Nancy’s Mid-life Awakening Ch. 22

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Chapter 22

The Birthday Party

Nancy received a phone call from her brother-in-law, James one day concerning her sister’s upcoming birthday. James wanted to plan something special for his wife and wanted to talk to Nancy first.

“Ann has always wanted to be at the center of a huge gang-bang involving as many men as possible. I’m thinking about inviting everyone we know to come over to our place for her birthday and have all the men participate in fulfilling her fantasy. What do you think?” he asked.

“Mmmm.. sounds like something she’d appreciate,” Nancy replied. “How many men are you thinking about inviting?”

“Including Paul, I know of at least nine other guys who I’m sure would join in if I ask them. Including me, that would give her ten guys to fuck in one night.”

“That would certainly wear me out!” Nancy exclaimed. “I’ll talk to Paul and let him know so he can keep his schedule open. I assume the women aren’t being invited?”

“Oh, no. They most definitely are going to be invited,” he answered quickly. “I’m guessing at least a couple of them will want to join in with the men to take her.”


On the evening of Ann’s birthday, Nancy and Paul drove over to the old Victorian house that Nancy and Ann grew up in as kids. When their parents passed away, Nancy inherited the house and started restoring it after years when her father could no longer do the work himself. Paul helped her with a lot of the work after they met and when Ann and James moved back into town to be closer, they moved into the old house and Nancy moved into Paul’s home. James and Ann tried to continue the restoration, but without Paul and Nancy to help, they never would have gotten very far.

They were the first to arrive and it was clear from Ann’s excitement that it was not going to be a surprise party. She and Ann disappeared back into the kitchen while Paul and James relaxed in the front parlor and waited for the rest of the guests. James related that he was expecting six other men and their wives or significant others. Craig and Jeanne had been invited but couldn’t attend because they were out of town due to a death in the family. Paul was wistful about not seeing Jeanne again and James agreed that her strength and flexibility led to a lot of fun activities that none of the other women could execute.

On the other hand, there were two couples that Paul and Nancy had never met before and James tried to fill Paul in on them.

“You guys already know Frank and Mary, and Cindy and Bill, but I don’t think you’ve met Deb and Kyle or Jack and Maria,” he started. “Deb and Kyle are new to swinging and we’ve only been with them once. They’re both older than us. Even though she doesn’t look it, Deb is over 60 and Kyle is a couple years older than her. He’s pretty quiet and introverted, but she’s a social butterfly who loves to talk. She’s a little on the heavy side, but still looks pretty hot and says that she’s up for anything. Jack and Maria are friends of ours from several years ago. We lost touch when they moved away, but he’s back in town with his job now and they plan to stay. They’re in their late 30’s and don’t have any kids. Maria’s from Puerto Rico and a real hottie. They met when Jack was in the Navy, but he got out and works for an electronics firm now.”

There was another knock at the door and James came back with Mary, Frank, Jack and Maria. Paul got up to meet the new couple and say “Hi” to Frank and Mary. He saw that James wasn’t kidding about Maria, either. She was a petite, dark-haired woman with a perfect figure that was accentuated by a pair of tight jeans and skin-hugging tank top. When she spoke, her Spanish accent was quite pronounced and Paul found it very alluring. She and Mary went to join the other women while the men stood around in the parlor room talking.

The last two couples arrived within ten minutes and by then, everyone was gathered in the large living room area that adjoined the parlor through a set of large sliding pocket doors. It was crowded and noisy while everyone milled around talking and drinking. Nancy and Deb hit it off immediately and Paul found Kyle to be quiet, but with a good sense of humor.

He and his wife were both teachers, but in different schools. Before he started teaching, Kyle had spent several years working in developing countries as a volunteer and a lot of unique experiences in his background. He and Deb got into swinging through her old college roommate and were still exploring it to see if was something they wanted to continue. She was concerned that they might be too old, but so far, age had never become an issue. While he and Paul were talking together, Deb came up with Nancy in tow to re-introduce her and Paul quickly decided that she could be the irresistible force that people always talked about.

