Naughty Pleasure Market Ch. 14

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{Trigger warnings for this chapter: incest, R word, bullying. shoe worship.}

Turns out, if you disobey a man in the Naughty Pleasure Market, you get a ridiculous amounts of punishments and the only way to reduce them is to have a Dominant friend who will stand up for you to his Dom friends.

The problem was, Matthew didn’t know whether Ethan will be still willing to back him up. When he caught Matt riding a dildo in his bathroom, that was apparently a 1:1 replica of his dick, he was hit with a sudden realization that teasing his poor little gay friend might have caused some little crush or at least attraction…

“Ugh, you fucking bitch!” A fat cock was aggressively pulled out of Matthew’s mouth and then it was followed with a powerful smack in the face. “That retard bit me!” he growled, while carefully checking out his erect dick for wounds. His meat was sticky from Matt’s saliva.

“Fuck!” Matthew thought in panic. He completely lost focus.

The three other dominants in the room laughed at their buddy. Each of them had a naked boy between their legs, working tirelessly to satisfy the needs of their betters, who were currently enjoying a beer and Formula 1 race on the TV.

“I’m so sorry, Sir. I didn’t mean to…” Matthew pleaded in despair, facing the floor and man’s big, socked feet. “I swear it won’t happen again…”

“I know it fucking won’t, because you won’t touch my cock ever again, fucktard. Be fucking glad that you’ve got some teeth left.” The Dom moved to the doors, opened them and yelled: “David! Come here, I need a new boytoy!”

After a few seconds, the alpha slave David showed up. The moment he noticed that Matthew got into trouble, his face lit with satisfaction. “I cannot believe it’s happening on David’s shift,” Matt thought. “How fucking unlucky… If it was Logan would just say something and then send me to wash the toilets. But David hates me so much, he will surely pass this to the Masters…”

“This bitch bit my dick!” the bitten jock complained and slapped the back of Matthew’s head. “I demand a refund and an apology.”

“Sir, of course,” David used all of his diplomatic skills to sound both sad and disappointed. “The refund will be granted, just like a generous discount, in hope that you won’t leave our club. On top of that, I would like to apologize for this slave’s incompetence, I can assure you he will be punished accordingly. Now please, go back to your friends and I will send a more professional boy to satisfy your needs.”

The Dom guy, clearly pleased with the outcome, returned to the room, while David yelled at one of the boys to go in there and replace the lacking slave. Matthew was waiting, with his head kept low. But just like he predicted, David was planning to savor this moment.

“Well, buddy… looks like you’re in deep shit. Not only you’re already on the Masters’ black list, but with this fuck up… they may reach the conclusion that you’re sabotaging your work. You know what’s the punishment for that, right? Their blackmail video of you being a pig will go viral…” David smiled. “But I’m going to strike you a deal. Starting with this night, you will be my personal bitch, warming my bed every night. You will do everything I say, with no hesitation. If you don’t fuck up, the Masters won’t hear about any of this.”

Matt looked at him, full of suspicions. David knew it well that Matthew was a gay bitch horny for dominants. He also knew that Matt was attracted to him, specifically, as Matthew informed him about it at one point. Did he genuinely think that this will be a real punishment to Matthew? Or was there something else behind it?

“I will be your loyal bitch, Sir,” Matthew said, getting on his knees and laying two kisses on both of David’s exposed feet.

“No, you will be my loyal lapdog. Now get into the room eleven. A bunch of Doms is mersin escort scheduled for another hour.” Matthew stood up to walk away, but then, David stopped him. “Wait. Come back. Open your mouth,” he ordered and when Matt obeyed, he spit out his chewed gum into the boy’s mouth. “You will return it to me later. Lose it and say goodbye to whatever have left from your reputation.”

Matt couldn’t stop the feeling of disgust when trying to place the slimy, tasteless gum soaked in David’s saliva, somewhere in his mouth where he could forget about it. In the room eleven, he met one of his friends among the slave boys, Mohammed. He, too, could relate to the confusing feeling of disgust and arousal when thinking of David.

“Man, you need to focus this time,” Mohammed warned Matthew. “If you fuck up once more, even David won’t be able to help you.”

“I know… but what can I do? This fucking gum will be distracting me…” Even now, Matthew was involuntarily chewing on it.

“Then give it to me for now,” Moe proposed. “I’m on a roll lately, I can help you out.”

“Really?” Matthew was touched. He reached to his mouth but Mohammed just laughed and kissed him. His tongue pulled the gum out of Matt’s mouth. “Thanks, Moe. You’re a lifesaver.”

“Sure, dude. You will repay me later with one of your sensual blowjobs.”

