Nameless 02: Nikki

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Nikki watched as the young black man went about cutting her yard. Her eyes never left the not-quite-solid form as he carefully clipped her yard, removing the first wild growth of Spring from everyone’s sight.

And, not for the first time, she squeezed her thighs tight, feeling her dripping sex ooze into her silk panties. Again, she found herself wanting to feel his body against hers. She bit her lip, trying desperately to purge her mind from such thoughts. After all,… she WAS fifty-seven years old.

Not that anyone knew exactly. She’d always prided herself on keeping a semi-ageless air about her. Having a full mane of shimmering blonde hair helped. So did the very subtle but definitely there wrinkles… that could easily come from a thirty-something working long hours at the office. Indeed… she was fifty-seven… and horny nearly every minute of the day.

When she first saw him, she knew. She wanted him. Not because he was black, she wasn’t shallow in that regard at all. She wanted him because he didn’t fit in. He wore a duster when the weather got cold. Often on hot days, he wore a club shirt and a pair of cargo shorts. Then there was the silver hoop earring. Styled like the ones those overly pierced kids loved, it sported a wolf’s head bead. In fact,… the image of a wolf was the only constant thing on him; the hemp necklace also held a silver wolf’s head pendant.

And on his right shoulder…, which dripped with sweat she longed to lick off…, was a wolf’s head tattoo. It rippled as his body finally betrayed some of his power.

She knew she was going to do it. She couldn’t stop it. Taking a glass of wine with her, she stepped onto the balcony overlooking her back yard. Her white bathrobe tightly pulled against her. Left…. then right. Back and forth he moved. Patient. Careful. A professional. He was so dedicated. He didn’t fit in… and seemed comfortable with this odd fact of Life. He always has a warm smile for her, no matter what his day was like. Smiling, she sat the glass of wine down on a glass tabletop and stood there, one hand idly caressing her large, lust bloated breasts.

It was the only kink in her plan. She was overweight. Only 168 pounds at a height of 5’5″, but it was enough. She longed to be a slender woman, but nature had always denied her more than a moment of being a skinny beautiful woman. Nikki shook her head, chuckling softly.

She couldn’t help it. Her hand slid inside her robe, finding one stiff nipple waiting for a touch of flesh. As soon as one finger slid across the ultra-sensitive nubbin of flesh, she moaned. It apparently caught his attention. His head dipped slightly, a sign she came to recognize. He’d heard her. She wanted to stop… but could not. Her cunt was ablaze. Her mind became clouded by Lust. The other hand pulled aside the crotch area of the robe and cupped her mound, freshly shaven last night.

She saw it. Like the glow from a far off forest fire, his eyes came alive as they looked at her. She wanted to stop. She was fifty-seven years old and masturbating in front of an eighteen year old. Someone who lived just across the street. She was definitely doing something dangerous… but his reaction. He liked what he saw. One finger slid into her soaked sex. Again, she moaned, this time boring her gaze into his. His eyes flicked to the sliding glass doors, then back to her. One eyebrow lifted slightly as he turned off the lawnmower. Before she could form the thought, she nodded, watching as he lowered his head and made his way into her home.

And she waited.

* * * *

She heard the door to her bedroom open. Still she did not turn around, her hands frozen in place. Her mind opened, searching for any sign of…

She saw his hands. They moved slowly, encircling her waist. Her hands immediately left her body, wrapping themselves around her back… and his. One quick pull and the belt holding her robe close went slack. So did her robe. Her body, however, was anything but bayan escort slack. Nearly fifteen years had passed since she’d known another’s touch. Now…

She turned around. His eyes burned with lust… and confusion and more than a bit of fear. He seemed… smaller. More delicate. Nikki smiled, shrugging the cotton garment off of her body. He gasped, looking at her as if she were a goddess or model. He DID like her body… just as much as he apparently liked her company. She placed one hand gently on his chest. The heat from his work… and his passion… scorched through her arm, adding fuel to her own growing lust.

She bored her gaze into the crotch of his shorts. The baggy fabric showed little outline, and she had a feeling it was done on purpose. Everything he did had more than one goal. Not only did he look good, but also his clothing was functional. He loved pockets; it was his one clothing obsession. Now she wondered if one of those pockets held a small stash of condoms. Not that she wanted him to use one. She could not have children. Three spoiled brats were more than enough. More… she wanted to feel his cum. In her. On her. Wherever… she wanted to bathe in male seed.

He obeyed the silent command. She watched as he unbuckled his belt… then twist his hips just slightly. At his command, the cargo shorts ghosted onto the floor with even less sound. Not even the metal on the belt clinked as the garment appeared on the floor. Yet that was secondary. Nikki stared at nine inches of young black cock.