“Kyle, honey, I want you to meet Nancy. She’s Paul’s wife and we have so much in common, I don’t know where to begin,” Deb bubbled. “I want to have them over sometime soon so we can get to know them better and I was thinking maybe this Saturday evening?” bahçeşehir escort From the way she said it, it was clear to Paul that it wasn’t really a question and the matter had already been decided. Kyle nodded with a smile and said, “Sure.”

Deb then turned her attention to Paul. “Your wife is right. You are a handsome devil,” she said with an eager light in her eyes. Paul gave her a self-conscious smile but didn’t say anything while she continued on. He half-listened to her while discreetly appraising her appearance.

James was right about her youthful looks. However, up close, he could see the thin lines and creases in her face that were reflective of her actual age. She a little shorter than Nancy and wore a knee-length skirt with a loose-fitting blouse that stretched tightly over her chest. Her breasts were probably a DD cup and were held firmly in place by her bra. Her body was a little thick, but her figure was still nice and well-defined with just a slight roll of flabbiness around her midsection. He appreciated that she used very little make-up and reflected that she really didn’t need any at all. She was definitely the take-charge type and he guessed that she ran things in her home. He wondered what she and Nancy could possibly have in common.

They were interrupted by James calling out loudly for everyone’s attention. Most of the women were together whispering on one side of the room leaving the men standing in the middle looking at James and Ann.

“Welcome everyone and we’re both so glad you could all make it,” he began. Ann was next to him holding on to her husband’s arm and clearly excited. “As you know, today is my lovely wife’s birthday and I wanted to give her a special treat.” James had to pause amid loud calls of “Happy Birthday, Ann!” as well as some catcalls and rude comments from the men after James’ last remark.

“Ann has always told me about one of her fantasies that involved getting gang-banged by a lot of men, and with your help, we can make that fantasy come true tonight. Now, we’re going to move upstairs to our bedroom in a minute and once I get her properly prepared, you are all invited, and even encouraged, to come in and take advantage of her in any way you want. The more men taking her at the same time, the better. However, there is one ground rule that Ann wants to make before we start. You can fuck her any way you want, but you have to lick up your cum before you leave, no matter where you’ve deposited it.” Ann had a wide smile on her face that somehow grew even larger after that statement.

“That’s right, gentlemen,” she chimed in. “I want you to keep me nice and clean when you’re done so that the next person doesn’t have to deal with your stuff. And ladies, you’re invited to participate, too.”

Following that announcement, the noise and excitement level in the room grew and James took Ann up to their bedroom to get ready. Paul felt a pair of arms reaching around from behind him and then grasp his crotch while a body pressed up against him. “Would you like some help getting ready?” he heard a woman say. Looking back, he saw Deb standing against him with a wicked smile on her face. He looked around and noticed that most of the men were becoming similarly engaged by the other women in the room. Nancy was already fondling Steve’s crotch with one hand while they were engaged in a deep kiss.

It took him some time to decide that they must have planned it out among themselves when they were alone in the kitchen together and then finalized everything just before James made his announcement. However, Paul didn’t have long to ponder what they may or may not have planned because he found Deb’s fingers moving swiftly to remove his pants. He turned around in her arms just as she finished releasing his belt and lowering his zipper, and returned her embrace, Pulling her tight, he felt her firm breasts pressing hard into his middle and he leaned down to kiss her.

She opened her mouth immediately and Paul found her tongue to be wildly active. She tugged his pants and shorts down to his thighs and her cool hand was moving across his manhood sending a thrill of excitement through his body. He reached between them to unbutton her blouse, but was only halfway done when James called down for all the men and any interested women to come upstairs. Paul gave Deb’s nipples a quick squeeze through the padded bra and pulled himself away from her to head upstairs.

He had to laugh to himself when he looked around the room and saw half the men were already out of their pants, and the other half, trying to hold them up as they walked so that they wouldn’t trip. They trooped upstairs with two women trailing behind. Once again, Paul thought about Jeanne and how she would have loved to be there to enjoy Ann, too.

They entered the bedroom and saw Ann sitting on the side of the bed completely naked. James was also nude and told everyone to jump in as they felt like. Those who still had their pants on, struggled briefly to get them off while the others removed bakırköy escort the rest of their clothing and crowded around the birthday girl.

