Natalia’s Bitch Ch. 01

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Natalia smiled as she flipped off her computer screen. Ben was already on his way to her house, or so he said. She chuckled to herself, she knew she had complete control over him. She slowly walked up the stairs to her bathroom stripping her clothes as she went. She got into her shower and turned the water on. She tested the water and got in. She lathered herself up with soap and leaned against the far wall of the shower. She touched herself modestly to work herself up a little bit before her bitch got there. She did not orgasm, and continued to wash her body.

When she was done she climbed out of the shower and dried off quickly. She walked briskly to her room grabbing a baseball cap that Ben had given her. It said “The Fringe” on it. She thought it was appropriate to wear that hat. She grabbed a sports bra and a button down shirt. She slipped on the tight bra and it hid her breasts. She put on the shirt and a pair of his older jeans. She tucked her short hair under the cap and glanced at herself in the mirror. Almost perfect, there was something missing. She looked at her crotch, ah yes, that’s what it was. She clambered to her closet and grabbed her favourite toy. She quickly strapped it to her waist and adjusted it. It was quite hard fitting it into the pants, but she did and then zipped them up.

The doorbell rang. She glanced at herself in the mirror, she looked perfect, her 8 inch bulge showing nicely. She trotted down the stairs and whipped open the door. Ben had BETTER be dressed as she had asked. He was standing there, in a trench coat, she had allowed for it this time.

“Hi” she said smiling.

He bowed Bycasino his head not daring to look her in the eyes.

“Did my little faggot do what I asked of him?” She noticed the front of his trench coat stirred a bit. Just the word faggot was enough to set him off a touch.

She gripped his chin and lifted him to stare at him. His eyes darted around still avoiding her gaze. She grinned, he was scared of her. She opened his jacket and looked as his body. He was wearing a mini skirt and a blouse with breast forms. His body, that she could see, was completely hairless, quite a task for someone as hairy as he had been this morning. She nodded approvingly and pulled him into the house.

“Kiss me bitch” she said. His eyes widened in shock, he was to have the honour of kissing Natalia. Ben was ecstatic. He kissed her lips softly and she attacked him. Her lips mashed against his own and he lost his footing. She pushed him to the ground.

“Take of your jacket.” He did as he was told. Still not uttering a sound.

She motioned for him to follow her, he did. She led him to the living room where the couch was. She sat him down beneath two hooks and lifted his legs to rest on them. She tied his legs up so he couldn’t move. His sheathed cock was visible through the skirt and it was now pointing directly at his face. He made no move but his eyes watered a touch, his back is a little tense, but he’d get used to it. She leaned down and smacked him across the face.

“Does it hurt little fag? Are you uncomfortable?”

He slowly nodded and she smacked him again.

“Answer me when I ask you a question Bycasino giriş you fuck.”

“Sorry ma’am, you told me not to speak”

He hand cracked along his cheek again. “I know what I said, but now I’m telling you to speak”

“Yes ma’am, I’m a little uncomfortable”

“Good” She began to remove his skirt. “You’ll like this. Have you ever been fucked in the ass?”

“No, ma’am, but I’ve had things there… just not a cock.”

She grinned and pulled the skirt to his ankles and let it rest on the hooks. His puckered hole looked very inviting. She smiled and spit in his face. She undid her zipper letting her rubber cock out of it’s confines. She took the flesh coloured sheath and presented it to Ben’s lips.

“Lubricate it as much as you want, because that’s all that’s going onto it.”

He sucked it into his mouth softly and she began to fuck his mouth with it. Harder and harder. His groans and moans were poorly hidden around her shaft. She pulled it from his lips with a pop.

She walked away for a moment leaving him exactly how he was. She wasn’t feeling much from the small dong that was inside of her, she knew she needed a little extra zing. She grabbed a vibrating egg and slipped it inside of her along side the strapon and began to walk downstairs. She got to the living room again and smiled at Ben.

“Looks like my little walk dried up your spit on my cock. Too bad for you. She walked behind him and spit on Ben’s ass. “There, that’s more than I said I’d do.”

She slowly pushed the head of her cock into him. She looked down at the look of pain and pleasure on the Bycasino deneme bonusu sissy’s face. She bent over and handed him the controller.

“You’re going to control the vibrator inside of me. I better get off”

Ben nodded slowly and turned the knob a touch sending sensations throughout Natalia’s body. She threw her head back and slammed the cock deep into Ben’s ass. He screamed in agony and she just grinned. She began to fuck him slowly but steadily. His eyes filled with tears, but he did not cry. He gritted his teeth and with an angry look he thrust back at her, taking even more into his depths. She glared at him and thrust harder. His hand reached for the knob and twisted it a little more. She felt her body writhe in pleasure. Ben grinned a little and their mad fucking session had begun. Natalia was the man in this relationship and she wasn’t going to give up her control. She bent down closer to Ben and with a defiant look in her eye she began to fuck him hard. Ben’s eyes rolled back in his head and a moan escaped his lips.

“That’s it faggot, give in to the cock in your ass.” She grabbed a hold of his cock and began to stroke it. “What a waste. This cock is useless.” She let it go and continued to fuck him.

She felt her orgasm building and thrust into him harder. She stole the control from his grasp and turned it to maximum. Her body began to spasm and she was overwrought with the feeling of pure bliss. She closed her eyes, still rocking her hips. When the feeling subsided she looked down at her bitch. He was looking up at her, with such awe in his eyes. She withdrew the egg from her pussy and laid it on his lips. She pulled her cock from his ass.

“Enjoy the position. I’ll be back after my nap.” She slapped his ass softly. “I’ll fuck you again soon”

She walked away, turning the light off as she went. Ben opened his mouth suckling on the vibrator. He couldn’t wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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