Nancy’s Inferno Ch. 05

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If she wasn’t already feeling alienated enough being stuck in Cleveland for a late winter religious conference, the fact that Nancy had to spend the day traveling with a girl that had just taken her lesbian virginity a few hours earlier made for quite an awkward afternoon.

Every gaze she met, Nancy feared the person could read the indiscretion and guilt in her eyes, and to make matters worse, every so often Simone would cast her a sly, knowing smile just to remind Nancy what had happened that morning in the hotel bathroom.

The main reason she’d come to the conference in the first place, to spend some time with Pastor Grady wasn’t working out at all. Given the surroundings and the demands on his time, Calvin was in a zone all his own. His booming voice and effervescing personality dialed up to 10 as he churned through one meeting after another, Nancy found herself feeling microscopic surrounded by the rush of activity.

At some point after begging out with a headache, Nancy returned to the solitude of her room. Part of her wanted to see if she had enough money to ask a cabbie to just drive her back to Canton, but she’d come to Cleveland in hopes of getting away from all the drama at home. Besides, Sunday was the big day at the conference and she didn’t want to disappoint Pastor Grady and not be there to help with his sermon the following morning.

After sleeping so poorly the night before and given the crush of everything she was dealing with emotionally, Nancy was able to finally doze off and get some unencumbered sleep for a few hours until the sound of her hotel room door opening stirred her awake around dusk.

Perhaps ‘unencumbered’ may have been a little too strong of a term. An unobstructed view to the bathroom where everything had happened the previous morning being the last thing Nancy saw before dozing off, subconsciously processing the chain of those events dominated her sleeping thoughts.

Considering how long it had been since another person, male or female, had touched her in a sexual way, it wasn’t that hard to understand how her body had reacted in the way it did. Still, there was no way she could in good conscience quantify the depth and ferocity of her release with Simone. The girl had touched Nancy in ways no one else ever had, but much to her sadness and confusion, it wasn’t about her physical reaction as much as it was the emotional one she felt being under Simone’s spell.

Even in Nancy’s state of heated weakness, Simone had touched her with a tenderness she still couldn’t comprehend, one that in the months and years to come Nancy would continue to fixate over. But there was also the cool aloofness, if not down right ambivalence, Simone had showed to her as well. Even though she rationally understood the type of girl Simone was at her core, Nancy found herself dreaming up ways she could keep the 20 year old nymph’s attention.

All of this was totally crazy she knew, but when Simone walked through that door and woke Nancy from her slumber, a giddy dose of anxiousness and adrenaline shot through the older woman’s weary bones.

Just as she had the night before, Nancy laid there beneath the covers pretending to be asleep as Simone made her way inside the room. Her back to the door, Nancy could hear the petite young girl making quite a racket tossing her coat and purse down before kicking her shoes off one by one. Keeping her eyelids parted ever so slightly, Nancy could feel the vibrations of Simone’s footsteps pacing back and forth across the room until she finally settled down on her bed to make a phone call.

From the sound of Simone’s voice, Nancy assumed she was talking to Calvin in an attempt to set something up for dinner. Continuing to lay there as if she was dead to the world, Nancy had a perfect view when Simone stood up and made her way into the bathroom wearing nothing but her skimpy bra and panties. Hearing the whoosh of the shower when Simone flipped it on, Nancy’s blood ran cold and her thighs folded together under the covers when she saw the young girl step out of her baby blue thong an instant before she tossed her matching bra aside.

If Nancy had a lick of guts, she would have crawled out of bed and made her way to the bathroom to join Simone in the shower. Vividly picturing how it would look walking through the steamy mist, Nancy imagined undressing herself before slipping into the shower and cuddling up to Simone from behind. Unable to coax herself up before Simone finished, Nancy demurely removed the hand she’d snuck between her thighs to quell the incessant itch deep inside her womb.

“You’ve got to get up and get out of this doesn’t matter just have to get away,” Nancy’s disjointed conscience whined, but even it shut up when she looked up and saw Simone stepping out from behind the curtain.

No longer pretending she was asleep, Nancy laid there in silent disbelief and awe as Simone reached for a towel.

“Are you going out?” she found herself asking in a voice nişantaşı escort tinged with a strange mixture of aroused curiosity and motherly concern.