“Nah, that I will do regardless. I owe you one for real.”

They’ve had to shut up, because David opened the doors, inviting in another four Doms, fully clothed, tall, muscular and young. Matthew discreetly checked out their faces; all have been handsome, with confident smiles; men of success who were destined to be the leaders and had a natural desire to dominate other men inferior to them.

… But then, Matthew’s heart stopped, when he noticed the last guy of the four.

Scruffy face, beautiful lips, dark brown eyes. The tallest one of them all but also probably the skinniest. The moment Matt realized who it was, the dude looked at him and clearly recognized him as well, as his eyes has widened in shock.

“What is he doing in the city?!” Matthew thought in panic.

It was his cousin, Kevin. They weren’t exactly close, as Kev lived his entire life on a farm, but the slight blood ties were undeniable.

“Okay, which one do you want, boys?” One of the Dom guys asked his friends. “I want the exotic one.”

“Give me that blond twink. But I want this seat,” another one said, pulling a slim, blond slave boy by an arm to the armchair closest to the TV.

Someone landed on the couch, in front of Matthew without saying anything. The boy raised his stare and gulped. Kevin was opening his zipper, while smiling down at him like a psychopath.

“This isn’t happening… He must be joking…” Matthew was freaking out inside of his head. “He could have chosen the other boy, but he intentionally picked me… Why is he doing this? We’re a family, I can’t touch him that way, it’s incest. It’s probably a crime… The Masters surely wouldn’t be pleased if I allowed that to happen…” He looked at Mohammed, looking for help, but he was already busy with his tongue sticking out, as the tip of it was tickling the hairy balls of the guy sitting in front of him.

“What are you waiting for?” Kevin asked, coldly. “Pull my dick out and get to work.”

Matt looked at his cousin’s open zipper, still full of doubts. But then he realized the painful truth. “If I freak out now, this will be my third strike. I will ruin my life. I have no other choice…” He reached into Kevin’s pants and pulled out his warm, stiff cock. It was above average length but the most impressive part was how thick it was. It was red and pulsing with excitement in the grip of Matt’s fingers.

“Pull my balls out, too. Don’t neglect them,” Kevin instructed him. He raised one of his legs and placed it on the table mersin escort bayan in a relaxed way, above Matt’s collarbone, maybe an inch away from his cheek. “And look me into eyes while serving me.”

While all of the other Dom guys were focusing fully on the race, having a chill conversation and enjoying a cold one, Kevin was ignoring all of it, clearly having a weird power trip moment, watching his cousin in a role of a bitch. Matthew couldn’t stop wondering why was there so much of cold satisfaction in his eyes? He thought they were always a pretty good buddies.

But he preferred to consider Kevin’s reasoning, rather than to explore his own feelings, which filled him with fear. While his tongue was sliding on his cousin’s sweaty nutsack, he could feel numerous impulses of excitement. It made him feel like a freak. He shouldn’t be attracted to him, but it just felt so good to give up to this feeling, to look into Kevin’s triumphant eyes and to admit him the victory, by satisfying his body’s needs with genuine excitement.

After a while, he had no more strength to defend his sanity. He grabbed his cousin’s cock harder, opened his mouth and started slapping the thick meat against his tongue, then against his face. “He’s in charge. I can’t do anything to stop this. I’m his bitch now,” Matthew kept pumping himself up with dirty thoughts.

Something in Kevin’s eyes told the boy that their relationship just permanently changed, that there’s no going back. Matthew could hardly complain about that, now that he dipped his cock in his mouth and loved it.

The Dom next to them groaned quietly and hot loads of cum sprouted straight onto Moe’s face and into his opened mouth. The Dom kicked him in the stomach without a warning.

“Next time swallow it, you dumb bitch,” he barked, checking out his pants. “Fuck you, now I’m all in spunk. Clean that off! With your mouth, stupid!”

Matthew realized that Moe was pointing at something. The boy freed his mouth from Kevin’s dick and started stroking it with a hand, to take a better look.

Matt’s heart stopped another time that day. When Moe got kicked, the blue gum fell out of his mouth and landed on the carpet. “I have to reach for it…” Matt decided, with his heart now beating like crazy.

But then, the situation got even worse. It was as if Kevin could read his mind. He moved his leg, the one that remained on the floor, and stomped on the gum with his shoe. Matthew looked at him, shocked. He really had to know what he was doing, as seeing Matt’s expression, he just smiled without showing his teeth.

“I think I’ve got something on my shoe sole. Care to get that off, boy?” Kevin asked, as he raised his leg, so that his foot would face Matthew directly. “Don’t be afraid to use your tongue, they could use some shoe shining.”

