Neighborly Relations Pt. 22

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PART TWENTY TWO: The Saturday Suck

CHAPTER ONE, Developments

Lee Perkins possessed a cock that measured just a bit over five inches when erect. Thankfully, it was nearly the same length when flaccid, too, so he never really thought of himself as small. He wasn’t, really. His cock was about average. It was actually a bit thicker than most cocks, and that was nice. Gail Perkins lay beneath him and concentrated on the feeling of his thick member moving in and out of her excited pussy while she clenched the muscles of her enticing orifice tightly around him. She wanted to find out how to have an orgasm with him, because she felt it unfair to be getting off with Danny Porter and his father and not with her own husband.

Of course, the more she worried about such things, the harder it was to achieve the desired result.

Thoughts of sperm counts interfered with her pleasure as well as they tried again and again to have children. He certainly squirted enough seminal fluid into her vagina. In that department he as more than average. But, no matter the volume of his cum, nothing was happening. One of them was falling down on the job, and it was about time to for them to find out who it was. She rather hoped that it was her.

Looking up at him with the light of a Saturday afternoon in December filtering through the bedroom curtains, she saw a handsome man with sandy hair and an intelligent face (though it was twisted with sexual effort at the moment) who always did everything he could to make her happy. She loved him as much as ever, despite her continuing encounters with the Porter family, maybe even more. She didn’t want him to feel bad if his sperm count was low. She didn’t want to return his many favors by making him feel inadequate.

She watched him moving above her, swaying slightly from side to side as he moved up and down accompanying the in and out of his cock inside her. In and out, up and down, moving with ragged precision above her. His movement was like a piston, and she felt her body rocking like a boat on a stormy sea.

Sudden nausea overcame her just then. Vomit rose in her throat and she clamped her mouth shut and covered it with one hand as she pushed desperately at her husband’s chest. He pulled back and out to kneel on the bed, his hard cock glistening with her fluid. Gail rolled off the bed and was running toward the bathroom as soon as her feet touched the floor. Despite the circumstance, Lee couldn’t help but admire the way her buttocks clenched and unclenched as she ran. God, she made him hard.

Gail fell to her knees before the toilet and puked into the bowl. That release provoked another and another, until she was empty and gasping for air. Lee flushed the toilet to remove further provocation, and she used a strip of toilet paper to wipe her mouth.

“I never got that reaction before,” Lee said, smiling as he stroked her hair. “You coming down with something?”

“No, I just suddenly had to puke,” she said. “Weird.” She stood unsteadily and moved to the vanity, Lee’s half erect cock brushing against her stomach as she passed him. The woman looking back in the mirror didn’t look at all ill. “Feel my forehead,” she said, turning. “Do I feel hot?”

“You’re always hot, baby,” he teased as he laid his hand on her forehead. “No. You feel pretty normal.”

“Yes, I do,” she said. “Why the hell would I suddenly get . . . oh.” Then she smiled and opened the linen cabinet beside the sink and felt around for something. After a moment of searching, she brought out a boxed pregnancy test.

“Really?” Lee asked, a smile growing on his face as he watched his wife tear into the box. “Do you think so?”

“I hope so,” she said. “Sudden nausea is certainly one side effect of pregnancy. And morning sickness can come along at pretty much any time.”

Lee watched as his wife sat back on the toilet and spread her leg wide. She held the wand from the kit below her vaginal opening with one hand and pulled the lips open with the other. In a moment, a thin spray of urine came out to soak the wand, and Lee found his dick growing hard once more.

“Okay, we wait ten minutes,” she said, slipping the wand into it’s case and placing it atop the vanity. Then, seeing the state of Lee’s cock, she said, “You didn’t cum, did you?”

“Well, neither did you.”

“Don’t worry about me,” she told him as she reached out to grasp his penis. “Come here. I need something to settle my stomach.”


“Yes, really,” she said just before she sucked his cock into her mouth.

The shear perversity of her sitting on a toilet and sucking his cock made both of them hot. Gail sucked at the swollen head of his cock and fondled his balls while he grasped her hair in one hand and steadied himself on the vanity with the other. He watched her head bobbing on his cock in awe as the sucking motion of her mouth and tongue brought his orgasm rushing along.

“I’m gonna cum,” he sighed.

She moved her mouth back long enough to say, “Fuck my mouth. Fuck me hard.”

