. Sloppy, deep tongued kisses, with hands feeling each other’s bodies wherever possible. it was not that comfortable, though, so with an empty house to go to we soon went inside.

Immediately we went straight to my room, where we Anadolu Yakası Escort resumed kissing, but this time Jack was quick about taking my clothes off me. My blouse disappeared before I knew it, and I felt my bra slide down my arms.

“Mmmmm.” That was me, of, course, as Jack’s hand cupped a breast and stroked it gently. I could enjoy it even more now that I was not in public. When he sucked a breast into his mouth I moaned even louder and placed my hand on the back of his head to hold it tightly to my chest.

Thoughts and feelings from last week flooded my body as the sensations began to take over. Perhaps they were even stronger as we had spent a couple hours building up to this, and I anticipated the mind blowing feelings that I remembered from last week. I was not to be disappointed.

He laid me back on my bed and easily pulled off my skirt and panties. I helped him. It seemed since he had stripped me naked last week it made no sense to resist him now. Plus I was anxious to feel his hands on my pussy and clit again.

“Ohhh.” There it was. His hand cupped my crotch, his palm on my pelvic bone and his long fingers going down into my crack. He wiggled them around and worked one into my wet slit. My hips started moving as tingles turned into electric shocks shooting from my pussy. His finger worked its way into my vagina which only made it worse. Well, you know – better.

And then it happened. He found my clit.

“AHHH!” I cried. I remembered that feeling. It was just as I remembered, yet it was stronger than I could have thought. Once again my hips thrust up to meet his hand, pushing against it for maximum pleasure.

He was sucking on my breast and tweaking my nipple. It was adding to my pleasure, but the sensations coming from my clit overshadowed everything. I was gasping for air as my hips rolled from side to side and up and down. Very quickly I exploded into a bigger orgasm than I had had last week, something I thought would have been impossible. Nothing touched the bed between my feet and my shoulders as I writhed and screamed until I was worn out.

I pushed his hand away from my clit as it was suddenly sore. I couldn’t stand for it to be touched any more, and he seemed to understand. As I lay there trying to breathe and trying to regain logical thinking, Jack lightly rubbed my face and my breast, and began kissing my stomach. My lower stomach. So low that I was afraid he would lick my clit, which I did not want at the moment, but I gradually relaxed as I realized that he was only kissing as low as my pubic hair. Mmmmm.

As I came back to my senses i realized that Jack was still fully dressed. I reached up and stroked the side of his face.

“Oh, Jack, you didn’t even get undressed. That’s just… not fair!”

“That’s okay, Sweetie,” Jack answered. We’re not done yet.”

He smiled when he said that, and I smiled back. I didn’t know what he was thinking, but I was ready to do something for him. Oh, I owed him so much for that orgasm!

Jack broke away from me and had his clothes off in record time. He climbed onto the bed beside me, his naked body stretched out right beside me. Did I say naked? Beside me? Oh, my. It was a different feeling stretched out here in the middle of my bed, compared to last week when we were curled up onto a couch.

We kissed, a deep, sexy, deep tongue kiss, one that seemed to go on forever. His body pressed up against me, and when I say body I mean his penis. At least that was the thing I was concentrating on. His hard, long shaft pushing hard into my stomach. I was still tingling from my orgasm, and now from the great kissing and the thoughts of that strange shaft of muscle digging so pleasantly into me.

Our hands were roaming all over each other. I loved feeling his back, his arms, his ass. The first time I had ever felt such things. And I liked him touching my head, my ears, my back, my ass. Oh, that felt good. Especially his hands pulling my body closer into his. And pushing his erection harder into my stomach.

My hand slipped around his body and reached between us. It bumped into his penis and I wrapped my fingers around it. We had both been moaning with our kissing and feeling, but Jack moaned more at this.

“Oh, yes, Ryann. You are so hot,” he said.

“Mmmm, you are making me hot!”

He reached between us and cupped my pussy again, making my squeal just a bit.

“And you are still soaking wet,” he continued.

I didn’t know if that was good or bad, but at this point I didn’t worry about it. What ever was happening between us, he seemed to like it.

“You turn me on so much,” I said. “And you keep me there. You don’t give me time to calm down.”

“Is that bad?” he asked.

“No. No. Oh, I love everything you do to me.”

“Well, I haven’t done everything to you yet,” he said.

It took me a moment, then it started to dawn on me what he meant. Or maybe it dawned on me when he rolled me over onto my back. Either way, I suddenly realized that he may be planning on having sex. Total sex. Fucking.