“Yeah,” Simone answered without bothering to look up. “Pastor Grady wants me to come along and meet some more of his old friends for dinner.”

Nancy waited for Simone to add something like,” I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you coming along,” but the only sound filling the suite was Simone using the towel to dry herself off.

Her first impulse was to pull the covers up over her head and disappear, unfortunately she couldn’t get her hands to move. Her gaze still centered on Simone, Nancy’s pupils flared when the young girl dropped her towel to the floor and nakedly started to walk out of the bathroom. Feeling the weight of Simone’s seeming indifference as she strutted across Nancy’s field of view, Nancy could feel the vibrations running down her spine each time the 20 year old took a step.

Her chest heaving, Nancy had to stifle a gasp when Simone re-appeared, this time ducking back into the bathroom to primp up her make-up and hair. Her nipples stiffening under the covers, Nancy’s mouth became parched seeing the Simone standing at the same sink she’d seduced her earlier that morning. Guiltily allowing her eyes to drift up and down Simone’s nude side profile, Nancy focused on the pair of strappy high heeled sandals the girl had put on.

“There’s no way in the world she can walk around in those things..she’s wearing them for Pastor Grady..I just know it,” Nancy bitterly accepted.

Smelling the perfume Simone was dousing across her body, Nancy buried her face in the pillow out of helpless disgust knowing how Simone planned for the evening to end. Within a few minutes Simone had slipped on the skirt, grabbed her purse and left the room to join Calvin so they could make their way to the restaurant, leaving Nancy alone to stew in her discontent.

The blood still racing in her temples, Nancy knew she had to talk to someone before the hailstorm brewing inside her swelled out of control. Without any good options to call, Nancy dialed her Daughter’s cell because it was the first number that she pressed.

Lacy, sadly, was too occupied to answer the phone.


Her knees spread wide across the expanse of her bedroom mattress, Lacy Grubbs found herself straddling her boyfriend’s crotch with her ass raised high in the air. The same ass that was chalk full of several inches of thick black cock. The fact that she had a third prick wedged deep down her throat gave the spastic 19 year old her first taste of being airtight.

This had been the second night in a row Lacy had taken advantage of her Mom being out of town. The previous night she’d spent shacked up with Shawn, and at some point during the evening he made mention of how fun it might be if he invited a few friends over the following evening to give Lacy her first ever gangbang. She played along, agreeing to his suggestion, not having a clue he was serious. The fact that she was now groaning incoherently, with 20 full inches of manhood buried in various parts of her body nailed the reality of his offer home.

Their four frames twisting together in a massive knot of black and white flesh, the old fashioned iron bedsprings squealed under the 700 plus pounds of thrashing humanity. It was the first time Lacy ever had a penis shoved up her ass, and the guy pounding down on top of her wasn’t showing the newbie any mercy.

Digging her fingernails into Shawn’s chiseled chest each time he drilled his cock into her vagina, a scalding jolt of adrenaline ripped through her system, giving Lacy the stamina needed to endure the burning pressure digging at her rear. To top it all off, the third penis scouring over her taste buds seemed as if it would explode at any moment. Forced to breath through her nostrils, Lacy could feel herself melting away as the man standing above rubbed his fingers roughly through her scalp.

Somehow withstanding the three-pronged assault, even in the mayhem, Lacy mentally patted herself on the back wondering just how many women, young or old, rich or poor or black or white, could handle what those three men were dishing out. That said, she also knew she couldn’t hang on much longer without passing out.

The sheer thought of all three guys cumming simultaneously inside her gave Lacy all the starch she needed to endure the crippling physical assault. An insane sense of vertigo sweeping through her body until she didn’t really know what was up or down, Lacy fancied herself as a meteor hurdling through space until she started to burn up in the atmosphere stuck between the friction of the three men’s grinding bodies.

When she finally did cum, the inability to really either move or scream caused the orgasmic waves coursing through her body to be so much more violent, and last longer than any she’d ever experienced because those repeated seismic tremors simply had nowhere else to go. kağıthane escort By the time they were finally done with Lacy and dismounted her one by one, all she could do was collapse into a sweaty pile of flesh and bones on the center of the bed, semen now streaming like a pearly white tide from all three of her violated orifices.