He pendik escort took her at her word and grasped her head on both sides now. While she continued lapping her tongue on him and sucking her cheeks in tightly against her rod, he pulled her head hard against his belly and then back as he moved his hips in opposition. Oh, God, he was going to blast off soon. He used his wife’s face like a pussy, a beautiful, smiling cunt. Any minute now!

When he saw Gail move her hand down to rub quick circles on her clit as he was humping her face, he came in a blast that filled her mouth. Cum burst out from around his cock as he continued stroking and dripped down on her breasts and then to the hand she was using on her pussy. And, as he finished with his release, she came against her hand and pressed her forehead on his belly as she let a keening moan escape around his still hard dick.

Neither one of them had ever expected to do something like that in their bathroom. Lee certainly didn’t expect his wife to swallow his cum. Of course, they didn’t really expect to ever succeed at making a baby, either. It had begun to seem impossible.

It seemed now that everything was possible. Gail Perkins was pregnant.


Elaine Porter sat on her bed and leaned back on the pillows she’d stacked in front of the headboard and watched “The Ten Commandments” on television. She loved the old Bible epics, cheesy as they seemed today, and found them to be the best thing about the Easter Holliday. Christmas filled TV with dancing snowmen and jolly elves helping Santa save the day in one way or another. Easter was hardcore. They brought out the big guns for Easter.

She was, of course, totally naked as she watched. Clothing had become too much of a burden lately, so she took every chance to get out of her clothes. Since most of her visitors knew the secrets of The Loop, she didn’t need to wear much to entertain company either.

She was definitely entertaining company now. Tillman Mosswell lay on her right side and Laurel Cassidy lay on her left equally naked but not quite so equally entranced by the television. Both Laurel and Tillman were too interested in playing with her heavy breasts that see what Moses was up to.

“It’s leaking,” Tillman said, clearly in awe. “I’m not squeezing it but it’s leaking.”

“You’re sure bouncing it around a lot,” Laurel said. “Bound to leak.”

“So have a taste,” Elaine offered. “They’re already flowing pretty heavily.”

“You mean it?” Tillman lifted her milk heavy breast with one hand and lowered his head to the thick nipple standing out firm from her darkening areola.

“Of course I mean it. You want a taste, too, Laurel?”

“Sure. Of course, I’ve had Sharon’s milk,” she said, referring to her step-mother. “Tasted like, well, peaches, I guess.”

“Tillman, you need a shave,” Elaine said, flinching as her friend brought his mouth to her nipple. “Careful.”

He sucked at the nipple, carefully massaging and squeezing Elaine’s breast until a small flow began. Laurel approached Elaine’s other breast in a more efficient manner by sucking, squeezing, and pulling the nipple out gently with her teeth until she had a substantial flow. “Kinda nutty,” she said.

“Yeah,” Tillman agreed. “Nutty.”

The two youths suckled at Elaine’s breasts a while as she stroked their hair and smiled wistfully, still watching the movie. “They’re coming up on the good part,” she told them. “Edward G. Robinson is about to talk everybody into making a golden idol. It sure pisses Moses off.”

Tillman lifted his face from her breast, a trickle of thin, warm milk dribbling from the nipple, and smiled. He thought a moment about saying something about the odd situation wherein she could sit naked watching a religious movie and let the two of them feast on her breasts, but there wasn’t really much point in bringing that up. Instead, he said, “You really remodeled Danny’s room.”

“Yeah,” she said, sighing and holding Laurel’s face closer on her other tit. “Nice little baby room now.”

“Where’s Danny going to stay when he’s home from the university?” Laurel asked, her voice muffled a bit by Elaine’s ample flesh.

“He’ll take turns sleeping with Mom or me,” she said. “Probably mostly Mom.”

“Yeah, I suppose,” Tillman said, laughing. “He’s turned into quite a Mama’s boy.”

“Mama’s little fuck buddy,” Elaine laughed. “Her cock at the ready.”

“Mama’s got more than one fuck buddy,” a voice said from the doorway. Tillman and Laurel turned quickly, seeing Elaine’s mother standing there with a bowl of chips and some dip in hand. Her homey little offering was made all the more pleasant by the fact that she was just as naked as the three of them. “Oh, good,” she said, seeing Tillman’s rigid cock. “You haven’t used it up yet.”

“Hi, Mom.” Elaine had seen the door open, of course, so her mother’s arrival wasn’t much of a surprise to her. “You didn’t bring anything to drink.”