He kissed down my neck, my collarbone, my chest, and finally my breast. Sucking a nipple into his mouth made me gasp, and I almost missed him pushing my legs apart. He rolled over onto me, placing himself between my legs and pushing them even further apart.

I then felt him reach between us, pushing his penis down. He rubbed it along my slit. I could feel it slide back and forth. I really was wet! Soon he stopped moving it, the head now placed right at my opening. I had hardly even seen his penis tonight, I realized, and I regretted that. All week I had looked forward to investigating it some more.

Suddenly a thought sprung into my head.

“Condom!” I nearly shouted.


“Condom,” I said again. I was sure he had heard me, and understood. Probably my shouting had confused him.

“Oh, of course,” he said. “Of course. Here. I have one right here.”

Jack got half off me, reaching for his pants and fumbling in his pockets.

“Here it is!” he said triumphantly and ripped the package apart.

I watched as he placed it on the head of his dick and pulled it down the shaft. As I watched it it seemed that his dick was bigger than it had been last week. It seemed harder, stiffer, longer. Or perhaps it was just me thinking of that thing being stuck inside me. Somehow it never occurred to me that I had a choice. It was going to happen, at least if it would fit in me. That was the only question that I had.

Quickly, Jack rolled back onto me and positioned his erection between my legs. He took just a few seconds to slide it along my slit and then into my hole. He held it at the entrance for a moment and looked into my eyes. I thought he was going to ask me if I was ready. I was thinking of what I should say when, instead, I felt it push into my vagina.

I gasped as it pushed my pussy lips apart. No, it did not feel like it was going to fit. It felt like a big, blunt instrument trying to fit into a hole that was much too small. I opened my mouth to tell him when it pushed in further. My open mouth just emitted a squeal as I felt pain down there.

Jack had gotten little more than an inch inside me, though it felt like much more. He pulled out and reached both hands down there. His fingers pulled both sides of my pussy apart and slipped his dick back inside me. Not any further, but it didn’t hurt as much. My eyes were wide open but I didn’t squeal, so he pushed in further.

He would go in a little then pull back. He pushed further in and pulled back, though not as far. After the first few pushes I thought he must be all the way in, but he just kept going deeper and deeper. I was in pain, but so far I could handle it. I began to think that his dick was growing bigger and would continue until it was into my chest. Would it never end? I began to question to myself if this was such a good idea. I wasn’t going to be able to handle it if his dick kept going further inside me.

I was able to keep from moaning too loud. I made some noises but I gritted my teeth and managed to not make a fool of myself. I felt a tear fall down my face. Finally he seemed to reach his deepest penetration. I was relieved when he paused, deep inside of me, and I hoped that the hard part was over. Jack looked down at me as if to see if I was alright. I couldn’t smile. I just looked back into his eyes, waiting for whatever would come next.

I knew girls had hymens, but I remembered a couple of the older girls talking one time. It seems that all their ballet had torn their hymen long before they had sex, so there was no blood for them. I hoped that it was true, and that it was the same for me.

Jack pulled out most of the way. I felt his dick slide back and forth inside of me. In deep, then out most of the way. It wasn’t hurting very badly, but I was still far from enjoying it. Soon he started speeding up. He started pulling nearly the whole way out, slipping completely out at one point, which was not good when he reinserted himself. The pain had returned.

He pushed back in without spreading my lips, and he seemed much more in a hurry. He was moaning as he pushed in harder, more of his weight was on me with each thrust. He was pushing hard and fast, going as deep as he could, deeper than he had been. We were bouncing on the bed, both of us moaning, though mine was caused by pain, not excitement. it wasn’t long before Jack was grunting and thrusting, then he held deep inside me as he released his load.

A few slower thrusts, held deep inside me, and he was done. He felt smaller inside me, and he pulled himself out. I didn’t even look at first. I was actually just glad it was over. I had been moaning, perhaps even louder than Jack was.

“Oh, Ryann, that was nice. You seemed to have fun, too!”

Oh, he thought I was moaning with excitement.

“Did you cum again?” he asked me.

I wasn’t really ready to talk yet, so it was easy to just smile at him. I supposed it was better to let him think I had cum. He rolled off me and laid beside me. He pulled the condom off his dick, and as I turned on my side to cuddle with him I got a good look at it. It wasn’t nearly as big as it had been. It still looked pretty, but not as dangerous. Now that was the size dick that I might enjoy.

My pussy was still throbbing, though not in the good way like it had been before. But I was thinking what I had heard about the first time being the hardest. How it often hurt – I could testify to that! But then it was supposed to get better. Enjoyable. Great. So I thought about that as we lay together in the bed, and told myself that the next time would be much better.

And a week later I would find out that it was true.

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