Jack was the first to drop down between Ann’s legs and spread them wide. He buried his face into her pussy and began eating her out. Steve moved up on the bed beside her and turned her head so that he could push his semi-rigid cock inside her mouth. As she sucked him off, his cock swelled up to a point where she could barely get her lips around it and he began thrusting it into her mouth as deeply as he could.

Meanwhile, Ann managed to grab two other cocks belonging to Bryan and Bill and was jacking them off to get them nice and hard. Jack moved away from between her legs and stood up to stroke himself to full hardness, but while her pussy was unoccupied, Frank was able to move in and fill it with his cock. He shoved it in none-too-gently and pounded away with his balls making a wet, slapping sound as they hit her with each thrust. The remaining men stood around slowly stroking themselves to get hard and waited for their turn to join in.

Paul looked around and saw James recording the scene on his digital video recorder and gave a short wave to the camera before moving in closer. He had an idea and when Frank backed away from eating his cum out of her pussy and Steve pulled free from her mouth before cumming himself, Paul helped Ann up from the bed so that he could take her place sitting on the side. He pulled Ann back over to have her sit on his lap facing him and slid his cock inside her pussy. He reclined on the bed taking her with him so that he could suck and play with her beautiful, round, hard tits.

Once they were settled, the others gathered back around. Ann found herself sucking Jack’s cock while Bill moved up behind her and began playing with her ass. He was always one of her favorites for anal play because his cock was not as wide as the others. She felt him licking around her anus to get her ready, before James came over and handed him a tube of lubricating gel. She felt a cold shock when Bill put a large gob above her asshole and then worked it around and inside her ass with his fingers.

When his fingers withdrew, they were almost immediately followed by his cock and it slipped in as easily as if it were her pussy. Bill worked himself inside her ass and then began pumping into her in synchronization with Paul’s cock filling her pussy. Jack suddenly came in her mouth without warning and she nearly gagged on the huge amount of cream that squirted in at the very back. Ann tried to pull back, but he held her head firmly and kept fucking her all the way down her throat until he went soft.

When he pulled out, she tasted just a fraction of what he had delivered still in her mouth, but motioned him down for a kiss. When their mouths joined, she expelled as much of his cum as she could into his mouth and then released him. Below her, Paul was taking his time and fucking her pussy slowly and Bill matched his pace as he fucked her ass. Ann took Bryan in her mouth and soon had him squirming.

By this time, all the women had joined their men upstairs and were watching the action on the bed. Several had parts of their clothing open from earlier when they were downstairs, but Dana and Cindy were completely nude and in the middle of the men waiting for their turn with Ann. Deb and Nancy were chatting together and Deb seemed completely enthralled with what was going on. Nancy explained that this was the first time she had ever been in a group that large and she had never seen one woman being taken by so many men at the same time. Deb commented that she wouldn’t mind trying it sometime as she scrutinized each man in the room and tried to assess who she thought would be the most fun in bed.

The women became more vocal in their shouts to the group on the bed and they offered plenty of suggestions and quips about how the men were performing. Bryan was the next to cum and he filled up Ann’s mouth with his cream. When she finished sucking him dry, Ann repeated the kiss that she had given Jack earlier and Bryan was the recipient of his own cum as she pushed it into his mouth. Bryan didn’t try to fight her and kept kissing her deeply. When their lips parted, they had both managed to swallow all of his cum and Ann had to catch her breath before calling out, “Next!”

Bill quickly followed by cumming inside and on top of her ass. Paul could feel Ann’s muscles contracting to squeeze out as much of Bill’s semen out of her ass as she could. James was standing nearby with the camera getting a close-up shot of her sphincter contracting and relaxing as the white goo oozed out. Ann called back to Bill and reminded him to clean up his mess, which he did with gusto. He had just finished licking her ass clean when Paul thrust up hard into her and she felt his cock pulsing its load deep inside her pussy. When he was done, she moved up to straddle his face and grind her pussy into it while he ate her pussy and the small amount of cum that dripped out. başakşehir escort

For the next hour, each man took his turn fucking Ann’s pussy or ass and most of them enjoyed a blow job as well. After the initial surge, they slowed down and Ann spent most of the evening on her back with her legs over the side of the bed. Each man that was ready moved up between her open thighs and filled either her pussy or asshole with his cock. Cindy and Dana joined her on the bed and took turns having Ann eat them out while they sucked and played with each other’s breasts, kissed her, or helped keep some of the men hard by giving them a hand job or blow job. That still left at least half of the men standing around with little to do, but the remaining women in the room quickly rectified that matter.