“I figured that you’d provide that,” Emily pendik escort said with a wink. She placed the bowl on the desk and leaned to kiss Tillman and grasp his dick. After a lingering tongue kiss, she moved down to suck his tumescent penis into her mouth, nearly taking all of his shaft inside her mouth and throat. “Or maybe Tillman will,” she added. “Get off the bed, Till. I want you to fuck me.”

“Hey, now!” Laurel teased as her boyfriend moved quickly to comply. “What about me?”

“You can fuck me too, if you like,” Emily said impishly. Then she laughed, saying, “Share the wealth, girl. I haven’t seen my little neighborhood buddy in over a month.”

“Well, okay,” Laurel said. “But don’t wear him out.”

Emily knelt at the side of the bed, spreading her legs a bit as she leaned down over her daughter’s left breast and licked at a dribble of milk running from the nipple. Tillman, of course, wasted no time in kneeling behind her. He grasped his long cock in one hand and rubbed the head of it gently down the valley of flesh between her buttocks and then right into the glorious wet, pink vagina that Emily was holding open for him. He grunted his satisfaction as his cock slid home in her warm tunnel. She released a smiling exhalation of air against Elaine’s breast when the head of Tillman’s cock hit the limit of her womb.

Laurel leaned down to suckle at Elaine’s other breast as Emily began milking her daughter with her own mouth and Tillman began a steady thrusting into the forty-two year old woman’s body from behind.

The motion of Tillman’s body against Emily’s buttocks was soon too forceful for her to dare suckling any longer. She lifted her head, eyes closed loosely, mouth open in a rapturous “Ahhhh!” Tillman was grunting then, sweat dripping from his dark forehead onto Emily’s lightly tanned back. He groaned and she moaned, and soon Emily was holding Laurel’s head against her shoulder and pulling on her daughter’s hair as she came with joyous force and then collapsed with her head atop her daughter’s swollen stomach.

When Emily dropped onto the bed, the angle of entry Tillman’s dick had to her pussy became impossible, and he popped out of her and up to slide along her butt crack to lay nestled between her globes of muscular flesh with the mushroom head aimed up along her back. “I know what you ladies need,” he said, panting. He stood and got onto the bed between Elaine’s legs. “And I know what I need, too.”

“Yeah, you need some pregnant snatch,” Laurel said. “But what do you think we need.”

“Some cream to go along with your milk.”

Hiking Elaine’s knees up over his shoulders, he angled his cock down and slipped into her swollen, glistening pussy. As soon as he slid inside, she began to moan. She didn’t stop moaning until it was stopped by a scream of pleasure that erupted from her lips. Then she was silent and she lay with her belly quivering and her huge tits sliding in awkward circles in time with his increasingly strenuous thrusts.

“He’s going to cum soon,” Laurel said. “His eyelids are twitching.”

“Oh, really?” Emily answered. “That’s a good tip to know.”

“Oh, shut up, you two,” Tillman laughed as he pounded into Elaine’s pussy as fast as he could and enjoyed the feeling of his orgasm rushing to its culmination.

“Get ready!” Laurel lay her head down beside Elaine’s breast and opened her mouth.

“Oh, yeah! Here it cums!” Tillman shouted.

Emily followed Laurel’s example just a second two late and was hit right in her left eye as she positioned her face beside her daughter’s other breast. She lay there laughing as Tillman sprayed ropes of jism across to paint a line across Elaine’s breasts and both women’s faces. He pumped himself until there was nothing left but a small bit of semen that had to be wiped away on Elaine’s navel because it wouldn’t drip free.

Elaine began scooping cum up to her lips as the other women began to feast on each other’s glazed faces and squeeze delicate spurt of milk up into the air and onto each other’s laughing faces. When they’d cleaned the cum and milk away, they moved up to kiss Elaine’s cheeks and lips while rubbing their eager cunts onto each of her heavy legs.

Tillman fell back on the bed to gather his breath and enjoy the spectacle of those three beautiful women enjoying each other’s bodies to the limit.

CHAPTER TWO: Sperm Donor

Doctor Gail Perkins didn’t tell the Porters about her pregnancy right away. She felt that it might be an awkward admission, especially if Danny gave it much thought. She hadn’t allowed any man to enter her unprotected except for Danny and his father. Robert Porter had been snipped, while Danny had not. Would they figure it out?

So, as January progressed to February and April, she kept it to herself and convinced Lee to keep it under wraps for awhile. They told their families, of course, but kept mum beyond that.