Spending the following few hours playfully frolicking with Shawn and his two friends, who’d made themselves quite at home inside her Mother’s house, Lacy proceeded to absorb every ounce of satisfaction she could as her Mom paced aimlessly back and forth in the quiet hotel suite an hour or so North.


Pacing was probably too mild of a term. Pastor Grady’s church would be lucky to get off without having to pay for a new carpet the way Nancy stalked back and forth between the bed and the suite’s peephole, looking just like a dejected and anxious, caged rat.

Stealing a glance over and over through the glass hole in the room’s front door, for some reason, Nancy was desperate to catch a glimpse of Simone and Calvin returning from the restaurant. Eight o’clock turned to nine and nine turned to ten before drowsiness and monotony began to take its toll.

“Just go to bed, Nancy..they aren’t going to be brazen enough to do anything,” she told herself, knowing Pastor Gardy’s sermon at the convention hall started at 9am the next morning.

Deep down however, she knew she’d never be able to fall asleep until Simone was safely tucked into the bed beside hers. The moment of truth came around 10:15 when Nancy checked the peephole for the umpteenth time and finally saw the distorted figures of Calvin and Simone strolling side by side up the hall towards the room.

Scurrying back to her side of the room so it wouldn’t appear she was camped out by the door when Simone walked back in, Nancy sat down on the edge of the bed and waited for the door to open.

It never did.

Sitting there for a couple more seconds holding her breath, Nancy heart sank when she heard Calvin’s door open, then close. Darting back up to check the peephole, there was no sign of the two.

Slinking back to her bed this time, Nancy threw herself down on the mattress and put her head in her hands. A bitter scowl overtaking her face when she raised it back up, Nancy stared at the door, wondering what was happening on the other side of the hall.

“You saw for yourself when you caught them having sex at the church a few weeks back,” Nancy’s conscience reminded.

“They’re not over there going over Calvin’s sermon for in the morning,” she assured herself. “The only difference is this time she’ll have to come back to the way Calvin would chance letting her spend the night in his suite….would he?”

Suddenly, a very pointed question sprouted in Nancy’s mind, one she was quite prepared to digest. After the events of the previous morning, Nancy was forced to ask herself, ‘Was she more jealous knowing Simone was moving in on Pastor Grady, or as unimaginable as it sounded, vice versa?’

A slow, itching burn of aroused frustration gradually overtaking her loins, Nancy couldn’t get comfortable on the bed. Unable to sit still, she continued getting up every few minutes to check the peephole before returning the sanctuary of her magazine cluttered bed.

“Why don’t you just put some clothes on and go grab a bite to eat…or just take a walk..anything to get out of this room..or Hell..just go over there and knock on the door and offer to join in,” she chided herself.

Internally negotiating over what to do next, Nancy finally decided to make the brave move to at least head down the hall and get some fresh ice from the machine just to have a nice glass of cold water before bed. As helpful as the refreshment was for her parched throat, the hidden agenda she’d hatched was to give herself a chance to walk by Calvin’s room, even if it was to hear just a smidge of what may be happening inside. Just as she tried to smooth up to the Pastor’s door however, another group of hotel patrons came barreling up the hall, causing Nancy to slink back inside her room.

By the time Midnight rolled around, the weight of the mental strain she was putting herself through combined with the late hour and she suddenly felt her eyelids getting very heavy.

“Just close your eyes and all this will go away,” she mumbled her mantra over and over before switching off the lamp beside her bed. It only took a few seconds for the veil of sleep to start coming down.

Just then, the front door swung open and Simone’s shadowy frame slipped into the pitch black room.

Quelling the urge to turn over and witness Simone entering the room, the sliver of light from the hallway quickly dissolved when the girl closed the door. Her breath caught in her throat, Nancy listened as Simone shuffled across the floor and sat her purse down on the dresser.

“Her perfume…,” Nancy found herself fixating on the scent, her osmanbey escort spine tingling as she visualized the young girl starting to undress behind her.

Desperately wanting to speak up and ask Simone where she’d been, Nancy wisely decided to keep her mouth shut and continue feigning sleep. Even though her roommate’s perfume was now the dominant scent in the room, Nancy could also discern the subtle presence of something else wafting from Simone’s body as she peeled her clothes off in the dark.