Cock. Dick. A thick, pulsating male member. And it was hers. Gone was the fear. Vanished were all doubts. Like a zombie, Nikki slid gracefully to her knees… only to have him pull her up. She looked at him. He… was smiling. A mirthful smile. One eyebrow jerked skyward. Then… he was at her crotch.

He moved like a wraith. No warning. One second here… the next there. This time there was eye-level with her eager sex. She felt his warm breath caress her exposed flesh, and immediately spread her legs.

“What’s off limits.” His words rumbled through the room, centering on her body. She looked down at him, tilting her head slightly. Then she felt one hand slide around her ample rear. Slowly, ever patiently, his fingers crept to the cleft between her globes. Still onward, until the target of his search was being tickled.

Nikki smiled… then pushed back. He obliged, sliding a finger into her asshole with one constant movement. Her mouth went slack; this was a pleasure she often gave herself. ONLY gave herself; no one else had dared ventured there. Not her husband or any of her lovers before him. Now that solitude was the norm, no one would know. Or should have known. Maybe he didn’t. Maybe he wanted… All thoughts died as she felt his tongue wrap itself around her clit.

Nikki went feral. Every neuron in her brain fused with the overload of pleasure given to her by her new, young black lover. She gripped the back of his baldhead and crushed his face into her sex. She bit back most of her orgasmic utterances, but soon that was futile. Instantaneously as a matter of fact, he did not resist. Her lover eagerly took to his task, somehow managing to slide a second finger into her asshole while assaulting her sex with his mouth and tongue. He was everywhere, even managing to grip one nipple and twist. Hard. Nikki howled as yet another powerful orgasm shredded her senses.

She felt it. He did not want to stop. Ever. Yet she wanted more. Her cunt suddenly went still. It longed for more. Still, it was difficult to remove so willing a pair of lips from her mound. Yet she did. He looked disappointed… until he saw the beautiful smile emblazoned on Nikki’s face. As he rose, she made her way to her large bed, idly wondering when he’d taken off his shoes for his feet were bare.

She did not quite make it.

* * * *

The first sign was a warm caress of gentle breath across escort bayan the width of her bottom. Her eyes widen as she wondered would he… It was a fantasy from long ago days. One dusty with time and neglect. Would he? She froze… only for a moment. It was enough. One Moment later and Nikki felt the chilling wetness of his tongue as it traced cool trails across her rear.

Again, she moaned, this time bending over slightly. Her eyes lost sight of her bed. Still she struggled. One-step. Two. The pleasure was tearing her concentration. She wanted him inside her, but he was doing such blessedly wonderful things to her body and mind. One hand touched the satin sheets of her bedspread… just as he spread her cheek and slid that wicked tongue deep into her asshole.

Nikki came. It was all she had the energy to do. She drooled, her arms barely capable of holding her up. Orgasm after blissful orgasm destroyed her mind as he continued to tongue-fuck her asshole. Fantasy made real… and the fantasy was little more than a dimly forged phantom. She felt him ease her onto the bed, rolling her onto her back. It was effortless for him; she was little more than a puddle of blissed-out female flesh.

She saw it in his eyes. He was going to wait!!! Even now, he treated her kindly. Gently. Like a thunderclap she wondered where had he gotten so much tenderness. The lust shifted. Just slightly. She wanted nothing more than to hold him close to her. Let him know that everything was OK. Somewhere, deep within her soul, something opened a sleepy eye. She lifted her arms and gently wrapped them around his neck. Nikki pulled herself up and kissed him.

Oh, she knew where that tongue had been. She just didn’t care. He’d given her so much. Freely. He didn’t even expect to have the chance, much less experience the reality. Their tongues danced.

Air. Sweet air. She looked into his eyes. Warm and caring. Thankful. She was getting her strength back now. It was slow, but… she saw him smile.

“You knew…” Guilty. Nikki chuckled, feeling her lust grow stronger as her mind slowly began to accept reality again.

She rolled him onto his back. He whimpered, a plaintive call scratching from his lips. She hushed him with a finger to his chin as she slid down his chest. She nibbled at his nipples… always mindful of a constant pounding near her belly. Soon. She let her tongue swirl in his belly button. Now the pounding was between her breasts. It… quickened… then faded to that pace. Constant. Patient. Controlled.

She held his cock tenderly. Reverently. Fifteen years. And that one had been nowhere near as… handsome. This was a proud member. And, oddly, buzzed. Not bald… She lifted her eyes, asking the question with her crystal blue stare. He shrugged… then chuckled softly. That made it quite all right. Smiling, Nikki planted a soft kiss on the tip of his dick.