During that time, she and Lee had become socially active with the Porters. It started as a small thing. Gail pendik escort said she’d like to invite a friend over for dinner. That dinner lead to a reciprocating dinner at the Porter house. Lee seemed to like the family quite a bit, but it all played out as a normal friendship. He didn’t see anything unusual between his wife and their new friends.

That was the other reason she didn’t tell the Porters about the baby. They knew Lee now. Would they see her actions as a betrayal? Would her quickly planned solution to her pregnancy problem become something dirty in their minds? Would they tell Lee?

As the months progressed, Gail began to fixate on the problem of how to announce her condition. She felt guilty when Lee asked about telling their friends. There was really no reason not to tell everyone they knew.

It was after Easter when she finally said, “I guess I’m not going to miscarry now. Besides, I’m into my fourth month. People are bound to figure it out. Let’s tell everyone.”

Their friends were overjoyed at the news. Lee was as proud as any father ever was and Gail was beaming as she told. She was especially happy that Lee would never know about the paternity of their child. He wouldn’t have to feel like less of a man. He wouldn’t need to feel guilty about letting her down.

No, the guilt was something she alone would feel.


“Pregnant?” Emily said, happily, when Gail announced the news. “Wonderful!”

Lee and Gail were at the Porters for dinner because Danny was home from school. It had seemed oddly important to his parents that he meet Gail’s husband.

“Pregnant?” Danny said, not quite so happily but still smiling.

“Yes,” Lee said. “About four months along. We wanted to be sure there weren’t any complications before we told. You know, we didn’t want to jinx it. Not after we’d been trying for so long.”

“That’s cool,” Elaine said. Well into her eight month, Elaine waddled everywhere she went and moved as little as possible. The weight of two babies was clearly taking the joy out of the whole baby making experience.

“Yes, cool,” Danny said, though his eyes had a far away look in them just then.

After dinner, when those who were of age and not pregnant sat to chat over wine, Gail excused herself to go to the bathroom. Danny took that opportunity to excuse himself as well and make a show of going to the kitchen. He went to the bathroom, instead, and entered without knocking.

“Hey,” Gail said urgently, covering herself as she sat on the toilet. “I’m . . . oh, Danny.”

“Yeah, Danny,” he said sourly as he leaned against the door and looked at her. “So who’s the baby daddy?”

“What? Why, Lee, of course,” she said, her face reddening.

“Really? It’s strange that you fucked me without rubber right from the start,” he said. “Strange too that you guys have been trying to get pregnant the whole time you’ve been screwing me uncovered.”

“Why so strange?” she asked tentatively, the sound of her interrupted urination starting up again.

“Because me and your husband look so much alike. Same hair and eyes. Same build, more or less. Does hubby know he’s shooting blanks?”

“No, he . . . well, that is, I don’t know either. It’s just that I . . . well, I had planned to use rubbers when you came to the office. Really. But, when I saw you, I was inspired. I thought it might work. I mean, if I got pregnant, then I’d know it wasn’t me but he’d never need to know it was him who’d been the problem.”

“So you figured that’d you’d use me as a sperm donor,” Danny said. He was quite angry that he’d been used once again. Angry, but not so angry that he’d ruin it for her. He just needed to know where he stood. “Are you going to need me again if you want more kids?”

“No, I . . . well, I don’t know. Would you mind?” She couldn’t read the expression on his face. She knew he was angry but couldn’t tell how much.”

“Do I get visitation right?” he asked, though he didn’t really want that just then.

“Sure. Of course.”

“I’ll think about it,” he said. “Of course, I’ll have to charge you for stud service next time.”

With that, he left the room.


After telling the Porters, Gail’s guilt took a new turn. It became her new fantasy.

She was cheating on her husband at least once a week when she went to play cards. Often more times than that. If she was that type of person, she might justify it by saying she was just catching up on orgasms. He always managed to cum, so he owed her, didn’t he? But it wasn’t that easy. No, not at all.

She began to fantasize about finding a way to even the score. She began to wonder if Lee would prefer Emily or Elaine Porter sexually if given that choice. Which way would he go if he went either way at all?

Of course, those thoughts provoked more guilt. He’d never given any indication of wanting sex outside of marriage, but what sane husband would ever voice such a desire to his wife?

Guilt, if left unrelieved, can fester into anger. It can poison a person’s mind. Gail wanted to relieve her guilt, and since she couldn’t do that by telling Lee, she had to do it through punishment for what she had done. Once again, she had to use Danny and his family. Fortunately, there are times that people don’t mind being used.

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