Waiting for the springs of Simone’s bed to creak, signaling that it was safe to go to sleep, Nancy’s eyes shot open and every muscle in her body froze when she felt the pressure of Simone’s knee come to rest at the base of her turned back.

“She …just…knelt down… behind me,” her frazzled brain muttered.

“Calvin must have let her get into the wine at the restaurant or while she was over in his room…she has to be drunk not realizing she just crawled into the wrong bed,” Nancy told herself, noticeably tensing beneath the covers as Simone’s presence drifted over top of her.

There wasn’t a hint of alcohol on the girl’s breath however, and feeling the certainly of Simone’s fingers come to rest on her left shoulder, Nancy knew her choice of beds wasn’t a mistake.

“…Wha……what…doing,” Nancy stammered, her voice just as broken and confused as it was earlier that morning when Simone reached out towards her in front of the bathroom mirror.

Feeling the softness of the girl’s breath drifting down across her neck, Nancy found herself turning in Simone’s direction as if there was some sort of magnetic presence at work. Steadily feeling Simone peeling the covers down, Nancy was helpless to stop the girl until her tee-shirt clad torso was completely exposed.

“She just had sex with Calvin and she’s just too fired up to go to sleep,” the voice of primal certainty blared in Nancy’s head. “And now she apparently wants to finish off what she started this morning with you!”

Nancy didn’t realize the extent to which Simone had seized control of her body until she felt the girl’s left hand close around her wrist and pull it backwards towards her crotch with complete and utter ease.

Crouched now like a blanket over top of the breathless older woman, Simone proceeded to slip Nancy’s left hand beneath her short skirt until her clenched knuckles were scouring through the folds of Simone’s freshly fucked pussy. Using her digits to gently unfurl Nancy’s fist, Simone spread her knees out until she was fully draped over top of Nancy there in the dark.

“OHH..GOD,” came Nancy’s meek and spastic cry when she realized she was rubbing another woman’s sex for the very first time.

Powerless to stop Simone from manually gliding her own hand through Simone’s smoldering snatch, Nancy could feel the slippery soft petals of the girl’s flared labia clinging to her fingers. In her mind’s eye, Nancy pictured how it must have looked only minutes earlier when Pastor Grady was plowing that very same spot. Wincing as she imagined the friction his cock must have created drilling in and out of the drenched fissure, Nancy audibly gasped when she thought about how it must have felt when the hulking man came inside her. Almost on cue, Nancy suddenly felt the sticky remnants of Calvin’s seed soaking into her buried fingertips.

Feeling Simone sway and flex on top of her, Nancy swore she could hear the young girl purring like a kitten as she forced her to rub her crotch. The longer that went on however, Nancy came to the realization that Simone’s hand was no longer manipulating hers. Nancy was rubbing Simone’s pussy all on her own.

Within a minute or two of working herself on top of Nancy, Simone had the older woman flat on her back. Peering straight down in the room’s scant light, Simone stared deep into Nancy’s glistening, nearly teared up eyes. Feeling Nancy’s fingers spinning like nervous talons through her languid sex, Simone reached down and softly brushed Nancy’s blondish and slightly graying hair from her brow until she knew the woman below was under her spell.

A broad smile spreading across her deceptively angelic face, Simone squeezed her vaginal muscles together around Nancy’s embedded fingers.

“She’s trying her best to get me off,” Simone told herself. “As much as she’d never admit it during the light of day..she can’t help it..she’s trying to make me cum.”

Her knees pressing down to each side of Nancy’s waist, Simone seductively began rotating her hips in churning, rhythmic circles, literally fucking Nancy’s buried hand as if it was an erect male appendage. Grinding her vulva down a little harder with each successive thrust, Simone could feel the older woman’s greasy palm brushing against her glowing sex.

Simone could have easily stayed there straddling Nancy’s midriff, allowing the hesitant and scared woman to push her to orgasm, but having just gotten her rocks off with Calvin moments earlier in the room across the hall, Simone knew her fuse had a little wick left to burn. Deciding to take full advantage of that, she pulled her crotch away from Nancy’s musky and saturated hand before dutifully crawling up the length of the prone woman’s torso.

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