His reaction was one that stunned her. His body went stiff… somewhat. It vibrated erratically… almost. He moaned… kinda. But there was something. Something she felt was… familiar. Yet not quite. Nikki’s eyes locked onto the silver wolf’s head pendant. Then she saw it… maybe.

* * * *

Dark. Like the black of space without stars. Just black. Nothing. So infinite it was real. Tangible as you passed you hand though the ethereal. So raw it was refined. Pure. And it was clawing at his soul. Desperate to get out.

He whimpered. She looked at his eyes. He was begging her to stop. And she knew why.

Control. Her husband had total control… until the end. It was what kept him going… and what had killed him. He could not let go. He was alive… but never seemed to live. There was no chaos in his life… and that was something she knew had to exist. Chaos kept her sane. Small moments when things… happened. When you were real. When it didn’t matter… and that mattered.

Nikki swallowed bayan escort gaziantep his cock in one gulp. Without a word, she began to suck him off. Hard and fast. She wanted him to know what it was like to be free. She caught sight of one of his hands. It twitched. Now clawed… now human and relaxed. Back and forth until it settled into a nice rhythm. She quickly latched onto the tip of his cock and sucked. Hard. Her tongue ripped at the exposed piss slit. The fingers clawed… lingering. He was close.

With a loud pop, she let him free. Again, he whimpered… a warning. She was close. She plastered his cock to his stomach as she inhaled his testicles. His body lurched skyward… and a ripple of chaos visibly ran down his body. His muscles defined themselves to her. A shimmer… yes. Her cunt grew wet. She felt it squeeze, then squeeze again. It hungered… but not for cock. Not this cock. It wanted the cock powered by chaos.

Her tongue touched his taint. Again the ripple. This time longer. The muscled flexed, showing that even THEY held power untold. Again the Whimper… this time low and rumbling. And with it… an odd idea. Odd. One that would never work.

“Fuck my mouth.” The words leapt from her lips. Fear gripped her throat… a split second before he gripped her blonde hair and rammed his cock into her waiting throat.

He’d lost. Nikki gripped his hips and soared through several small but satisfying orgasms as she let this powerful man fuck her mouth. Each thrust brought him closer and closer. Still he whimpered. Unsure. She wrapped her arms around his bucking hips, forcing him deep into her throat and massaged his cock with her throat muscles. Then… with more control than she thought possible, he gently pulled free of her sucking mouth.

Nikki looked into his eyes… and smiled. She’d won after all.

* * * *

There it was. Here there be dragons… and far worse. She knew… and understood. He knew of the Beast Within. That was why he wore Wolf. She understood, even though time and exposure limited her information about such significance. But she knew. He was Wolf. An ancient totem to many races. A powerful force of nature. Given this flesh… and the desires of it… Nikki crept on top of her lover, eager to fulfill her final fantasy.

Blind fucking. Pure and free of all emotions. Hard core sex at its most primal. She wanted to be fucked. Some would call it degrading… because they are civilized. Demeaning. She laughs at them. How many times do they experience a pure ANYTHING? Never… for they must control. Nikki gripped his cock. Smiling, she impaled her long neglected cunt onto his waiting member… screaming as she came.

He fucked her. Powerful stokes. He pounded her relentlessly, never giving her a chance to recover from her orgasms. Nikki was swept away with the fury of their act. She cannot recall when they switched positions, or how he managed to never seem to run out of energy. Nothing mattered but the simple fact that she… a fifty-seven year old widow… was getting royally fucked by much younger man. She howled with delight as she caught a particularly powerful orgasm and rode it to completion.

Dazed, she became aware of something slowly massaging her cunt… from the inside. He was there… this time spoon fashion. She smiled, letting him sex her back to the realm of the living. She’d passed out… been fucked until she’d cummed herself into oblivion. She touched his arm, trapped between her breasts. Then he was free of her cunt. Still somewhat fogged, Nikki let him do as he pleased. She wanted him to take her… no matter when or where. He’d given so much to her. Freely. He didn’t want anything. Not true, he did NOT want to hurt her. She was sore, but that was what she needed. Smiling, she drifted in the gray between.

Her asshole was being gently probed. Her smile broadened as she shifted to give him access. “Nothing is off limits,” she sighed as she felt his cum dripping down her thigh, cooling in the sex soaked air.

Inch by inch he entered her virgin asshole. She didn’t need to tell him. He knew; she understood him now. Lust was quickly rising within her. Again. Nikki smiled, letting the warm glow of her impending orgasms herald the end of solitude.


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