Naughty Maid Ch. 4

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Balls Deep

I felt reality start to slip away as the pain and strain increased over every part of my body. “I want to see how long you can avoid that next one,” He said, as He pulled a chair over and sat down beside me. My nipples and pussy lips started to burn as the time slowly passed and I knew the only was to ease it was to cause myself even more pain! “The weights are just barley off the floor slut. If you force the next one up your ass, then the pain in your tits and cunt will be eased. But I can sit here and watch you suffer for hours. You are delightful in your whimpering.”

Tears fell from my eyes as I knew that I would have to take His ‘suggestion’. I tried to sit myself down more but the strain was incredible and I knew that the next one had to be at least 3″ in diameter! But my legs were getting tired and the pain in my body forced me to make the dreaded decision! I started to let my body down further and I could feel the weights moving back and forth, swaying from the slightest movement! I managed to get almost half way over it before the pain caused me to lift back up. In doing so, the weights swung even more and pain seared into my nipples! “If you don’t go all the way in one push, it gets much worse,” He said as He watched my ‘progress’.

My muscles were on fire as I whimpered softly, begging Him to let me go through the gag. He leaned over me and took the ball out of my mouth. “I want to hear you beg Me, slut.” My jaws ached and it was hard to talk but I started crying. “Please, Master! Please forgive me for being rude. I will behave. Please stop! I’ll do anything You ask me.” Even talking caused pain to radiate through me! “Do you think you have learned your lesson, slave? I can leave you like this for as long as I feel necessary to make sure your behavior is never repeated.” I again started Bycasino begging Him for mercy. “Please, Master. I can’t stand it! I’ll be a good girl for You.”

He stood up and began to untie my arms. They feel weakly to my sides, completely numb from lack of movement and every motion caused my ass to wiggle around. “I hope that this has taught you endurance and some patience, slut.” Words cannot describe the pain that I felt when He removed the nipple clamps! I screamed and sobbed but the anal toy prevented me from much movement! He also took the weights off my pussy and each one being removed hurt like hell as the blood rushed back!

“Well, now we have a dilemma, slut. You still have that toy up your ass. I’m afraid you have to take care of that one. But, let Me take advantage of you before you…extricate yourself.” I felt Him grab my hair and pull me towards Him as He unzipped His pants. He only said ‘open’ as He forced His cock into my mouth. I was keenly aware of the pain in my butt as He began to pull me back and forth! My whole body still ached from the punishment and I did my best to suck Him. He began to push and pull me harder, each thrust threatening to force me over the ball already in or the next one! I tried to beg Him to be careful but He only thrust harder into my mouth. I don’t know which was more intense: Him gagging me with His cock or the pain in my ass as He pulled me towards Him, forcing me to lift up from the dildo!

I tried to scream but He held me down over His cock as He started to climax! He held my head with His hands on both sides and yanked me up from the last one as He pumped into my mouth. I put my arms around His hips and clung to Him, swallowing and gagging and crying as He stroked my hair. “I figured it would hurt less that way, slut.” He said, Bycasino giriş as He pulled away from me. I fell to the floor and rolled onto my side. Everything in my hurt and I just lay weakly on the floor. I found it hard to focus as I saw him standing over me. “Spread your legs.” I was exhausted but I didn’t dare refuse Him after what had just happened! I started to roll onto my back but He slapped my ass! “You didn’t ask which way to roll, slave!”

“I’m sorry Master! Do you want me on my back or my belly, Sir?”

“On your belly, slave.” I did as He commanded me, spreading my legs wide on the floor. He put ankle cuffs on and then connected them with a metal spreader bar. “Now, get up on your knees.” I used my arms to push myself up onto all fours, the bar caused my legs to be wide open as I waited. “We haven’t used your cunt yet, have we?” He asked as He ran His hand between my open legs, then slipping His fingers into my exposed opening. “No, Master,” was all I could manage as I felt Him exploring between my legs. “I have something for that hole, slut. I think your ass can use some rest,” He said laughing!

I simply agreed with Him but I was afraid of what He might do to me after the last punishment! I dared to lift my head to see what He was doing at the table that held an array of things for Him to choose from. “Head down, slave! ” He said as He turned to see me watching Him.

“Yes, Master! I’m sorry, Master!” I said as I quickly put my head back down.

“Let’s see how much that cunt can stretch!” He said as he came to stand behind me.

“You are going to scrub the floors like this, to remind you that this is My house and you broke My rules.”

In spite of the previous pain, I have to admit that the idea of having my pussy stretched over a Bycasino deneme bonusu toy was exciting! And to think of crawling on all fours, with a spreader bar and Him watching was even better! I honestly can’t say if He was a mind reader or just a really fucking good Dom, but He knew how to get my attention! I was embarrassed when He again slipped His fingers into me and found that I was wet! “Such a good slut! I love to feel your passion dripping like that!,” He said as He replaced His hand with the head of a huge dildo. I could feel my pussy being stretched as He began to fuck it in and out! I wiggled my ass around as I felt Him push it deeper into my waiting hole, panting and gasping.

“I need to make sure that stays in there. Stay still, slave.” I didn’t dare move as I waited, praying that it wouldn’t move! He came back and used a thin rope to tie it in between my open legs and secured it to my waist. He stood over me and took the leash in His hand, ordering me to crawl in front of Him so he could see. My legs were spread wide open and I could feel the dildo deep inside me as I moved my hips, trying to crawl. He stayed behind me and told me to crawl over to the table against the wall as He picked up a riding crop! “Now crawl, slut!” The word ‘crawl’ was accentuated with a sharp blow across my ass cheeks! My right leg moving forward caused my left foot to drag with it and I did my best to move. I had to swing my whole body to get any motion going and He continued to use that crop over my ass and thighs as I tried to avoid it!

There was no way to close my legs as I felt Him start to smack the inside of my thighs! “No, Master! Ow, ow owwwwwwwwww!” I screamed as I tried, in vain, to get away from the crop striking between my defenseless thighs! “Did I hear ‘no’? did I hear ‘ow’?, He asked as he continued to use the vicious whip. I stopped in my tracks…..knowing that it would only cause more punishment. “Forgive your slut, Master. I am Yours,” I said before putting my head to the floor. My ass was high in the air and my legs were spread wide as I waited at His feet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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