They all engaged with the men who were not actively involved with servicing Ann and enjoyed a lot of fondling, kissing, sucking, and general foreplay. Everyone was laughing and having a good time, but the women were careful not to take anything away from Ann. James moved around the room recording everything on video and asking questions to coax out some candid comments from the guests.

Paul wasn’t surprised to see Deb coming up to him after he got up from fucking Ann. Her blouse was still partially open and when she moved up in front of him to put her arms around his waist, he reached up to finish what he had started. She didn’t hesitate to reach up on her tip-toes to deliver a passionate kiss and signal that she was eager for more. He was surprised because most of the people he knew tended to be a little reticent about joining in group sex or swapping partners when they first became involved with that life, and the older they were, the more restrained they were. However, Deb was a dramatic exception to his previous experiences.

She looked like a little kid in a candy store and her excitement was palpable. He helped her out of her blouse and bra, leaving her in just her skirt and high heels which made her lower legs look fantastic. Her breasts were definitely a DD cup and appeared large against her small frame, but held themselves up surprisingly well for a woman of her age. She held the up and he moved down to kiss and enjoy them. Paul noticed a thin, faint scar that came up between her breasts and circled over the top of each one like a ‘Y’ and he gave her an inquiring look.

“I had breast reduction surgery several years ago,” she explained. “They were much bigger and were causing me to have back problems.” Paul smiled and replied, “They look perfect to me,” which caused her to blush and look away in a moment of awkwardness. Paul looked around the room and saw that Ann had two men cumming over the large, round globes on her chest while Kyle was stepping up to take his turn between her legs. At this point, Paul was pretty sure that nearly every guy in the room had cum at least once with Ann and Steve was already coming back for another turn.

Nancy was on her knees sucking off Gary and nearly gagging each time he pushed his huge cock down her throat. He and Steve were the only men Nancy did not want fucking her ass because of the very width girth of their cocks. However, while Gary easily had the longest cock in the room, Steve’s was equally short which made his penis appear even thicker than it was. Nancy once told Paul that if Steve ever tried to take her anally, it would be like someone jamming a Coke can up her ass.

Kyle did not last long and came within moments of sliding inside Ann’s pussy. When he moved away, Paul saw Ann lying on her back with her legs spread wide over the side of the bed and her labia looking swollen and wet with a few bits of cum leaking out. Her asshole was relatively unscathed, but was still red around her slightly open rear hole. Steve moved in to replace Kyle, but he had a different target in mind. He applied a liberal amount of lube around his engorged cock and Ann’s ass which immediately caught her attention.

Paul knew that his sister-in-law was a self-described “Ass Master” and loved anal sex, but he didn’t know if she had ever taken Steve that way before. From the look on her face, he guessed that she hadn’t. He took his time, but was able to slide in to her tight hole more easily than everyone thought. ‘Oh God!” was all they heard Ann say until he began slowly pumping in her ass. Ann became more vocal than she had been with any of the other men and kept telling Steve how he was splitting her apart, how full her ass felt, and almost begging him to be careful.

Dana stepped up behind her husband and surprised everyone by taking over. “Spread your legs wider,” she ordered him. Most of the guests knew that she and Steve had a dominant-submissive relationship where she was clearly the Dom. Dana reached under Steve and slapped his hanging balls a couple times hard enough to make all the other men in the room flinch with imagined pain. “Be sure you don’t hurt her with that horse cock of yours,” Dana warned. Steve acknowledged her order with a docile reply and never slowed his thrusting throughout the entire scene. Dana moved around and grabbed one of his nipples. She pinched and twisted it hard causing him to cry out, but maintaining his almost machine-like movement in and out of Ann’s ass. Next, Dana pulled his head down and gave him a hard kiss. When their mouths separated, there was a trace of blood welling up where she had bit him.

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