Matthew looked at the rubber sole and he could feel nothing but disgust. It didn’t have any visible… signs of disgusting things or substances, but Matt had a pretty good imagination of where he had to been with those. The only consolation was that David’s gum was sticked to it, only with lots of curly hair on it.

Matthew lowered his head and pulled the gum off with his lips. The gum’s texture drastically changed now and it was truly vile.

“The gum is off, Sir,” Matthew said, for the first time looking at his cousin with rebellious intentions.

“Oh, yeah? But I still think they could use an overall cleaning. Get to work.”

The boy pulled his tongue out and started running it through the rubber sole, trying not to think too much about what he was doing.

“Yeah, but don’t stop stroking me,” said Kevin, in a patronizing tone. “Doing two things at the same time shouldn’t be that complicated, even for you.”

Mohammed was sucking the same cock for the second time already. It was nothing new, Doms escort mersin would always get short breaks and then use the slave again, after the arousal returns. But now, his Dom was forcing himself much deeper into Moe’s throat and was overall a lot more aggressive, so much in fact, that the boy had tears on his long eyelashes.

“FUCK YES! Haha!” One of the Doms yelled all of the sudden. Apparently, something good has happened in the race they have been watching. “Two hundred bucks goes to me, baby!”

“What the fuck? No way you got that right…”

“Well, now I’m gonna need to make a call. Hehe, fuck yesss!”

“Bratt, can I borrow your boy for a second?” Kevin asked his cheerful friend.

“What? Oh. Yeah, sure bud. Go to him,” a man barked at the ginger slave boy.

“Clean the dirt off my slave’s tongue, I want to have my cock sucked again,” Kevin ordered the ginger boy, pointing at Matthew with his head. But instead, the ginger boy looked at Kevin’s dick.

“Master, I will gladly suck your…”

The third Dom intervened, slapping the ginger’s head.

“Do what you’re told, bitch. No one asked your opinion.”

“But… I don’t understand… how do you want me to clean his tongue, Sir?”

“Fucking kiss him, idiot.”

The ginger boy moved closer and kissed Matthew without asking him for permission. It was nothing new for the slave boys to go into sudden, intimate situations with each other. In the free time, all slaves have been playing naughty games with each other, in a constant, never-ending orgy, as there was just nothing else to do and the sight of fellow slaves fucking was making everybody else as horny. Matt vividly remembered that this particular ginger once sat on his face and threatened that he won’t leave until he gets his asshole rimmed.

The ginger’s tongue started rubbing itself against Matthew’s, penetrating all possible spaces like a tasteless slug. Matt could feel the remains of sand, dust and hair being shared in their mouths. The ginger boy clearly wasn’t enjoying the sensation, but endured it like a good bitch. The problems started when his tongue detected the gum that Matthew was desperately trying to keep away from him. After a minute of attempts to take it away, he broke the kiss.

“Sir, he has a gum in his mouth! And he’s refusing to give it away!” the boy snitched.

“Come on, don’t be disgusting,” Kevin said, looking at Matthew with amusement. “You’ve cleaned it off my shoe, buddy. You can give it away now. I’m sure they will feed you today with something more valuable.”

Matthew looked at his cousin, trying to find a smart way out of this.

“I wanted to keep it as a memento of my service to you, Sir,” he said, while respectfully looking down.

“As touching as it is, slaves are not allowed to have personal possessions. Give it away, boy.” Defeated, Matt pushed the gum between his lips and allowed the ginger boy to take it away with his lips. Matthew felt empty inside. That was it. The end. He fucked up a big time. “Now take care of my cock before I go soft. You go fuck yourself,” he dismissed the ginger boy.

Matthew started sucking on Kevin’s dick again, looking into his eyes. He wasn’t able to fall into this sick enjoyment coming from it like before, now that his wellbeing was not sure. But Kevin was clearly satisfied with his work, as very soon he filled his cousin’s mouth with warm, sticky, salty cum. Matt hesitated before swallowing it. “It’s my cousin’s semen… I should never come into contact with it… and now I’m expected to swallow it?” Matthew thought, with full mouth. Now the saltiness of Kevin’s cum went into bitterness, slowly mixing with the boy’s saliva in a disgusting, warm cocktail.

“What are you waiting for? Swallow it,” Kevin ordered. Matthew forced his throat and soon the cum went down into his stomach. He felt sick and wrong and defeated and humiliated. And then, Kevin stood up, wiped his wet, flaccid dick with Matthew’s face, closed the zipper and reached for a lighter and a pack of cigarettes. “I feel like we’re going to see each other a lot, now that I moved into the city, cousin,” he added before placing a cigarette in his lips.

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